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Stop Shutting Down Conversations

I’ve been seeing a lot of shutting down of headcanon/worldbuilding conversations recently in the fantroll community, both on Tumblr and in other fandom spaces, and it’s making me a little bit sad because I don’t think that that’s the intention of the posts and messages that have been circulating around, but it’s been the effect!

A large part of the fun of fandom for me, particularly a fandom with so much source material but so little worldbuilding for the part of the sandbox that I’m playing in such as Alternia, is the opportunity for taking that source material and extrapolating cool worldbuilding and headcanons from it! The Condesce has a helmsman? Well, what’s the social effect of the majority of a whole caste of society being consigned to serving as autonomy-less batteries for their adult lives? Kanaya uses a chainsaw to both fight undead and garden? Well, what if that means she’s actually fighting plant zombies? Etc.

The thing is, though, that this always inevitably ends up with people that have clashing headcanons. Lately, for example, we’ve had people chatting about their perspectives on troll anatomy - Mammalian? Insectoid? Something else? People can’t quite agree!

But that’s okay. The discussion of who had what headcanons, why they hold those, so long as people aren’t using to shut down other people’s headcanons, are part of the fun. I think a lot of people are seeing disagreement and interpreting it as conflict when really it’s a fun debate, and the result is that we end up with people putting effort towards shutting down the conversation altogether.

The biggest example of this is that I’ve seen a lot of people saying that because Homestuck and Hussie’s worldbuilding are so “nonsensical,” there’s no rules for Alternian worldbuilding. The irony of that, though, is that these messages are setting a rule: “No rules allowed.” People make rules for their own universes because that’s the fun of writing in a fandom. Without rules, you might as well make your own original characters outside of the Homestuck context - and some people do! The issue is that it’s not fair to people who value worldbuilding and the discussion surrounding it for people to see those discussions and tell them that they’re wrong for wanting to expand on their universe because “Homestuck doesn’t make sense anyways.”

And it’s understandable that some people might want to have no rules for their own universes! In fact, I’m pretty sure that the goal of these messages is just to make sure people feel comfortable not having elaborate headcanons. But both in chats and on Tumblr, I’ve seen people push for this reasoning as why everyone else shouldn’t be making headcanons based on canon material, either, and I think that’s just plain anti-fun. It’s unkind to shut down somebody else’s fun conversation just because you personally don’t feel like you would like to participate in it, and I think we as a community need to pay more attention to when we’re doing that.

tl;dr: Don’t let your personal RP preferences be a reason for you to shut down conversations other people are having for fun.

I’ve missed Dave

Geez. Way to bring someone down, Dave. Next thing I know, you’re gonna start telling me how someone whose deal is Heart is also kiddie bullshit, while Space is serious fucking business.

… I’m not bitter. -_-

Well, that does make me feel a little bit better. Still concerned, but at least you know what you’re doing.

I am compelled, however, to put this here, because of Reasons:

The whole clip should be from 6:33 to 7:40, because context is funny.

… Well… when you think about it…

I mean, trolls at this particular stage in their lives are very hung up on finding a kismesis and a matesprit. To them, it might just have been similar to an ass famine.


“How’re we doin?”
“Same as always.”
“That bad, huh?”

But seriously, the kids are basically the same, Jack Noir is also the same, and shit’s getting more obnoxious than before, and an equal amount of real.

So, basically, same as always, it seems.

it has been F O R E V E R since ive read ‘his dark materials’ but if the human kids came from that particular world instead of their own earth: jade is a Witch, maybe jane is too??, rose gets her hands on an alethiometer, dream-selves have daemons but dreambubble-ghosts do not, trolls keep their daemons inside their souls like reasonable people leading to many-a-misunderstanding, davesprite lost his daemon when he was prototyped to everyone’s horror, there’s a disproportionate amount of bird daemons in the main cast, and dirk did something spectacularly stupid when he was like 13 so his daemon (still thinking bout the specific burb) can travel indefinite amounts of distance away from him (roxy met dirks daemon long before she met dirk face to face). the only person dirk trusts enough to touch his daemon is roxy, and vice versa, not that that’s an open-fucking-invitation.

the condece is DISGUSTED by daemons and preformed a lot of experiments back in her heyday in an attempt to Seperate them from their humans. she managed it, but it also tended to make the humans nonfunctional afterwards. so. ….how terrible would it be if she decided the tieratop made jane functional enough and did something……baaaad…..pre retcon………..

dave and rose’s daemons both Settled on the meteor. johns and roxies might settle post retcon?????? ?????

anonymous asked:

It seems like I'm always attracted to people who are Scorpio's, whether I know they are before I've met them or after, they're the only one's I seem to want to be with. I'm a Gemini female. Do you know why this might be?

Oh hon do I ever

this is already bringing out the sassy bi friend at the hair salon who’s just gotten some great gossip to spread in me, alright

The thing is…

External image

Geminis and Scorpios always, always, ALWAYS seem to attract. They are also the ultimate opposites of the zodiac (or one of them). If I had to make a post about signs being shipped with other signs in homestuck quadrants, I would put Gemini and Scorpio in the black quadrant.

