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Peter Scanavino talks about the 400th episode of SVU

You weren’t well or really ill yet either;
just a little tired, your handsomeness
tinged by grief or anticipation, which brought
to your face a thoughtful, deepening grace.

I didn’t for a moment doubt you were dead.
I knew that to be true still, even in the dream.
You’d been out–at work maybe?–
having a good day, almost energetic.

We seemed to be moving from some old house
where we’d lived, boxes everywhere, things
in disarray: that was the story of my dream,
but even asleep I was shocked out of the narrative

by your face, the physical fact of your face:
inches from mine, smooth-shaven, loving, alert.
Why so difficult, remembering the actual look
of you? Without a photograph, without strain?

So when I saw your unguarded, reliable face,
your unmistakable gaze opening all the warmth
and clarity of you–warm brown tea–we held
each other for the time the dream allowed.

Bless you. You came back, so I could see you
once more, plainly, so I could rest against you
without thinking this happiness lessened anything,
without thinking you were alive again.

—  “The Embrace”, Mark Doty, 1953

Thought I would post this separately. I might try and actually do these more often, though not much. No one wants to see me get 1/3 the way through a build and demolish it because I am not happy with the direction. 

I do have raw footage of a MCM ranch home too that I need to process as well. However the time it takes to upload videos just annoys me. My net is so slow -_-


OK I AM CURRENTLY PROCRASTINATING so I figured I might as well upload these too. They’re photos. Too lazy and tired to actually scan them right now soooo here. MORE BLIND!ADRIEN AU GOODNESS @girlwithribbon, @laundromatic

Yeah, just some random scenes that could happen, might now, we’ll see. 

Some descriptions I guess:

-Adrien the piano prodigy

-Adrienette hugs (ALWAYS required)

- Tried redrawing/doodling that one Marichat scene in Evillustrator without Chat’s pupils. 

-Adrien getting too excited about something and accidentally knocking Nino in the gut (poor dude)

-Adrien listening to his recordings of lectures while Mari is reading from her notebook

-Nino glomping Adrien without warning. Of course he’d be a lot more startled and could even trip.

-Adrien taking notes using a Braille-writing device. I forgot exactly what it looked like but basically you punched holes into a piece of paper (I tried it once before)

-Finally, Marinette allowing Adrien to touch and feel her face…and he ghosts over her earrings ¬ v ¬

Ok back to studying!

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May I ask what the job set is?(Is it the card urs idolized?) Much gracious

Yes indeed :D!! The JobSetAU is the working title I’ve been using for this AU that’s based off of that SIF card set with Kanan and Dia as the UR pair. Yet the next set’s already out on SIF and I’m still nowhere done with the concept arts asdfasdfasd _(:3」∠)_

I’ve already written 3,651 words for each girl’s backgrounds… if I couldn’t finish the concept doodles by this weekend, Imma just upload it anyway :’D it’s been delayed too long, might as well just upload it so I can focus on my ever-growing list of To-Do loloolol

the only one I’ve semi-completed so far Sample Concept:

Happy Christmas evening @tishawish~
so, uh, i actually drew two pictures for you for christmas lol. I actually drew this one first because the elementalists AU sounded so cool and interesting, but it didn’t feel very Christmas-y so i refrained from uploading this one and instead drew you another one. But both of them weren’t very christmas-y either way orz.
I am very proud on how it turned out and since it was meant for you i might as well show it to you too :)

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does it ever just kinda hit you that there will inevitably be a time in our lives where dan and Phil won't be on YouTube making new content? and like YouTube might not even exist anymore? like. I was scrolling through tumblr and thought of that. hit me like a truck.

surely there will come a day when youtubers start to lose their appeal and perhaps even the entirety of youtube loses its appeal as well. surely dan and phil will stop making videos, whether it be slowly and subtly or abruptly and unexpectedly. they may slowly cut down video production, uploading less and less, until finally uploading that one goodbye video we all knew would inevitably show itself in our notifications someday. or, who knows, the video may just hit us like a ton of bricks without any warning signs whatsoever. they might tell us that it’s time for them to move on, that they’re finally moving out of their apartment, finally getting a dog. they’d tell us not to be upset, not to worry too much about them, that every good thing must come to an end. they’d tell us that through the good times and the bad, it was truly the most fun they’d ever had

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How would the Companions react to hearing Sole singing Mr. Moon by Kate Micucci to synth Shaun?

