might as well throw this into the mix

*fingerguns* i have ~art block~

BUT I’ve been wanting to do this for a while- And seeing as there have been a few more kid designs floating around lately, I decided to throw my skeleton child into the mix as well!

So here’s an 8 year old Bubblegum! A few changes:

-She’s not a parasite in the MCQ verse, so no cracked eye!
-Her toffee is now a bow! Mostly because if I were her parent, I wouldn’t let her go out with a goddamn toffee stuck to her skull oh my god bubblegum
-her face is a little rounder as a child!

[MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!]

Smoke + Mirrors

So this is gonna be my masterlist for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester album challenge. 

I chose this album cause it has gotten me through so though times and cause the emotions in it fits the SPN boys amazingly well. 

I am gonna list the songs with which characters they are gonna be written for. When the fic is written over the spring - title and link will be added. Some are gonna be one shots, some drabbles and some aesthetics with drabbles - not sure what will be what yet. They might not be written in order either.

Also a huge thanks to @mamapeterson for letting me throw 3 rpf into the mix :) 

1. Shots (Sam Wichester x Reader)

2. Gold (Misha Collins x Reader)

3. Smoke and Mirrors (Deonna)

4. I’m So Sorry (Destiel)

5. I bet my life (Dean Winchester x Reader)

6. Polaroid (Dean Winchester x Reader)

7. Friction: Tip of the Needle (Crowley x Reader)

8. It Comes Back To You: 4 AM (Jared Padalecki x Reader)

9. Dream (John Winchester x Reader)

10. Trouble (Dean Winchester x possibly sister!Reader)

11. Summer (Jensen Ackles x Reader)

12. Hopeless Opus (Castiel x Reader)

13.The Fall: You Were The One (Dean Winchester x Reader)

fix-it headcanons thing

i don’t think i have talked about this concept i am stuck with, and i just realized it, so here goes.

- so. FIRST AND FOREMOST. team taka go back to oto. they ALL become the otokage together and make sound into an honest shinobi village. they handle orochimaru as well as kabuto. i do not trust konoha with them.

- my headcanon is, that they use their knowledge to reform their village for better, but boy, is orochimaru unwilling. but it’s okay, in the end. nothing that a little intimidation cannot fix. plus, karin is scary when she’s pissed, and she might as well be the one thing orochimaru fears. what a role model.

- suigetsu handles external issues with other villages. juugo is his impulse and damage control if needed. throw in karin into the mix and you will realize just why is it that juugo is always wearing his resting bitchface.

- sasuke originally goes to live in sound with team taka, but keeps visiting team 7. however his visits keep extending each time he’s in konoha until he’s practically living on and off 2 weeks in oto and 2 weeks in konoha.

- nar and sas doing the thing when they’re dating long before they admit it to themselves. those two are so ridiculous OH MY GOD.

- a lot of cuddles, hugs, and pecks on cheeks happening. and oh god the bLUSHING. i am a sap.

- sakura is like. already married to ino by the time those two get around their first Official date, and it’s her Time Of Life. SO. MUCH. TEASING. HAPPENS. 

- at some point, naruto starts visiting oto, too. naruto and karin bonding happens. it doesn’t take sasuke long to realize that having two uzumaki at the same place guarantees the world domination, or the world destruction. possibly both.

- the day he becomes the hokage is possibly the worst day of his life lmao. “what do u mean i can’t go to oto, i’m the hokage!” - “it’s because of that that you cannot leave.” but naruto keeps using ~diplomatic relations~ as an excuse to go anyways. the same thing happens whenever he wants to see gaara, too. what a guy!

- he doesn’t keep the uchiha massacre swept under the rug and comes clean. the two elders that i can’t be bothered to remember their names will face the consequences. 