Geminis are ferociously attracted to Scorpios for their obvious depth and intensity—that’s the first thing that draws us in. In our lives, we meet so many people, and talk to so many, and we know as well as anyone how difficult it is to find someone of genuine depth. We are, after all, the ultimate jack-of-all-trades sign. Try as we might, we can never seem to get as truly deep as others in life, though we have a multitude of knowledge and skills to make up for it.

So there we are, having normal conversations, small-talk with people who are just never as interesting as we wish they were, and then suddenly out of nowhere, BAM! Who is that mysterious stranger with that look of intensity about him/her, not talking much, but always contributing considerably when they do? We MUST go and talk to them. We know a veritable well of fascination when we see one.

And they are—they are always fascinating. They’re just so emotional, so perceptive, so serious, so erotic. They’re not just a well, they’re an ocean—mysterious, interesting, powerful. How could we not be attracted to them?

Likewise, from the Scorpio point of view, there they are, standing more or less alone in a crowd of people, wishing everyone wasn’t so dull and the conversation so meaningless, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, BAM! Who is that fluttering stranger with that mouth like a motor but so much to say, quick-witted and clearly genuinely intelligent? And oh, now he/she is approaching them! The perfect opportunity to see just how worthy a match they really are.

And so, the dance begins, the Scorpio perplexed by the mercurial Gemini whom they just can’t seem to pin down and overpower, the Gemini perplexed by the endless mystery within the intense Scorpio whom they just can’t seem to truly figure out.

I just googled it to see if I could find other explanations to help articulate this relationship, and was not disappointed: 

“Scorpio is a water sign, but it’s fixed. How do you get fixed in water? That’s the key to Scorpio. Imagine someone staying upright in turbulent water. Intensity is the word that describes Scorpio. Gemini is Mutable Air. I heard an astrologer say over 20 years ago that Gemini completely perplexes Scorpio because they cannot grab them and control them. Take the intense Scorpio and imagine them dealing with the fairy flitting up and about, around and down.

The Scorpion’s attempt to acquire power can have many manifestations. Gemini, being the one with “multiple personalities” can make Scorpio arrest their intensity. They know that Gemini is much more complicated than the average observer might see. The strangely, almost “hinky” part of this is that Gemini is not particularly overwhelmed by Scorpio. And yet the Scorpion’s ability to see through Gemini does not disable the Twin. They are almost like a fast gun fighter - “Just because you know I am fast, doesn’t mean you can beat me.” 

These two are so basically different from one another; it is difficult to imagine their accidental meeting. Once this almost impossible meeting occurred, they would then have to start talking and discussing their divergent lives. Since this relationship could almost not occur, if it did occur, it would have to be honored as a happenstance of Fate. Attraction would probably be mutual, but positively speaking, the Scorpio would most likely find the Gemini enthralling and compelling. The Scorpio’s wisdom and penetrating insight could see in their Gemini what one might call a “divine mystery”.

The key to understand here is that Gemini would not need to defend itself. The conflict that could arise between these two would be somewhat like trying to nail down with a hammer, the wing of a fluttering Tinkerbelle. Gemini’s “not caring” ways have a stunning effect on souls who are coming with a checkmating certainty. Have you ever beaten someone at cards who did not care about cards? Have you ever been beaten by someone at cards who did not even want to play cards?”

An accurate description if ever I saw one. It’s basically a perfect analysis in every way.

These two signs can get into huge arguments, mostly over Gemini’s apparent coldness and uncaring, and Scorpio’s subjectivity and jealousy. What Gemini may be willing to start up as a healthy debate can quickly turn ugly when Scorpio’s stubbornness and subjectivity, In Gem’s mind, take away from the integrity of the conversation.

They make great, worthy opponents. It would be easy for them to get into a passionate rivalry of sorts.

Anyway, hope that was explanatory! I totally get it, I have issues with being attracted to/infuriated by Scorpios, also.

The Architect

Aradia Megido: Ancestor of Damara Megido

  • A well known archaeologist on Beforus. Made a name for herself by orchestrating a dig of ruins residing under a major city on the mainland. The entirety of the dig took place without disturbing everyday life or endangering the prospective safety of any citizens, all due to her planning and execution.
  • Was brought onto the Beforan Court Council that serves as as series of diverse advisers to the Empress. She was brought on as a consulting strategist for varies military and naval based inquires. Her title was given to her in reference to her ability to draw up seamless plans.
  • Much like her Post-Scratch Beta self, she has an innate ability to converse with spirits of the dead. Her connection to the afterlife and the spirit world is one she holds dear and it factors greatly into her skills as a strategist. She consults with them as she would any of her work partners and puts great stock in what they have to tell her. She thinks of them as friends who linger and guide her.
  • Very lighthearted and easy going. She looks for the silver lining in almost everything. Has a tendency to treat even the most serious of situations like a game. For example: Planning out a new dig site? It’s like a puzzle. Strategizing a war? Might as well be playing checkers.
  • She grew up close with The ArchMage and The General, and has a strong friendship with The Heiress ( )(IR ).
  • Matesprit: The Sentinel

drew this for rp stuff but i might as well put it in the tag too

i like the idea of them going on stupid hiking trips together and eridan always pakcs way too much junk and nepeta is like haha youre so slow! and eridans jsut like shut it or im making you carry your own slepeing bag then nepeta sprints off ahead like h33h33

acamaeda  asked:

