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In YOI episode 3 when Yurio is about to start his program and Yuuko is freaking out over his costume, why is Victor shown as if he's in deep thought? Or just why was the clip shown in the first place? I feel like they wouldn't have put it there just because, but I cant figure out what it's significants is..Do you know why?

I love episode 3.

It’s one of my favorites. There are so many interesting character moments to analyze, and this is one of them. 

There are several potential interpretations you could apply to this scene.

Yuri is scowling as he’s warming up to perform “Agape” - which is not Agape-like behavior. Victor could be thinking “Well, I guess he hasn’t tapped into the concept of Agape after all…” 

If you notice earlier in the episode, we see Victor looking at Yuri much the same way - particularly right before he sends him off to the waterfall. Victor is not seeing what he wants in Yuri’s demeanor.

You could also speculate that Victor might see a younger version of himself in Yuri, who is standing there in Victor’s costume from his junior years.

But here’s another theory…

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SnK - AoT New Ending Analyze!

Cause that is my favorite thing to do.

But first, a little warning if you are an anime only fan!

Originally posted by ithelpstodream

Major manga spoilers.

You know what to do better than me.

Scroll down, this post does not exist for you.

For others, guess who screenshotted every single scene of new ending and meta all the way?

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Okay, since a lot of people don’t seem to know this I decided to make a little post about it!

You might have heard about the freshly-released game NieR: Automata. You know, the one with the butt? Yeah, that’s the one. You might also have seen some pretty dope gameplay and heard about the fantastic story. Maybe you’re even interested in buying it at some point? Or you bought it and are absolutely in love with it? Then let me tell you that Automata isn’t actually the first NieR game! The first game is called Nier: Gestalt (or Nier: Replicant if you’re Japanese) and it looks like this:

(The only difference between the Western and the Japanese version is that in the former the protagonist is a father while in the latter he’s a brother. Nothing else changes)

The game features some of the best and most interesting characters ever and it comes with an incredibly emotional and complex story. The creator Yoko Taro

(this is him and he’s an actual amazing human being) isn’t afraid of trying out something new, so the game is full of surprises. And if you’re a fan of good video game soundtracks then head over to youtube and listen to the Nier Soundtrack. Go on. Do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

But wait, that’s not all! NieR itself is in fact not the first part of the series either. It’s actually a spinoff of the Drakengard franchise, which contains another three whole games!

Again, they can only be described as unique and the first Drakengard game is really shocking at times. As with all Yoko Taro games, Drakengard too has multiple endings, and one of those endings led to the events of NieR. I told you it’s complex. Unfortunately here I have to admit that the gameplay in Drakengard is…not good. It just isn’t. Sorry.  But the game is still really worth experiencing, if only for the story.

So, interested in more NieR and Drakengard? Then here’s something that’ll make you even more interested. It’s a youtube channel by a guy called Clemps and he makes the most amazing NieR/Drakengard explanation videos. So head over there for more lore and analysis!


<adventure zone spoilers up to ep. 58>

So we know at this point that “Lup” was almost definitely the red-robed skeleton near where the Pheonix Fire Gauntlet was hidden at the start of the series – the skeleton holding the Umbrastaff. 
>>During the red robe encounter in crystal kingdom, the lich sees the umbrastaff and yells, “YOU FOUND HER?”
>>And in the latest episode, it’s confirmed that she’s associated with the Gauntlet. (If we follow the theory that each Red Robe made a Relic, she probably made this one.)

Then there’s the weird behavior of the staff itself: Blasting Merle away when he tried to take it at first. Flying back to Taako when Magnus attempted to use it for Feather Fall out of a tree they were stuck in. Attempting to kill Kravitz. Blasting the name “LUP” into the wall with Scorching Ray when Taako was trying to flavor up Angus’ macaroons.

So clearly the staff has some sentience of its own. It’s a real possibility that Lup is somehow possessing the umbrastaff. This is especially interesting after Taako heard a female voice when he put on the telepathic band.

Now hear me out

THIS THEORY, though half joking, is actually very intriguing to me. It says that “Lup” might be short for “Chalupa,” and that she and Taako are the “twins” in the prophecy about seven birds.

But there’s more to the idea that Lup, at least, is one of the twins. Whether or not Taako is the other twin (though I very much hope he is), the fact remains that the relic associated with Lup is the gauntlet.

Just one gauntlet. Half of a pair.

We’ve only seen six relics, folks. What if the last one is another gauntlet, for the other hand? A counterpart to the very first relic they obtained?

Goth and Identity

So its been a while since i last blogged about goth, but sure enough i have discovered something within the subculture that has again left me torn between multiple sides. I’m talking about issues pertaining to identity. Identity is something very personal to each and every individual and it seems that a lot of people are again choosing sides when it comes to identity and how goths identify with the subculture.

Today i want to discuss these sides and where i stand between them. I also want to discuss some of the good and bad of having each of these minds sets about identity.

To begin, i want to discuss the goths who try too hard. So you’re one of us who really enjoys and cares about the subculture. You love the music, you also might be really into the fashion and it shows. But sometimes you might go overboard. I’m talking about the goths who get so caught up in being goth and proving just how goth they are that they almost miss the point of it. They let goth dictate their lives so much that they sometimes suppress parts of themselves that they feel make them less goth. This is not a good way to be. Of course there are goths out there that naturally love goth so much that it seems like they go out of their way to express it, and that’s fine. Its the goths that force themselves into tiny boxes and actually go out of their way to express it who are in trouble.

