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It looks like there is writing in Kurona's eyes as she watches Kanou about to shoot himself. Do you know what it says??

There might be? I remember reading somewhere that it wasn’t arabic though so there goes my guess. We might have to wait until the Hd scans to be sure. 

No need to let a perfectly good ask go to waste though. I think Kurona’s look of shock here is important, because really she’s gotten exactly what she wanted. 

Kanou is definitely dead at this point. However, he dies in a way that denies her any closure, so once again we have a repeat from the well worn revenge will accomplish nothing narrative. It’s true in this case though, Kurona has failed to in any significant way, stop Kanou’s work, or impede it, or even punish him for the innocents he got involved. 

Not only that, she hasn’t even convinced him to care. Her words fall as empty on him as ever. Just like Tatara though, Kurona has accomplished absolutely nothing of what she wanted.

It’s impotant to remember also that this is the only thing that was holding Kurona together. She was on the brink of insanity before this, and clinging to the delusion that her sister was alive. She didn’t so much as regain her sanity, but rather found a new target to obsess over.

So I genuienly wonder what Kurona’s going to do, now that she’s been denied twice over the things she was clinging onto in order to keep her stable. I wonder if she’ll learn her lesson the same way Ui did that there’s nothing to cling onto in this moment.

Yet, she could still stand up, or if we’ll see her degrade back to her previous self. It could go either way at this point. 

Happy Halloween, you guys! That’s my last prompt for the Halloween Special! Hope you guys like this, I love scenarios when they’re not dating… yet :p


RFA + Saeran comforting MC on Halloween after break-up


  • He was supposed to pick you up and drive you to the RFA’s Halloween party
  • You opened the door and: “That’s a great zombie make-up, MC!” he laughed.
  • “He dumped me, Zen.” Oh, it wasn’t make-up, you looked miserable…
  •  “Oh my God, MC, I’m so sorry…” he immediately hugs you, you look so fragile right now… he feels like protecting you with all of his strength.
  • “He dumped me, Zen. What… what have I done wrong? Am I… am I boring or… clingy, or…? What’s wrong with me, Zen?” you start crying again, making him hug you even tighter.
  • “Nothing! There’s… nothing wrong with you, MC! You’re… sweet, and… beautiful, you’re amazing! And smart, funny, you’re caring and… did I mention you’re amazing?” he chuckles at his own eloquence, getting serious right after remembering he shouldn’t be laughing now.
  • “You’re amazing, MC! You’ve been doing so much for us ever since you showed up, and that Halloween party? It’s the good shit!” you laugh a little, making him feel like now it’s proper to laugh. “So, come on… go get dressed, we have a part to host…”
  •  “Zen, I can’t… I can’t go! I’m just not in the mood… and… I actually invited my boyf… my ex, so what if he shows up?”
  • He gets up, holding your hand. “Then you have to look even brighter than you always do. You’ll show up there in a beautiful costume, and with a hot actor as your date.”
  •  You laugh again, he looks so sure of his words, it’s impossible to say no. “Thanks for doing this for me, Zenny.” You hug him again, and he hugs you back.
  • “Yes, everything… for you.” Is it too soon to tell you this is for him as well?


  •  He heard about your break up and felt really bad for you.
  • On the other hand, he knew that he should act fast before someone else would try to snatch you away, he didn’t really think he stand a chance, but… it was time to at least try.
  • So he planned everything, Halloween night would be the night he would finally confess to you.
  • He even carved a pumpkin, where it could be read “I love you”, and he was going to hand you during the RFA’s Halloween party.
  •  Ahhh, you looked so cute in your costume… Yoosung felt his face heating up as soon as he spotted you.
  • But… you didn’t look happy. Even your smile looked so… forced. Oh, were you sad?
  • “Hey, MC! Need some help?” he goes to you when he sees the guests dispersing away from you “I’m fine, Yoosung. But thanks.” Oh… it looks you’re in pain to smile like this.
  •  “Are you… are you sure you’re fine, MC?” “Yes, why?” “Because… you don’t look fine. I mean, you look fine in this… costume, but aaagh, I mean… you look… sad…” you bith stare at each other for a few seconds.
  • “Well… how am I supposed to feel after being dumped via text? I didn’t even get the chance to know what I did wrong, I…” you cut yourself off, fighting the tears. “And now… I have to stay here and pretend everything is fine, it’s just… tiring, you know?”
  • Oh… you’re devastated by this break-up, aren’t you? His confession wouldn’t do any good now… “MC, I have to tell you something…” he inhales “…you don’t have to stay here if you’re not feeling okay. If you want to go, I can cover up for you, I’m… not that confident in talking to people, but I-“ you grab his hand and smile, a very genuine smile.
  • “It’s fine. Just stay here with me, will you?” he nods, making a mental note to throw that pumpkin away… well, Christmas is coming in two months, maybe you’ll be more healed until then.


  • She asked you a million times if you were okay and if you really wanted to proceed with the preps for the Halloween party
  •  And she didn’t believe you not even after the millionth time, but not wanting to upset you, she let you do your thing
  • She actually was there when your girlfriend dumped you, she was serving you coffee. It was so fast she barely had time to serve you and your now ex-girlfriend.
  • And it was clear how much you were trying to cope through organizing the party. You were… obsessed about the party.
  • “MC, calm down!” “I can’t, Jaehee! The DJ is twenty four minutes late! Twenty four minutes, Jaehee! Do you know what can happen in 24 minutes? People can get mad that there is no music, a party can be ruined! A relationship you dedicated yourself on for three years and a half can end just like that, it doesn’t take not even 24 minutes!”
  • You’re shaking, and she grabs your hand, holding you by your shoulder. “Yes, I know… but you can’t blame yourself for the DJ being late… you don’t have to take the blame for everything, MC… not even for your girlfriend dumping you because she is leaving the town, it was her choice…”
  • “But… why she didn’t even discuss it with me? Am I that… dispensable?” “Absolutely not, MC! No, you’re so important! If not for that girl, well… for RFA, for these guests, for the café… and… for me…
  • She blushes at her own words. “I-I mean, look at all these people, they are here because you managed to pull an amazing party off, with a great decoration, a bartender and… look, the DJ just got here!”
  • You smile sweetly, and she feels her whole body warming it up, what’s this?
  •  “Thank you, Jaehee…” you say before giving a mischievous glance towards the dance floor. “Let’s dance?” you grab her hand when “Thriller” starts playing.
  • And she is so happy to see you smiling again. There’s nothing that makes her happier than seeing your smile…


  •  He never been so conscious of someone’s presence before.
  •  You are here, right next to him in his car, looking stunning in your costume… and all he does is clearing his throat and adjusting himself in his seat.
  • “Is… is everything okay with the guests’ list, MC?” “Huh? Ah yes… I even managed to invite someone else in the last hour since my boyfriend is not coming.”
  • “Oh, isn’t he?” ah… the boyfriend… Jumin never felt comfortable around him, for some reason… “Yes, because he’s my ex now…”
  • Jumin looks at you with his usual monotone expression. “We broke up.” You sa, lowering your gaze as you’re reminiscing this.
  • “Sorry to hear that. I’m sure… I’m sure you did what’s best for you.” “He broke up, Jumin.” Oh… is that why you look so sad? “Are you alright?” “Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just… we were tother for such a long time, I… forgot how it is to be alone, it’s… it’s scary.”
  • “I see… well, you know, MC, I tend to believe people who can’t handle being alone aren’t able to handle a relationship too.” “You mean… I shouldn’t be dating him in the first place?” Uh oh…
  •  “No, I believe I didn’t explain myself properly, what I meant is… you don’t have to be so sad for breaking up, you’re still the impressive and great person you are by yourself, don’t let a failed relationship define who you are, and, well, don’t let it ruin your night.”
  • “Jumin Han giving love advice? Now that’s something we don’t see everyday…” “Well, just for you, because I feel like we understand each other very well.”
  • “Yes, we really do…” you smile, now he feels like looking away from embarrassment. “We’re here…” you say, motioning to get out of the car. He holds your hand.
  •  “Or… we can stay a little more in here till the press calms down. We can… we can talk a little more, if you want…” because you’ll never be alone while he is here, so no need to be scared, even if it’s Halloween.


  • He heard about the break-up.
  • So he wanted this party to be the best thing in your week to make it up, even if just a little.
  •  His heart aches everytime he sees you messing with your phone, the look in your eyes show you’re probably seeing some pics of your ex.
  • “Hey! Wachu doing?” “Huh? Oh, nothing… can I help you with something?” “Yeah, you could tell me what do I have to do to put a smile in your face.”
  • You roll your eyes and laugh a little. “Do I look that gloomy?” he nods, trying not to give you a pity look.
  • “It’s just… I imagined tonight as something very different, you know?” “What did you imagine?”
  • “Ah, you know… going to the Haunted House we did, then taking silly pictures in the photo booth and stuffing our faces with candy, it would be fun doing this with him…it would be…”
  • “Perfect?” “Yes… perfect…”he nods. Well, that’s it, that’s his chance.
  • “So, come on…” he grabs your hand, going towards the Haunted House. “Y-you and I?”
  • “Well, yeah… this guy might be crazy to waste a perfect date with you, but I’m not.”
  • And it was perfect, you didn’t reach for your phone not even once.


  • You had vented all about the break-up to him.
  •  And he listened with attention, making sure you would let everything out of your system.
  • Not only because RFA’s party was close and everybody needed you in your best game, but also… so you would have fun with everybody else… and him.
  • And at first, you seemed okay. But V could see by the way you would glance at lovey dovey couples dancing.
  • “Would you like to dance, MC?” “Oh… thank you, Jihyun, but I’m fine.”
  •  “Well, what would you like to do, then?” “Honestly, all I want is to get really drunk… is that bad?”
  •  “As long as it’s not a habit, you should be okay. So let’s go, let’s do your idea!” “Oh, it’s fine, Jihyun, we should not…” he hugs you suddenly.
  • “It’s okay if things aren’t fine now, they will be soon. You can count on your friends, okay?” you hug him back, nodding.
  •  “You can count on me and on Mary.” “Mary?” “Yes, Bloody Mary”
  •  So you and Jihyun drank together and you were finally able to let it go and have some real fun.
  • The serious talk would wait until the next morning, when you woke up in the same bed cuddling.


  • Oh, he heard about the break-up
  •  And he was PISSED! Fist, at the guy for dumping you, who does he think he is?
  • Then, at you for suffering because of a scumbag who doesn’t deserve a single teardrop of yours
  • So he’s mad, even though he knows he shouldn’t, since this has nothing to do with him.
  • But why does he feel this responsibility on doing something to snap you out of this?
  • So, at the RFA’s Halloween party, he comes up with some excuse for you to help him grab some stuff in the storage room.
  •  And when you go there with him, you find a lot of pumpkins.
  • “Saeran, what’s all this?” “Well, you know… my brother said anger isn’t good, but sometimes, you just have to feel it, you know? So… take this.” He hands you a baseball bat.”
  •  “What’s this for?” “For you to smash these pumpkins and imagine they’re your ex’s face.” “What? Saeran, I’m not mad at him, I’m… sad, and hurt, but… I’m not mad.”
  • “Oh, h-hurt?” “Yeah, it’s hard not to when someone breaks up with you at a fancy restaurant so you won’t make a scene, even though you have the right to make a scene, because he is in love with the girl he was cheating you with… alright, give me the bat!” he cheers and smiles everytime you hit a pumpkin, even helping you with some.
  • You end up laughing when you both slip in the pumpkin’s goop. But your giggling faces immediately go red when you realize you fell over him and our noses are almost touching.
Salty and Sweet (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Fluff

Requested Dialogue: “Hold up, she said what?”

