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PROMPT: 3 times Gavin’s wings were the prettiest things Ryan saw, and one time Ryan’s were the prettiest Gavin saw. (King AU)

For @justisaisfine - thank you so much for your generosity and support <3 <3 <3


“So you’re the thief King Ramsey has so wisely decided to let into the castle.”

Ryan raises his eyebrows as Gavin jumps, whirling around from where he was perched on the edge of the castle’s tallest turret. His eyes widen, and Ryan fights a smirk. He knows he makes an imposing sight - the Royal Sorcerer, with his heavy black robes sewn with shimmering silver runes, his hood casting his face into shadow. Especially for an outsider, new to the kingdoms, who knows him only from rumour.

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sooo thanks to reading heartstrings by @taylordraws i was up til 3am doodling this garbage. god help my lost soul.

also i’d been talking to @littleblackchat all day about it and she was designing up what she imagined Mari’s dress from chapter 3 looked like, and I doodled this version based on her descriptions and early doodles of it xD so it’s a little different from the one she posted. Also I pointed out that the keyhole in the dress was perfect for Adrien in that scene, since he put his hand there and gyid7573943778hsjdfj IMAGINE IT GUYS imagine it


man they’re really going to have to suspend their disbelief when they find out what bert and reiner are


“we hardly understand eren as is now; how am i ever going to keep up on all my experiments with yet another titan shifter in my roster??”

Okay, I picked her first at random, but I wanna draw all the new Fire Emblem Heroes characters at some point in the near future. Kozaki’s characters are always so A++. I might just have to follow him to his next game if he ends up leaving FE at some point haha.

Anyways, Veronica’s super cute, and I’m hoping she’s recruitable at the end of the story or something because I want to make a four man squad out of the new characters. Her outfit might also be my fave, tbh.

little marius things to love:

• weak in the knees around girls
• will cry at their wedding
• will cry at their friends’ weddings
• loves to translate languages
• is somehow more confident when speaking other languages
• canNOT speak their native language to save their life (basically a bumbling blathering fool at times)
• undeniably loyal to their friends
• most of the times is a softé soul but WILL f*ck you up if you dare to hurt one of their friends
• is quite smart but has moments where their friends wonder how they make it through the day (*breaks something in the apartment* “really marius i have no idea how you managed that one” *pronounces something completely wrong but in a cute funny way* “and here i thought YOU were the language expert”)
• considers courf their soulmate and they do almost everything together, even when courf starts to date combeferre they all hang out and become a wholesome trio that rivals the triumvirate (enjolras tags along sometimes even tho he and marius’ politics differ….greatly)
• understands the inconsistencies in some of their politics when they meet les amis and they do extensive research into what they really believe in (enj sees them struggling and points out some good reading materials that suit their interests)
• is a bit timid to share their thoughts on lgbtq+ politics at the first meeting regarding gender neutral bathrooms, but ends up coming out to courf as nonbinary that night and speaks their mind at every meeting with lgbtq+ topics after being reassured by courf that a) no one would look at them funny for having any kind of opinion and b) “none of us are straight or cis anyways marius so you’re in good company”
• leads the next meeting about gender neutral bathrooms and enj tries not to shed a tear (“enj are you crying” “no i just… the lights in here… i’m allergic”)
• basically marius is an adorable ball of clumsiness and timidity but when it comes down to it, they will do everything in their power to do what’s right by their friends and the people

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If you guys could only chose one, what would you say is the best manga chapter to introduce someone to GSNK? Like I would pick Ep 8 (one with the boxes) for a good introduction to the anime but idk what would be a good chapter to introduce ppl to the manga. Even though it sets up the story IMO chpt 1 isn't that funny.

