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yo yo welcome to the town! what brings you here?

Thanks! I’ve been here before, but I left due to some, uh, complications. Hahaha. Well, it is good to be back. Should take off my hood too, at least for now, otherwise people might think I’m up to no good. Heh. Heheh. 

Right, the question. I’m tracking down a criminal. She’s been slinking around town, last I heard. So here I am. Just—Just don’t let her know I’m actually here.

// I’ll probably be posting original content (haha yeah right) and reblogging stuff when I’m busier and answering asks on breaks. Pleasantly surprised to see this blog kicked off so quickly! Thanks everyone! //

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What have you been able to make using green magic?

“Aside from the cupcake shape, you mean? Well, I remember I had those ‘milk rolls’ from the bakery on my mind - the ones with the poppy seeds, that Papyrus likes for sandwiches - and I ended up making something like that.”

“I might try that again this time - thinking like I’m just making bread helps takes the pressure off. But as long as it’s stable enough to measure potency, the actual form doesn’t matter, at least for this assessment.”


You should never feel ashamed for any sort of mental illness you may have or the medication you need to take to help you function. “Normal” people rely on the same stuff, yours just happens to be store bought.

Based off this post. I have both depression and anxiety so that quote made me feel a little better about the fact that my brain is wired differently. I hope it might help other people as well.

Find it in the shop: [link]

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Is not possessiveness but fear.

These feelings do not originate from something as selfish or controlling as possessiveness, they can’t.

The simple action of getting close, and holding his hand with a new found force that even surprises Victor works as proof, to show how hard Yuri is trying to hold onto the russian man, but why?

Well you see, “Don’t ever take your eyes off me…” those are words that come from Yuri’s own urge to reaffirm himself that Victor is actually there, and that he’s not going anywhere. And how could he not? After listening to this:

And specially this:

There’s a part at the beginning where you have to kind of shut out what Christophe is saying, and listen how one of the girls states: “Just split up with him already.” And even if we have to consider the possibility they might be talking in russian, or the possibility that maybe Yuri’s just getting parts of the conversation, he still understands what Christophe’s point is, he knows others are not congratulating Victor because of his decision, no one is, they all want him back on the rink, and he knows it.

AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT FLIPPED HIS SWITCH, because he’s scared, scared of Victor turning his attention to something or someone else, and being forgotten in the process, and all this does not come from a controlling feel rather a sense of fear of letting go if that time ever comes. Because HE IS Victor Nikiforov, he’s got a thousand and more opportunities from where to choose, he’s been consider one of the most talented skaters worldwide, he is the “living legend” of their time. How can he not feel frightened?

Many are expecting his return, and they see Victor’s attempts of coaching as something he’s decided on doing on pure impulse, when for Yuri it has come to mean his world. Listening to all of this being said to his face has to be painful.

Yuri has no idea what Victor’s plans are for the future, he may trust him and he may want to stay with him, he may find reassurance in the man, but still there’s the fright of not knowing. What will Victor do after the Grand Prix is over? Would he return to the world as his official coach? or as the “living legend” everyone’s expecting him to be? Even if it’s not for skating, would he stay by his side? There’s still so much Yuri doesn’t know, so much… he’s in all his right to fear what’s to come. Their relationship is in no way perfect, is still filled with holes and gaps of self-doubt, and that’s something that needs to be praised, because there’s still so much more for them to understand and learn from one another, and that’s what makes it feel real.

Having everyone around him doubt what Victor’s done for him, having them not get the change Victor brought to his daily life… has to be frustrating, that’s why he knows he’s the only one who’s acknowledge the shift Victor’s cause. He’s the only one that gets the love Victor puts when skating and his dedication when wanting to motivate others, because he has been a first hand witness. These feelings are not motivated by a possessive behaviour, but by trusting in what he’s seen and experienced alongside Victor. He knows, whatever he decides to do to please everyone around him, will never be enough, and that’s why he has decided to skate for one person only.

Of course he is scared of what might come, but that in no way will make him give up, and he’s proving that with his skating, not to everyone, but to Victor himself.

Being afraid is no weakness, but a double edged sword, Yuri took advantage of. He has set his goal and is striving for it. 

These feelings come not from a sense of possessiveness but from fear of losing something he holds dear, of losing someone he’s come to love so deeply. 

It’s after midnight and that means the UK Christmas chart is closed. Well done everyone, you’ve all been absolutely amazing and please know that Louis has shown how tremendously happy the project has made him!!

Although we might be tempted to take our foot off the pedal, we should continue our incredible momentum! Why not switch your VPN over to the US and help them with their charts for the next 5 hours? And after that, please keep streaming in your home country, to keep the song up in the charts in the following weeks!