I am alive and I am still active, it’s just been a hectic couple of weeks for me. I’m hoping to upload more often, but some weeks things just get a little too much- but this blog is still very much active, just a little slow. Anywho, here we go my lovely, I hope this is what you were looking for. Enjoy <3


Once the Institute was downed, Sole wanted to settle into a ‘normal’ life- well, as normal as possible within the Commonwealth. Sole took their synth son and made a house for themselves in one of their main settlements, giving the ten year old boy his very own room.

He might have only been a synth, but he was still a child, meaning that he did need to sleep every night. Sometime he would fall straight asleep, not even needing Sole to go in his room, other nights- usually nights after nightmares- he would be incredibly stubborn (just like Sole) and refuse to go to sleep. Sole found that the only way to get him to sleep would be to sing him a song- one that didn’t play everyday on Diamond City Radio.

“One day, the moon got tired of being”

Night after night, Sole sat in a small chair in the corner of Shaun’s room by his bed, softly singing to him, only moving to softly rub his hair as he went off to sleep. Every night it was a different song- Sole liked to reminisce on those songs that were long forgotten by the rest of civilisation- and every night Cait would sit on the floor just outside Shaun’s room, listening to the voice of Sole, so strong and intimidating in battle, yet whilst singing so soft and gentle.

Up in the sky, he wandered

Slowly, as the song went on, the movements in the room stilled, and it wasn’t long before Sole came out of the room, nearly stumbling over Cait’s legs that lie hazardously across the floor.

Sole reached down a hand that Cait grabbed, before the headed across the hall to Sole’s room, one that they secretly shared. Lying on top of the scratchy old sheets that lay across the rare double bed, Cait stared at the ceiling, not wanting to ask the question on her mind.

“Mr Moon…” Sole’s sudden voice made Cait jump. “They song. It was called Mr Moon, by Kate Micucci. Back before the war, when I was a child who couldn’t sleep, my mother used to sing it to me. Usually made me go out like a light. Remembered it last night whilst staring out at the stars in the sky”


When Curie was introduced to the synth child, she was intrigued- she’d never really seen a synthetic child before, and she was curious as to how the child was going to grow up. She had always wondered if Sole’s child would grow into an adult like a normal non-synth child or whether he would just stay a child forever (or until the day he died).

Whenever Curie asked Sole about their thoughts on their child, they never liked to answer- rather preferring to spend as much time with their son until the future started dawning upon them.

“Down through the starlight, and landed on the oceanside”

Although Shaun was a lot older than when Sole last saw him before everything happened, but Sole still liked to think that Shaun was still a baby. And that meant that whenever the small ten year old boy had a nightmare, Sole would go into his room and softly sing him a song, rubbing his hair and wiping the tears from his face. One night when Sole was out travelling across the Commonwealth to a settlement, Shaun had started crying and no matter what Curie had done, he had been inconsolable- from that moment onwards Curie had just sat outside the door and quietly listened in.

“And he smiled while, he jumped in the water”

Sole’s voices was soft and reassuring, letting young Shaun know that all was okay. His nightmares usually consisted of old hidden memories of the horrors of the Institute- the memories that were wiped but came back in the dead of night. With Sole softly singing, it didn’t take long for Shaun to be okay and fall back into a deep slumber. Some nights Sole would lay down with him, others they’d walk out the room, lending a hand to Curie to get up before heading down the hall to get some sleep.


One of the things Danse loved about Sole was the hard exterior that they had- they were great with a gun, they fit in perfectly with the Brotherhood (they picked up the ideals of the Brotherhood so quickly), the list went on. But deep down inside, Sole was a softie, who when they first met, just wanted their son back.

The hardships they went through to get their son back was totally unfair- what parent has their child taken away from them and doesn’t fight, killing everything that gets in their way. Danse was proud to say that he’s been with Sole since the beginning (well, as close to the beginning as possible, given the time they came out the vault), and Sole has been by Danse’s side the whole way through as well.

“And laughed about, as he danced in the sand”

The first night that Sole got Shaun back, Danse had found them sobbing in their house, the lights off leaving them in complete darkness. Curie had cared for Shaun, and Danse had ended up caring for Sole. They’d sobbed, then laughed hysterically, then ended up softly singing under their breath.