Say for instance you like goth music but Bauhaus isn’t really your taste, but you feel pressure to listen to them and make yourself like them because you think that it will make you more goth or that other goths will dislike you if you don’t. This is toxic and the only one you’re hurting is you. You don’t need to like every goth band just like you don’t need to backcomb your hair or wear authentic winklepickers to be goth. This is where people let goth get in the way of their own identities. Sure in order to be goth, you should probably know certain bands and care about the subculture, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop watching Steven Universe or throw away all your unicorn plushies just because those things aren’t stereotypically goth.

Goth is a label for people to identify with. Its not meant to rule your entire life. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again goths don’t like the things they like because they’re goth, they are goth because they naturally like those things. This does not mean you have to abandon all the other things you like just because those other things aren’t goth, this also means that you don’t have to like every aspect of the subculture to be a part of it.

Now moving on to another side of the subculture that has sort of a different way of looking at goth and identity, I’m going to call these people the “Goth is Goth type” These are the goths who believe that goth is simply a one word label and that substyles of goth are pointless or negative.

Now if you’ve been in the subculture for a while you probably already know that goth has multiple substyles and these substyles didn’t really start popping up until after the 80′s. Before then there was just goth and all it took to be goth was listening to goth music. So its understandable that most of these “Goth is Goth types” are elder goths who were around before goth started breaking off into substyles.

Many of these “Goth is Goth types” argue that substyles are nothing more than superficial fashion genres and that substyles automatically restrict you to a little box. What they mean when they say “goth is goth” is that it doesn’t matter how you dress, if you’re goth you’re goth and you shouldn’t let a substyle get in the way and dictate how you should express yourself through goth. And to an extent, i do understand this. I do understand where these goths are coming from. But i don’t think these goths are really taking the time to analyze it even further.

There are goths out there that dress in multiple substyles but there are goths out there that dress in only one or two. And some of these goths dress in a particular style, not simply for superficial reasons but because that style actually reflects their own identity. For example, there are some goths who call themselves Victorian goths and dress in nothing but Victorian goth fashion. Many of these goths actually have interests rooted in the Victorian era. Their favorite past times might be visiting Victorian themed exhibits at the museum and having Victorian inspired tea parties. So for them, Victorian goth just best reflects their personal tastes and identities. So you might think that by telling a goth that they shouldn’t limit themselves to identifying with a particular style is helping them to better express their identities,but it’s actually doing the opposite. For many goths, it’s more than just a substyle, it’s almost it’s own mini subculture that people can identify with that’s still a part of goth.

Not everyone feels like they need to put themselves into boxes or identify with one thing in particular but some do. Some take comfort in it. Lets also not forget that not every goth is neurotypical. Some goths may have mental illness and some may take comfort in compartmentalizing things. It might help them to break goth down into substyles and put them into neat little boxes that they can identify with.

Also breaking goth down into even smaller subgroups within the subculture is not always a bad thing. Some goths may argue that having subgroups is negative because some goths are only befriending other goths of a particular substyle instead of making friends with goths of all types and this is true to an extent. It is very important that we put certain differences aside and make friends with all goths, BUT sometimes its just easier and less stressful to make friends with goths that dress like you. Why? Because you already know that you probably have more than one thing in common. Sure it would be great if a romantic goth made friends with a cyber goth but if their tastes are totally different then they may have trouble attending clubs together or hanging out because their hobbies and music tastes just clash too much.

So for the most part how goths identify with the subculture really is subjective and not as black and white as some goths like to think. Whether you choose to dress goth, listen to every goth band or experiment with substyles, its important to respect everyone and create a balance so you aren’t letting goth dictate who you are. Its okay to care about goth and express it in every way possible but only if that’s what you really want to do and you aren’t sacrificing other parts of yourself to do it. Its also okay to enjoy non goth things and express yourself through specific substyles that you enjoy. Yes, you should make friends with goths of all types but its important to remember that you choose your friends and if you are more comfortable with making goth friends who dress and act similar to you that’s fine, the only one who should have a say on the friends you make is you.

The bottom line is everyone identifies with goth a little differently and that’s okay as long as you respect others and don’t let it change who you are. Don’t let goth or anyone in the subculture dictate your life or how you choose to express yourself. Self identity is important and you should never let goth change it.

Limbo (Derek/Stiles)

frostniskare “I bet I can make you scream my name.” Sterek

This is your fic prize for winning second place in my birthday giveaway! I really hope you enjoy where the muse took the prompt, as I’m sure it’s not in the direction you had in mind. Hopefully, you’ll like it anyway! For those who read my “Just Like Me” series, this fic could be considered a prequel in that verse. However, you do not need to have read that series to enjoy this! Fic #42 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

 Limbo. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles and his team are on an undercover stakeout that’s not going too well. Derek’s using his powers for good, but Stiles knows it’s not the right moment for their relationship to change. 

“I bet I can make you scream my name.” The words are accompanied by the thick stench of whiskey and good old-fashioned bad breath.

“Yeah, see, I’m not really feeling it so I’m gonna have to decline that bet.” Stiles scans the club looking for the potential suspect, trying to ignore the old pervert attempting to pick him up. He’s not interested, and he made it clear, so the guy should leave soon.