Why Running Man Was a Game Changer

Maybe Newer kpop fans may not know the hype behind that variety show. The past year or so it’s been kinda weird, but as a whole series, running man was epic. The original concept of hide and seek tag is amazing, because especially as a non korean fan, who might not get some of the humor on talk variety shows, seeing physical comedy through slapstick and just these grown ass people running around to rip off name tags was hilarious. Another thing is that the Cast members are amazing. Some shows,  you only watch the episodes your faves are on. on running man, you could be entertained by the regular cast, it didn’t matter who the guests were, or if there even were guests that week, it was fun. And all the members are just really kind people, they take care of guests so well. In some shows, if a guest doesn’t vibe well with the show and its regulars they’ll just be in the back, edited out with a few seconds of screen time. But the running man cast makes an effort to have the guests engaged in the show. even the quietest idols will somehow get an integral part in the episode because the cast members find a way to adapt to the guests personalities and actions. That’s something I find very rare. I love the original 7, their characters, Monday couple, Ace Jihyo, Tiger/Sparta JongKook, Grasshopper Jaesuk, Haroro, Impala Sukjin, Giraffe Kwangsoo, Squid Gary… I even remember Lizzy and Joong-ki… I’m sad it’s gonna end this way, with SBS backstabbing the members, who have stayed loyal to the show, who made this show the greatness that it is… But overall i encourage any kpop fans not familiar with the series to watch some older episodes, because it’s so funny and worth the time.

Actually, uh, now is probably a good time to mention I’ll probably be taking a short break from this blog…

Needless to say I’ve been stressing out way too much lately, and since I’m not exactly the most… mentally well? person in the first place, it’s really getting to me.

I hope you guys will understand, and I’m sorry about that. You’re all phenomenal, but I just need a week or two to cool off, and then we’ll be back in business!

I might post some doodles here and there on my art blog @redmegaman if you’re interested, but just sit tight for now. Thank you all for understanding. ❤️

My take on Female Wes. Based on a old sketch at had in my sketch folder, colored today. 

I have two versions of the outfit actually. This one my friend said it should be and other that’s white. Kept going back and forth on which one. 

Idea basically is on what most people do when genderbending DP universe. Like how Das goes from a football player to a cheerleader. I saw someone make Wes a cheerleader as well and I just thought “ehhhh I don;t think it fits” So based off of a team at my school, who are the dance team. kinda similar to the cheerleaders, they just seem to have more going on. I don;t know. might be bias. Heck they used pom poms also so they are similar. Their colors were black that’s why I put them here.

And just to add the design was heavily influenced by @amethystocean-adr and her generbend take on the characters. They stand out to me the most and I like the design of Danny in it, just seems different and an unique take on his design, so Wes being very similar to him I included this.

no idea if I’ll give my take on the others I just felt like doing Wes, being a lack there of.

Everything For Everyone

Characters: Sister!Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas, Charlie
Words:  955
Requested by Anonymous:  I know you are not taking requests right now, but I thought you might like this idea for when you do. I was thinking a sister Winchester image. Both Boys are sick at the bunker and the reader has to take care of them by herself as well as do research for a hunt she found, while helping Charlie and cas out with separate problems. Before you know it, it all becomes too much for the reader, and she is so overwhelmed that she goes off on everyone. Then they all make up

A/N: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

          You had four books open on the table in front of you and your ears wide open for any sound coming from your brothers. You hated that they were both sick. Of course, it had to happen at the same time. So, you were nursing to sick grown men.

           The books weren’t helping at all. You weren’t even sure if you were retaining any of the information. You needed to figure out what you would be up against if you took on the hunt you thought you had found. Could you leave your brothers alone while you went on a hunt? Would they let you go on a hunt alone?

           As if he knew you were thinking about him, Dean called your phone. You had forbid them from yelling because they starting coughing if they did. So, you made them call you if they needed anything.

           “Hi, Dean,” you answered.

           “Can I have some soup?” he asked.

           “Sure. Tomato?”

           “Yes, please,” he said.

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FAHC meeting Jeremy for the first time?

Oooh, I love this:

Geoff doesn’t gamble often (he leaves that to Jack and the lads), but sometimes when he sees a sure thing he’ll throw a few large bills down. Most of the time it pays off, other times he’s lucky to leave having broken even, but at the end of the day it’s just money. He can’t take it with him when he dies, he might as well use it while he has it.

Tonight he’s feeling lucky, has a few thousand burning a hole in his pocket, and it’s fight night down at the local gym. Two or three times a month, the owner opens the doors to the public and shows off some of his boxers. Strictly speaking, betting isn’t allowed, but for a few hundred dollars the owner looks the other way. Everyone in Los Santos is greedy, they just have to be offered the right price.

It’s loud inside the gym when Geoff and his crew walk in, cheers and jeers from the crowd encouraging the two men fighting in the ring. Jack mentions something about going to place a bet, already disappearing into the crowd before anyone can respond. Michael heads towards the makeshift bar for a drink, Gavin on his heels, while Ryan and Ray follow Geoff towards the ring.

