might be lee pace but who knows


“Sometimes you design costumes before you know who the actor is. You might be designing for someone in your mind who is 6′4 and in walks someone 5′6. With Lee, what you get is exactly what you want, physically, because he’s tall and handsome and has the best shoulders to hang a costume on…” -  Ann Maskrey, Costume Designer for The Hobbit series…

Waning Strength

Imagine: Here from the great imaginexhobbit as always!

Word Count: 2,317

A/N: Well two in one day. I did a Bardxreader, but this is another Thranduilxreader. I guess you guys already know who I’m obsessed with right now! What can I say, Lee Pace is very handsome. Not that I don’t also find Luke Evans delicious! I might make another Bard one, I’m not sure yet, cause I got scheduled for a lot of hours at work this week. *sigh* It is what it is sometimes.

This is the sequel to Fade Away which can be found here.

This is what I imagine my amused Thranduil’s reaction would be to my you getting the hiccups:


Your cheeks flushed and you pressed a delicate hand to your mouth.


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