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Hi! Your blog is so great! I'm smiling whole day after reading it. Please make a scenario where mc finds out about rfa + v + saeran secret hobby (like collecting super cute hairpins or sewing soft toys:) ) which he/she is ashamed of 'cause thinks that it is unproper for his/her age, sex, life style or for any other reason and doesn't want to show mc this uncool side of his/herself. I think it may be funny:) Thanks in advance!

Sorry it took so long! Hope you like them^^ 


  • You were on your way back home from somewhere, and Zen’s house was on the way
  • So you decided to stop by to say hi
  • When you arrive, he’s walking back into his house from taking out the garbage
  • He’s only wearing slippers, and you can see his long, bright orange socks with racecars on them
  • “Whoa! You got a party on your feet,” you chuckle
  • He yelps and gets super flustered.
  • “MC! Don’t look!”
  • He runs into his room and emerges with plain black socks
  • But the damage is already done
  • You tell him that you think the socks were pretty cute
  • He admits that he’s collected bright, silly socks over the years
  • They add a little spice to his normally hectic schedule–only around the house though
  • When you keep gushing about them, he finally shows you the different ones
  • He’ll make an exception and wear them around you sometimes


  • Finals call for all nighters
  • He usually wears his little hairpin to keep his bangs out of his eyes
  • But, when he has late nights like this, he pulls out his collection…
  • He has these cute scrunchies and pins to put his hair up in
  • That particular night, he fell asleep with them on
  • In the morning, he remembered he was supposed to meet with you and rushed over to your place
  • You see the cute bunny ear scrunchies tying up his hair in various ponytails and start giggling
  • When he realizes, he’s mortified and starts yanking them out
  • You ask why he didn’t tell you before…or change his pin once in awhile
  • “You might think me childish!”
  • You promise you only think it’s cute and you’ll keep it a secret
  • As long as you can borrow some and you two can get matching ones


  • You were visiting her one Saturday afternoon
  • You offered to make you both some coffee or tea as she was finishing up some last minute paperwork
  • She recently moved things around so you’re a bit confused where the mugs are 
  • You find a huge assortment of them in the back of a cabinet
  • “MC! No, not those!”
  • She’s really embarrassed and tries to shuffle you out of the kitchen
  • But you actually show interest at all the unique mugs she’s collected
  • When she finds this out, she lights up and starts explaining the story of each one
  • You start a tradition where you buy her a mug yearly to add to her collection


  • Elizabeth meows loudly from another room in the penthouse
  • You go to check it out and find that tangled in blue yarn
  • You try to help her as you wonder where all the yarn is coming from
  • Jumin comes in to see the commotion and silently starts wrapping it up again
  • You realize he’s especially quiet
  • When you see the crocheting needle, you start to put two and two together
  • “Jumin…you crochet? You never told me!”
  • “….It’s not exactly something one brags about.”
  • True
  • He explains that it relaxes him on particularly stressful days
  • He showed you a few pieces that he’s made, like scarves and headbands
  • You ask if he could teach you a few things


  • He was finally moving out to a place with windows
  • But he has so much junk to sort through first, so he calls you for back up
  • You’re in the process of going through his junk closet when you find a bunch of boxes with different dates on them
  • When you open them, you see so many game consoles…Xbox, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance…
  • When he finds you stumbled upon them, he freaks out
  • You thought his was obsessed with collecting cars? Ha.
  • You ask if he actually needs that many of the old consoles….in different colors
  • “Just trade them in for some cash!”
  • “They’re of sentimental value!”
  • You eventually just let him have his way, compromising to put them in the same box though
  • He makes you pinky swear not to tell Yoosung
  • He’d never hear the end of it


  • You’re writing out a to-do list and your pen runs out of ink
  • You ask Saeran if you can borrow a pencil, as he always seems to have one
  • He nods and tells you to look for a bag on his desk
  • You find a rather large one and open it
  • “No! Not that bag–”
  • But it’s too late
  • You stumble across a bunch of number 2 pencils with cute designs on them
  • Some have turtles on clouds, some have ice cream erasers, and there were so many…
  • He gets super defensive about, that those were the only cheap pencils
  • After a bit of coaxing, you get him to admit that he likes collecting them
  • They make him feel warm inside…especially when he’s doodling
  • You make a point to buy him pencils whenever you’re out shopping now


  • Jumin had once again mentioned something about V’s 20 spoons in the chatroom
  • After visiting V a few times, you know he only has a few forks and knives
  • So, you ask him about the extra spoons
  • He gets a little blushy, but decides to show them to you
  • Each spoon has an intricate design on the handle
  • He says that he picks one up every time he travels to a new country or city
  • He thinks it’s weird because…they’re just utensils
  • But you actually think it’s really cute

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leahelizabeth89  asked:

So, I was thinking about how I have a tiny Vetinari in my brain who very deliberately Does Not flinch when Trump is mentioned, and this lead me to wonder how many words that Discworld/Star Wolds fic you were working on? Even if you aren't working on it any longer, I remember you saying it had gotten a bit longer than intended.

Oooh yea, I think it’s in my google drive somewhere. If I remember correctly it was about 4000 words. Might be less once I edit it down, but yea, it was…I mean now you’ve got me thinking of how Vetinari would deal with a man like Drumpf and:

There was an awkward silence around the table as the name dropped, all eyes swiveling toward Vetinari who sat perfectly still at the head of the table.

It was Mr Slant who broke the silence first, the zombie clearing his throat with a dusty cough. 