Requested By: Annonymous

“Where’s Y/N?” Bucky inquired as he stepped into the kitchen; Natasha and Steve eating lunch at the table.  

“Letting off some steam in the gym” Natasha replied before taking a bite of her sandwich.  Bucky opened the fridge, grabbing an apple before sitting down at the table and joining the other two.  It was quiet as the three sat there, eating their lunch. Steve going over some missions’ paperwork as Natasha read the newspaper.  

It seemed like Steve finally caught up in what Nat had said about you, and he lowered his paper.  “What do you mean letting off some steam?  What happened?”

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808 SeXXX - Keola’s Story - part 1

Alright my friends without further ado let me introduce the next featured story in the 808SeXXX series starring a friend who will be going by the alias Keola.  A Friday after work drinking session turns into something totally unexpected and well… It’s a fucking hot story! Enjoy!

(Just a note: I was asked to do the dialog in our local Pidgin English so if you don’t understand some of it, please send me a message and I’ll see if i can add a note in there. Or you can Google it maybe lol…)

“Shoots braddahs have one good one ah!” our job foreman yelled with a wave out of his truck window as he pulled out from the parking lot of the rapidly emptying beach park.

There were four of us left having a few after a long work week and it looked like it would soon be only two of us as Micah and Nelson threw their cooler into the bed of Micah’s truck and they came over to shake our hands before leaving.  I still don’t know how the two of them are brothers… Micah is probably 6’1 and close to 300 pounds with a dark colored pony tail and Nelson is only 5’7 on a good day and thin as a rail and balding but they insist that they’re related somehow.

“Shit… You guys gonna stay here and finish all that?” Nelson asked as he opened the big cooler on the ground and grabbed another beer for the road.

“Fuck if I know,” I laughed. “But when the boss buys beer no can let em go to waste.”

“I ain’t got nowhere special to be so fuck em might as well,” my co-worker Maka said with a huge grin spread across his face that was practically glowing from the alcohol he had drank already.

“I guess I’ll be staying here to make sure this dumbass no get all buss and drown or something then,” I pushed him playfully as he laughed and made a face at me.

“Alright den boys get home safe ah?” Micah said with a wave as he pulled himself up into his lifted diesel.

“Shoots!” I shouted as I waved and then Maka and I laughed and cheered as he burned rubber out of the parking lot.

“Fuck brah I’m all buss already…” Maka told me as he jumped back up to sit on the tailgate of my truck.

“Fucking light weight…” I teased him and laughed as he stuck his middle finger at me. “Nah what time you gotta be home?”

“Shit no matter,” he said then let out a huge burp. “My old lady’s mainland with her family so fuck em I no gotta do shit.”

“Coo sounds good let’s have a few more den,” I told him as I avoided the subject of significant others.

Working construction is a tough place to be down low gay.  The testosterone flying around the jobsite makes it an intimidating prospect of being known as the gay guy so I’ve been careful to keep my sex life private. It’s really tough though since most of the guys I work with on our crew are built like Micah and hot as fuck…

Maka is no exception. He’s probably 5’11 and around 280 with short shaved hair and the dark tan you’d expect from someone who works days out in the sun.  He always seems to be the first one to lose his shirt as soon as work is done like today, he was already bare chested which gave me a great view of his smooth belly to enjoy with my beer.  I could tell he was freeballing it today too with how much of his ass kept hanging out of his pants while we were working and I couldn’t help but stare each time his shirt rode up while he was leaning over and his round ass cheeks peeked out above the top of his jeans.

“Yo you faka what you daydreaming about?” I suddenly realized he was talking to me when he slapped my thigh to get my attention.

“Huh?” I responded as I was brought back to the present from my wandering thoughts

“I said what you had for do tonight?” he asked again.

“Oh… Shit nothing man,” I replied sheepishly as I tried to subtly adjust my dick that had started swelling slightly at the thought of my friend’s ass peeking out today.

“What brah you catching one boner ah” Maka laughed as he noticed what I was doing.

“What?! No, fuck you brah,” I replied angrily as the shame at being busted lit my ears on fire.

“Shit you wish,” he laughed. “I’d be surprised you could fuck anyone with that little shit.”

“Brah I’d make you scream my name if I fucked you with this,” I replied without thinking as I grabbed my crotch though my pants.

“Oh so you like fuck me now?” he asked with a smirk. “Sick ah you fucking perv.”

“Shit I bet you’d like em no act,” I laughed at him.

“Maybe if you actually knew how for use this,” he fired back and completely caught me off guard by reaching between my thighs and giving my package a squeeze.

“Whoa! Whoa! What the fuck brah?” I jumped at the feeling although I gotta admit it turned me on even more.

“Nah nah just playing bro calm your tits,” he laughed it off.

We both sat there in an awkward silence for a minute as we tried to figure out what the hell to say next.  I drained the third of the beer I had left and burped and broke the tension by asking if he was ready for another beer which he agreed he was.  The conversation turned back to normal topics as we talked about the mma fight card coming up and how one of our local fighters was going to defend his belt soon and where we were going to watch it.

“Fuck man what time is it?” Maka asked as he looked around the now empty parking lot when that conversation finally died down.

“Shit I don’t know lemme check,” I replied as I went to the cab of my truck to grab my phone. “Was like 8:30 when the guys left so probably kinda late already.”

“They close this park or what?” he asked as he finished his beer and picked up the one I opened for him.

“Yeah like 10:30 I think,” I told him. “Ho shit it’s already 10:45.”

“Ah fuck em I no see nobody coming for lock up the gates or anything,” my friend replied. “Fuck I gotta piss…”

“Wow no shame ah?” I laughed as I came back around to the back of the truck in time to see him hop down and just whip it out and start peeing.

“Why you like what you see?” Maka grinned drunkenly as he shook it around causing his piss to fly everywhere.

“See? I don’t see shit must be fuckin tiny,” I teased him while I enjoyed the view of his dick sticking out of his fly.

“Fuck you brah,” he responded as he shook the last drops of piss from his dick and then waved it at me. “Look at this shit it’s man sized.”

“Man put that little thing away before you hurt yourself,” I shook my head and took another sip of my beer.

“And what if I no like?” he asked as he leaned on the tailgate, his cock still hanging out.

“No matter to me,” I shrugged and then added. “No blame me if you get mosquito bites on em tho.”

“Shit…” he laughed. “Well at least it’d be getting sucked by someone.”

“Sick faka…” I laughed too.

“Eh we should go swim,” Maka said suddenly as he looked over his shoulder at the ocean.

“What? You fuckin crazy I no more even surf shorts,” I replied shaking my head at him.

“Fuck em,” he said and then laughed. “Brah da Hawaiians that came before us never have no surf shorts either. Let’s go pussy.”

“What you goin do?” I asked him. “You goin swim bare fuckin balls?”

“Why not who goin see?” he laughed as he stumbled around trying to pull off his shoes.

“You fuckin crazy…” I told him and then laughed as he hopped around on one foot trying to get his second shoe off.

“Come on no be chicken shit brah let’s go,” he scolded me as he grabbed my arm and started trying to pull me off the tailgate.

“Nah I’m good brah you go,” I laughed uneasily at the thought of being either in my undies or naked in front of my friend.

“Come on you don’t ever do crazy shit bro,” Maka insisted. “Live a little.”

“Fuck…” I sighed.

“Yes… Come the fuck on asshole,” he grinned when he realized I was seriously considering it.

“Brah… No lie this is just your way of trying to see me naked ah,” I laughed half-heartedly.

“Shit I already seen your boto before when we was kids nothing special,” he laughed and slapped my thigh. “Come on fat boy up and at em.”

“Fat boy?” I pushed him. “No make you get one bigger belly than me.”

That wasn’t quite true actually.  I mentioned he was 5’11 280ish earlier right?  I’m an inch shorter at 5’10 and probably only a few pounds lighter if at all. After I stopped going to the gym a while back and started drinking with the boys in its place… Well let’s just say I’m a full figured man now.  I ran my hand over the stubble on the top of my shaved head as I thought about all the ways this could go wrong…  True we had grown up together and seen each other naked before but that was way before either of us even had pubes.  If I caught a boner there would be no way to hide it from him and it would lead to some fucked up questions I really didn’t want to have to answer.

“Eh come on Ola serious,” Maka said a little more seriously. “No one but us here. No one goin see let’s just go cool off.”

“Fuck… Whatevers then I’ll go,” I gave in against my better judgement. “Just for make sure your dumb drunk ass no drown.”

“Chee! That’s my boy,” he exclaimed happily as he walked to the passenger side of my truck. “You still get that towel in here from before?”

“Yeah behind the passenger seat,” I told him as I pulled off my shoes and socks and threw them into the bed of my truck.

“Got em,” he said as he pulled the towel out that he was looking for.
“Brah what the fuck?” I laughed as he dropped his pants and threw them into the truck and closed the door.

“What you like what you see ah?” he grinned as he rubbed his belly.

Oh yeah… I totally did like what I saw.  His arms and face were a bit darker than the rest of him but surprisingly he didn’t really have tan lines other than that.  His collection of tats had grown a little more from the last time I had noticed, he had added some new designs around his family name across his shoulders. I could see his soft dick peeking out from his hair under the overhanging belly and his nice sized balls hanging below it.  I tried my hardest to will myself not to immediately catch a hard on but it was in vain and didn’t help at all.

“Yo!” I heard him yell at me after a moment and I looked up to see him holding out his arms questioningly. “What the fuck you doin?”

“Shit my bad I fuckin zoned out,” I replied, embarrassed.

“Yeah no shit you was having too much fun staring at this sexy body,” he said as he flexed and struck a couple of poses.

“Brah you fuckin so dumb…” I shook my head as I pulled off my shirt and tossed it on top of my shoes.

“Hurry the fuck up slow ass,” he told me as he turned and walked down towards the water.

“Fucking Keola what the fuck are you thinking?” I muttered to myself as I threw my wallet and phone in my truck and locked it before shoving the keys into my now empty pockets. “This is a stupid fucking idea…”

I started walking down the path after Maka as I ran through all the reasons why this was the stupidest thing I had ever done in my head.  I got down to the sand just in time to see the amazing view of his ass and balls as he waded out into the water and dove in under the small wave that was breaking on him.  I sat down on the sand and stared out over the ocean.  It was a beautiful night. The water was really calm and the moon was probably three quarters full so there was more than enough light to see.  I smiled as Maka came back up and splashed around happily in the water.

“Hey shithead!” I heard and looked over to see Maka waving his arms at me. “Get your fuckin ass in here you pussy.”

“Fuck…” I sighed. “Calm the fuck down ho!”

“Brah the water feels so good get in here,” he yelled at me and then ducked back under again.

“What the fuck am I doing… What the fuck am I doing…” I mumbled to myself a few times and then rubbed my face with my hands before I steeled my nerves and commited myself to this.