This is a little hard to answer since the chapters are short and the earlier ones aren’t that exciting on their own imo, I’d definitely recommend reading a couple of chapters to introduce someone to the series rather than just one (though I’d rather introduce them to the anime first and then get them to read the manga tbh)

mod minthae suggested the rain/umbrella chapter since Nozaki/Sakura’s antics are hilarious haha. Do any of you guys wanna suggest chapters to introduce to new readers??

australian nsw north coast gothic
  • the pacific highway is constantly upgrading. the roadworks never end. the road stretches into the distance, quiet. there are no workers, but the machines still dig.
  • you log into facebook. people you may know has updated. a girl is friends with your cousin. your cousin is friends with your boss. your boss is friends with the girl’s brother. they all live three hours away. they all know who you are. you do not know them.
  • Grafton is inland, but there is nothing to the east. do not ask what is there, only pray you will never find out.
  • city people ask you where you’re from. you tell them the name of your town. they have never heard of it. neither have you.
  • the villages on the coast brag about the beach. you visit, once. the ground is covered in sand. seagulls tear hot chips from your fingers.the people are covered in sand too. none of them wear shoes. there is a vacancy in their eyes.
  • don’t linger too long at the Taree service center. everybody is dressed in yellow and red. the town is yellow and red. yellow and red sponsors the town. yellow and red owns the town. yellow and red is the town. Taree is McDonalds.
  • the islands off the coast are empty. only one has a lighthouse. we say nobody lives there. we know that it blinks at night.
  • choosing a university is difficult, even with your regional points. you could brave the cold winters of Armidale, or escape to the drunk paradise of the Gold Coast. quick, you only have 3 seconds to decide, or Lismore will be your only option.
  • Mullumbimby doesn’t exist. Iggy Azalea never grew up there. The beaches were beautiful, but it couldn’t escape the shame. Mullumbimby doesn’t exist.
  • the Great Dividing Range looms over you. waterfall way is the only way up to Dorrigo. your parents warn you never to go west alone.
  • state of origin night, and all the houses are painted blue. all the faces are painted blue. except for the children. they don maroon. they have never known victory.
  • your local shopping centre has no escalators, if you even have one at all. you buy your clothes from target country. unless you live in Coffs Harbour. in that case, good luck.
  • it’s July, and the hipsters, goths, indie girls, and tired dads swarm up the highway. they ask you for directions. splendour, they say. it’s in the grass. you only nod blankly. there is no splendour here. only mud, and rain.
  • there’s a roundabout in the middle of the highway. and a 40km school zone. this is the main route between Brisbane and Sydney. only the strong will survive Urunga to Nambucca.
  • Russell Crowe’s house in Nana Glen is empty. he only ventures home to visit his parents. there is nobody living there, but that doesn’t stop the sightings.
  • You visit Casino for Beef Week. You see the Beef Queen crowned. You clap, as the cows surround the regent. All hail the queen of beef.
  • you wait at your local bus stop, for the once-a-day service. it never comes. it was never going to.
  • working a shift at your local bowling club, you notice the customers ageing. they age, and you are afraid. everyone is old. they all order chicken schnitzel. you must send them to Port Macquarie. it is the only place for them.
  • everybody loves the big banana. you are proud of the big banana. everybody wants to visit the big banana. nobody wants to leave the big banana. nobody is allowed to leave the big banana. everybody want to stay at the big banana. everybody must stay at the big banana. it’s a whole bunch of fun.
  • you moved to the north coast when you were young. you know your way around. it becomes your home. soon, you forget any other places exist. you stop visiting Brisbane or Sydney. you have never been further north than byron bay, never past the nymboida, you are scared to step foot in forster-tuncurry. you were born on the north coast.
Wings (Music Cuts)
Wings (Music Cuts)

the music from all seven of the short films


long pose of my apartment!! decided to redo the original post since we got 50 more spaces and more food housing item!! which btw! i finally got them all today! meaning i have all the housing food items again in game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (also you cant see it but i do indeed have the cake tray, its just hidden in the kitchen corner) XD feel free to check out balmung - lavender beds - lily hills subdivision - apartment #11

also? this has been brought up a few times, if anyone wants to use my place for an rp event or anything let me know! and we can change it up a little too!

Showed my 7yr old daughter the Sign of the Times video when she got out of school, we both screamed over it then listened to Slow Hands…

Me - I think this might be my new fave song… no behind Just Hold On
Her - we just need a Liam song now
Me - it might be coming on Friday
Her - that is great! This is just wonderful! all these songs, how great mummy I’m just so happy for them all! 😂❤

She’s so lovely and supportive