“Forgive me for saying so my Lord, but there are,” his eyes darted to Lord Downey at the opposite end of the table, the master assassin pointedly not acknowledging his look, “other methods, for dealing with this particular…problem.”

“Indeed?” Vetinari asked, managing to convey the polite interest of one discussing the weather. 



“My Lord?”

“There are no easy ways. Only those which are done in the shadows,” when he looked up there was a particularly Vimesian glint to his eye, “and men like that need to be brought into the light. There will be no other methods, there will be no back alleys, there will be no cake. Am I quite clear?”

Several people gave the impression of flinching without actually moving. Others, the younger members of the guild leaders, merely looked confused. 

It might have been Slant who had spoken, but it was Downey who nodded. 

“Good.“ The tyrant continued, holding up his hand and accepting a ledger from his clerk, “It’s time to do this, by the books.”

“Book,” Slant guffawed, “You mean the law? There are no legal means we can take against him, he has us at every turn. You can’t just send Vimes in to arrest him because the man’s a lunatic.”

“No,” Vetinari agreed, nodding slowly as he scanned over the numbers in front of him, “And I dare say we couldn’t prove it even if we could. No, what I am in fact referring to, is much neater. Drumknott, do send in Mr Lipwig, I believe it is his time to shine.”

“Lipwig?” Downey started, “that jumped up…what can he do?”

“Why, Robert,” Vetinari said, startling the assassin with the use of his first name, “he’s going to start taking taxes.”

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Are any of the teachers at Xavier's or at the Jean Grey School decent at teaching non-superheroic things? Like, who teaches English?

I think Xi’an Coy Manh might be the only one at the school who was actually trained as a teacher. Some of the teachers seem to teach subjects based on their powers (i.e. Magma teaching geology) or their interests (Iceman and math, Nightcrawler and Drama), but knowing how to do something is very different than knowing how to teach it. It doesn’t bode well for the futures of the students, assuming that they survive. Which is a pretty big assumption. So I guess that works out.

That being said, I’d imagine the English teacher is probably Gambit.

anonymous asked:

Okay imagine sf!pap, ut!sans, uf!sans, and us!pap all get a secret admirer/love letter! Okay so after their initial reaction then imagine they find out that iT'S FROM THEIR CRUSH OMG! You know those boys would be glowing with blushes. lmao~

UT!Sans: When he firsts finds the note, it doesn’t occur to him that it could be from you. And since you’re the only one he currently has eyes for, he’s more worried about who he’s going to have to let down gently. He’s flattered and all, but he’s not interested in anyone. Except for you of course. He starts thinking about who might have sent him the note. And, he can’t really think of anyone who would go so far. Except maybe… you? So he studies the note closely, and oh my god that is your handwriting. And it actually kind of smells like your perfume. And oh my god you sent him that note. He blushes without meaning to, and the dorkiest grin you’ve ever seen spread across his face. At least now he knows that you have feelings for him too. And even though he’s not the type to go full blown romantic and take you on an amazing and expensive night out, he plans a sweet date that he asks you out on. 

UF!Sans: His first thought is shit. Just what the fuck has he gotten himself into? Did he give someone false hopes on a romantic relationship with him? Do they know what they’d be walking into if they chose to date him? He’s doing them a favor by just ignoring this, and going to sleep to avoid this situation. Right? But, after studying it, he starts to recognize the handwriting. And this isn’t as lovey dovey stupid as he first thought, it’s actually pretty sweet. They obviously know a lot about him, which narrows down the search a little. Actually, the only one he can think of is you… As soon as he realizes this he’s a blushing mess. He’s lucky that he locked himself away in his room, he can’t let anyone see him like this. All smiley and red faced, reading and re-reading the note over and over again. Next time he sees you, he puts on a confident face and saunters over to you, making you back up against the closest wall. He leans in real close, face almost close enough that it should count as a kiss. Then he holds up his hand, holding your letter between the two of you- 

‘’This belong to you, sweetheart?’’

US!Papyrus: He knows it’s from you, but he doesn’t take it seriously. It’s probably just another prank. A stupid one, but still just a prank. And this is what he believes until the next time he sees you. You keep eyeing him expectantly, close to scared. He starts to realize that maybe, just maybe, you weren’t joking around. And he suddenly feels so bad, because here you go pouring your heart out in a letter to him, and he completely ignores it. He’s so embarrassed and flustered, that he kind of just slowly leaves to be on his own and sort through what happened. When he feels secure enough in the situation, he finds you. 

‘’Listen kid, sorry about not thanking you for the note. How about we go out this weekend and I’ll make it up to you’’

Yeah, he’s taking you to Muffet’s. At least he’s buying the drinks and food. 

