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australian nsw north coast gothic
  • the pacific highway is constantly upgrading. the roadworks never end. the road stretches into the distance, quiet. there are no workers, but the machines still dig.
  • you log into facebook. people you may know has updated. a girl is friends with your cousin. your cousin is friends with your boss. your boss is friends with the girl’s brother. they all live three hours away. they all know who you are. you do not know them.
  • Grafton is inland, but there is nothing to the east. do not ask what is there, only pray you will never find out.
  • city people ask you where you’re from. you tell them the name of your town. they have never heard of it. neither have you.
  • the villages on the coast brag about the beach. you visit, once. the ground is covered in sand. seagulls tear hot chips from your fingers.the people are covered in sand too. none of them wear shoes. there is a vacancy in their eyes.
  • don’t linger too long at the Taree service center. everybody is dressed in yellow and red. the town is yellow and red. yellow and red sponsors the town. yellow and red owns the town. yellow and red is the town. Taree is McDonalds.
  • the islands off the coast are empty. only one has a lighthouse. we say nobody lives there. we know that it blinks at night.
  • choosing a university is difficult, even with your regional points. you could brave the cold winters of Armidale, or escape to the drunk paradise of the Gold Coast. quick, you only have 3 seconds to decide, or Lismore will be your only option.
  • Mullumbimby doesn’t exist. Iggy Azalea never grew up there. The beaches were beautiful, but it couldn’t escape the shame. Mullumbimby doesn’t exist.
  • the Great Dividing Range looms over you. waterfall way is the only way up to Dorrigo. your parents warn you never to go west alone.
  • state of origin night, and all the houses are painted blue. all the faces are painted blue. except for the children. they don maroon. they have never known victory.
  • your local shopping centre has no escalators, if you even have one at all. you buy your clothes from target country. unless you live in Coffs Harbour. in that case, good luck.
  • it’s July, and the hipsters, goths, indie girls, and tired dads swarm up the highway. they ask you for directions. splendour, they say. it’s in the grass. you only nod blankly. there is no splendour here. only mud, and rain.
  • there’s a roundabout in the middle of the highway. and a 40km school zone. this is the main route between Brisbane and Sydney. only the strong will survive Urunga to Nambucca.
  • Russell Crowe’s house in Nana Glen is empty. he only ventures home to visit his parents. there is nobody living there, but that doesn’t stop the sightings.
  • You visit Casino for Beef Week. You see the Beef Queen crowned. You clap, as the cows surround the regent. All hail the queen of beef.
  • you wait at your local bus stop, for the once-a-day service. it never comes. it was never going to.
  • working a shift at your local bowling club, you notice the customers ageing. they age, and you are afraid. everyone is old. they all order chicken schnitzel. you must send them to Port Macquarie. it is the only place for them.
  • everybody loves the big banana. you are proud of the big banana. everybody wants to visit the big banana. nobody wants to leave the big banana. nobody is allowed to leave the big banana. everybody want to stay at the big banana. everybody must stay at the big banana. it’s a whole bunch of fun.
  • you moved to the north coast when you were young. you know your way around. it becomes your home. soon, you forget any other places exist. you stop visiting Brisbane or Sydney. you have never been further north than byron bay, never past the nymboida, you are scared to step foot in forster-tuncurry. you were born on the north coast.
klance fan fic rec

there’s so many great fics out there, but here are some more of my faves!! 

on the edge - 7000+ words


Lance and Keith still have a lot things left unsaid between them, which kind of sucks since they sort of might be dying.Keith and Lance get ambushed on an alien planet, and this is what happens before, after and during the event – complete with a series of look-back moments on their ever-changing relationship.

(canon universe)

got got got it bad - 10,000+ words


“He leans in to hook his arm around Keith’s shoulders in full. It’s right in Keith ear, when he speaks. “I have a crush on someone new, like, every week.”

“No—it’s not someone.” Keith brings his head up, and it feels as heavy on his neck as if it were his center of gravity, and he meets Lance’s eyes with his own. Keith doesn’t mean to communicate something through their silence, he just kind of gets caught up in staring at Lance’s face, which tends to happen lately. Sharp features, cheekbones and chin. Impossible eyes and a loud mouth as expressive as his eyebrows. But Lance seems to come to some understanding on his own. He sits back in a rare, rare moment of speechlessness, that mouth of his slightly pursed and twitching in its search for words in what can only be, though Keith doesn’t know much about body language, immense confusion on the brink of realization.”

Or: Keith acknowledges his feelings for Lance and promptly goes through the five stages of grief.

(canon universe) 

3 Words or Less - 2000 words (short, but really good)


“Keith,” Pidge says, resting their elbow on the table and their chin on the palm of their hand. “Describe Lance in three words or less.”


Lance lets out a squawk of protest. “What are you even talking about?! You know exactly who I am!”

Keith doesn’t look at him. “I’m unfamiliar with the name.

(alternate universe - modern)

try if you can - 11,000+ words


Keith has liked Lance for so long that you’d think he’d be used to this by now.

“Oh my god,” Shiro whispers incredulously. “You’re ridiculous.”

Keith doesn’t even want to know what expression is on his face for Shiro to say something like that, but he can’t help it.

(alternate universe - modern, university setting)

accidentally in love - 2000+ words (short, but sweet)


Keith gets covered in amortentia, and Lance smells him - accidental declarations are made.
(alternate universe - harry potter au)

can you tell me - 28,000+ words


Keith works in his brother’s coffee shop for the summer, expecting a boring break before college. Lance changes all of that.  