There is a strong possibility that this isn't the ending. Hussie said he'd be making a "thing resembling an epilogue", which could be basically anything that comes after "The end", regardless of content. Even if Hussie's done, though, the fandom isn't. Homestuck: Act Omega is a project to create a possible ending for Homestuck, from the current "ending" point. We could definitely use someone like you to help figure out what the plot should be. The official blog is hsactomega on Tumblr.

I definitely respect the work you all are doing, and am both flattered and nodding with approval that you’re using a good number of my Aspect theories and such as a guide. But…

Here’s the thing.

I fell in love with Andrew’s vision. With the inexhaustible effort and love he put into Homestuck, with events and developments that were (usually) more satisfying than anything I expected beforehand. And even if the ending execution of it lacked so many answers, and felt so unsatisfying, it feels like it’d be the height of arrogance to imagine I could do better, just because I put my thumb on a decently foreshadowed story idea or two.

You, as well as some of the people who’ve worked with you, have gotten extremely close to calling this project “a ‘real’ ending for Homestuck”, and even if that’s not what you meant – even if it was just a little of our collective bitterness leaking through, and you meant something closer to how you corrected yourself – it still makes me extremely uncomfortable to put my name anywhere near such a project.  Especially with my attitude so much closer to what wtfihs said.  :(

However, I do recognize the substantial merit in such a project. I realize that Andrew might have signaled the desire for something like this loud and clear, with his possibly-literal newspost hint “I will leave you to draw your own conclusions”. I remember how upon the advent of Paradox Space, Andrew made these telling comments:

As I work on finishing the story, I tend to think a lot about where Homestuck as a creative property goes from here. It’s hard to ignore the fact that it has turned into something much bigger than just a long, crazy story on the internet. It has a lot of fans, and there’s a whole culture surrounding it. Friendships have been made, lives have been changed, or so people tell me. Those who like HS are extremely fond of the characters, yet those characters are trapped - “stuck” if you will - inside a very particular narrative, which itself has been at the mercy of my ability to produce it. So when I think about the future of Homestuck, I envision projects which liberate the things people love about it from the story itself, and most importantly, from my intensive personal effort.

So this website [ParadoxSpace] is the first major step in that direction.

It’s not just possible, but when paired with the unstuck and unbound theories highlighting the literal death of the author and its implications, actually likely that Andrew intended the ending of Homestuck to bring about something EXACTLY like this, like your project and any competing projects we’ll eventually see. Projects that liberate characters whose souls – their characters and individual uniqueness, now immortal thanks to this story – from the story itself, and allow us to draw them in all the directions we wish at once.

I’m, well…

I’m not going to rule out consulting for your project a little eventually? But first, I’ll need to wait a bit for some more proof that this project is intended to build upon Andrew’s work as he intended, in a sense, rather than to bitterly show him up. I know you’ve clarified your intentions, and I believe you for the most part, but wtfihs summed up a certain intense humility I feel that has always kept me from arguing that ANYTHING I’ve theorized – theories which I’ve specifically argued as possibilities for Andrew’s story-woven intent, rather than wish-it-were-true fantasies – would have been “better” than whatever actually developed. That weird humility and slavish devotion to the author has been deeply rooted in me for years and years, maybe before I saw Andrew’s work, even. The cautionary, unhealthily-strict lectures that part of me gives the rest of me aren’t going to be quieted easily. It’s just too much of a part of who I am.

Not that I’m going to judge others for feeling differently! I’m just kind of weird that way.

(It doesn’t help that the ending of Homestuck has left me a little too sore to really think about Homestuck much, so I’ve been heavily avoiding reading up on things like your project (for my own mood’s sake), and that’s not likely to heal for a little while… I’ll probably immerse myself in Overwatch and Dark Souls 3 for another week or two.)

So, I’ve gotta apologize that my ego doesn’t let me participate in the Homestuck: Act Omega project for the moment. But for anyone else motivated by Andrew’s challenge to draw your own conclusions – rather than bitterness – I’d heavily encourage you to take a look at the Act Omega project here. I haven’t even clicked the link; that’s how painful thinking about Homestuck and all the unanswered questions feels right now for me. But some of you aren’t as sore, and are eagerly checking my blog for more answers, more we can milk out of this cool story we’re all fans of. I think that given how this meshes with what Andrew’s hinted to be his vision, checking this sort of thing out may be pretty worthwhile for y’all.

EDIT: I clicked the link at least tentatively, and it looks like you’re making a concerted effort to call this a loving, faithful fan continuation rather than some sort of “real ending”. I’m glad to see that.  :D