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Hey hey, HC about Florist!RFA+V+Saeran who fell in love with MC, their daily customer, and the gang will send her flowers to her workplace without telling her who send it?? And after 7 days, they will personally give her a big boquet and confess to her???

This request is taking a lot of time, so I’m dividing this into two parts.

You might be confused, but I used a combination of the Western and Japanese flower language meanings.

I changed the situation a bit, but I hope you like it!


Florist AU : Part 1

You always had a reason to buy flowers. Had a bad day at work? Buy flowers. Your crush noticed you? Buy flowers. Your elder brother was coming over for a visit? Buy flowers.

No matter how impractical it was on your budget, you insisted on getting them daily without fail.

The habit had first originated from your mother months before she passed away, and because you were so close, you decided to continue it to remember her by.

It also helped that the florists who ran the shop were all good looking, and people flocked to their shop on a daily basis. You always tried to steal secret glances while they worked, expertly arranging the flowers to form the perfect bouquet.

But were you really the only one who harbored a secret crush?

You found flowers on your gate one day, and upon looking at the card, you find the name of the flower and the message that it was supposed to send, but no indication as to who sent it; the only clue being the fact that it came from the same flower shop you frequented.

You find another flower the next day, with a promise of completing the message and meeting them on the seventh day. You were curious as to who it was, but you didn’t want to spoil the fun, so you eagerly waited for them, counting down until you could finally meet your secret admirer.

But who could it be?

The suspects :

Jihyun Kim / V
  • The florist who’s never without a smile.
  • Gentle, but there are times when his clumsiness shows.
  • Was happily married for a while, but his wife mysteriously disappeared.
  • Middle aged ladies love him, but he’s also popular with high schoolers.
  • But what’s strange is, delinquents hold him in a high regard for some reason?
What he would send you :
  • Yellow geranium : unexpected meeting
  • Scabiosa : I have lost everything
  • Ludovestian, Pink Rose : seeing you / happiness
  • Purple Lilac : budding of love
  • Pink Moth Orchid : I love you
  • Yellow Rose : declining love
  • Cactus flower, White Rose : patience / I am worthy of you
The message :

I met you unexpectedly When I lost everything. Seeing you makes me happy, And I find myself falling for you. I love you, But I cannot accept your love. Please wait for me until I deem myself worthy of you.

Jumin Han
  • The snobbish florist
  • He’s nice, but always all-business when it comes to interacting with customers.
  • Single office ladies pine for him.
  • You could see him unconsciously smile when grannies carrying their cats come by.
  • Is actually the son of a chaebol, but he prefers to hang out and help in the shop on his down time.
  • His upbringing shows whenever the topic of commoner-ish topics pop up.
What he would send you :
  • Carnation : I am fascinated with you
  • Petunia : Your presence soothes me
  • Bougainvilla : only you can see
  • Tritoma : My chest hurts when I see you
  • Purple Violet : You occupy my thoughts
  • Red Tulip : declaration of love
  • Four-leaf clover : be mine
The message :

I am fascinated with you. Your presence soothes me Since only you can see the real me. My chest hurts when I see you, And I think of you all the time. I think I’m in love with you. Please be mine.

ZEN / Hyun Ryu
  • The flirty florist™
  • Part-timer, works as a budding model and actor
  • Often gets into fights with Jumin
  • Was a former delinquent, but V took him in his care and helped him turn a new leaf over
  • See those screaming teenage girls from afar? Those’re his groupies.
  • The scary uncle from the bakeshop next door likes him so much that he randomly gets bread and pastries during closing time.
What he would send you :
  • Gladiolus : Love at first sight
  • Fringed Orchid : I think about you even in a dream
  • Margaret : trust
  • Pink tulip : sincere love
  • White Clover : promise
  • Sunflower : I will only look at you
  • Dogwood flower : Please accept my feelings
The message :

I fell in love at first sight with you So much that I see you even in my dreams. Believe me, my love is true. I promise to only look at you, If only you’d accept my feelings.