SF!Papyrus: Oh my god. He is so confused. Who would send this to him? He wants it to be you, he desperately wants it to be you. But he can’t let himself believe that. He scans the message anyway, looking for clues. Every time he finds something that points towards it being you, a voice in his head says no, they’re not interested in you like that. He’s second guessing himself so much, and eventually he breaks. He texts you, asking if it’s you. When you confirms he’s so relieved and happy and almost giddy. He tells you that he likes you too, a lot. And then sets up a date for you two. He meant to stop texting you after that, but he honestly doesn’t want to stop talking. And he’s so happy that he basically texts you everyday until the weekend. When the date comes, you’re both so comfortable in the situation that it’s not awkward at all. Only sweet and romantic and a tad bit nervous. You’re like two high schoolers with a crush, it’s adorable.

so imagine this:

  • Link is a woodsman living in a little cabin all by himself
  • He is a crabby boy with a man bun and a couple of chickens
  • maybe a cat idk
  • but anyway one day when he’s out doing the woodsman thing he sees A GIRL 
  • she is all dirty and gross but she’s 100% passed out and she’s wearing nice clothes so maybe she’s worth something
  • so he takes her back to his little hut and starts making food 
  • this is zelda ofc but neither of them know that because when she wakes up she has zero clue who she is, where she came from, or why she was in the woods. complete amnesia
  • They figure out later that she was promised to be married to the really evil Duke that owns the land Link lives on; he’s super cruel and awful and Zelda ran away from home instead of marrying him
  • I don’t think she’s a princess in this one, probably a lower lady or the daughter a duke or something
  • But anyway neither of them know this, Link just picks up a poor girl in the woods
  • He starts calling her Goldilocks because he’s a smug bastard like that
  • She starts crying because she’s freaking out? She doesn’t know who she is? and he comes over all awkwardly and is like “hey you can stay and take care of my chickens ok” 
  • But basically the whole story is her figuring out who she is, getting to know Link and his humble way of life, and then later figuring out how to outrun this scary Duke guy
  • He literally has control over link’s life. Like he could murder him and kick him off the land and everything
  • But he protects her anyway once he finds out bc THEY FALL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anyway things hit the fan when Tax Season comes around and they are not only looking for money, they’re looking for the Duke’s bride, too…

anyway if enough are you are interested in this one i might actually write it >.>

A few years ago, Twitter started adding promoted tweets to everyone’s timelines in order to generate some extra scratch for the site. Nine times out of ten, I don’t even realize I’m looking at one. Twitter’s mission is to make the ads innocuous enough that they don’t spam your timeline, auto-playing videos don’t have sound by default, and they’re only showing you stuff you might be interested in. It’s one of the few ad platforms that you can ignore simply by moving your finger slightly. But let’s say I actually do care about one of these ads, like a movie trailer or a product that is offering a deal I can take advantage of. Often times, especially with mobile, I’ve noticed it’s not as easy as just watching the video.

Some of my least favorite commercials involve Sarah McLachlan and sad dogs. So when I scroll past an ad promising a video of a sad little pup getting rescued from some tar, I want to see that goddamn pup get rescued from the tar! But this particular promoted tweet has placed an ad in front of the video that you’re forced to watch before you can watch the ad that you’re already watching! Like some sort of stale Xzibit meme, Twitter is now placing ads within your ads so you can get frustrated while you get frustrated.

Now, I’m no fancy suit-wearin’ marketing guru here to tell Twitter how to do their job, but ads like that seem completely counterintuitive. It’s like they’re actively ignoring the fact that nobody goes to Twitter for its video content and they’ve been consistently losing money since starting the company. Sneaking these ads into our timelines and then making us watch a commercial before the ad is a real quick way for anyone to lose what little interest they had. Especially when I can just google “saved dog from tar” and find out that the little tar-puppy is doing just fine. Thanks for nothing, Twitter.

5 Awful Ways Advertisers Are Cashing In On Your Life


this is all @mistystarshine‘s fault for saying yoriko would want to dress up as beatrice in like one of the only fictional things she actually takes an interest in and naturally i was like “shit this means kira would HAVE to be the Other Cat Based Murder Villain, bernkastel” so (i macguyvered together a version of bern’s outfit that kira might actually wear because hes not going anywhere dressed as a small victorian doll)

spreads open arms

this happened

so about jasper and pearl

one thing i’ve realized is, i have kind of a weakness for “neutral” relationships? by which i mean interactions that aren’t really all that positive or negative, they’re just. kinda there. neutral. sometimes awkward. one example being peridot and steven in “keeping it together” and the first half of “catch & release” (meaning before steven went all “aww cute!”), and recently, i think that’s part of why i’m now fascinated by jasper and pearl.

i realize they might seem closer to negative - they’re on opposing sides and jasper did insult pearl once, but… that was so little and non-consequential. she just brushed pearl off as unimportant, as she did with the others. their relationship isn’t directly “damaged” or uncomfortable the way jasper might be with, say, garnet and amethyst for a while. 

that’s not to say they won’t ever butt heads, but it does remind me of early steven and peridot, in terms of just being so neutral - a couple positive interactions, a couple negative ones, but overall, they don’t seem to have a strong opinion of each other. they’re just kinda experiencing the same things, from opposite sides.

their first encounter? jasper fights garnet, doesn’t really engage amethyst or pearl. pearl’s words to jasper are also less harsh than garnet or amethysts, they’re all “you need to leave! back off!” while pearl just goes “this is not a gem-controlled planet”. 

their second encounter? while one shouldn’t judge alexandrite as just the sum of her parts, she does catch and hold jasper, without hesitation. a part of her did not want to fight, or at least hoped they could solve this diplomatically. then pearl sits by jasper, not really bothered by her presence, and straight up tries to save her - not to the point of sacrificing herself, but still genuinely trying

third encounter? just kinda. staring at each other. pearl was ready to fight, but not engaging, and then jasper walks off. this was important in the early interactions between peridot and steven - neither fought the other on sight, that was the hallmark of their neutrality. 