The next morning, Sole had put on a brave face then gone and cared for Shaun, not letting tears get the better of them again- especially since Sole had Shaun to care for now.

Shaun woke up crying most nights, and every night Sole left the comfort and warmth of their shared bed (Danse wasn’t too sure when their relationship progressed that quickly, but it had) to go and comfort him. With their rooms being so close, Danse listened carefully and could hear Sole’s soft voice, singing away Shauns nightmares.

“He put on, his swim trunks and snorkel”

It was a song that Danse had never heard before, but it was one that softly lured Danse back into a deep sleep, one that he didn’t even wake up from when Sole softly crawled back into bed.


Deacon liked watching the way that Sole interacted with Shaun. It was completely different to the way that parents of the Commonwealth treated their children. Children brought up in the Commonwealth were brought up to be rough around the edges- but it was different with Sole. Sole was bringing up Shaun the same way that they were brought up- the complete opposite to the way that Deacon was brought up.

Sole liked to spend a lot of time with Shaun- and tonight was no different.

Most nights, Sole told Shaun stories- stories that Sole had been told when they were younger- some of the stories fiction, stories of giants and hobbits, and some of the stories were of facts, stories of the moon and the stars. Shaun was fascinated by space- as was Deacon.

“And guess what, Mr. Moon swam”

Whilst back in Sanctuary, Sole liked to take Shaun and climb up the rocks behind the thriving settlement, finding a dark area to lay and stare up at the moon and the sky. Sole would point out different constellations- not that Shaun remembered any of them. Deacon would slowly and ‘silently’ follow behind Sole, setting himself behind a protruding rock before silently listening to their conversation. It was as Shaun was falling asleep that he heard Sole’s soft voice singing.

“Did I tell you, That moonbeams are heavy?”

Shaun fell asleep leant up against Sole’s shoulder, breathing softly as Sole finished singing, before Sole whispered Deacon’s name.

“Deeks, don’t suppose you could lend us a hand? I won’t be able to carry him and negotiate these rocks at the same time?”


Hancock knew that he was different to most of the people living in the commonwealth, but he didn’t expect Shaun to stare quite as much as he did.

Hancock liked Shaun- he was a good kid, but sometimes Hancock saw a little too much of himself in him, and that was something that he didn’t want for Sole to have to deal with, not one bit.

Sure, Shaun stared a lot, and caused a lot of havoc around Goodneighbour, but Hancock did like having the kid around- especially since Sole made him stop taking chems, leading to Hancock being clean most of the time, something that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

“And therefore, Mr. Moon sank”

The thing Hancock liked the most about Shaun and Sole living in Goodneighbour, was that most nights he got to hear Sole singing, which was something that he enjoyed to hear.

Their voice was soft yet very strong, and singing the old pre-war tune that he’d never heard before always put Hancock in a good mood.

“He fell down, through the seawalls of seaweed”

He realised, one night after listening to Sole singing their son off to sleep, that the thing he loved the most about Sole and Shaun living in Goodneighbour, was that he got to see one of his best friends (and maybe more) being happy.


Sole surprised MacCready with three tickets down to the Capitol to visit Duncan, and then surprised him with four tickets coming back. Sole had spent a good ten thousand caps to get them down to Duncan on a caravan, and MacCready was ecstatic to be visiting his boy again.

They left on a Tuesday, all packed up in a small caravan, moving slowly across the Commonwealth before they moved out into the wilderness. The nights in the caravan got cold, with the three of them, Sole, MacCready and Shaun, all snuggling up in one corner to keep warm.

“And landed, at the bottom of a tank”

Some nights, Sole would softly sing to both Shaun and MacCready, which would lull the two boys off to sleep- joined with the slow rocking of the caravan, they would both fall asleep, MacCready waking up when hearing the calling of the wild animals outside, reminding him to keep awake to protect his new family.

“And he sat there, with the starfish and the jellyfish”

Sole sung the same song most nights, curled up in the middle of their family, being lulled to sleep by the rocking of the caravan, and songs of moons and starfish.


Nick enjoyed spending time with Sole and Shaun- in the beginning when Shaun just returned, Nick tried to avoid them- he just wanted Sole to be able to get to know the son they’d never gotten to know.

Sole spent a lot of time with Shaun alone before they pulled Nick aside one day and told him that Shaun wanted to get to know Nick- he was fascinated by the fact that Nick was a ‘nearly complete’ synth, and wanted to get to know more about him.

