might as well put it in homestuck

it has been F O R E V E R since ive read ‘his dark materials’ but if the human kids came from that particular world instead of their own earth: jade is a Witch, maybe jane is too??, rose gets her hands on an alethiometer, dream-selves have daemons but dreambubble-ghosts do not, trolls keep their daemons inside their souls like reasonable people leading to many-a-misunderstanding, davesprite lost his daemon when he was prototyped to everyone’s horror, there’s a disproportionate amount of bird daemons in the main cast, and dirk did something spectacularly stupid when he was like 13 so his daemon (still thinking bout the specific burb) can travel indefinite amounts of distance away from him (roxy met dirks daemon long before she met dirk face to face). the only person dirk trusts enough to touch his daemon is roxy, and vice versa, not that that’s an open-fucking-invitation.

the condece is DISGUSTED by daemons and preformed a lot of experiments back in her heyday in an attempt to Seperate them from their humans. she managed it, but it also tended to make the humans nonfunctional afterwards. so. ….how terrible would it be if she decided the tieratop made jane functional enough and did something……baaaad…..pre retcon………..

dave and rose’s daemons both Settled on the meteor. johns and roxies might settle post retcon?????? ?????