might as well not let these go to waste


So I attempted a comic a while back… and I never really finished it. I might in the future. I don’t know. I just lost the feeling for it cause I don’t think it’s that good anyway. If you guys like it I might… I need a writer… But I did put alot of time into this. It helped my drawing skills alot. Well, at least I think it did. I didn’t want to let it go to waste so… here it is.

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(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻: how do you let your anger out? & (ง'̀-'́)ง: are you okay?

(( Honestly I don’t have good anger outlets. I usually just cry. ))

(ง'̀-‘́)ง: are you okay?

(( Well, i might as well give an update on the ER thing: ))

(( I’m out and home! Got a big *shrug*, doctor said I was fine, and I was released to go home. So uh. Yeah. Wasted like 6 hours of my life on that. ))

(( but i feel pretty ok now. So I’m doin’ all right. ))

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Hi there! If this is overstepping at all please absolutely feel free to ignore this! I saw that you're familiar with BEATWIN, so you might know that they are crowd-funding their next album and have only a few days left before the project fails and funds are returned. :( I’m devastated to think that all their efforts might go to waste. I made a post with all the links, and if you could reblog it I would be so very grateful!!! post/158530830099/beatwin-debuted-in-2014-has-only-a-few-days-left

Not at all! I had originally made a post about this as well! But thank you for reminding me to spread the word!

Alright  guys, we only have a week left to help support these beautiful and very talented boys on collecting funds for their next album. It would be really sad and heart breaking to let their dreams crash and not be able to put out the quality music they make!

This is an all or nothing event, meaning that if the goal is not met by the end of the time given, all funds will be returned to their owners (lets make it happen and make the boys dreams come true!) You can donate the amounts that are given as options and collect your prizes (signed album, photocards, photobook, etc) if the goal is met. 

You can also just donate however much you want without having to receive anything, but i personally think its nice of them to include little gift sets! 

I’ll repeat again that there is only a week left and it would mean the world to me, trophies and Beatwin themselves if you could help and pledge to their cause. 

If you want to know more about them don’t hesitate to message me or ask me anything! I will answer any questions ^^ 

Support Beatwin

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For the meme: 💛 and one question for dad: "Why in the world does your eldest ARGUE WITH ME when I'm trying to keep him alive?!" Because that meeting would clearly go well.

“Eh? What in the hell is it now?”

💛  The Father

[Hyrtfyr Syhrahtynsyn – Chief of the Hyrtfyrdyn Clan]

[INTRO]: “A’right, let’s see… An audience with me then, was it? Might as well waste the time chatting it away, if no duties await.

Pirate of eld, proudly before ye. Seaman of decent renown, the sundering Shark o’ the Northern Empty. Bane o’ the Old World, howler against the tide, Sea Wolf through and through. Temper used t’ be a bit of an issue in me youth. The axe trade made quick work of sorting that out. Chieftain of the westernmost, remote island in the Archipelago of Aerslaent. Captain of the Ebonaft. Adored by both Maelstrom and Sharlayan. Decent with a saw, not too shabby with lumberwork. Shipwright, akin to my ancestors.

Husband to Zirnthubyr Usynundwyn and none other, sire to many children–Rhotdornn, Rhotdhem, Rallyrwyda, Bitter Bear,–but you knew those already. Head of the Hyrtfyrdyn people, and all who beseech them on friendly affairs.

[QUESTION]: “…Argue, aye? Hrm… I will be of little use of you here, lass. Dornn inherited his flare from his Mother. I am responsible for his dense skull, yet it goes no further. His Mother’s fury is his very own, thus you best observe his behavior yourself.


His childhood was ripe with both peace and danger, yet ‘twas nowhere near a wholesome blissful period, if only by a hair. He was not spared one incident in his youth, involving loss, to put it blunt. I certainly hope that he no longer clings to his self-loathing, nonsensical retribution for an age-old matter. His stubbornness is an ill toxin when combined with his relentless protective habit. Would that I myself could’ve prevented it. No use thinking of it now, though. Hope has me believe that he grew up and out enough of his self-punishing ways. Aie, wonder has it as to what you’re up to, my stubborn bull of a boy…”

Back in the castle


It hadn’t been too long since she had arrived to Ylisstol, but ever since she did so, all she wanted was to see her brother. Of course, she was still the princess, just as he was the exalt, she had all the right to enter the castle, go into his room, not regarding what he might be doing inside, and just… go hug her brother. However, she decided not to do so.

When the doors to the castle opened, she commented not on telling Chrom by any means that she was there, even if he already knew due to her presence… Well, it’d be a shame to let the surprise go to waste.

She approached one of her servants, with a smile, edging closer. “Excuse me, may I have a speak with the exalt Chrom?” She couldn’t help but let a small chuckle, careful not to let more air out of her nose than needed. The servant immediately went to fetch Chrom.

While she waited, she looked around the main hall, it looked exactly like she remembered, albeit being barely two months before she did so. She let out a sigh, closing her eyes. It was good to be back home, back with her brother… if only for a short time.

(Posting here cuz it’s Cherry Soda related)

I was looking through my old files and found this old sketch I made, was going to be an answer for the blog but I got a bit busy and couldn’t get around to finishing it. D:

I doubt I’ll do anything with it in the future, so I might as well not let it go to waste. Here’s Cherry with a bra because why not?



Little Green

He folds every piece of clothing one by one, every babygro, every shirt, every little sock, and piles them all up on the floor beside him. His heart aches with each piece he sets down, reminded each time of the fact that they no longer need any of this. It feels a waste keeping them when they aren’t going to have their own baby to dress. Might as well give them to a proper family who can use them.

He’s sure that Sophia might like a couple of things for her baby girl and maybe they can donate the rest to charity. And then they won’t have to look at them everyday and be reminded of what they almost had, of the little girl who was snatched away from them before they’d had a real chance to love her.

No, that’s not right. Before they had a chance to have her. Because they both already love her. They loved her the second they laid eyes on her.

Read it here on AO3 or here on tumblr