I unbuttoned my work pants and slid down the zipper while taking a few deep breaths to try to calm myself.  I could feel my heart pounding in my chest but at least the nervousness had killed my erection so I ran my hands around my waist inside the band of my boxer briefs a couple of times before taking one more deep breath and sliding them off of me. It was pretty warm and muggy but I shivered at the feeling of the night air caressing my now naked body.  Other than the patch of light fur around my belly button and a little between my pecs, my body is pretty smooth and I could see the chicken skin popping up across my arms and chest as I crossed them in front of me.

I folded my jeans and undies up and leaned over to put them down when I heard Maka whistle at me. I shook my head but his silliness helped ease some of the tension from me so I took one more deep breath and made my way down to the water where my friend was giving me the biggest, dumbest grin ever.

“Bout time faka,” he told me and then splashed water at me as I waded into the ocean.

“Brah shut the fuck up,” I laughed as I dove in and made my way out towards where he was.  

I had to admit, he was definitely right.  The water felt absolutely amazing after the long day of working and drinking.  It was cool but not to the point that it was cold just refreshing and I savored the feeling of being naked in it, it had been years since I had swam without anything on.

“What brah? Boner?” he asked me with a laugh.

“Shit… You wish asshole,” I laughed too.

“Fuck this feels so fuckin good though right?” he asked as he ran his hands over his arms and chest.

“Yeah it does,” I agreed. “I guess this wasn’t as shitty an idea as you usually get.”

“Fuck you,” he laughed and splashed water at me.

I lifted my feet off the sand and let my body float a little as I took in a deep, relaxing breath. No this wasn’t a bad idea at all. I closed my eyes and let myself relax even more but then suddenly, I felt arms around my middle and I went flying up and over into the water.

“You motherfucker…” I sputtered as I came up blowing water out of my nose.

“Gotcha,” Maka laughed. “Oh shit!”

I caught him off guard and lifted him out of the water and dumped him back in.  He came up laughing and we rough housed for a bit more but it was short lived cause soon we were both out of breath.

“Shit man I’m glad you stuck around for this,” he said as his breathing slowed enough to speak.

“Yeah this was just what needed after this shitty week of work,” I agreed.

“You ready for hele?” he asked to see if I was ready to get out of the water and leave.

“Pretty much,” I agreed as I tipped my head back and slid under the water one more time.

“Shit!” Maka hissed as I came up and I looked at where he was pointing.

A car was pulling into the parking lot of the beach park, its headlights lit up the water and we both ducked lower so we wouldn’t be so obvious.  I was just about to say we better go in case this was the guy that was supposed to be locking up the park gates but the car pulled into a space a couple over from my truck and his headlights turned off.

“What the fuck?” I asked quietly and Maka just shrugged as we tried to figure out what to do.

We looked at each other and then back towards the car and through the windshield a light flared up and then disappeared before a cloud of smoke billowed out of the window and we heard the guy cough over the noise of the ocean.  The cherry of the guy’s joint flared again and a second cloud of smoke came out of his window.

“Ah fuck he just goin burn one fast one and dig out,” Maka said with relief.

“I hope so cause fuck brah I’m starting fo get cold now,” I told him.

We stood out in the water for five minutes, then ten, and then fifteen while we watched this guy puff away at what he was smoking.  I was trying my best to keep calm but the cool ocean water was rapidly making me feel chilled and I could feel myself start shivering.  I crossed my arms in front of my chest and tried my best to keep from shaking.  If we tried to get out of the water now, we’d be in plain view of this guy in his car and he’d see the two of us bare balls naked.

“You cold?” Maka asked me when he noticed me shivering and I just nodded my head.

“What you doing?” I asked through chattering teeth when I felt him move up behind me.

“No worry,” he told me as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to his body to try to give me some warmth.

“Nah no need,” I tried to get him to let me go because as cold as I was feeling, this was having a completely different effect on my body as I felt his belly and chest pressed up against my back and I could feel his dick touch me almost between my cheeks every so often.

“I’m getting cold too brah so just stay quiet and hope this faka digs soon,” he told me as he pulled me tighter against my struggles so I relaxed into him.

My mental struggle wasn’t so easy to give up.  My dick was rock hard now and just inches below where my friend’s arms were wrapped around me.  If he just so happened to let his hands move down, they’d guaranteed brush right across my boner sticking out wide open in front of me.  I was nearly panicking about being hard but at the same time the feeling of being wrapped in my friends arms felt amazing.  I was so caught up in my own dilemma that it took me a while to realize something felt different.  I cocked my head to the side and thought about what it was when I felt it again.  Maka was having the exact same problem as me apparently cause when the next wave rocked us gently, I felt his hard dick rub across my ass cheek.

“You hard right now bro?” I asked him softly.

“Fuck… Yeah man I’m sorry,” he apologized sheepishly and went to let me go.

“Nah nah no worries probably just natural reaction,” I said quickly as I grabbed his arms to keep him from letting me go.

“Yeah I guess,” he replied with an embarrassed grin. “No help I never get any in forever.”

“Problems with your old lady again?” I asked.

“Nah she been dealing with some shit,” he told me. “She had for go mainland cause her braddah is real sick.”

“Ah shitty deals…” I sighed with understanding.

“Yeah not really the kine time where she gonna wanna oof you know?” he laughed.

“Probably not ah?” I laughed too.

“How bout you?” he asked. “Bet you been getting some ass ah?”

“Shit…” I laughed. “Nah no luck here either.”

“You not seeing that guy in Pearl City anymore?” he asked.

It took me a moment to process what he just said and it hit me like an icy punch right to the stomach and I started to panic.

“What the fuck you mean?” I stammered as the fear that I had somehow slipped up and my secret was now out.

“Quit wiggling you faka,” Maka told me as he held on to me through my struggles to get loose. “Come on brah we known each other since like kindergarten time you think I didn’t know?”

“You knew?” I asked with fear in my voice.

“That you was gay? Yeah long time,” he laughed.

“What?!? How?” I exclaimed.

“Shit you never have one chick since like high school,” he laughed. “That and I seen the kine guys you check out when you think no one stay looking.”

“Bullshit!” I protested.

“For real brah I know your type,” he laughed. “I know I’m your type cause I see you checking out all da other big braddahs at the jobsite.”

“Not even…” I objected but I knew I was busted.

“That guy you was seeing?” he continued. “My cousin lives next door, I seen your truck there couple times. Kinda knew braddah was gay too so connect da dots.”

“Fuck!” I swore and then sagged in his arms in defeat.

“No worry man it don’t bother me we all good,” he reassured me.

“You sure?” I asked him.

“Faka…. We’re standing in the ocean, bare ass naked, and I’m holding you to keep warm,” he told me. “Does it look like it bothers me you like boto?”

“When you put it that way…” I laughed and he laughed too.

Right at that moment he readjusted his grip and his hand did exactly what I was afraid it was going to do and brushed against my hard dick.  I tensed up and was ready for him to push me away in disgust but instead he reached down and grabbed it.

“Oh look,” he said as he squeezed my dick. “I guess I was right and I’m your type ah?”

“Shit…” I said not knowing how else to respond.

“This faka’s not bad size after all ah?” he laughed as he felt me up and even stroked me a couple of times.

“Brah you better stop that…” I warned him.

“Or what? You already hard,” he laughed. “What you going buss one already?”

“Fuck it’s been so long I might,” I laughed too.

Instead of stopping, he kept right on going. One hand wrapped around my belly, the other stroking my aching cock while we floated here in the ocean.  I could feel my breathing getting unsteady as the feeling of my best friend holding me close while jerking me off overwhelmed me.

“Oh shit…” I moaned as he rested his chin on my shoulder and I felt his breath tickle my ear.

“Feels good ah?” he asked me.

“Fuck brah… It feels so fuckin good…” I replied as I tipped my head back against his.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, him holding me and stroking my cock underwater, but the next thing I knew I felt that familiar feeling building up in my nuts.  I moaned and gasped quietly as he jerked me off like that and soon it got to the point where I couldn’t hold it off any longer.

“Brah I’m going to cum if you don’t stop…” I moaned.

“Shoot em then,” he chuckled.

“Oh fuck… Fuck Maka I’m gonna cum,” I gasped. “FUCK! I’m cumming!”

My dick swelled and my balls pulled even tighter and then it started jumping and pulsing as my load flooded out to join the even saltier water we floated in.  My body twitched and I could hear myself making weird gasping, squeaking noises as I blew my load and I swear I seen stars at one point. Maka didn’t even flinch, he just kept stroking me slowly while I shook with my orgasm and when it slowed, he let go of my dick and gently massaged my balls.

“Holy fuck Maka that was crazy shit,” I mumbled as I struggled to regain my senses.

“Felt good ah?” he laughed.

“Shit yeah,” I laughed too. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“Help my bro out you know?” he chuckled as he brought his arm up and held me with both of them again.

I had no idea what to say so I just let him hold me against him.  Finally, the car parked next to us started up and his headlights came on.  It seemed like forever before he put it in reverse and slowly drove out of the parking lot. 

Maka released his grip on me, kind of reluctantly it seemed like, and I turned to look at him and we grinned at each other.  We swam and then waded out of the water back up onto the beach where I picked up my clothes and he grabbed the towel he had brought down here. I looked back at him and once again admired his naked body, glistening with sea water in the moonlight, his dick still partially hard.

“Think there’s still hot water?” he asked as he nodded towards the bathroom building.

“Dunno like go check em out?” I asked and he nodded again so we made our way to check.

“Fuck that feels good,” he sighed as he turned on the shower and warm water sprayed down on him.

I turned on mine and sighed in contentment as warm water flowed over me, washing the salt and sand off of my skin.  I glanced over again at my friend and was surprised that he was almost fully hard again as he rinsed himself off.  He closed his eyes and let the water pour down his face as he grabbed his dick and started stroking himself.

“Maka?” I said quietly.

“Yeah?” he replied, opening one eye to look over at me.

“Can I help you with that?” I asked as I eyed his now hard dick in his hand.

“Up to you brah,” he said and then laughed. “I no mind you like return the favor.”

“How bout I suck em instead would that be cool?” I asked as I licked my lips in anticipation, the alcohol fueling my courage and my horniness.

“Fuck…” he swore. “Yeah fuck em why not.”

I turned off my shower and turned to face him.  I squatted down in front of him and reached up to pull his upwards pointing dick towards my mouth.  He was definitely a grower.  The soft dick I seen was gone and in its place was at least 6.5 inches of thick, cut cock.  I admired his fat mushroom shaped head for a second before leaning in and running my tongue under it before sliding my lips over his head.

“Ho fuck…” my friend moaned as I savored the opportunity to suck the cock I never would have thought I would get the chance to in a million years.

I couldn’t tell if it was the salt water or his precum, but it was one of the hottest things I can ever remember tasting. I used my lips and tongue with all the skill I could to stimulate his head and from the moaning that filled my ears, it must have been doing the trick.

“Shit… Fuck brah you got skills…” Maka gasped as I buried my nose in his pubes and his head in the back of my throat. “Unnnf shit!”

“I can’t believe this is happening… I can’t believe this is happening…” was the only thing that kept running through my mind, over and over as I gave my best friend head.  I was torn between wanting to give him the best blowjob and orgasm he’d ever had or milking it for as long as I possibly could to savor this moment.  