pearl was worried about steven and connie, sure, and she definitely views jasper as a threat in that regard, but peridot and steven were also at odds. steven was trying to fight + catch peridot, and peridot did try to kill them. they still got to have neutral interactions, and steven was by far the crystal gem peridot felt most comfortable around at first. their friendship, eventually, became a close bond, and steven was naturally important in peridot’s reform arc. 

i guess what i’m saying is, i have no doubts they’ll butt heads, but their relationship also feels carefully neutral right now. pearl has been absent when jasper has been at her most stressed or aggressive. jasper has done nothing to really hurt her, despite having several opportunities to, and pearl hasn’t expressed any strong anger or dislike towards her. 

this isn’t an attempt to give jasper Good Gem Points so much as something that makes me plain curious. it feels deliberately done - jasper being at her least aggressive / most occupied with other thoughts when pearl is there. pearl, too, has shown off her capacity as a fighter only in settings where jasper isn’t there. the question of who would even win in a fight hangs over us the way it doesn’t with garnet or amethyst (coincidentally, they both lose to garnet and beat amethyst, implying they might be rather evenly matched…). 

if i’m right in my raid theory, it could also be that garnet and bismuth were the gems who forced jasper to fight “from the second” she was born, if that’s literal. in other words, another reason jasper would have the least bad blood with her than with, well, anyone. peridot and lapis included (lapis for obvious reasons, and with peridot there might be some lingering “et tu, brute?” after the literal stabbing, and the metaphorical one with joining the crystal gems).

basically pearl is the closest jasper has to a blank slate. someone she can interact with with some ease, eventually, if circumstances allow. someone she has not hurt, and who hasn’t hurt her. their histories are intertwined, they were the young knights of the war (“completely dedicated to a person and a cause”), they struggle to let go of the past and live, still holding on to their old feelings and causes. of course, pearl chose to fight in a way jasper didn’t, but differences do not negate parallels. this is something pearl is just now moving past, and it’s something jasper needs.

tl;dr: they’ve never fought or hurt each other. they haven’t exactly been nice to each other either, jasper had her rude moment and pearl expressed some worry over her just wandering around like that, but she still tried to save her… so they remain, overall, neutral. it’s hard to know whether they’re building up for them to finally fight sometime, or if they’ll bond with less hurt standing in their way, with all their parallels, similar mindsets and struggles, or a mix of both… but i feel like that neutrality has been carefully preserved enough that it’s gotta mean something.

This is all really interesting input via @faelapis and tossing in my two cents, I do think it’s interesting that official Crewniverse art tends to pair Jasper with Pearl, Peridot with Amethyst, and Lapis with Garnet on the rare cases where the whole ‘crew’ is together.

And I think I have other reasons for being interested in Jasper and Pearl, beyond this- they’re both people who initially come across as haughty and caviling of others, and this is a defense mechanism for an abysmal lack of self worth. The figure of Pink Diamond is also very interesting because it suggests Jasper much like Pearl has a problem where she is not only grieving a loss, but heavily bound, almost defined in some regards- by who they are to that person who isn’t in their life any more. Both of them are even trying to chase closure, though in Jasper’s case, her closure is doomed from the start- she’s trying to pursue Rose, who is already gone.

What intrigues me about Jasper and Pearl is how similar they are. They’re also the only two Gems we’ve seen that are proficient in a weapon besides their summoned one (I don’t count Steven as “proficient” with Rose’s sword because iirc, outside of Bismuth, the only time he’s fought with it at all has been with Connie) but Jasper is able to use the destabilizer, and she uses it like a sword, while Peridot swings it clumsily and tries to use it like a club. This would actually suggest that Jasper might well have a background in swordsmanship.

There’s also the fact that despite being such a powerhouse herself, Jasper’s fighting style exploits a surprising amount of finesse and footwork- watch her fight against Garnet in Jailbreak, especially early on with the destabilizer. I’m not the only one intrigued by the idea of a potential duel between Jasper and Pearl, but, I think it might be interesting to consider a situation where Jasper might actually, specifically, try to compete with Pearl in a field where her strength and size are largely negated.

A couple of people have rolled their eyes at the idea of retreading Back To The Barn but I doubt that’s just what that would be about. Because I really don’t think Jasper would respond and relate to Pearl in the same way Peridot did at all- they’re too alike.

We also have a very interesting thing up in the air that hasn’t been addressed yet: Pearl during the war had a reputation. She was Rose’s right hand- the “terrifying renegade”. She was the one who swept her way through six Gems, including the personal bodyguards of a Diamond, in The Answer alone. At this point, we don’t know if Jasper has heard about that history, or if she’s cottoned that this is that Pearl. 

At this point, I suspect Pearl is going to have a fairly major role in Jasper’s arc- much the way Amethyst did in Peridot’s. This means a mix of good and bad- some butting heads, certainly- but I’m with you, Felix, I think they have a lot of potential.

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What is Revolutionary Girl Utena about? It looks really interesting


Revolutionary Girl Utena is a classic anime from the 90′s. It was hugely influential and is regarded as one of the most formative anime of all time.

As for what it’s actually about … uh …

To quote the summary on myanimelist:

“After meeting a travelling prince who consoled her after the deaths of her parents, Utena Tenjou vowed to become a prince herself. The prince left Utena only with a ring bearing a strange rose crest and a promise that she would meet him again some day.

