might as well put all the pretty pictures to use


This isn’t exactly a tutorial but you might find it interesting.
Please note that my flat color drawings aren’t technically just flat color because I usually put a few soft shadows on them - as seen in the 5th step here. Whether I’ll include that step kind of depends on how well the pic works without it.

When it comes to fully shaded pictures, I’ll use hard+soft shadows on top of the ambient shades. I usually add a lighting layer + rimlight on top of it all. It’s a pretty meticulous job, hence the price difference.  You can see a tutorial about that over here.

The commission I used for an example can be found here.

More onto the Season Two Teaser of Voltron

So, I was rewatching the teaser of season two, and I happened to start looking at things in a different prospective. I looked even more to notice that there is more to this teaser than just plainly showing us nice planets and where the Paladins are.

Keith and the Red and Black Lions:

Keith as we know of is near the Red and Black Lions, for we see him with the Black Lion. Nothing is specified that he is near the Red Lion, but with him being its Paladin, I’m sure it is with him, along with the Black Lion. 

But where’s Shiro? As far as we know, Shiro is no where near the Black Lion, or Keith. This leads to question where he is, but for this moment we’re focusing more on Keith and the Black Lion. 

To add to this, The Red Lion is still in a healing stasis since it was literally taken down by Zarkon himself, and as we see in the last episode of season one, he’s having trouble with the Lion’s controls. Both the Red and Black Lions are sent out into space at the same time and same place, which gives more information that the two Lions are together, one healing, and the other somewhat alive and well. With the mess up of the battle of Zarkon, Keith can’t really use the Red Lion, and the only Lion he has that’s close by him is the Black Lion. 

Keith is temporarily using the Black Lion (or let’s just say he is). To show more proof he is using the Black Lion, we have the pictures from the teaser itself.

We see all the Lions except for the Red Lion. This is certainly interesting. 

The Black Lion is shown more clearly here. 

These two pictures show a lot of what’s going on, from Keith being the Black Lion’s pilot, to all of them except Shiro are here, and the Red Lion is not there either. What makes this all the more serious about the whereabouts of Shiro, the Red Lion is the right arm of Voltron, and the right arm of Shiro is galra technology, and both are gone in these scenes. We barely see the two in the teaser.


From what we know, Lance and Hunk (with the Yellow and Blue Lions) are together, stranded on a planet that is almost water-like with the blue hue we’re getting at the actual place they’re in. 

We barely see Lance in the teasers, but the Blue Lion does have a new weapon.

Yes, this is the Blue Lion, and yes, it is holding something almost like a jaw-blade, like the one Shiro has with the Black Lion, or the sword that Keith has in the last episode when he’s fighting Zarkon. This weapon is definitely going to come in handy. 


We also know we don’t see Pidge often in the teaser, but this still shows a lot of what she’s going to be doing in the show. First off, the beam of light we see clearly.

(Also in this picture we see that this is clearly the season two teaser, not the trailer, and this screenshot was taken before we even knew about that. Come on guys, we should have known this was a teaser instead of a trailer- It’s okay I didn’t notice it either)

This beam of light is obviously made by Pidge, and to people who think it doesn’t, well one scene of the first Voltron episode that was leaked revealed she was on this here scrapyard, and she was building dummies of the characters she knew, Keith, Lance, Shiro, Hunk, Coran, and Allura. With Pidge being the genius that she is, she can build a lot of stuff with all this scrap metal, and with that beam, and with this picture that I am going to show you, she might just be coming over to find Lance and Hunk.

There is also a beam here as well! And a wormhole, which leads me into thinking that Pidge possibly found Allura and Coran on her way to find them. With more thinking put into this, I can assume they are still able to use their communication devices, even from so far away. It’d be pretty static-y and all that, but I can assume she told them what to do (based on what I can see, the blue-hued place Lance and Hunk are in seems to be like water, with also bubbles. We will never know until three weeks from now). 

Shiro, Thace, and the violet-cloaked woman:

Alright, more into Shiro’s part. We all can see him on the close-up of his face, and he’s sweating, and beaten up, meaning that where ever he his, he’s fighting something, and it’s taking a toll on him. 

And more onto this, before we go to Thace: In the last part of the whole teaser, we see Shiro walking away from Keith’s calling voice, “Shiro, are you there? Shiro!” Well, the background to this scene seems familiar in color…

These colors are the same as the violet-cloaked woman’s color when we see her. 

I think Shiro is on this woman’s ship, and with Keith calling out to him, maybe this woman is helping the Paladin with the defeat of Zarkon. 


The only thing we see is him after the fading of Shiro’s close-up of his face. That’s only two seconds, and with more thinking to it, Thace might have freed Shiro from the Galra’s grasp, if he was caught. 

The Crystals:

My favorite part of trying to find out what’s going on in this teaser. 

The crystals? Well, the crystals are bombs of course! 

Seen here with Shiro, they seem harmless:

But as we keep going through the teaser… we realize Voltron is triggering something to explode.. something in space. These crystals are able to explode with contact. 

( I really like this screenshot lol)

These crystals can cause massive harm if exploded from what we see. This could be great for the Paladins of Voltron, or a disaster if Zarkon gets his hands on these crystals. They seem special with the way they act like bombs. 

And that sums up what I’ve got in my head about what’s going on with the teaser! I guess we’ll really see when three weeks is over and season two is out. Until then.