I reached up and ran my hands up his muscular thighs and then reached back and grabbed his thick ass cheeks and pulled him in, shoving his dick as deep as I could into my mouth. He moaned in pleasure as he ran his hands over my head and shoulders.  I could tell he wanted to grab my head and try to fuck my face but he was resisting that urge, content to let me have my way and give him pleasure with my cock sucking skills.

“Fuuuuuck…” he grunted as I bobbed my head in and out, letting his head slide up to my lips before sucking him back down to the base. “Shit bro you goin make me cum pretty soon…”

Hearing him say that, I picked up the speed and intensity of my sucking and the volume of his moans increased even louder.  I reached under and massaged his big nuts gently through his tightening sack and from the bucking of his hips and shaking of his legs I knew he was about to blow.

“Fuck I goin cum,” he cried out. “Stop brah or I goin cum in your mouth…”

He tried to push me off but I refused to let him so he went along with it instead. He ran his hands up and down the sides of my face and head as he gasped and grunted his way towards climax.  When it did hit him, he let out a thundering primal yell as his ass cheeks clenched and his balls emptied a massive load of his seed into my starving mouth.  I had to swallow a few times to keep it from spilling, I almost choked on the never ending stream of sperm he was blasting down my eager throat.  Just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more it slowed and I started sucking slowly to milk every last drop out of him.  Maka stood there with his head thrown back, eyes tightly closed, as his body shuddered and shook with the force of his orgasm.

“Fuuuuucking shit…” he finally gasped out. “Ok stop… Stop you frickah.”

“How was that?” I laughed as I reluctantly let go of his now softening dick and he pulled me up.

“Fuck brah now I see why people say guys give the best head,” he laughed. “Man I fuckin needed that.”

“No shit you was trying for drown me you asshole,” I laughed as he pulled me in to a big bear hug.

“Thanks,” was all he said as he smiled at me and then did something I totally did not expect. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

“Wow…” I sighed as he broke the kiss.

“That was actually pretty fuckin hot man,” he laughed as he turned his shower back on to rinse off again.

“Yeah it was…” I agreed as I did the same.

“This shit stays between you and me ok?” he told me and then reached out his hand to shake on it.

“Of course bro no worries,” I told him as I shook his hand and then we both grinned at each other.

“At least I know where fo go when I need to buss a nut now ah?” he said and cracked up laughing.

“Oh so that’s all I am now ah?” I said trying to sound offended but then I started laughing too.

“Nah you’re my bro and bro’s help each other out,” he replied with a big grin.

“Yup for sure,” I agreed.

We finished washing off and he handed me the towel so I could dry off enough to get dressed.  I tried to get my underwear on but it kept getting stuck on my legs so I just shoved them into my pocket and pulled my pants on commando.  I stuck my head out of the bathroom to look around and there was nothing but an empty parking lot so I waved him all clear.  Maka came strolling out with the towel wrapped around his waist like he didn’t have a care in the world as I unlocked my truck and we jumped in.

“Not goin put on your clothes?” I asked as I pulled on my shirt.

“Nah fuck em,” he laughed and I joined in. “What? Waikiki cruise?”

“Shoots!” I agreed as I started the truck and we rolled down the windows.

We drove back into town and through Waikiki like he asked, my stereo cranked up and the windows open. The entire time we drove around Maka sat there bare ass naked, singing along with whatever song was playing, grinning at me whenever I looked over at him.  I shook my head with amazement at what we just did and I couldn’t wipe the big smile off of my face either.


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Fake – Part 2

Part 1

Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Word Count: 1,445

A/N thanks for requesting part 2! Here it is ❤ I never actually mention in part 1 the girl’s name… but she’s called mina in this

Baekhyun was so surprised at your swift departure that he couldn’t utter a single word. It was too late, you’d already left, the library door slamming behind you. Mina stood in front of Baekhyun, who was still situated in the bean bag, icy eyes following you as you left. A smirk toyed at her lips.

Baekhyun suddenly felt different, unsure and slightly nervous. The whole situation’s atmosphere had abruptly become intense, fierce, sharp. Everything that was to unfold depended on Baekhyun, and him alone. Your lack of presence meant you were no longer there to support him. He felt slightly lonely, your exit affecting him more than it should.

Something felt far away inside him, distant. His connection to Mina didn’t feel as clear, like someone had tampered with his carefully thought out plan. He had looked at Mina before with a schoolboy crush, and although now she stood in front of him, eyeing him up while he had full access, it didn’t seem to bloom into anything more. If anything, Baekhyun felt a protective barrier towards you, his friend, after her intimidation had led you to fleeing the building.

Baekhyun shook his head slightly, as if trying to rid himself from this new, foreign feeling. He finally had a chance with Mina, you had gone through so much to get him this far. Baekhyun almost felt like he couldn’t let your reluctant work go to waste, as if it would be letting you down. I might as well try it out. Baekhyun thought to himself. Maybe the unknown feelings would vanish then. Giving himself an excuse to carry out the process he had planned, Baekhyun allowed himself to connect with Mina for the night. Although a small voice in his mind warned him this experiment wasn’t to end in the way he had originally thought.

You felt numb. You regretted ever agreeing to the stupid idea. Obviously, it would only end up in tears and a cracked heart. Refusing to allow yourself to witness the flirting and the fall of your fake relationship, you’d escaped the library as fast as possible. Now, you sat in your bed, wrapped up in covers with messily tied up hair and black lines running down your face. You decided to watch crappy rom-coms on your laptop as an attempt to divert your mind.

A couple of movies later, you heard a click at your door and watched as Baekhyun let himself inside your room. His eyes found yours. He stood in the door frame, leaning against it and stuffing his hands inside his jacket pockets. A glance at the dark makeup sinisterly running from your eyes sent a stab of guilt to Baekhyun’s stomach.

You pulled your laptop screen down, leaving only the candlelight next to your bed as a source of light in the room. You noticed Baekhyun’s hair was wet, it must have been raining outside. His lips looked plump. You tried to stop images of Baekhyun and Mina flashing in your head, building a brick wall in your mind.

“I’m sorry,” Baekhyun finally spoke. You didn’t reply, only wiping a tear that was threatening to spill down your cheek. “I’m sorry for being so blind about everything,” Baekhyun said, staring at the ground. “I’m confused about how I feel and… It’s all different. Everything is different.” He looked up to meet your gaze. You nodded. “And I’ll be honest: things did happen with Mina.” But she needn’t know what things happened, Baekhyun thought to himself. “I love our friendship,” he paused,”the way it is, but there are definitely feelings I need time to fully comprehend.”

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Love is friendship set on fire  (Alec Lightwood Imagine)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Request: could you do an Alec lightwood imagine where he has been best friends with the reader and has feeings for her but since he’s Alec he doesn’t know how to deal with it so the gang steps in and gets them together

Summery: ’You need to apologize and then tell her how you feel. This has been going on for years and you’re lucky enough to really…love someone. Don’t let it go to waste.’’
Jace’s voice was quite but the serious look on his face told Alec that he meant it.
It wasn’t like Alec didn’t know.
But he just COULDN’T. What if he lost her with his confession? He’d rather have her as a friend than have her not at all.

Or where Alec is in love with his best friend. And Alec being Alec, things go wrong and the gangs steps in to help.

Warnings: -

Words: 2.330

A/N: Hello lovely people of the internet!
This is a requested Alec Imagine. Hope you like it. Happy Reading !Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

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*gif not mine*

The first three things that Clary Fray had had noticed when she had spent a few days with Jace and the Lightwood siblings was the following: First, Alec Lightwood was way too uptight and serious. Second, the parabatai bond between him and Jace was crazily intimate. And third, Alec Lightwood was head over heels in love with Y/N. Clary had met his best friend during one of their training sessions. Y/N was really pretty and according to Isabelle a really fierce shadowhunter. That wasn’t something you necessarily could tell looking at her. She seemed soft and really kind , the first time she had met Clary she had hugged her and made her feel more welcomed than Alec every had in those two weeks he had known her. So when Jace told her that Y/N was Alec’s best friend she had been shocked. Where he was reserved and serious , Y/N was open and carefree.
It had been a Friday night when Clary had watched those two train. She was amazed at how elegant but also cool Y/N looked trying to beat Alec, and how his chest heaved from exhaustion. It was the moment that Y/N had Alec pinned down on the floor ,laughing and helping Alec up that Clary saw the look in Alec’s eyes as he watched her walking over to her water bottle to take a sip. The smile that had formed on his lips reminded her at how Luke looked at her mother.

‘’You’re following her like a love sick puppy, Alec!’’
Isabelle faced her brother noticing contentedly how Jace nodded in agreement.
‘’ Mom knows, Hodge knows, everyone does ! Even Max asked me when you two will finally marry.’’, Izzy supported her argument crossing her arms in front of her.
‘’Except for Y/N.’’, Jace chuckled while playing with Clary’s hair.
‘’Well that’s entirely his fault ! How is she supposed to know? I heard you argue last week and you said some things that must have really hurt her, do you realize that?’’
Alec stood awkwardly in the middle of the room wishing this conversation didn’t take place.
‘’She almost got herself killed, Izzy!’’, Alec said annoyed, feeling his anger rising just thinking of how carelessly Y/N had played with her life . He knew that he shouldn’t have yelled at her, saying the things he said. The moment he had realized that she was holding back tears he had felt incredible guilty and sorry. But the sheer horror he had felt when he had gotten told that the healing rune almost hadn’t worked on her and that she had been on the brick of death made him feel incredible hopeless and petrified. The thought of losing her made him go mad and he had been so furious with her for taking her life so insignificant. Even though she and Jace were the most important people in his life. He wouldn’t be able to live without them.
Since that day Y/N had tried to ignore him, clearly hurt by his actions. And Alec was suffering.
‘’I lashed out, I know! But-‘’
‘’The thought of losing her makes you go crazy. We know. ‘’,Izzy said softly.
‘’But I believe Y/N didn’t understand why you acted like that.’’
Silence filled the room.
‘’You do know she feels the same way, right?’’, Simon spoke up.
Alec rolled his eyes feeling his heart speed up at the mere thought that Y/N could actually feel the same about him. But he doubted it. He would always be the best friend and nothing more. Exactly like that mundane.
‘’Trust me she does. I know how…I can tell.’’, Simon added with a short look to Clary.
‘’You have to tell her.’’,Jace said seriously.
‘’You need to apologize and then tell her how you feel. This has been going on for years and you’re lucky enough to really…love someone. Don’t let it go to waste.’’
Jace’s voice was quite but the serious look on his face told Alec that he meant it.
It wasn’t like Alec didn’t know.
But he just couldn’t. What if he lost her with his confession? He’d rather have her as a friend than have her not at all.
‘’I have things to do.’’
He escaped.

Isabelle watched her brother go, asking herself how her intelligent brother could be so dumb when it came to feelings.
Jace bit his lips, slowly grinning.
‘’I might have an idea.’’

