might as well put this here too I guess

balkanheart  asked:

Ukraine, Serbia, Russia & Greece :)

Ukraine: the most extravagant entry?
I’d like to say I wanna here, haha. It’s brilliant and very well put together with great staging and costumes and I love it.

Serbia: a winning entry that totally surprised you? I never thought Jamala would win this year honestly. I wasn’t that much into the betting, but I was scared she might not qualify because I felt like the Crimean Tatar traditional instruments felt too obscure and that people would think it too political and not vote. I guess Europe is sometimes a nicer place than you think it is.

Russia: an overrated entry?
Heroes. I’m sorry, but it has never been a favorite of mine and I’m getting very tired of it. It’s not that special (it’s good and well written and performed by a good artist) but it’s just…not super original.

Greece: the funniest entry?
Hmm, I currently love Baila El Chiki Chiki (Spain 2008) and I crack up whenever I think of it. (And because you asked - Cake to bake! A masterpiece that begs to be reenacted.)

Thanks for asking!! :)