“And laughed about, the Sharks and Whales”

They joked around, Shaun and Nick, and soon they became best friends, with Nick promising Shaun that he’d take him out on a detective case one day when he got a little older. Nick might have been good friends with both Sole and Shaun, but he spent most of his sitting outside Shaun’s room at night when the young synth boy had nightmares.

“They drank lots of Miller lights and Heinekens”

Sole usually sat in his room and softly sang to him, sometimes taking the boy in their arms and rocking him back and forth. Slowly, the song that was being sung softly came to an end, and Sole would creep across the room and leave, nudging Nick with their toe before heading back to bed, Nick settled either in the small chair in the corner of the room or lying across the bed.


Piper liked how well Shaun and Nat got on- it was like they’d been best friends- or even siblings their whole life. Sole had asked Piper and Nat to move into the big house they shared together, and Piper was more than happy- if not a little nervous- to move in together.

Nat and Shaun both had their own rooms, but they both ended up in a shared room most nights.

Piper still went to Diamond City to run her newspaper, and there was still a new paper every week, it just meant that she was travelling once a week to ensure the people she was hiring had everything they needed to print the paper.

“And laughed about, all of their tales”

Piper travelled with a caravan, one that Sole set up for Piper to travel safely each week to and from Diamond City. The ride home was long and gruelling, and at the end of the day (or in the earliest of mornings), all Piper wanted to do was cuddle up in bed and sleep.

On this particular evening, Piper rolled up around bedtime, and walked straight in the house after thanking the caravan and tipping them more than their wage. Piper took two steps at a time, before slowing to a stop outside Nat and Shaun’s shared rooms.

“Oh, Mr. Moon, the stars are shining for you in the night sky”

Shaun and Nat had pulled their mattresses off their beds and onto the floor, and Sole was in the middle, softly singing the pair to sleep. That night, the small family all slept on the floor of the children’s joint room.


Once the Institute was dealt with, Shaun and Sole moved into the castle to take on the full time role of general of the Minutemen. The walls were rebuilt, using many parts of the rubble to fix them until it was restored in it’s former glory.

Once the walls were rebuilt, they rebuilt the rooms in the walls, and soon Shaun had his very own room, filled with scavenged toys and science projects.

“Please come home, Oh, Mr. Moon”

Whilst out scavenging, Sole came across a load of old holotapes, and brought them all home for Shaun. One of them was a old song from pre-war times, one that Sole really loved and wanted to play everyday for Shaun. Sometimes Shaun himself would turn the old holotape on, others it would be Sole, but everytime Preston would be able to hear it, and he would listen as Shaun began singing along with the words.

“The sun is shining for you until it goes away, and then it’s dark”

Preston enjoyed listening to parent and son singing along to the same song, one that Sole explained was a massive part of their past before the war, and Shaun explained that would one day- if it hasn’t already been- a massive part of their life.


X6 was Father’s right hand man- when Father needed his frail nose blowing, X6 was there to help. But when Sole turned up, X6 was soon made redundant. Sole came along and helped to care for their elderly son, making up for all the years lost.

It didn’t take long for Father to deteriorate, and soon, Sole wasn’t just looking at their son, they were looking at their son on his deathbed.

“The sun is shining for you until it goes away, and then it’s dark”

The night that Father died, Sole was by his bedside, holding his hand in their own, softly rubbing the back of his thumb with their own. Once the singing started, everyone in the room slowly left, including the small synth child that is what father once was.

“And then it’s dark, and then it’s dark”

Father passed when Sole sung the last word, tears drifting down their face meeting Father’s chest. Sole stayed their, holding their long lost son’s hand before they suddenly stood, dried their eyes with their sleeve, and walked out the room, stopping in front on synth Shaun and pulling him into a hug, apologising for the way they treated him, telling him that the future was going to be brighter for them.

All X6 did was watch, knowing that he’d now be Sole’s right hand man. How times have changed.


Maxson was used to having Children abroad the Prydwen, he just wasn’t used to having synth children on board.

Sole explained everything about Shaun to Maxson, in the privacy of the room they shared as lovers, and Maxson had gone crazy, not wanting to accept a synth on his precious ship. However, he soon realised that it would be the only way to keep Sole happy, so as long as no other member of the Brotherhood found out, Shaun could stay.