707 / Saeyoung Choi
  • The florist who loves to good naturedly joke around with customers
  • Extremely jolly But he’s awfully concentrated when he works on orders.
  • One of the workers in charge of complicated arrangements.
  • As in nobody could distract him from it whenever he enters the zone™
  • The neighborhood kids follow him around, calling him “big brother“
  • Has a set nickname for you and pops up in the most unexpected of places
What he would send you :
  • Lupine : You are my peace
  • Pink Rose : Gratitude
  • Yellow Statice : Joy of love
  • Yellow Pansy : Amazing Happiness
  • Sacred Bamboo : My love just increases
  • Anthurium : Happiness, abundance
  • Red Tulip : Eternal Love
The message :

You give me peace. Thank you for introducing me to the joys of love. You make me extremely happy, That my love for you increases day by day, To the point of bursting. My love for you is eternal.

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"my meme king" that should be your new tag tbh, matt daddario whom?? only the meme king exists, ruling over his realm and unfortunately making us pocks thirsty for him

I HATE THIS LOOOOOOL,  you know what i might but its confusing bc isaiah is the king of memes (bc he makes them) but matt is my meme king because he’s a LITERAL meme you know?

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I hope this might not be too confusing and not too much. Kuga and another character voiced by Kuga's VA have switched bodies. How would the elite 10 react to "Kuga" and how Kuga react to his new surroundings? You can decide who that other character maybe. Thank you.

Aye, I’ll choose Eren Yeager because he came to mind first.

Kuga in Eren’s Body:

  • Has no absolute idea how he got here.
  • All he knows is that there are man-eating giants and there’s a girl named Mikasa following him and that he is humanity’s hope.
  • Now he’s being thrown around by this guy named Levi and being chased by the girl Mikasa and this guy named Armin.

Eren in Kuga’s Body:

  • He is so confused, what do you mean he has to compete in a shokugeki today?
  • Sees all the technology around him and realizes it can wipe-out every titan on earth.
  • But there are no titans.
  • And these people with strange different colors of hair are calling him Kuga.
  • The Elite 10 start freaking out when he starts yelling that he’ll kill all the titans.

Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

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How would Shinsou react from a "Finish the Heart!" meme? i'm doing a drawing about it but i'm afraid it could be a lil ooc (possibly from someone u ship him with)

lul he asked but did it anyway

seriously though i think his reaction will depend on who the other person this and how close he is to that person. but you know me… since im a sucker for shindeku…. (also it’s okay to be a little OOC!!)





So imagine the aliens have no concept of bilingualism. They learn their first language and than it’s fixed, and they can maybe understand a tiny bit if they meet some other alien who speaks a different variant of their language with plenty of gestures and stuff.

 So they come to earth and see a new sentient spices and freak out cause they’re afraid it’ll get violence like it did on the border in home-world where they are fighting over water rights for decades now (or at least they think it’s water rights, but nobody’s sure)  but than humans learn a bit of their language and the aliens minds are absolutely blown away. 

 And maybe their language is just super weird, do it’s really hard to learn, but kids are awesome in languages so they soak it right up. And it’s like 

Alien : “Oh no! If we speak more than a few words near your children they’ll pick up the wrong language and have trouble communicating with their own kind for the rest of their life! How can you let them near us?” 

Human: “false…cubs… lick? learn? Oh… damn it” *turns around*  Amy sweety could you helf us out here ?”

Amy: “Hello alien sir! I am Amy, and I speak English, and Russian  and Greek and a bit Alien. –Daddy can I bring Mr.bumblesniff next time to meat Mr.Alien?– Mr. bumblesniff is one of my best friends! but He’s a stuffed animal bunny, so he might be a bit confused about aliens though…”

And so, for the first few years, all translators are under 12. They are paid in cookies and a college fund, ( except when Amy told all her class mates the aliens eat puppies, and her parents decided she’s not getting cookies for a month.)  
All communication sessions end by 8, cause the translators have to be in bed by 9. 

(feel free to add to this if you want) 

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Has Template ever been to the Omega Timeline and met Gradient? And do you think the two would be friends? Because it seems as if they would at least have some sort of mutual understanding of each other if not anything more.

