might as well upload while im at it

long time no konoha!!!

anonymous asked:

hey love, do you know the interview this gif came from: 38*media*tumblr*com/557cda613418aaaed11fc3e4a098bbb7/tumblr_inline_mxnb44Pddl1rkgi3n*gif ? Im looking for a long time, but I cant find it :(

Hi! Oh, that video has gone private I see. What a shame. :/ Does anyone have the You Generation livestream easily at hand, so they could upload it somewhere? Let me know, thx. :)

glodm727  asked:

Hey sweetheart, we are all exited about Painting Bridges, Im going to wait for it (I cant wait i love your art so freAKING MUCH) I have a question, are you going to upload it in Tapas aka. Taptastic? Lots of love from México 💜


Yeah, I will upload it to Tapas :)

I will post a notification, when I’ll update here on tumblr as well :) 

It might still take a while until it really “airs” since I want it to be perfect this time :) But I am working hard to get it out as soon as possible :)