“And he smiled while, He jumped in the water”

Sole moved all their things out of Danse’s old room and into their shared room, and Shaun had Danse’s old room. Most nights, Shaun woke up crying, and Sole would always leave the bed and go and comfort their son. Maxson would lie in his bed and listen to the sounds coming from the small air ventilation pipe in the wall. Once Shaun was back asleep, Maxson would pretend to be asleep when Sole snuck back in the room and lied down next to him.

“And laughed about, as he danced in the sand”

This particular night, Shaun refused to settle back down, so Sole started softly singing, a song Maxson had never heard before. Sole sung the song so softly Maxson was sure that it was a lullabye, and when Shaun settled down and went back to sleep, and Sole snuck back into the room, for once Maxson wasn’t pretending to be asleep.


The hike down from Mass Fusion building with a 10 year old synth child was gruelling. Sole sprinted off the second the Institute blew sky high, leaving Shaun with the rest of the Railroad agents, and only Desdemona to deal with the child.

When Shaun entered the Railroad HQ, he looked around with wide tired eyes. Without even asking, he slowly walked over to a mattress in the corner- the one Glory once owned- and stayed there until the day that Sole marched back through the door. Nobody could coax Shaun away from the bed, not even the promise of food.

Ten days- that’s how long it had taken Sole to return, and the second they walked through the door, they made their way to the mattress Shaun was lying on. Sole threw themselves next to Shaun, and pulled them into him in a hug.

“Did I tell you, that moonbeams are heavy?”

Sole softly sang the pre-war song into Shaun’s hair, softly rubbing the child’s back when he started sobbing and crying into his parents chest.

“And therefore, Mr. Moon sank”

Sole continued singing the song until it finished, and once the song ended Sole pulled the small boy into their lap, before starting the song once again. Desdemona stood across the room with the other agents, and listened as Sole sung the same song over and over again to their long lost son.

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so sorry about your kitty *hugs*

Thank you, kind anonymous friend. Just for that, you can have a Napping and Stardew Valley video.  Except Tumblr doesn’t want to let me upload it in a reply, because Tumblr is The Worst, so it’ll be in the next post instead.

He is adjusting reasonably well to having lost his sight - still learning his way around the house and he’s not quite as adept at finding the litterbox every time as one might wish him to be, but I think he’ll get there.  One can hope.  He’s getting lots of snuggles and treats and mostly doing okay.


Toriko Otome Game AU

christ this took way too long to upload So, these were originally one big image, but sai is a punk, so I had to separate them

So! This is because semianonymity requested number 10 (nerd/popular kid) for Komatsu/any of the kings and well, when someone gives me a choice like that then I can’t help wanting to do them all but somewhere along the line, I thought that it might be more interesting to draw something a little different? so, here’s Komatsu! Brand new student and member of the school’s cooking club~! 

With each of the Kings being a route (Sani’s the self absorbed Elegant Prince type, Toriko’s the Sports Ace, Zebra’s the Bad Boy, and Coco’s the Kind/Distant Senpai type) and maybe a bonus route where you can get all four of them at once

Not gonna lie, I would do Coco’s route first. what about y'all?

“Never accept the world for what it appears to be, Dare to see it for what it could be.”

-  Harold Winston (Overwatch)

This art (That honestly isn’t as impressive as I wish I’d be) is an homage to my friend, Lucca. A friend who deserves to have a bit of happiness. A friend who isn’t feeling well with himself and unfortunately, in my position, I’m not able to help him much.  But nonetheless, this lil’ guy keeps on walking and making himself worth something by drawing what he loves. He still has his head up. So this art goes to him. I hope it brings you a smile, Lucca. I support your work and your talent. Don’t give up! @ayeleisis

This brings me to my next point. An important one that involves everyone…literally everyone. So buckle up, because I’m about to sound extremely cringy, hippie like(I don’t know) and as cheesy as one of those overlycheesed out hamburgers you see pictures off.


A lot of people in this planet struggle with different sorts of problem that ruins their life. One of those effective ones is the one that is always near us no matter what. Our mind. Our mind is an effective weapon that can tear us apart for some of the dumbest reasons but also make us feel good about ourselves.

“How can our mind fuck with us? I’ve lived a pretty nice life and my mind is doing just fine!”