You haven’t been feeling too well since last week. Your body still had to heal and the fact that you weren’t on speaking terms with Alec was a burden. When he had yelled accusing you of not taking your job seriously and not being thankful for the opportunity you had been provided with really had hurt you deeply. You had grown up without parents, the Lightwood family had always been something like a home to you. Being reminded of how you didn’t belong anywhere by Alec left a bitter aftertaste. You haven’t felt so alone in a long time.
You knew you should be probably talking to Alec, sorting out your issues. But the fact that he didn’t come to see you to ask for how you were doing really really hurt. Like he didn’t even care.
Even though all you really wanted was to be hold by him . Hold than more than just his best friend.
You hadn’t left your room in days, laying in bed all ay and snuggling with pillows while watching crappy comedies on TV. When your door opened you didn’t expect Max Lightwood to sneak into your room, hopping on your bed grinning.
‘’Max!’’ You laughed, raising an eyebrow. Max was almost like a brother to you, you loved to visit him every time you were in Idris.
‘’I’ve been told to check your injury, Y/N. And I heard you have chocolate ?’’ His cheeky grin was disarming.
‘’Well, Dr.Max I do, indeed. ‘’
He nodded seriously instructing you to let him take a look at your wound.
You sat up, wearing a short nike shorts, lifting your shirt up a little bit for Max to see the sword wound. It wasn’t too bad anymore, otherwise you would have never shown it to Max.
Said newly doctor nodded stating that it looked okay before asking for a piece of chocolate. You gave it to him before you both snuggled up in the bed watching Spong Bob.
10 minutes later he excused himself because he had something ‘important’ to do.
You turned off the TV before you got up to prepare for a shower.

When Max entered the training room where the gang was gathered he tried to look all throughout and concerning.
‘’What’s up Max?’’,Jace spoke up.
‘’Why you’re looking so down ?’’
Alec wanted to crouch down but froze on the spot when he heard ‘’ I went to check on Y/N.’’
He went to do what?
‘’Oh how’s she doing? I planned on doing a beauty evening with her tomorrow.’’, Izzy said trying to hide her face because she was simply really bad at lying to her brother. Max on the contrary was a professional.
‘’Oh I don’t think that’s a good idea. She doesn’t look too good.’’
Alec frowned focusing on Max.
‘’What do you mean?’’
Mac grinned inwardly congratulating himself for being such a good decoy.
‘’ She’s really pale and I think… her wound might me infected or anything. She’s reaaaaaaaly weak.’’
Alec didn’t notice Jace cracking up in the background.
It only took Alec two seconds to exit the training room and walk up the floor to Y/N’s room. Without knocking he entered, realizing she was missing. Her bed looked used so she had to be there. When he realized that the bathroom door was closed he started to panic.
‘’Y/N? You’re alright?’’
You heard his voice through the door , letting out a small scream because you were so indulged into the music coming through your headphones while you prepared everything for a shower that he startled you.
Suddenly your bathroom lacked a door and Alec’s hands cradled your face.
‘’What happened?’’ His pupils were dilated while he scanned your face.
‘’What happened to you?’’, you replied confused.
‘’Why did you break down my door?’’
Alec thought you were downplaying your injury so he picked you up around the hips and sat you down on the counter.
He didn’t even hesitate to try to lift up your shirt but getting stopped by you.
‘’Alec ! What the hell are you doing?’’
You kept a hold of his hand demanding an explanation.
‘’Show me your wound, love!’’, he growled frustrated with how easily you treated your injury . Again.
‘’Alexander Gideon Lightwood!’’
Using his whole name always worked. He growled at you making you laugh at the absurdity.
‘’Would you be so kind to explain why you’re trying to undress me?’’
A raised eyebrow.
And a flustered Alec.
‘’I’m not…Max said you were doing bad.’’
You frowned shaking your head.
‘’What? He saw the wound himself and ate chocolate with me. Why would he…?’’
Alec was so blind by worry that he didn’t count 1 and 1 together.
‘’Y/N show me the wound!’’
You sighed, rolling your eyes and lifting up your shirt.
‘’Why didn’t you tell me you were doing bad? I would ha-Ow.’’
He squinted, the worry replaced by confusion. It was looking alright.
‘’You don’t care, remember?’’
You simply said making an attempt to hop off the counter but Alec’s arms were holding you firmly into place.
Alec knew Max had played him a trick but right now he had to focus on something way more important. He didn’t care ?
‘’What have you said?’’, he said quietly looking hurt.
The bathroom was only lit by candles since you hated to shower in full light.
‘’I said you didn’t care.’’ You crossed your arms as you answerer defiantly , meeting his gaze. How dare he come breaking down your door acting all concerned when he forgot about you?
‘’What, by the angels, makes you think I don’t care how you’re doing?’’
Disbelieve echoed in his voice. His closeness and your hurt feelings were causing to pool tears behind your eyes.
You tried to advert your eyes, tried to get yourself together.
‘’Look at me.’’, Alec said softly watching you shake your head ‘no’.
He crouched down a little to meet your eyes, keeping them captive. Seeing the wetness behind your eyes he realized that he truthfully fucked up.
‘’Don’t you dare think for a minute that I don’t care about you. Do you have any idea how worries I was, and still am?’’
‘’Yeah sure that’s why you came to see me the last days. And why you had to remind me that I have no home.’’
You bit your lip, blinking ,trying not to cry. In the silence that followed you would have been able to hear a needle drop.
Alec had no idea where to start, your whole statement was bullshit.
‘’I’m sorry, Y/N. Okay? I freaked out when I got told that you might not make it. That I might lose you. And when you woke up you acted like it was no big deal, like your life didn’t matter and it got me so furious. I was so fucking scared of losing you , I knew you were reckless, but you played with your life. Do you have any idea what you would do to me if you died?’’, he swallowed.
‘’I was blinded by my anger and my fear and I said things I don’t mean. Afterwards I felt so guilty and you clearly showed you that you didn’t want to see me.’’
He softly rubbed over your wet cheeks.
‘’I know I hurt you and I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just…’’, he sighed deeply, holding his breath.
‘’I love you, Y/N. I have for a really long time and the thought of you not caring about yourself even thought you are the world to me kills me. And you have a home. You always had and you always will. Here. With us. With my family. With me. You’re my home Y/N.’’
You lifted your eyes up to his, facing him disbelieving.
Did she say he loved you?
‘’Say it again.’’, you breathed not quite believing what you’ve heard. You surely must have misheard him.
‘’I’m your home.’’, he repeated.
‘’No not that, that before.’’
Alec furrowed his brows, looking at you intensely.
‘’I love you Y/N. I’m not good at this. Feeling what I’m feeling, relationships , falling in love with my best friend. Killing demons is so much easier than risking our friendship by confessing this.’’
You couldn’t help but to sniffle, making Alec laugh
‘’I know that you’re not feeling the same and it’s okay I ju-‘’
You interrupted him by diving forwards and pressing your lips against his.
More doing, less talking.
The moment your lips met you felt everything click into place. This is what you were born to do. Loving him. You belonged right here.
Alec buried his hands in your hair , shortly taken by surprise but quickly realizing that he was kissing you.
He deepened the kiss, pulling away to let you breathe.
‘’I love you.’’,you said honestly with a small smile.
‘’For so long. But I was always just your best friend.’’
Alec smiled that smile that mad his blue eyes light up and left you breathless.
‘’You’re still my best friend. I just get to kiss you now.’’
Said and done.

It was half past 11 when Jace tried to catch a look through the little opened gap of your door. When he realized the two people in the room were asleep he dared to open it a little further.
Izzy smiled when she saw you snuggled up in Alec’s arms, his face buried in your hair.
‘’Max deserves a medal.’’


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bandsbooksrepeat  asked:

86 (because nico flirting would be great) and 43 on that prompt list (or if you've done them, please direct me to them)

This is number 43. I’ll try to write the other one as soon as possible.


‘Would you just ask me already?’, Will asks, his voice amused but sweet. The way he usually talks to Nico, a smile lighting up his face.

Nico is playing with his fingers, looking down at the ground. He’s trying to suppress the small smile matching Will’s by biting his lip. ‘You know I’m new at this, Solace. So shut up and let me talk.’

Will mimics locking his mouth and throws the key over his shoulder. He holds up his hands and motions for Nico to go on. He knows what Nico is trying to ask. Camp Half-Blood has organized a special firework show to ask out that special someone to have the most special night with.

Nico and Will are friends. They’re a little more than that actually, they’re – Will doesn’t know what they are. They’ve been friends for months now. After the war against Gaea, Will had slowly gotten Nico to open up to him, even if it was just a little bit, one thing at a time. But he’s always liked the son of Hades. From the moment he snapped at Will for wearing black with his blond hair while he was still wearing a Hawaiian shirt, so. He hadn’t done anything about it until he was absolutely certain Nico was ready for that, whatever it was Will wanted to do. So about two weeks ago Will had confessed his feeling, blushing and insecure the whole time and Nico had been surprisingly quiet until he said he felt the same way. They’d gone to the bonfire afterwards like always and they didn’t act different. Maybe they sat a little closer than necessary and maybe Will accidentally put his hand over Nico’s next to them, but for the most part they simply acted the way they always did. They haven’t kissed yet or anything, Will is almost absolutely certain Nico doesn’t want to rush into that, so he waits until Nico’s the one to initiate it. Though he really wants to.

And now Nico is standing in front of him, trying to ask him to come to the special firework show as his special someone to have the most special night with and he looks strangely nervous, as if Will would ever say anything but yes to that. As if he hasn’t been thinking of doing the same thing since he heard about it.

‘So, you know the firework show’, Nico continues. 'I was wondering if you wanted to go with me. As my 'special someone’. Or my boyfriend or whatever.’ The last part he mumbles so quietly Will barely hears it, and blushes fiercely.

'I would love to go as your boyfriend.’ Will answers and he can’t stop smiling at the flushed look on the other boy’s face.

That answer clearly makes Nico happy because he visibly relaxes and lets the smile take over his face. Will could do nothing but look at that smile for the rest of his life and not feel like he wasted a single second of it.

'You’re so cute!’ He can’t help himself. It was bound to spill out anyway, might as well be now.

'Don’t call me cute, Solace. It’s bad enough you’re going to call me your boyfriend all the time now.’

'Well you are my boyfriend. My very cute boyfriend.’

Nico rolls his eyes, but he can’t exactly hide the blush tainting his cheeks.

'And, you know, you don’t have to be so nervous next time. You know I’ll always say yes.’

Nico shrugs. 'I’m just not sure how to do all these things yet. It used to be a whole lot different.’

'You’re doing great, believe me.’ He gets a relieved smile for that. 'Can I hold your hand?’ Now he’s the one being nervous, not sure of where Nico’s boundaries are, not sure what he’s comfortable expressing to the rest of camp yet.

Nico doesn’t answer verbally, but instead links his fingers through Will’s and smiles up at him. 'Come on. We don’t want to miss the fireworks.’

Hope you liked it! The other one should be done sooner that this one was, because my Wifi’s back, finally!

d for "daniel" (daniel seavey)

Warnings: Nuh-uh.

A/N: this is super long! but i hope its worth the read:) it took me forever to write!! thanks to @seaveyslut for helping me again!

You roll your eyes after your best friend, Christina, asks you to go to her boyfriend’s concert with her. You’re sitting on the couch of your one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, arguing with her for the past 20 minutes. 

“Oh, come on, Y/N! It’ll be fun!” She nags pleadingly for the billionth time. 

