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What is good art?

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What is good art? A lot of people would say good art is amazing anime art or amazing cartoon art or amazing realistic art. Well to that I say:  Bologna/baloney 

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Good art is merely art that you make and are proud of. Good art is seeing yourself improve each and everyday you draw. Good art is something that others can enjoy. 

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The only time art should be considered bad is if it openly displays hatred 

And I don’t mean the art raising awareness of these issues I mean that the artist is using this art to spread their hatred towards someone or something.

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The only time art is bad is if you use it for bad. 

Sure there might be low quality art and animation but that doesn’t make it bad. It just means it’s less than polished. Yes some animations can be sloppy, messy, sometimes even lazy or the anatomy can be wrong but it doesn’t mean it’s bad, the artist is still learning and still trying. 

Don’t be that person that comes into their lives and tell them that the products of what they enjoy doing are bad just cause they don’t fit your standards.

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But what about the new reboots of PPG AND TTG you cry!

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While these shows are of low quality and in the cases of these shows and of many other shows that people dislike is because in general the messages of the shows are overall horrible not the art itself. The art is fine and well, it’s just the messages that make the animations bad because the animation itself how these awful messages are translated. The animation is actually quite great.

 it’s just the messages that aren’t and some of the scenes in the shows send bad vibes.

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PPG AND TTG is okay in an artistic standpoint because some people actually do enjoy the art style. I for one really like the chibi art style of TTG I just cannot stand the show itself. The art itself is fine, the content that’s being displayed isn’t because it doesn’t give anything to the show itself. 

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The characters are there just because the show is based around them but really nothing ever progresses. There’s no character development and it’s just a money grab.

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See there’s nothing wrong with the art style. This chibi style isn’t bad in fact it’s perfect for a cartoon aimed at a younger audience. It’s just the writing and the execution of the show that makes it bad and the content that’s being shown to the kids. A kids cartoon could look like this and STILL be amazing for both young and older fans if the writing if the characters were likable and the plot had substance. The art of the show can get creepy or grotesque but that doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. We have plenty of awesome shows and comics that show creepy and grotesque pieces of art like 

SU for example the cat fingers episode.

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Or what about these?

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Or what about this:

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^^^ See that’s creepy and disturbing imagery and yet it’s still great because the message it’s being used for is for a good lesson or it’s being used for the genre it was based off of. Like say horror….

Which brings me to my next show.

Take Courage the Cowardly Dog that show was amazing and yet it has some of the most creepy as hell art.

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^^^^ Even it had its fair share of raising awareness despite being a show for horror and things that go bump in the night ^^^ This episode in particular shed light on an abusive relationship and not only that it had Bunny and Kitty as a lesbian couple -though it could be debated Bunny is bi- finally going off to have a better life together after Bunny was stuck in an abusive relationship with a dog who was bad.

And through Courage’s actions to help Bunny and Kitty despite how Kitty treated him also showed Kitty who hated all dogs that just because there are some horrible dogs in the world doesn’t mean there aren’t good dogs. Which is something society is forgetting. There will always be good people in any given group and if you hate all people of one group then you’re no better than the people who hate you and you’ve become what you hate.

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Remember any art that you are proud of making - as long as it doesn’t promote hatred- is good art and don’t let others bring you down just cause it isn’t up to their standards of what good art SHOULD BE. There is no bar for art, art can be anything. Art can be that vase you decided to randomly paint one day and it was just random strokes of paint. Art can be that leaf you took and placed it under the paper and scribbled over it with the pencil to make a leaf pattern.

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Art is anything you make that you’re proud of and that you’re using to bring joy to others with. The only bad art is art that does none of these things. That is only used to mock others and to send out horrid messages of hatred.

So you see those stick figures you drew? You see that deformed blob you drew? You see that messy sketch you drew? Be proud of it, if your art is meant to bring joy to others then it can be nothing but good.

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Keep drawing and don’t let other people’s standards of what your art should be get to you.

Never let them see that they get to you and one day they won’t.

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Your art is wonderful, it’s amazing, it’s fantastic and I’m so proud that you’re doing your best. So say goodbye to the haters and just do what you love doing and you’ll be alright!

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-Love the Mod. 

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