Good point. It IS illogical for us to make ourselves feel bad about situations. It does make no sense. But however, our minds are structured by the way our life is progressing. If in our life we’ve had no problem, no major events that can make our mind think another way, then YES you are correct. Our mind will be just fine. Or will it be? Unfortunately, WE are all different. Now I’m not saying here we are all special snowflakes. What I AM saying is in terms of facts, WE ARE DIFFERENT from one another. We do not live all the same life. We do not procced information the same. We do not adapt the same way. Thus, this makes all of our minds completely different.

Now where am I going with all of that ramble you might ask…

Well, I want to touch upon the people that suffer from their minds. All of em’, people using attention seeking methods to feel good, people that desire to always stay alone to not hurt their loved ones with their problems, people who have suicidal thoughts and feel worthless, people who judge themselves way too harshly, you get the point. There is so many different ways of suffering from our mind.

Recently, IHE uploaded a video talking about his experience with anxiety and other problems that are bothering him often.

That video made me think a lot. Not only for the people I care for but also for me. I, myself, am constantly struggling with myself when making content. Is it worth putting this up? Will people care for this crap? Why do I bother making these videos? No. No…and because it makes me feel well. Despite the harsh criticism I give myself every time I make something, I continue making stuff because I feel like this challenges my mind. Challenging my mind to me is the same as challenging someone else. Basically, I’m proving my dumbass self I’m not such a piece of shit despite calling myself one.

That’s what a lot of people have trouble with. Proving their worth. Many people that struggle with mental disorders have a problem with finding why are they important in this planet. Why bother when no one really cares. In a way, it’s correct. Out of 7 billion humans, you, me or anyone else is not a massive deal. In a way, yes, we are not important…However, we can make ourselves important. How, you wonder? Fight yourself…not physically dummy…I mean mentally of course. Whenever your mind tells you something similar to “You are not good at doing this” and then makes you go “mmmh true I’m not gonna bother”. Do the opposite, especially when it’s something you love and have a fond for. Example ART.

“But fuckface, I CANT DRAW. I never learned it…I’m not gonna bother with something I can’t do”

True…but again…you do have a fond for it. Soooooo, in that case, learn how to. Go on the internet, look up references, look at models, follow your favorite artists, look at how they do it, ask for guidance, IT’S ALL OUT THERE. GO NUTS. HELL. DEVELOP YOUR OWN WAY OF ARTING. INSTEAD OF MAKING REALISTIC HUMAN BODIES, REPLACE THEIR ROUNDY PARTS BY FUCKING DORITOS.

Life is never going to be easy. It will not hand you over a nice delicious plate full of all your expectation that you can eat up and then be happy. It would be lovely but then life would be boring really quickly…You have to keep fighting. A lot of people will disagree with you and that’s okay. Not everyone will like what you do and that’s okay. Not many persons will like you back and that’s okay.

As humans, we disagree with a lot of things, it’s important to keep ourselves ready whenever we get it directed towards us. Try to learn and use it as an asset instead of taking it like a knife. Take it like a book that someone gives you and you can correct it by making it better yourself. Not by erasing what you don’t like, but by writing something that is better. By improving it.

No matter what you do, you will never have everyone on your side and you must accept it…as harshly as it may sounds, you cannot force people to like what you do. AND GUESS WHAT?! NO NEED TO. They don’t like it? That’s all good, keep on trying to improve what you love and eventually you will see the right people that care for it come to you and either approve with you or help you make it better.

Unfortunately…not everyone will like you back. It’s a harsh truth. You might try to change yourself to be noticeable to the ones you love but do not forget…stay always true to yourself. Change too much and one day you might end up being disappointed for what you have become. It’s important to also love yourself…even if sometimes it can be hard.

“OMG Beta, not EVERYOOOOONE can learn easily. Some people’s disorder preveeeents them from learning in a proper way”

A good amount of people have disorders that yes, not only it makes them struggle in the ways they live their life but also makes them sad about themselves. I do not exclude these people. If you are one of those kind of persons, you are not alone. Gather with them, sharing a similar factor can help in order to achieve things. A lot of people are there as alone as you are with the same type of disorder. They will sympathize with you, they will understand you. If not, do not worry like I said. Other opportunities will come to you if you stay strong and you keep fighting. And if those disorders prevent you from doing much of the normal stuff, you will have people there to help you and protect you.