You look up at Christina, pausing Teen Wolf and giving her a glance of clear annoyance, “Fine, I’ll go with you. Just shut up about it, please.” 

Christina chuckles, “Yes, yes! Thank you. I love you. You won’t regret coming. The boys are so great!” She reaches over and gives you a bone-crushing hug. 

Boys? You had thought that the show was only Corbyn performing. You get up from the couch and head over to your kitchen. “What do you mean ‘boys’?” you say with furrowed brows, twisting open a bottle of water. 

“The boys. Why Don’t We?” She declares, expecting you to know whatever the hell she was talking about. 

After taking a long sip of water, you shake your head, confused, “Well? Finish your sentence. Why don’t we what?” 

“No, Y/N, that’s the name of their group. I thought I told you about this before?”

Having a little bit of an “aha” moment, you recall the time Christina was rambling on about Corbyn’s boy band. “I may not have been listening fully.” She looks at you with disbelief. “You were talking to me while I was binge watching Supernatural. I can’t believe you expect me to listen to what you’re saying when I’m watching one of the greatest shows that ever aired television.” 

“Oh my god, whatever. Change into something cute. Let’s go.” Christina demands as she crosses her arms over her chest. 

Being the girlfriend of one of the band members definitely had its perks. Christina was able to get the two of you into the venue an hour early to look around and find a spot. 

After wandering around the empty venue, you and Christina sit down on a couple of stools near the stage.

You both are on your phone, waiting for who knows what. It gets really quiet a few moments later, and you hear singing voices that are soothing, angelic even. The voices seem to be harmonizing perfectly.

“Christina.” You nudge your distracted best friend, “Christina!” 

Turning towards at you, she questions, “What? I’m listening!” 

“Do you hear that?” You look up to the ceiling, amazed. “Oh my god, I think God is calling out to me with his choir of angels.”

She begins laughing hysterically. She catches her breath and says, “Those aren’t angels, honey. They’re the boys rehearsing for the show.”

“You didn’t tell me that they were that good. Jeez, they sound like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes’s love children.” You announce in shock. 

Her mouth curved into a smile, “Please never call them that again!” She laughs at your poor choice of words. “Oh and Corbyn texted me a while ago. He said we can go backstage. They’re just hanging out there, so let’s go?”

“Okay, but I really have to pee; I’ve been holding it forever.” You glance up from your phone. Christina points to where the bathroom is, and you shuffle in that direction. 

After doing your business, you wash and dry your hands. Immediately after stepping out of the restroom, you slam headlong into an unlucky passerby. It had felt like you ran straight into a brick wall. You and the unfamiliar person both end up on the floor groaning.

Raising your hand to the point of contact on your head, you look up at the stranger, “Oh god. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking.” 

The slender boy in front of you stands up and offers you his hand. You grasp it as he helps you up. Noticing something, you take in his looks, noticing his bright blue eyes and his little tooth gap, a cute gap actually. It seems as if you’ve seen him somewhere, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, “No, it’s fine. I was the one running at full speed towards the bathroom…” The boy glances at you with pleading eyes. “Are you okay?”

You let out a light chuckle, “I’m good honestly. Just a little lightheaded, but it’s nothing I won’t get over. Don’t worry.”

“My name’s Daniel.” His lips tug into a charming smile as he puts out his hand.

Shaking it, you tell him, “I’m Y/N.”

“So, uh, do you like Why Don’t We? I heard that they’re pretty great, like ‘the best boy band out there’ great,” Daniel chats.

Unsure of what to tell him, you confess, “Well, my best friend forced me to come today. I don’t think I’d know much about them if she didn’t make me go with her.”

“They’re gonna be so dope. Just wait. You’ll love them,” he says with a smug grin.

“Will I? I really hope you’re right. Wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good night on a band I might not like.” You let out with a shrug.

Weirdly, Daniel looks a little hurt, “If you don’t like them, let me make it up to you. Give me your phone number.” He reaches out, and you pull your phone from your pocket. “I’m putting in my number. Call me after the show if you were disappointed. I’ll make it up to you with a fun night with D.”

You stare at him in amusement, “Oh my god. I don’t know if I want a ‘fun night with D.’ Sounds a little kinky if you ask me.”

“Oh! I- I meant a fun night with me, ‘D’ as in Daniel. I swear it sounded better in my head. I’m so sorry,” he turns as red as a tomato from embarrassment.

“No, it’s okay. I will definitely give you a call if I find that this band isn’t the ‘greatest out there.’” You chortle at him, entertained by his slight awkwardness.

Daniel smiles at you. As if he suddenly remembers something important, he lets in a small gasp, “Oh, shoot. I’ve got to go my friends are probably waiting for me. It was really nice meeting you. Hopefully next time we see each other we both don’t end up on the floor.”

“Yeah.” You grin, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “Hopefully.”

He begins walking away, and you head into the direction you came from, towards Christina.

“Y/N, where the hell have you been?” She looks at you, worried and a bit angry. “Did you fall in the toilet or something?”

You wave her off as an attempt to calm her down, “I just had a little trouble at the bathroom.”

“Ew. Nevermind that. Let’s go!” Christina grabs onto your hand and pulls you toward the stage.

The both of you head over to what seems to be the band’s dressing room.

Christina gently knocks on the door as she pushes it open, “Hey, guys!”

“Christina!” Corbyn, Christina’s boyfriend, yells from the other side of the room. He quickly gets up and rushes over to her to give her a hug.

After their hug breaks, Corbyn looks over at you, “Oh hey, Y/N. Christina told me that she was trying to convince you to come. I can’t believe you actually went through with it. I’m glad.” His lips tug into a smile. “I wanna introduce you to the boys.”

Corbyn walks over to a couch with two boys occupying it. He points to one with curly, kind of noodle-like hair and another with rosy cheeks who looks a little too young to be touring the country, and says, “This is Jack and Zach. Jack, Zach, this is Y/N. She’s Christina’s best friend.”

Jack looks up from his phone and greets you, “Hey, Y/N. Nice to meet you. I’m the cool one of the band.” He smirks at you somewhat flirtatiously and winks.

“I’m Zach, and feel free to ignore him. Sometimes he pretends to speak French, when he only actually knows one sentence.” Zach gives Jack a joking side eye.

Laughing at their playfulness, you acknowledge multiple bags in the room filled with snacks: Gushers, Nutter Butters, dry roasted peanuts, Oreos, and even a few watermelons. “Okay, what the hell?” You stare at the boys in complete shock.

Simultaneously, the three of them say, “Our fans are great.”

Corbyn then starts walking over to the corner of the room where a tall, brown eyed boy stands. The boy informs you, “Hey. My name’s Jonah.” He gently wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you in for a hug.

You give him a small smile, “Y/N.”

Suddenly, a voice from what seems to be the bathroom speaks up, “You guys? There’s no more toilet paper. Can someone get me some?”

Jack groans in frustration, while Zach puts his head in his hands, embarrassed. Jonah walks over to the bathroom door, knocking on it. As the door slightly opens with a creak, a hand pops out, and Jonah gives the roll of toilet paper to the person behind the door.

After a little while, the restroom door opens once again, but instead of a hand, out comes a tall bo- 

 Oh my god. You laugh to yourself, cheeks turning red. Daniel! The boy that almost gave me a concussion. 

With your mouth hanging open, you realize that he’s the fifth member of Why Don’t We, and earlier he was definitely giving his band a little shoutout.

Yours and Daniel’s eyes lock, and Daniel suddenly looks like he’s seen a ghost.

“Daniel, bro, you okay?” Corbyn puts his hand on Daniel’s shoulder.

As if he snaps out of a trance, Daniel shakes his head, turning his head to Corbyn, “Yeah. I’m fine.”

“Good, man, because there’s someone I want to introduce you to.” Corbyn gestures to you, “This is Y/N. She and Christina have been best friends for the longest time.”

You chuckle a little since both you and Daniel know that the two of you no longer need introductions. “We’ve actually met. Earlier we both ran into each other… quite literally.”

Daniel hangs his head low from embarrassment, and Christina speaks up from the other side of the room, “Oh! So that’s why you took so long at the bathroom!” She laughs hard after coming to that realization.

 To your surprise, the Why Don’t We show was actually really great. The boys have such an amazing stage presence, and they’re such angels to their fans. You definitely had to hand it to Daniel. If they weren’t the greatest band out there, the boys were certainly getting there.

Christina took you back to your apartment right after the show to avoid all the commotion with what she and the boys called “the afterparty” and “limelights.”

After getting settled in with Netflix and some popcorn, your phone begins to ring. You walk over to the counter to where you set it down last, and the screen reads, “Incoming Call from ‘Daniel (the boy that ran into you like a bull im sorry).’”

You laugh to yourself at the long name he decided to put as his contact, answering it, “I’m really digging the contact name. It’s a little lengthy for me, but it’ll have to do.” You smile.

“I’m glad you like it.” From the other end, Daniel lets out an exhausted sigh, “Judging by the fact that you didn’t call me to tell me that you had a terrible time and you want a refund, I’m assuming that you liked the show?”

“Oh, yeah. I liked it for sure. You guys are great. And why didn’t you just tell me that you were apart of the band instead of shamelessly self-promoting it?”

“Umm… Always plug?” He says.

You giggle at his response, “And about that ‘fun night with D,’ although I may have liked the show, I might like a day with you a lot better.”

As if you can see him smile through the phone, he beams, “I would love that. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 1pm?”

Holding On

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Cliffhanger(whoops…), Protective Dean

Word Count: 1923

Prompt:  Sweet!! I was wondering if you do a one shot with a very overprotective Dean with the reader, she thinks it’s sweet that he protects her so much. Make it as fluffy as you can please?(via anonymous)

A/N: I tried to come up with a plot that was different than most involving protective!Dean, but I’m pretty sure I failed, so here’s this. I hope it’s okay, nonnie, I tried to make it a little fluffy, but I probably failed there too. Maybe one of these days I’ll make something super fluffy and dedicate it to you.

*If you wanna be tagged, let me know


Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Dean had been sitting in the dimly lit bar for a little under an hour, his gaze unwavering as he focused it at the booth across the room. He brought his glass to his lips every once in a while, oblivious to the busty waitress that made a show of refilling it every once in awhile. The only thing he was focused on being you, the Y/H/C haired woman who sat across the room, your smile lighting up the entire bar as you laughed at something your friend had said.

It wasn’t like he was stalking you. Not completely anyways. He just wanted to see you, make sure you were okay without actually having to ask.

“Are we really doing this?” Sam asks in exasperation as he follows Dean’s line of sight.

“Doing what?” Dean only breaks his concentration for a moment to look towards his little brother before his attention is gone again.

“Dean, I find it hard to believe that it’s purely coincidence that we’ve ended up in the same place as Y/N twice in one day.”

“Hey, it’s a small tow-”

“Not to mention, the other four times this week that we’ve just happened to see her.” Sam continues, cutting his brother off mid-sentence.

“So what? Like I said, it’s a small town.” Dean shrugs, his glass finding his lips and sliding the amber liquid between them.

“So what are you doing, Dean?”

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Shelby Brothers x Reader

Requested By Anon

You smiled as people scattered out of your way, it was a side effect of being the Shelby brother’s family friend since you could remember and you couldn’t hide the fact that you loved it. The world was at your feet at least, Small Heath was, and there was nothing that pleased you more to wonder through the streets and watch people hurry about and attempt to not look at you.


