might be my new fave

Okay, I picked her first at random, but I wanna draw all the new Fire Emblem Heroes characters at some point in the near future. Kozaki’s characters are always so A++. I might just have to follow him to his next game if he ends up leaving FE at some point haha.

Anyways, Veronica’s super cute, and I’m hoping she’s recruitable at the end of the story or something because I want to make a four man squad out of the new characters. Her outfit might also be my fave, tbh.


sooo thanks to reading heartstrings by @taylordraws i was up til 3am doodling this garbage. god help my lost soul.

also i’d been talking to @littleblackchat all day about it and she was designing up what she imagined Mari’s dress from chapter 3 looked like, and I doodled this version based on her descriptions and early doodles of it xD so it’s a little different from the one she posted. Also I pointed out that the keyhole in the dress was perfect for Adrien in that scene, since he put his hand there and gyid7573943778hsjdfj IMAGINE IT GUYS imagine it

australian nsw north coast gothic
  • the pacific highway is constantly upgrading. the roadworks never end. the road stretches into the distance, quiet. there are no workers, but the machines still dig.
  • you log into facebook. people you may know has updated. a girl is friends with your cousin. your cousin is friends with your boss. your boss is friends with the girl’s brother. they all live three hours away. they all know who you are. you do not know them.
  • Grafton is inland, but there is nothing to the east. do not ask what is there, only pray you will never find out.
  • city people ask you where you’re from. you tell them the name of your town. they have never heard of it. neither have you.
  • the villages on the coast brag about the beach. you visit, once. the ground is covered in sand. seagulls tear hot chips from your fingers.the people are covered in sand too. none of them wear shoes. there is a vacancy in their eyes.
  • don’t linger too long at the Taree service center. everybody is dressed in yellow and red. the town is yellow and red. yellow and red sponsors the town. yellow and red owns the town. yellow and red is the town. Taree is McDonalds.
  • the islands off the coast are empty. only one has a lighthouse. we say nobody lives there. we know that it blinks at night.
  • choosing a university is difficult, even with your regional points. you could brave the cold winters of Armidale, or escape to the drunk paradise of the Gold Coast. quick, you only have 3 seconds to decide, or Lismore will be your only option.
  • Mullumbimby doesn’t exist. Iggy Azalea never grew up there. The beaches were beautiful, but it couldn’t escape the shame. Mullumbimby doesn’t exist.
  • the Great Dividing Range looms over you. waterfall way is the only way up to Dorrigo. your parents warn you never to go west alone.
  • state of origin night, and all the houses are painted blue. all the faces are painted blue. except for the children. they don maroon. they have never known victory.
  • your local shopping centre has no escalators, if you even have one at all. you buy your clothes from target country. unless you live in Coffs Harbour. in that case, good luck.
  • it’s July, and the hipsters, goths, indie girls, and tired dads swarm up the highway. they ask you for directions. splendour, they say. it’s in the grass. you only nod blankly. there is no splendour here. only mud, and rain.
  • there’s a roundabout in the middle of the highway. and a 40km school zone. this is the main route between Brisbane and Sydney. only the strong will survive Urunga to Nambucca.
  • Russell Crowe’s house in Nana Glen is empty. he only ventures home to visit his parents. there is nobody living there, but that doesn’t stop the sightings.
  • You visit Casino for Beef Week. You see the Beef Queen crowned. You clap, as the cows surround the regent. All hail the queen of beef.
  • you wait at your local bus stop, for the once-a-day service. it never comes. it was never going to.
  • working a shift at your local bowling club, you notice the customers ageing. they age, and you are afraid. everyone is old. they all order chicken schnitzel. you must send them to Port Macquarie. it is the only place for them.
  • everybody loves the big banana. you are proud of the big banana. everybody wants to visit the big banana. nobody wants to leave the big banana. nobody is allowed to leave the big banana. everybody want to stay at the big banana. everybody must stay at the big banana. it’s a whole bunch of fun.
  • you moved to the north coast when you were young. you know your way around. it becomes your home. soon, you forget any other places exist. you stop visiting Brisbane or Sydney. you have never been further north than byron bay, never past the nymboida, you are scared to step foot in forster-tuncurry. you were born on the north coast.
Wings (Music Cuts)
Wings (Music Cuts)

the music from all seven of the short films

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okay so All Tuckered Out might be my new fave thing... When Lance's kids are younger they kinda hate the channel because their entire lives are on display and all the kids from school can go onto YouTube and see everything they do. When they get older they love it though. They love being able to look back at all the home videos and re-live the memories. When his kids start having kids they start uploading videos to the channel as well!

grandpa tucker! omg 

Daddy Wednesday™


I didn’t have a clue what my official title was or should be. International terrorist target? Teenage girl? Spy in training? Person who really, really wants to know what’s going on?

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For someone who wants to get into day6, where should I start?

Well, first of all, listen to The Day and Daydream. They also have songs with no studio versions such as Pandora, You, Eyeless, 길터, 안물안궁 (?), and I Can.  

150731 - I will forever love the fancams from this gig; I can’t link you to all the fancams of all their shows but they aren’t hard to find on youtube. Check out this and this list of DAY6′s past and future schedules. Just search on youtube DAY6 or a certain member’s name and the date of a certain show/concert/fanmeet/anything in this form: yymmdd and you should find lots of fancams of them

DAY6 - Good Life (cover) - probably my favourite cover by them; just auto play from here on out or click on the other covers on the right side of the page and bless your ears

my fave busking video - watch ALL the fancams of them busking bc THEY WILL MAKE YOU SMILE, I PROMISE.

fans’ surprise event from their Taiwan showcase - still makes me cry

Just DAY6, Saturday Subs, DAY6 INTL - check out these channels for subbed videos of shows they’ve been on

Watch all the videos from the V app channel

Check out this list of fansites from @fyeahdaysix‘s page to find photos and videos of DAY6 easier.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Like their Facebook page and join Fan’s.

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