I get what you mean when you say they they’d understand each other, but the fact that Gradient is a combo of Ink and Error just majorly confuses Template. He’s really trying to be nice but just looking at Gradient makes him nervous. Also watching Gradient delete his drawings all the time would probably drive him completely crazy. 

(Not that Gradient isn’t used to reactions like this, uhm, at least I think he is?)

Gradient belongs to @askcomboclub

“Just be yourself” might be a little confusing. It might be a little of a confusing sentence. You were taught NOT to be open, not to be honest, not to share how you’re really doing, and not to be your plain old happy self. But, of course, “just being you” makes you happy. The lack of the pressure to be what you think everyone else wants you to be, leaves room for happiness.
You don’t need to “be you” perfectly. You don’t need to do it right. Just try it and see how it goes. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

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Do you think Xander might confuse Camus as a younger version of his father since Camus & Garon have the same voice actor (Travis Willingham)?

Come now, there’s only one character we associate with Travis Willingham

(excuse the Very Bad banner lol i kinda wrecked it beyond salvation so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

hello!! i’m nat and welcome to my first ever follow forever! tbh i’ve been wanting to do this ever since i hit 300 followers but then school and exams got in the way and now i’m already past 600??? (628 to be exact) it might not seem like a lot to some but it’s a lot to me & i’m very grateful for every single one of you here!!! 

february 17 also marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog officially becoming glitchyoongi! 🎉 (and i guess the 1 year anniversary of becoming an official army/stan) in just one year i’ve managed to gain a lot of nice mutuals and a few close friends, and also release a lot of self-made content (gfx, edits, vids, memes etc) which i’m very happy for all the love they got! thank you all for following me and/or liking/reblogging my stuff :’) all of you make my dash a much more enjoyable and wonderful place :’’’) i love and appreciate every single one of you!! 🙆

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- Commission info -  

Sooo… for the first time I’m opening commissions// I wanted to do this for some time but never rlly got to it… so yea let’s get to it: 

  •  If you’re interested in commissioning me, contact me via snejkhacom@gmail.com (no asks please!) 
  • Email subject must be “ Commission (insert username/url)” 
  • In the email/message clarify the type you want, I work with visual descriptions mainly// (the more of references you send the better/), same goes for prefered poses, and a short description of the character (what are they like, or what show they are from,..) 
  • please mention possible deadlines (birthday/christmas gifts, etc.)  
  • I have the right to refuse a request for any reason
  • All payments are in USD and through Paypal and only via invoice/   
  • After I’m done with the sketch I’ll let you know and you can make changes to the sketch in that time. When you aprove the sketch I’ll send you an invoice through your Paypal email. I’ll continue working on the commission after once the price has been paid. 
  • once I’m done with your drawing I will send you a high-res file of the image (usually 200dpi / up to 2000px) 
  • I will probably upload your requested drawing on social media (here on tumblr). if you’re not okay with that, please let me know beforehand! (If you’ll be okay with it please add your URL so I can tag you in the finished picture/) 
  • you can ask for more WIP images of your commission aswell //   
  • feel free to ask questions// 

 for more examples of my art see my art tag

I will draw: 

  • OC’s, fanart, portraits, nudity
  • animals, anthros, pokemon 
  • simple backgrounds or transparent background
  • monsters, body horror (after disscussion)  
  • blood (in a smaller amounts) 

I will NOT draw: 

  • porn, fetishes, hate art/ offensive art (pedophilia, incest, etc.) 
  • robots, vehicles 
  • gore (srry not in this house..) 
  • stuff I’m not comfortable with  

 For now I have open 5 slots (might update this later on tho/) 

  1. -OPEN- 
  2. -OPEN- 
  3. -OPEN- 
  4. -OPEN- 
  5. -OPEN-

I’ll try to do them as fast as I can, but be avare that I might take some time too (for family related stuff or other work I have to do). if I am unable to continue working on your commission you will receive either a refund or a special offer for the art you commissioned. 

 Thank you for following me and supporting me// ❤❤❤