- konoha follows otogakure in their model of triumvirate. sakura and shikamaru become co-hokages with him. naruto tried to offer the position to sasuke, but he didn’t want anything to do with konoha, with the exception of his friends. but nar still listens to him and seeks his advice, plus an opinion of an outsider - that sasuke is at this point. so he essentially gets the job and the opportunity to actually change things but without all the public hassle involved. that’s like a win-win for his introverted soul.

- having sakura and shikamaru as co-hokages provides naruto another excuse to run off to sound every time he misses sasuke too much.

- kakashi gets to publish his unofficial icha icha continuation after he retires. bless him.

- yamato probably sleeps through another apocalypse again.

- kakashi makes him proofread his writing. what has he ever done to anyone to deserve THIS??? poor guy.

- i’m not exactly sure how it would work out, but i have this mental image stuck in my head: sai as an academy instructor?? wait let me explain. sai being That One Weird Teacher. the first day of the school, sai manages to impress the kids with his jutsu who immediately think he’s cool. but then the guy opens his mouth and the kids quickly figure out he’s kind of lame “but that’s okay, cos we’re gonna help sensei!” and just. sai with children. so helpless. but the kids adore him. that thought is too pure to throw it away without mentioning it at least once.

- we!! learn!! more!! about!! tenten!!

- concept: kurama waking up naruto with his singing in the middle of the night as a revenge for all those times naruto had a song stuck in his head. it soon escalates into a challenge. ah, children.

- i want gaara to adopt every orphan in suna. imagine 15 kids in the academy using the “but i’m the kazekage’s kid” as an excuse when they ‘forget’ to bring their homework. teaching sure is difficult in suna these days.

- hinata gets some development - neji’s death makes her determined to make her part of job during the cursed seal business and help naruto out, who gets to honor neji’s promise. no main/branch bullshit anymore.

- the thought of hiashi and naruto having this. weird cross-generational friendship makes me happy to wake up in the morning tbh.

i probably have some more that i forgot about, but yeah. that’s what i am thinking about at night instead of sleeping. what a good way to spend my time.

You’ve all heard about right-handedness, left-handedness, and ambidexterity but...

…have you ever heard of Cross-Dominance aka Mixed-Handedness?

As you are probably aware, handedness refers to hand preference/dominance. So right-handed people (the most common) are right-dominant while left-handed people are left-dominant and ambidextrous people use both sides equally. 

But did you know that while ambidexterity is more commonly known, it’s actually a less common variety of mixed-handedness? “What is mixed-handedness”, you ask?

Cross-dominance, also known as mixed-handedness, mixed dominance, or increased hand efficiency, is a motor skill manifestation where a person favors one hand for some tasks and the other hand for others. For example, a cross-dominantperson might write with the left hand but throw primarily with the right. Ambidexterity is a well-known but rare variant of cross-dominance, but cross-dominant people may also be left or right-handed rather than ambidextrous.

It can also refer to mixed laterality, which refers to a person favoring eyes, ears, feet, orhands on one side of the body. A person who is cross-dominant can also be stronger on the opposite side of the body that they favor; for example, a right-handed person can be stronger on the left side. Cross-dominance can often be a problem when shooting orin activities that require aim, although athletes can still achieve success in sports that require accuracy, like passing in American football and shooting in basketball.

Does this speak to any of you because it sure speaks to me! (source)

All my life I’ve been describing myself as an ambidextrous person who’s hands are equally useful for different tasks. I NEVER HAD A NAME FOR IT UNTIL NOW!!!!! That’s pretty great IMHO and I hope that by sharing this information with you, other mixed-handed ppl will finally know what to call themselves as well! 


So Alex Kingston plays River Song on DW. Arthur Darvill is Rory on DW. Rory is River’s dad. 

On Arrow, Alex Kingston is Sara Lance’s mother who is now saving the world with Rip Hunter. 

And might as well throw in John Barrowman in the mix. Malcolm did after all indirectly kill Sara Lance via Thea. He was Capt. Jack Harkness another person who jumps time. 

loll I see some Doctor Who/Legends of Tomorrow crossover fics in the future.