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favorite mass effect relationships » Male Shepard & Kaidan romance

“Guess we’re old soldiers, hey Shepard?”
“Yeah, I guess we are.”
“We know the score. We know this is goodbye.”
“When this is over, I’m going to be waiting for you. You’d better show up.”


For tumblr FINALLY raising the gif limit to 3MB, I had to make some gifs of “How To Steal The World/The Seven Wonders Of The World Affair” :) Enjoy!

You wake up in a mysterious room, surrounded by other people. You don’t recognize any of them, and they seem to come from different backgrounds. You find the walls covered in papers, which seem to have photos of them, but before you can take a closer look, the intercom comes on. 

An ominous voice explains that you have been selected for your special talent, and they are offering the chance to pay everyone well to continue pursuing their artistic endeavors, be it in music or illustration or writing, etc. However, this is also a test, with serious consequences, and you must make a choice. Then they tell you to go to the wall, and you do–and you’re confused, until the voice speaks again.

“On the wall you will all find your OTPs. All of them. Destroy ten OTPs, or I will destroy fifty.”

Imagine your OTP...

Your OTP is in kindergarten and it’s Person 1’s birthday, which means they have to go to the front of the class while the entire class sings Happy Birthday to them. However, Person 1 is scared to go up there alone, and the teacher volunteers Person 2 to stand up there with them and hold their hand so they won’t be scared anymore.

happy first day of @dapolyweek! decided to go with egg and tamlen’s joining for the first day, since “firsts” in my head somehow turned into “the first time the three of them went through something of significance together” or something like that… it made sense at the time! ;)

I like this part because

right when she calls emperor piloff “cute” or “you look like a baby”

goku thinks it’s funny and you just hear him laughing like a dork in the background xDD

and then it shows chichi kicking their butt

and he just looks at her like man she’s awsome


Paul Dierden Appreciation Week: day 5 » moment you Sarah realized he was good
↳ “Hi Beth… I need you to do something for me… They know you’re not Beth. Run!


✽ Special Thanks ✽

  • For MOVE whose tweet reminds me that their past CODE name [HANAKO] & [TARO] existed, again today.
  • And SKELLY who literally said “ WHEN THEY GET OLD THEY CHANGE THEIR NAMES TO THEIR GRAMPS NAMES” & makes me things about all of these.

“It makes sense that Miss Shaw continues to work for her previous employer since they never attempted to kill her.”

But, okay, let’s play this out though. The Machine wasn’t exactly truthful there was she? Because if the simulation continued Cole would still be asking questions and digging things up.

The only reason why that didn’t happen sooner was because there was no Daniel Aquino in the no Machine-verse. Shaw didn’t kill Aquino, Cole wasn’t disturbed about his death, he didn’t look hard enough for that to happen but Henry Peck would’ve served the same function as Aquino would have for Cole.

This look?

It’s not the look of someone who will Let It Go.

no!Machine!AU Cole just had his catalyst moment with Peck, and he’s going to dig some more.

And, then it will play out as it did in Relevance, Cole would ask one to many questions someone from the Samaritan side would be alerted, the order to kill Shaw and Cole would go down the chain.

Cole will die in the attempt, Shaw would survive, and then take-up Cole’s crusade, she’ll hunt down the person who suggested the order in the first place but then she’ll be face to face with Ms. Groves formerly known as Root.

Shaw would fall for Ms. Groves’ Veronica act– and either one or three things will happen: Shaw will kill Ms. Groves, Ms. Groves will kill Shaw, or Samaritan will offer Shaw a position in its organization because Samaritan saw Shaw’s full potential and she would make an excellent operator working for Samaritan.

Since there would be no opposing point of view, and they’ll probably lean heavily in all the good Samaritan’s done Shaw would think it’s an actual good. So she would end up working for Samaritan but not before killing Lambert, who was the guy who suggested the kill order.

Samaritan will agree.

And, Ms. Groves will be pleased because she’s read Agent Shaw’s file and she was impressed.

Samaritan thinks it would be an excellent idea for Ms. Groves and Agent Shaw to work together.

(And this is how you get Evil!AU Root/Shaw! Lawful Evil version.)

Red String of Fate

There’s a Chinese Legend that says that the person whom we are destined to meet is tied to us by a “Red Thread” at birth. No matter what happens, we will always be together through the thread. Wikipedia puts it nicely, “the magical cord may stretch and tangle, but will never break.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if that were real? If we had someone that would meet us somewhere, someday? Imagine you were waiting to cross the road, and you saw your OTP waiting for you on the other side. I sometimes begin to wonder if OTPs really exist… but then I think, why have I stopped believing that the universe can be magical? Maybe it’s because I just can’t see it. Maybe nothing magical hasn’t happened in a long time. But still, something can happen, can’t it? 

Who knows, maybe one day I might find my OTP too. So will you. I’m sure of it. Magic can still happen. Don’t give up.


“What did you imagine… for your life?”
“Service, promotion, retirement, death. You?”
“This is exactly what I imagined. And a couple of kids.”


Thorin + as seen by Bilbo

#if you think about the idea that Bilbo is the one telling the story of the Hobbit #this is how he saw Thorin #no wonder he fell in love [x]