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Hush (Part Five)

Rafael Barba x Reader
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The few minutes of evening rain had left a crisp air in the city. You pulled your blazer closer to your body, thankful that the destination was near. You make a turn at the next block and wave at a familiar face.

“Hey, Paul.”

He stretches his arm forward to hug you briefly. The gesture surprises you, but you patted his back in return to avoid any awkwardness.

“Are the others here yet?”

“No, Karen and Lee are running late. Traffic.”

You nodded and just then a gush of wind blew over. Shivering even through your layers, you look up to him.

“It’s getting pretty cold out here. Do you wanna’ head on inside?”

The pub was relatively crowded for a weeknight. You scanned the room in search for a vacant table. When a quick glance through provided no luck, you opted for the bar. There were a handful of empty stools.

As you walk towards it, your eyes land on one end of the bar and you recognize the back of the person sitting on the last stool. When he throws his head back downing his beverage, you manage to see the side of his face.


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Thranduil: You are going to stand here and tell me that a tall wizard dressed in grey named Gandalf just left you to wander through the borders of my kingdom alone? I should have you thrown in my dungeon for saying that! How stupid do you think I am? What sort of wizard starts a journey and then just happens to wander away for no reason whatsoever without saying where he is going? 

What sort of wizard just continuously disappears at the exact moment when trouble is about to begin then magically returns at the last minute to save you? And he has giant eagles that come at his command? Why did he not just fly you over Mirkwood to begin with? Tell me, Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thráin and I might let you leave! Who is this wandering wizard named Gandalf of which you speak?

Gandalf: Thranduil only knows me as Mithrandir. That’s why I never go into Mirkwood with anyone who knows me as Gandalf.

Waning Strength

Imagine: Here from the great imaginexhobbit as always!

Word Count: 2,317

A/N: Well two in one day. I did a Bardxreader, but this is another Thranduilxreader. I guess you guys already know who I’m obsessed with right now! What can I say, Lee Pace is very handsome. Not that I don’t also find Luke Evans delicious! I might make another Bard one, I’m not sure yet, cause I got scheduled for a lot of hours at work this week. *sigh* It is what it is sometimes.

This is the sequel to Fade Away which can be found here.

This is what I imagine my amused Thranduil’s reaction would be to my you getting the hiccups:


Your cheeks flushed and you pressed a delicate hand to your mouth.


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Oh, @fortunatelyclevercandy…More ❤️ notes…you know, I’m starting to like this…that’s scary. So, now, uh, they think it’s a good idea to, I don’t know, we write a chapter together. Called “Royals”. You know this will not be suitable for work with all the love I get from them….borderline soft porn, I’m pretty sure. God, I need to talk to Lee Pace. Get some tips on how not to spontaneously combust….eat some 🍨 or something. I’m sure he’s wondering who the heck is this “tkwrtrilogy” he’s attached to in Scotland. Might be a good thing he doesn’t get too curious. No telling what might happen. Especially with about 5,000+ post reaches for a single post on any given day…I need a vacation..😳

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so i was in English talking to another girl in the class, and we were discussing what movies we might write our papers on, and at one point she goes, “do you know who Lee Pace is? you’ve probably never heard of him, but i want to write on a movie he was an actor in”

and she says this like super-pretentiously like of course i, an uncultured swine, would not know who Lee Pace is

so imagine her surprise when i casually pull my keyring out of my pocket and set it on the table

yes, i’ve probably never heard of Lee Pace

tell me more


“Sometimes you design costumes before you know who the actor is. You might be designing for someone in your mind who is 6′4 and in walks someone 5′6. With Lee, what you get is exactly what you want, physically, because he’s tall and handsome and has the best shoulders to hang a costume on…” -  Ann Maskrey, Costume Designer for The Hobbit series…

I have no idea why

But I decided to look through the RichLee tag today

And the strangest thing about it was how obsessed people are. I mean I appreciate that people are fans of Lee and Richard (myself included, they’re both amazing actors and seriously hot) but I just don’t get why people care so much. There are people who know what cities they were in and on what dates and every single moment they spend together in public and I just find it odd how invested people are in it. I mean fair enough shipping a couple in a tv show because the relationships in tv shows are designed to be interesting.

And then there are people who say that they are definitely in a relationship but that they can’t know that 100% unless they personally know them, I mean sure they could be but they also might not and can you imagine how uncomfortable that must be for them to hear about all the rumours if they aren’t actually together. And at the end of the day their relationship is their business and I just find it strange how emotionally invested some people are about whether or not they’re in love.