A few years later, Utena attends Ootori Academy, where she is drawn into a dangerous game. Duelists with rings matching Utena’s own compete for a unique prize: the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, and her mysterious powers. When Utena wins Anthy in a duel, she realises that if she is to free Anthy and discover the secrets behind Ootori Academy, she has only one option: to revolutionise the world.”

That sounds pretty straightforward and it may seem that way at first but Utena is actually one of the densest, most symbolic anime of all time. Everytime I watch it I feel like I see something new and if you do watch it I highly recommend reading someone’s analysis along the way or else you might have trouble understanding what’s going on. (I recommend @ladyloveandjustice ‘s episodic analysis which can be found here)

As for why it’s worth watching, Utena is a wonderfully deep show with complex interesting characters and strong feminist and queer themes. It’s not the most well animated or fast paced of shows but if you’re willing to sit down and give it your attention it’s definitely worth it. People often call Utena a magical girl show and it does have some similar traits such as stock attacks, an episodic format and transformation sequences but I don’t usually call it that myself because Utena is a very untypical version of a magical girl show. If you do watch it be aware that it comes with a serious trigger warning for rape, incest and other dark themes. None of it is particularly graphic or gratuitous but it does need the warning.

Utena is one of my favourite shows of all time. And it also has elephants on surfboards. Yes really.

ASKS - Misc Majors

Asks sent to my main, answered here! All these deal with different majors at EU.

valaaz said: What would the Fae do about architecture students? Would architecture studios be one of those places where time passes differently? End of semester projects suddenly seem to ignore all laws of physics but the physical models still work somehow?

Not all architecture projects. But if you’re desperate enough for inspiration to strike a deal, it’s fifty-fifty you’ll end up with some Escher shit that would implode if constructed anywhere except on campus, model or not.

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Okay are you guys ready for this I’m gonna do some in depth analysis of Gaston’s character and what I think about him, introducing my own headcanons, so this isn’t 10/10 the only reading of Gaston’s character of course. I want to believe in a Gaston redemption arc, so if you hate Gaston (and rightfully so!) you might not be super interested or agree with much of what I’m gonna say. (well, maybe this post you’ll agree with, it’s pretty much all Gaston bashing lol)

Midway through writing this I realized I have SO much more to say than I realized so I’m actually going to make three separate posts. 

  1. Gaston and how/why he’s a villain
  2. Gaston and Lefou’s Relationship
  3. Gaston and The Beast: Why Gaston should get a redemption arc

This one is:

Gaston and how/why he’s a villain

Originally posted by talesasoldastime29

Gaston headcanons include, he isn’t narcissistic as much as he is simply confident. He’s headstrong, in it for his own purposes and gains, and is sort of an anti-hero. By no means is he the “good guy” of anything. I just think he’s a really interesting and complex character, a lot of fun to analyse, watch, and write about!

Alright so I’m going to break this up into Pre-movie, movie (three parts in this one)


So for this part, I’m going to be referencing Luke Evan’s comments on Gaston’s backstory! So Luke Evan’s said that Gaston is ex-army captain, and saved the village from some Portuguese mauraders, which is why everyone respects him so much, and Lefou fought alongside with him which explains his loyalty. 


So! Gaston is a pretty okay dude so far, right? Saved the town from some bad guys. I like to think there are three turning points in Gaston’s character, sort of like three 60 degree turns until he goes 180. 

  • 1. He sees Belle.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Gaston is obsessed with Belle for one reason: her beauty. To him, nothing else matters. Up until this point he was working in military standards, helping further society in that way, contributing to the town as he may, and he was as likable as anyone else in the town. He’s not a bad guy right now. (This is starkly contrast with the 1991 version where Gaston is just an awful dude all the way around and has zero redeemable qualities.) 

But suddenly, he sees a girl, and his goals change from contributing to society to taking her as his wife. 

  • 2. Belle refuses him

Originally posted by iamobsessedwiththings

Gaston has likely never encountered this, not being able to have what he wants. Everywhere he goes, he’s glorified, and now when he finally wants a girl to like him, she doesn’t? This is where he starts to go sour. 

You can see he wasn’t already a bad person because he doesn’t immediately get upset when she says no. He just goes, “Busy?” and then goes whoops oh well I’ll try again. This doesn’t exactly scream “villain” imo. 

The thing that does start to hint villain is when he approaches her again, and again, is turned down. This time he grabs her dress and tries to follow her into her home- this is creepy just gotta say. 

And after this, everything he does is centered around her and his obsession with taking her- this isn’t good guys, like this is creepy and bad and just not okay. You shouldn’t want a girl to the point where you want to own her. That’s what Gaston wants. That’s why he’s bad. 

  • 3. Maurice refuses him

And finally the serious turning point is Maurice refusing him. He tells Gaston he will never marry Belle, and this is important because in the time period, you couldn’t marry a girl without her father’s say-so. It’s not just a silly “oh well father doesn’t want it but i’ll do it anyway” nah son it just can’t be done

At this point, Gaston doesn’t know how to deal with rejection (having never been rejected to such an extent before) he relapses to the last thing he does remember dealing with: war. 

Now Gaston is pretty delusional at this point, they’ve been traveling through the forest probably for days, Maurice has been ranting about the castle and magic and all this stuff Gaston doesn’t give a shit about- he’s already short-tempered. And on top of it all, Maurice poses a threat to the one thing he wants: possession of Belle. And so, he seeks to eliminate the threat.

Even Lefou notices it at this point (and we’ll talk about that in the next post I make) and tries to talk Gaston out of it. This is when Gaston sets himself apart from everyone else. It’s the final point in his character arc where he’s full-out villain.