“Bloody ‘ell here she is.” John yelled as you walked into the Garrison.

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As It Seems: Chapter 14

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: You and Dean sneak away for some of that alone time he’s been wanting, and Crowley makes another reappearance

Word Count: 3180

Warnings: Implied Smut

A/N: I’m sooo sorry it’s been forever since I’ve updated this! I’ve been so incredibly busy and I don’t see my life slowing down any time soon. On the plus side, I just moved into a new apartment that is 40 minutes closer to my work and school, so hopefully I’ll have more time and energy to do everything. As soon as I catch up on my school work (ha!) I promise that I’ll sit down and actually write the last few parts of this series (It’s all planned out! I just need the time and motivation to write)

Beta’d by: @kclaire1


~~Dean’s POV~~

“Well, if you and Alex want to leave everyone, why do I have to go too? I can still sleep on the couch.” Claire was standing in front of Jody with her arms crossed. Jody had adopted the I’m your mother and you will do as I say look, but I’d always felt oddly protective of the rebellious blonde teenager, so I strode over.

“What’s going on?”

Claire moved her glare from Jody to me. “Since Ash is here, there’s nowhere for him to sleep. And since Jody has a house in town, she decided that the three of us are going to go home tonight. But that just means that we’re going to miss out on all the good stuff! Miss all the action!”

Jody has a house in town. Empty. No one staying there right now. I was speaking before I even finished crafting my argument. “Y/N and I can go. Ash can bunk with Sam. You three can stay here.”

Claire’s look told me that I wasn’t fooling anyone with my altruistic motives for sleeping in town, but she wasn’t about to argue with something that could keep her at Bobby’s. “Good. We’re all set.”

“Young lady!” Jody called weakly after Claire when she started walking away. Then she turned her motherly look on me and managed to drag my name out into two syllables. “Dean.”


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I’m Begging You to Love Me Too (Sequel to the “I’m in love with my best friend’s fiance” AU)

lots of people, including @wonderrful , @sprousecest, @birdlovesafish , @queenofbabble and @justustogether (thank you thank you thank you btw) wanted a continuation of this and I had a few ideas left over I didn’t get the chance to put down so here we go! Sequel time! Check out my other work on AO3!

If asked to put into words the afternoon Betty spent with Jughead, she would not be able to. Those hours together were nearly animalistic in their frenzy. Hands lighting each other on fire, years of pent-up desire escaping their bodies in heavy moans and strangled sighs.

The only name she could remember was his. The only feeling the rock of their bodies against one another.

No one called. No one rang the doorbell or sent a text. It was as if the world had allowed them a moment for goodbyes. To make up for lost time they would never have again.

Betty almost cried when they parted, but whispered against her lips was a promise he’d be back after he grabbed a cup of coffee from the pot. Now more than ever he needed something to keep him awake. She certainly had exhausted him.

She stayed in his bed, curled up with her face buried in the soft pillows. They were just like him, smelling of bitter chocolate. Gone for so few minutes and already she craved his presence again. What would they do? How could they live without each other now?

When he entered, their eyes met. It was a familiar electricity. For years they had been dancing around each other. Unspoken need and stifled feelings. Not long ago he had held her, felt every inch of his body and said the words she had waited for forever.

I love you, Betty Cooper.

At last, she felt her morality break through to the surface and scream. Her best friends fiance. When she was supposed to be gathering the flowers for their nuptials. Which were, of course, in one week. She remembered her phone sitting somewhere in Veronica’s apartment, how many times it had likely been called. No doubt her mailbox was practically full to the brim with angry messages from her mother, her sister, and her best friend.

“You’re getting married.”

Finally, Betty spoke, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. It was something she had to accept. What this moment was, all that it could be, was a fleeting glimpse of what could have been.

“Maybe,” he took a sip of his coffee, wincing when it burned his tongue, “But not to Veronica.”

For a moment, the world stopped.


“I don’t want to marry her. She doesn’t want to marry me. You said yourself it was doomed to end in failure. And after tonight…I don’t want to end up like my parents, in a loveless marriage where I drink too much and my kids can see that we hate each other. Besides, Hiram scares the shit out of me. Let that be Archie’s problem.”

It was like the world had shaken, knocked her off course. The world didn’t give Betty Cooper a happy ending. It gave her hope and then nothing. His words were almost too good to be true.

“She’s going to hate me,” Betty whispered, taking a shaky breath. She curled in on herself as the panic began to settle in.

Jughead sat beside her, taking her hand in his and kissing her out turned palm. It was comforting. It always had been.

“No, she won’t. She’ll thank you. Thank you for setting us both free of a doomed matrimony. We can go together. You need your phone and I have a few flannels over at her place that I really like.”

The way he spoke about it, so casually, perplexed her. To Betty, everything was a waking nightmare. Every day was a struggle to pull herself from bed, to walk to work, to clock in, to call the florists again. But with Jughead, maybe it didn’t have to be.

Hand in hand they walked to the Lodge residence. Veronica opened the door with a prideful grace. When they told her, she didn’t cry. She didn’t scream or throw Betty from the room. She didn’t obliterate their friendship. She simply smiled.

“Oh thank God,” Veronica let out a shaky breath. And then she was laughing. Laughing like a mad woman. Laughing like someone who at any moment might forget how to laugh again. When it finally settled, her grin was back, much more calm and dignified. “Kind of sucks that all this wedding stuff is going to waste though?”

“Well…it doesn’t have to,” Betty turned to Jughead who had spoken.

Her eyes went wide, watching as he sunk before her on one knee. He took her hands again. Blue met Green in a familiar tango.

Veronica gasped and pulled the engagement ring from her finger. She quickly ran to him, slipping it into his breast pocket. “You can’t just propose without a ring Jug! Have I taught you nothing about romance?”

He smiled and pulled the ring out. “Betty Cooper, will you marry me?”

It was at that moment she knew that everything would be okay.

“Yes, Jughead Jones. I will.”

liepapiepa  asked:

Hello! I wanted to request the 2p allies reacting to their crush completely ignoring them whenever they want to talk to them and rejecting every nice thing they want to do with their crush, so finally they decide to kidnap them because they think that the crush hates them, but on the day that they were supposed to kidnap them the crush confesses that they love them. Reaction?

2p America:

-Hold up, are you saying you avoided him because you had a crush on him? That’s not how it works, doll. He’s a bit frustrated, but you confessed, so he gets over it pretty quickly. Maybe now he doesn’t have to kidnap you.

2p France:

-Really? You couldn’t have said anything sooner? He went through all this trouble to have things set up, and now you’re basically saying that it’s not necessary. This is what he gets for trying too hard. He’s rather put off for a while.

2p Canada:

-Insert long sigh here. He is happy that you have feelings for him, but making arrangements for your kidnapping was a hassle. He’ll probably kidnap you anyways just to make his efforts worthwhile.

2p England:

-He’s the happiest about it. He was more than a little upset with the thought of you hating him, so he’s just pleased with the fact that you actually like him. It doesn’t matter that all his prep went to waste, since having you with him is all he wanted.

2p Russia:

-Alright, but you’re still getting kidnapped. Do you even realize how hard it is to arrange a kidnapping? He’s not letting his efforts go to waste, and besides, he was going to kidnap you anyways, so he might as well do it now while he’s ready.

2p China:

-You can’t tell, but he’s internally screaming. All that work, all that planning, and now he doesn’t have to use it. He’s happy that you confessed, but you could’ve been more obvious about your feelings. Still, he has you in the end, and that’s what really matters. 

They’re all a little dead inside when that happens. You can just see it in their eyes.

botanicaldarling  asked:

Last night I had cramps so bad I wanted to carve out my insides with a mechanical pencil so I wanted to know how you think Curly and Tim would deal with Angel if she came to them complaining about stomach pain during Hell Week.

Tim,” Angela drawls, lazily dragging her eyes away from the TV and toward her oldest brother as soon as he walks into the house. She’s curled up on his recliner, nestled underneath a blanket with her arms crossed protectively over her lower stomach.

“I need you to go to the store.”

“Yeah? Well I need you out of my chair.” Tim replies, completely ignoring her request as he saunters into the kitchen. Angela hears a bottle being popped open, and a few seconds later Tim returns to the den with a beer clutched loosely in his hand.

He comes to a stop in front of Angela, and his eyebrows furrow together in confusion as soon as he’s met with his sister’s bare face. It’s rare that Angela doesn’t have makeup on, she took an interest in it as soon as she hit her teen years and has since refused to leave the house without it.

Which, now that he thinks about it, it was even weirder that she hadn’t left the house.

Maybe he should be worried, because, really, she looks horrible. Her curled up position makes her look weak and vulnerable, something that Angela certainly is not, so he decides to bite.

He sighs deeply, not really sure he wants to open this door, and sits on the edge of the coffee table. The old wood creaks under his weight, and he certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it crashed at any minute, which just gives him an excuse to make this conversation quick.

“Alright,” He starts, eyeing her warily, “What’s got you looking like shit?”

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anonymous asked:

I know you've already touched on this but I'm still intrigued, especially since I've seen people say that they might not air this particular performance. Could you please describe with a lot of detail, without giving away too many spoilers, how great Harry singing 'Girl Crush' was 😍? I was freaking out when I came across your blog. What made this particular performance standout (vocally) from all of his other ballads? I'm bored I need something to daydream about 😂. Thank you for your stories!

Well first off, they very well might air it because Nick linked it when they were doing the TV links (that and about 4 or 5 other songs) so don’t lose hope on that score! I’m certainly not lol. And I had to go back and recall all my saved memories for this anon ;) So here goes…

When the band started playing and he first started singing it, it took me the first verse to realise what it was, it was so unexpected. Then once I realised, I wasted the next 30 seconds squeeing (because I’m country!harry trash) and then when I finally calmed down and let myself really listen to it, it was just sooo sweet. He was very relaxed, hitting every note with that beautiful vibrato he has when he sings in his natural tone, and he gave it everything without effort.

One of the first things that made me fall in love with Harry was the way he gives 100% to every song he sings, every time he sings it, even though he’s sung those songs a million times before. He absolutely felt it, and you could just tell he was in his element. He wasn’t pulling faces or straining, he was just singing with his natural voice (how you might imagine he sings in the shower when no one is listening). There was no effort, no sense of him trying too hard, it was just very pure and incredibly soulful. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me choke up a little. Every note was in tune, and he felt every word he was singing.

I know a lot of people don’t agree with me, but I just think his tone is so suited to that kind of bluesy/country sound because he doesn’t have to try, it just comes naturally to him. It was stunning, honestly. It would be a travesty if the fandom doesn’t get to hear him sing it either on the TV or on tour. I hope that answers your question! :)

Mushy-Gushy-Touchy-Feely Romance Films

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: My only warning is that this sin’t my best writing lol read at your own risk

A/N: So I found this in my documents and I wrote this quite a while ago and forgot to post it??? I need to organize my stuff better lol

Originally posted by emotionallyhighmaintainance

While movie nights weren’t exactly a tradition between you and Stiles, it was something the two of you enjoyed doing together every now and then when something wasn’t threatening your lives or the lives of others.

This particular time, it was your turn to pick out the movie. Which meant you were going to go out of your way to make your best friend miserable.

