might as well organize my music better


This is Cassie. She enjoys Thai food and thrift shopping. 

This day was a mess. I forgot my extra battery for my camera and also I had plans after this shoot to meet up with some friends. My camera was only half charged and the battery I was using died super quick. Also, I was wearing beat up vans and forgot that I was suppose to look nice that evening. So I had nothing nice to wear, and my camera might possibly die (first world problems am I right). I also got to the shoot an hour early (the hour I could’ve spent organizing my life) so I sat in a coffee shop and listened to music. 

Lately over my shoots I’ve been hitting it off really well with my models. I’ve never had a problem connecting with people on my shoots, but more recently we’ve been really vibing and having fun. So anyways, when we first started shooting the light was still too harsh for me so we just walked around and talked until the light got better. We shot for about 2 hours, which is actually pretty long for me as my shoots are really quick. But majority of the shoot we were just talking and laughing. 

The very first photo of this set is one of my all time favorite images I’ve ever taken. We were done shooting, but as we were walking back, I saw that building all lit up and got so excited. I know she did too because we both looked at each other with excitement.