And the rest just goes downhill from there.

From there he betrays his dearest and oldest friend, turns the entire village against someone that isn’t a threat, and tries to commit murder and for what? A blind grasp for a woman that explicitly doesn’t want him. This is why he’s a villain, he doesn’t listen to what other people have to say, doesn’t value their opinions, has no sense of loyalty, and acts impulsively for his own wants and desires. 

But as I’ll talk about in a different post, I think he can learn to be better.

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The Contest-Part 18

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Also: re-reading part 12 might help something make sense if you don’t remember. That’s all I’m saying!

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Earlier That Day

I followed Bob Singer into his office, my heart pounding from my last-minute race across the lot.  I gratefully accepted the bottle of water he offered me. Andrew Dabb was sprawled comfortably on the love seat across from Bob’s desk, a yellow tablet resting in his lap.

You’d never guess by looking at them that Bob and Andrew were the two guys running the show.  Bob was an older guy with gray hair and a soft spoken demeanor who’d been there since day one.   Andrew favored super hero T-shirts and sneakers and looked like he belonged on “Big Bang Theory”. I had enormous respect for both of them.

I had loved every second of my time on Supernatural.  Now all I could hope for was that Andrew and Bob were planning on concluding Gemini’s storyline in a way that was believable and satisfying for the viewers.  But more than that, I had grown to love this wonderful character and I wanted her story to end in a way that made sense.

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What a Tease.

gif from: isophhia  gif source: x

(check out their posts bc they are a peaky blinders blog and have a lot of cool posts)

John Shelby x Reader

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Prompt: You are hired by the Shelby’s after impressing them. 

A/N: I will be releasing a part 2 that involves more reader and John stuff than this one. This is more of an introduction than anything with slight hints at John taking a liking to you. Hope you enjoy!

Smoke swirled about the room, topped with laughter and the strong scent of alcohol. The further into the night, the looser the lips in the room became. Louder and louder as more people packed in the later in the day it became. The front doors smacked against the wall as they entered and the room became slightly quieter, still loud with whispers. As the three entered the side room the bar crescendoed back into speaking and laughter. 

You wasted no time and walked behind the bar reaching for the top shelf placing three glasses and whiskey on a tray. You passed the men crowding around the bar stools towards the Shelby’s side room. The tray weighed down on your hand as you knocked with ease on the small door. A creak came from the door that was now opened slightly, inviting you in. Only one of them looked up at you as he took a large puff on the cigar in his hand. The other two continued talking not paying attention to you pouring the whiskey into the glasses. Silently listening to the conversation acting as if you were hearing nothing about their newest business plan, your eyes drift upwards from the drink making unwavering eye contact with the lighter haired Blinder. Usually you avoided doing this with guys, knowing it usually only leads to trouble. Maybe it was because you were yelled at by the boss today or that you had been groped by twice as many guys today but you didn’t break as you continued to pour drinks.

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Resume / CV, one page or two? I see industry professionals saying you should always be able to put your work into a one page resume. However, my lecturers (i'm at University) seem to be under the impression that two pages is what we should be doing. thoughts?

It should only be two pages if you’ve just got that much relevant work experience. Don’t pad your resume. Even if it looks super small because you’re just starting out, don’t do it. Hiring managers won’t really care about your interest in martial arts or volunteer work with the local soup kitchen if you don’t have the skills and experience we do care about. The longer we have to go hunting for it among all the fluff, the more frustrated we become. Here’s a rough scoring system rule-of-thumb metric:

  • Very relevant to the job requirements (e.g. work experience in a shipped title doing what I want): +5-10 points
  • Relevant to the job requirements (work or project experience in a similar area of expertise): +3 points
  • Not relevant to the job requirements, overly wordy descriptions: -1 point
  • Employment gap, bad grammar and/or spelling, obvious mistakes (e.g. missing a cover letter when one was requested, writing the wrong company name in the letter or objective, etc.), demotion/going backward in career advancement: -10 points, possibly instant fail

If your resume doesn’t have a positive score by the time I’m done reading it, it gets tossed. I’ve got a list of skills that I need my candidate to perform. If the stuff on your resume doesn’t show me that you’ve got some kind of experience doing similar things, it wastes my time reading them and I really hate wasting my time. The more you make me waste my time reading stuff that isn’t relevant, the less favorably inclined I am toward you.

It is thus better for the both of us if you give me a resume with as little padding as possible. I can get to the stuff I care about faster, and I don’t have to feel like I’m wading through paragraphs of fluff to get to the stuff I want to see. If you write too much prose, it shows me that you are not good at explaining what you did, and that makes me think you’ll be bad at explaining things to teammates. Don’t worry if your resume seems short. I would much rather have a half-page resume that’s got only relevant skills and experience on it than a two page CV that tells me about your interests in intramural volleyball and Ethiopian food. The faster I get through it, the happier I am. The longer it takes, the more likely I am to put it down and move on to the next.

The only time I’ve ever felt it necessary to have two pages on the resume is when you’ve got so much professional experience on games that you can’t fit it into one page, even after skimming down the oldest titles in the resume. I want to read about that, because it actually might be relevant. Most university students and fresh graduates don’t have that problem, so I’d suggest keeping it to a single page.

PS. You may wish to peruse my [#resume preparation] tag. There’s a lot of stuff in there.

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