Now, Stiles didn’t necessarily hate mushy-gushy-touchy-feely romance films, it was the ones that were so obnoxiously mushy-gushy-touchy-feely that they were both predictable yet made no sense at the same time that bothered him. But those are the most fun to watch right? You get to make fun of them while also imagining crappy romantic scenarios in your head that were over-thought and would never happen in real life with whichever hunk came to mind, it’s a win-win situation.

So you tried to find the worst sappy romance movie you could find. At first you thought you had hit the jackpot, the description on the back of the case you found in the darkest corner of the video store was so cliche and basic that you thought you were in for a night of simultaneous laughs and groans. But now you were sitting with Stiles on his couch, watching the movie and crying, bawling your eyes out, clutching tissues in your hand, ruining the makeup you hadn’t yet had the chance to take off for the night. Stiles, on the other hand, was rolling his eyes at the unrealistic pair of lovers, wishing for it to end soon otherwise he thought he might go insane.

His wish came true as the end credits started rolling and he was finally able to turn off the tv.

“Well, that was a complete waste of my time,” he said.

“Shut up,” you mumbled, wiping away the last of your tears, “it was a beautiful movie and you know it.”

“Uh huh, sure.” Stiles, who was no longer distracted by the ridiculous movie, suddenly became very aware of the fact that your hand was gripping his-rather tightly too.

“Um… (Y/N)?” He tried to get your attention so that you would let go of his hand in the least awkward way he could.

“I mean yeah, it had it’s cliche moments,” you rambled, still unaware of your hand in his.

“(Y/N) could you,” not that he didn’t mind you holding his hand, you were smart, and funny, and you were one of his best friends.

“And maybe the dialog could have been written a bit better,” shit, you were his best friend. But your hand fit so nicely in his and it felt so soft-wait, no that’s weird.

“(Y/N), you’re kinda-” at what point had your fingers intertwined?

“But the ending was really sad and beautiful and,”

“(Y/N)!” Stiles couldn’t keep the smile from his face as you finally stopped your (very cute) babbling and looked at him questionably.

“You’re kind of holding my…” He trailed off as you looked down at your hand. Which was holding his. Oh shit.

“Oh my go-I AM SO SORRY,” you snatched your hand from his, the looked on your face turning into one of mortification as you realized that you had been holding his hand for most of the second have of the movie when things were getting intense, “I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE-I WAS JUST SO CAUGHT UP IN THE MOVIE AND I GOT WAY TOO EMOTIONAL AND-”

“It’s fine (Y/N/N),” Stiles said, looking both amused but also kind of nervous at the same time.

He hesitated in taking your hand in his, once more intertwining your fingers.

“Is this-”

“This is fine.” You blushed in embarrassment at how quickly you cut him off.

“Cool.” Stiles relaxed a bit, the nervous look slowly disappearing as a shy smile took it’s place.

You hadn’t ever thought of Stiles in any way other than friendly but you were alone after watching a sappy romance movie, on his couch, holding his hand in silence, and-shit, wait, is he leaning in? Are you leaning in? You’re both leaning in, oh man, what if-

Suddenly the front door swung open and you and Stiles sprang apart from each other, having just been inches away from your lips touching. Though your hands stayed intertwined as you both stared awkwardly at the Sheriff.

“I figured your movie night could use some food so I picked up some pizza for you,” Mr. Stilinski said, setting the box down on the coffee table.

“If you guys need anything else just…” he turned and noticed how close you two were sitting. And your hands intertwined and resting on Stiles’ thigh. “Let me know.” he finished his sentence with a smirk, though he was a bit surprised.

“We’re fine, dad,” Stiles rushed out with a little bit of annoyance in his voice.

“Right,” Mr. Stilinski nodded. He felt a bit proud of his son in this moment for realizing his feelings for you. “Well, I think I’m going to head to bed a bit early tonight, you kids have fun.” And with that he left the room.

“So… Next movie?” You asked, not knowing how to move on from the awkward encounter.
“Yeah, sure.” Stiles got up and put in a new movie, then came and flopped back down on the couch. This time, however, he “casually” put his arm over the back of the couch.

It made you silently giggle as you moved to lay into his side, resting your head on his chest.

He smiled and wrapped his arm around you fully and you groaned as the opening to Star Wars started playing.

“Payback’s a bitch,” he said before kissing the top of your head.

“My friend is a military man and his family owns a house in a rural area in the Philippines (Nueva Ecija, to be exact) . I believe it was some sort of family inheritance. Anyway, the area around the house had been subject to treasure hunters looking for Yamashita’s gold. They decided to put a stop to the digging by going there themselves to address the issue and also have a vacation at the same time. Their whole family went, from his dad who is also from the military, to his mom and his two sisters.

When they got there, their neighbors advised them to make sure that they get inside their house by 5 pm without offering any explanation. They found that piece of advice quite odd but they did so anyway, in case it had something to do with the local wildlife. They stayed in their respective rooms that night but they didn’t get much rest because of the strange things that they saw.

My friend was getting ready for bed when he noticed that outside the window, across the field near their neighbor’s property, there was a big dog-like creature. He went to the window to get a better look and he saw this beast was beside the neighbor’s Volkswagen Beetle. What took him aback was that this “dog” was as big as the car. Then something else caught his eye, a large head sticking out above a line of coconut trees being illuminated by the moonlight, staring right at him (possibly a kapre). He quickly closed the windows and decided stay in bed, not knowing if he was seeing things or not.

That same night, his sisters had been hanging out in the dining area when they saw a curtain floating around. At first, they thought it was just the wind blowing it around so they ignored it. After a few moments, they realized that there was no wind, with the windows all closed and nary a slight breeze. They freaked out and ran to their rooms, hiding under their sheets for the entire night.

His parents weren’t spared from this freak show as well. In their room was an antique closet with nothing in it. At random times during the night, it would swing wide open, making quite some noise and after a while, it would slam shut. They were sleepy and tired from the day so they just let this be, thinking it might have been the wind.

The next morning, they recounted their experiences and decided that for the next night, they’ll all stay in the living room together, figuring that they’ll be safer that way. They wanted to stay since it was a long trip going to their rural house and it felt like a waste if they didn’t maximize the visit.

That night, as planned, they slept in the living room. My friend’s slumber was interrupted by the sound of heavy breathing and hot air blowing in his face. He opened his eyes and his heart skipped a beat after seeing an enormous black mass with red eyes, floating above and staring straight back at him. He immediately closed his eyes and tried to grab his gun but it was just out of reach. He tried to nudge his dad awake who was beside him to no avail. He finally decided to whisper to him, ‘Pa, there’s something on top of us.’ His father then replied in a very annoyed yet freaked out tone, ‘I know. Just shut your eyes and go to sleep.’

They immediately left at the first sign of light. Their week-long vacation reduced to two days. Also, it just so happens that their house is right beside a cemetery.

My friend is a very straightforward guy so coming from him, I tend to believe this story. The only thing he wonders about is not being able to attempt a shot at the floating black thing but he says he doesn’t want to repeat that again. I just asked him to refresh my memory about that story and his hairs were on end, goosebumps everywhere.”

By: DigitalAnomaly (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)

bearlytolerable-deactivated2017  asked:

For DWC: Dad Cullen and daughter's first ball...her date is Orlesian

for @dadrunkwriting

Lily (15), Adelaide (3), Cullen/Grace,

Lily squirmed in the dress she had been “encouraged” into. The rich maroon satin creased under her palms as the thick golden earrings clinked against golden caps that crimped the ends of each thick braid that ran over her head. She had been dressed to match them all. Cullen was trapped between her and his wife, Grace’s hand firmly holding him in place, his youngest, Adelaide, wide-eyed and blinking at all the colors that swarmed the ballroom. Only one word summed up his collective ire:


Josephine had let them know in her way that it would be very detrimental to not attend this ball. Grace had nearly had a panic attack when she had learned, causing all manners of worry for the baby she currently was carrying. Halamshiral was not a place of pleasant memories for any of them. Especially Grace.

One of the attendants ushered them forwards, his hawk like mask garish in the light. The doors peeled open and a loud imperialistic voice announced them.

“Bann Rutherford, and his wife, the Lady Grace Rutherford, Hero of Thedas. Accompanied by their two children, Lily and Adelaide Rutherford.”

They walked forwards, Grace’s face flinching imperceptibly as they entered the ballroom. Cullen squeezed her hand tightly, leading her through the tiled hall and up the stairs, where he bowed low to the Empress. Grace curtsied carefully, and Lily followed in kind, her head bending low. Celene smiled gently, nodding at Grace and Cullen, and then addressing Lily directly.

“It has been a long time since we have seen you, mon petite,” she said quietly. Lily’s back stiffened. The Game had begun.

“Halamshiral is as though I never left, your Majesty. Truly it is as eternal as the stars in the sky, and just as beautiful.”

Another small, scheming smile.

“Your mother has taught you well. If I may be so bold, I would like to introduce you to my nephew, Alphonse,” Celene said, gesturing languidly to the side. A young man took three large steps to her side, bowing low towards Lily. Celene beckoned her closer.

“Papa?” Lily whispered, frozen in place. Cullen frowned. Grace smiled pleasantly and started to guide Lily up the stairs towards the Empress and her nephew. Cullen frowned more.

There were pleasantries exchanged, and Lily’s tinkling but forced laugh rang over the ballroom. As the pair walked off, she looked backwards, her face a mask of disbelief and a silent plea: get me out of here.

Song after song played and he was unable to get to her. Lords and Ladies demanded his attention, and just as Lily seemed like she was about to slip away, her paramour would swing her into the dance once again, his faltering steps a far cry from her fast-paced, sweeping ones. She was far more at home at court than he was, and she was hating every moment of it.

Grace had settled into a seat, and patted his arm gently, a silent act of permission to leave her side. A duchess settled next to her and started drilling her with questions, which she smiled and answered effortlessly, a sly wink in his direction letting him know her  approval.

They had timed it well, the dignified rescue of their daughter. As the music wound down into a slow waltz, Cullen tapped the youth on the shoulder. Lily smiled widely at him.

“May I cut in?”

Alphonse stiffened. “And who might you be, Serah?”

Cullen chuckled low, shaking his head. “I would be her father. Now, may I cut in, Serah?”

Alphonse paled, his hand shaking as he stepped away with a quick bow. Cullen moved into the space, spinning his daughter over the floor effortlessly, the Lady Dowager Trevelyan’s lessons not going to waste as they moved through the gentle, consistent steps of the waltz.

“Thank the Maker. I thought I would have to lead him into a corner and kill him,” Lily whispered, making a face in Alphonse’s direction. Cullen laughed.

“Please don’t murder the nephew of the Empress, Lily. We want to stay on good terms with the court,” he said, fighting the laughter that threatened to bubble up.  She shrugged and spun around silently, catching the swinging skirt with her hand and tugging it out of his way at the last second.

“He would be asking for it.”

“Still,” Cullen whispered, lifting her into the air and turning around once, setting her down delicately, “best not open that can of worms.”

Lily bowed low and smiled as the song ended. “Uncle Dorian would call the night a bore.”

Cullen laughed out loud this time, leading Lily off the ballroom floor towards her mother and little sister. “Boring would be perfectly fine this time.”