- The boy is still in the front of the group, but he doesn’t take off his glasses so Keith can’t tell what he’s really looking at – either the menu or Keith. Keith feels a flash of annoyance but smothers it and pins his smile in place.

(alternate universe - modern)

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Originally posted by trash-walker

  • First impression: a dead baby, then a dead horse, and her reaction is to marry her partner and adopt four fucking orphans. your faves would never.
  • Impression now: still one of the most thoughtful, caring, tragic characters ever. the only good thing about being cancelled is it allowed me to pretend the entire world stopped being shit and she got to be genuinely happy for the rest of her life.
  • Favorite moment: my favorite ep of hers might be when the town found out she was native.
  • Idea for a story: a canon divergent au where she & jeremiah took the kids and split from the wagon train right after they became a new family.
  • Unpopular opinion: i’m drawing a blank
  • Favorite relationship: i love her with rebecca and isabelle equally
  • Favorite headcanon: she has always preferred dressing like a man. fuck dresses.

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Rusame fic rec?

In the name of the father and of the son… 

This is in no order though, and I’m not putting up the links (’cause I’m too lazy hahaha …) Also, this isn’t all of the fics I’ve liked and read tbh. 


> (M) Promised to Me - daughter of the revolution * 
(M) You and I Will Fall in Love - shatterdoll 
(M) The Companion - ahmerst 
(M) Invasion - Verin Mystal
(M) Bratva - ArixaBell
(T) Dear Diary - ai-08
(M) Fluoride - saketini
(T) From America With Love - last letter
(T) Little Brother is Watching - Lucky-Angel135
(T) Asymmetrical - TheRockNRollBeauty
(M) Comfortably Numb - Verin Mystal 

(T) Midnight Swing Set - rexlover180
(M)Game Night for the Lonely Hearts Club - shatterdoll
>(M) My Husband Is a Spy - daughter of the revolution *
(M) Among the Sunflowers - shatterdoll *
>(M) American Bulldog - SomeNavyRecruit 
(M) This Is Not a Love Song - shatterdoll
(T) Love a Lover - The DayDreaming
(K+) Cold Wars - peroxidepest17
(K) Bittersweet - Preussen
(M) Rules to Survive - VioletLolitaPop
(M) Sweet Nothings - Impervious Marr
(M) Happy Endings - Chou ni Natte
(K+) The Hero Who Conquered the Dentist’s Office - TheRockNRollBeauty
(T)  The New Wife - TheRockNRollBeauty 

* tragic stuff happening 
> one of my rlly faves 

idk i might updated this if I ever come across another good one
also you can tell that smut and angst are my fave things

Little Animation tribute to Yuriy Norshteyn in "Over the garden wall"?

All week I have been hooked on the awesome new show “Over the garden wall" 

The show is so wonderfull I wish It could continue forever.

But one of my fave things is what I think might be a little reference to moviehedgehog in the fog by one of my favourite animators ever Yuri Norshteyn in the first few minute of the show.

We have this pan to a tree in OTGW

Wich is almost exactly similar to a scene in ”hedgehog in the fog

Notice how the branches,especially on the right, are pretty much the same!

Maybe its just me but how the two tree turn on different levels and the fact that In both movie the characters are lost in a deep fog just make me want to believe it.:)

SO here have my little fangirling and If you are ever interested in good animation (and old spot-motion/ cut out painting animation) go check out both of the movies and show.:D

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hey! I'm a new fan of BBS and this might sound like an odd question but has Evan ever posted a vlog? He's slowly becoming my fave and I wanna know more about him, but I know he's like super private. Again sorry if this sounds weird fhdhsjs

Evan did happen to post a face reveal quite a while ago on a milestone, and hes done an asl thing but besides that I believe hasn’t really made a vlog. He’s seen in syndicates vlogs from time to time. He does have a personal instagram with a few posts. You can go follow him there if you’d want :) (@rynxmanjones)

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So I'm here bc I honestly got so thirsty for your writing this summer bc I'd read all of your fics that I read your kpop fics and I've been in BTS hell ever since and I just,,,idk wanted to spaz and say thank you?? Also holy shit their new album I haven't stopped screaming the aesthetic is my favorite thing and I'm d e a d and I wondered what songs were your faves?? Have the best day you're the bomb!! 💕💕

yOOOOOOO their new album has me fuCKED UP. I love the whole album,, its so good ;-; my fav might have to be pied piper. The lyrics made me laugh, and the beat is delicious

Ok so Firstly!! Omg!! Seriously YOU ALL ROCK!!!✌️🙌. Overwhelmed right now! 😁. I am just so happy the Vast majority of you took my last post in the spirit in which it was given!! THANK YOU 😘😘. Just want to say again that my intention for this account is Nail Art Focused with a few bits here and there of things you might like. And let me say that if I ever Forget myself and post a Detox Tea etc… Sponsored post …. That will mean either my account has been hacked or I’ve completely lost my mind!! So Please Feel free to give me an absolute Butt Kicking!! Ok onto this New Years-ish nail art. Inspired by one of my Fave nail artists @pshiiit_polish 🙌. Polishes are #Cuccio 2AM in Hollywood and Russian Opulence from @hbbeautybar 😘😘. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! 🎆
(It’s New Year’s Eve here in Aussie-Land😁 so we get there first!! I’ll let you know what 2015 is like😜) via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/xQhFr2wBcI/