Just like IHE said in his video, you do NOT have to do this alone. In solitude. In despair. In pain. We are so many on this planet. So many of us searching for a voice to tell us wrong. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You NEVER are. Remember what I said about fighting yourself. I still mean it, push yourself, seek help. Seek doctors, seek therapist that will understand your mind very fast, seek people that share common interest with you, seek friends that you love hanging out with, seek environments that are equal to what you believe in. We are 7 billion human beings. All with different minds. Different bodies. Different preferences…but that doesn’t mean it should separate us from one another. We need to be united. Together as a whole. Lots of things that we thought looked terrible can in the end be just a small thing we worried for nothing. I know I will get a lot of people coming to me and fight me saying that it isn’t EASY to just go to a therapist and just let it all out. It isn’t EASY to just go find new people to be with. You are right, it takes a lot of courage inside to be able to do such thing. My message to you, keep fighting. Don’t ever give up. I know it doesn’t mean much but one day trust me, you will reach a point where that fight you’ve been doing with yourself will make you stronger. You will see that courage build up. Maybe not instantaneously. But it’ll come. It IS EASY and NOT. Don’t let your mind bring you down too much and prevent you from seeing it.

So…let’s get this trending…

 #U N I T Y

To ALL OF YOU OUT THERE, who struggles with their minds, who struggles to find purpose and motivation. I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME.


Go draw whatever you like!

Go write about whatever inspires you!

Go make music that you enjoy!

Go build something that makes your brain work!

Do ANYTHING. SHARE IT. SHOW IT OFF. DO NOT BE ASHAMED. Perhaps with this you will find people with your interest. Still don’t want to share? THEN DO IT ANYWAYS. PROVE THAT MIND THAT YOU CAN DO IT. If you do not wish to create, then spread the word. SPREAD IT LIKE A CANCEROUS PEPE MEME. Push yourselves right now. You are worth something, you just have to keep on walking on the road and keep on fighting. Just us. United together as people from this planet. Sharing a bond to feel better no matter what. Let’s put all this violence and hate aside for a moment. Let’s put our differences aside and just stay united.  We are not alone. YOU are not alone. I’M not alone. We are determined to freaking do something out of our life.


…and if after this…thing I just wrote makes you still indifferent…still makes you feel alone, sad, in pain and helpless…then have these

Commentators(Funny ones, not suitable for everyone) : 



Gaming channels (Weird funny shit) :





Music stuff :

Artzie Music

Electronic Gems


Electro Swing compilation


Artists to enjoy :










Enjoy these content. Enjoy them, learn from them. If you can’t push yourself just yet, then maybe enjoy the lil’ things for now. No need to go away just yet, maybe these will cheer you a bit and bring you a little bit of happiness in your head until you gain a bit of strength to join in, in the good fight.

As for me well…this is my contribution. I needed to unwind and I’ve done this.

So yeah…that’s the whole post. Lots of you will prob’ call me an idiot for this. Some of you might consider this post as TUMBLERINA OMG(which I try to make it look like just a simple text but eeeh) and some of you will think I just wrote this to attract attention upon myself. Whatever you might believe…oh well…I can’t stop you. But Like I said, I sympathize with all of you. I feel the same when it comes to struggling with its own mind. I hope with this #unity thing, perhaps it’ll get peeps a bit closer…if it does…then I guess this post is as worth as the message IHE tried to do.

Maybe I will do a part 2 to this post…it is late…this came from the heart and brain so…yeah. Again, I’m sorry for the long post. I needed to say something about it. I hope you guys understand.

Thank you for reading.

Stay strong out there, people.

Things aren’t over just yet.

Dreemurr-Reborn fan doodle from my doodle dump (Asriel in their style). Simply uploading this one separate again as I already had it available like this.

(What I didn’t mention before: this is their version of asriel when he wasn’t saved yet / before being saved.)

(edit: as I deleted the other post I might as well write it again here: It’s too little a tribute for reborn.)


This is an interior model that I created in 3DS Max for my 2D Animation class. We had to find a photo of an interior space online and then model everything that we saw in the given space. Everything in this was 3D modeled by me and then textured. Our next project that I am currently working on is an exterior model. You guys might recognize it since it is from a video game..which I won’t say as to which one it is since it’s a surprise. I am going to try and upload some of the character models that I have made as well in my Zbrush class too some time this coming week.