The fight is mostly over, both guys bloody and sweaty, no doubt running on autopilot. The final blow sends one fighter crashing to the mat, the other folding in on himself, hands on his knees, chest heaving, and the crowd explodes.

The winner straightens up, lifting a fist above his head, and the screams get louder. The loser is dragged off the mat, leaving behind a trail of blood.

After the mat is cleaned a man gets into the ring. Geoff recognizes him as the owner, having had a few run ins with him over the years. A hush falls over the crowd when the guy raises his hand, and he smirks over his shoulder at a woman standing off to the side. She winks back at him, melting into the crowd, and the owner returns his attention to the crowd.

“I find it hard to believe you all are here for some two-bit fighters,” he starts letting his eyes scan the crowd. “I know why you’re here, you know why you’re here, so let’s get this show on the road.”

The crowd cheers when the lights dim, and Geoff looks around, intrigued. This is new, at least it’s never happened when he’d been here in the past, and he can’t help feeling a little excited.

“Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you…. LITTLE J!” The crowd gets louder, if that’s at all possible, and the lights brighten once more as a new guy jumps into the ring.

He’s short, that’s the first thing Geoff notices about him, and young. He looks a bit like a kid brother, maybe a tag along cousin, and for the life of him, Geoff cannot figure out what’s so special about this kid.

It’s pretty obvious this kid’s special the moment he starts fighting. His challenger is bigger than him, but Little J is fast and wily, his blows landing quick and hard. He’s had training, a lot of training, and Geoff’s impressed.

“He’s good,” he hears Ryan say behind him and Ray murmurs in agreement.

The fight lasts fifteen minutes, Little J’s opponent hitting the mat with an audible thud, and a deafening scream erupts from the crowd.

“I don’t know if Geoff wants to recruit this guy or suck his dick,” Ray says and Ryan starts laughing.

“Fuck off,” Geoff grumbles stalking away from them, following the owner and Little J into the back of the gym.

He finds Little J sitting alone, unwrapping his hands. He looks up when Geoff enters the room and says, “Hey, I know you. You’re Geoff Ramsey.”

“That is my name. I’d be more surprised if you didn’t know me,” Geoff replies leaning against the wall. “Impressive fight.”

“Nah, that’s just a regular Friday for me.” Little J balls the tape up, tossing it into the trash can in the corner of the room. He sniffs, wiping blood off his face. “No one has ever asked for an autograph, but if you want me to give you one…”

“I was actually wondering if you’d like a job.”

Confused, wary, Little J says, “What?”

Geoff crosses the room, holding out a business card, making a mental note to never, ever tell Gavin these were a good idea. He waits for Little J to take it, and when he does Geoff knows the kid is interested.

“Give me a call.” He then turns, heading out of the room and into the crowd, stopping short when his cell buzzes against his leg. An unknown number flashes back at him when he checks the screen, and he ducks into a bathroom, answering with a cautious, “Hello?”

“Alright, so I thought about it,” Little J says excitedly, “and I’m in.”

Do you ever think at some point during his exile Obi-Wan just started taking super horrible emotional things nonchalantly?

Like, his house burns down at one point, someone destroys the cloak that used to be Anakin’s, someone steals the rock that Qui-Gon gave to him when he was an apprentice, and he’s just like “well this might as well happen, my life’s already such a forcedamn mess,” and just goes to the canteen to chop someone else’s arm off?

Like it’s funny, but also horrible.

Instead of Tolkien’s Dwarf gender ratio being canon fact, wouldn’t it make more sense as just a myth circulated by other races? I mean, it might as well be just recorded misinformation passed down by elves given how Tolkien tended to be biased against Dwarves anyway

“There’s only a 1:3 Dwarf gender ratio and dwarf women rarely marry and most dwarves are craft-wed and reproduce so slowly they’d eventually die off” was a rumour most likely started by someone who a) couldn’t tell the difference between any Dwarven genders and just made the number up, b) neglected to take homosexual relationships into account and c) assumed that Dwarves only have 2 genders to choose from in the first place. 

About reproduction: the Dwarves descended from thirteen original individuals. They’re not going to breed inadequately after rising to a population of at least hundreds of thousands. Also, unlike elves, there is nothing to say that Dwarven children are only born within marriages; it’s probably not even considered that Dwarves have children out of wedlock (”few marriages obviously means that there are very few children,” ha).

The rumour that dwarf women rarely ever leave their mountains was, again, encouraged by the idea that nobody can tell the genders apart, and assume that every buff bearded Dwarrow on the road is male. 

(The Dwarves don’t understand why everybody is so obsessed with the topic, and tend to stay in their mountains away from all these idiots. Also, female dwarves can take care of themselves, thank you very much, and venture out whenever they bloody well want to.)

Good Stuff: Wander Over Yonder

WARNING: In time I might be incredibly enraged with the possibility of taking my clothes off. If that happens in this post, please reply with “Stop it”. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

A compelling and optimistic space cartoon and Disney just kills it off, Old Yeller style. [LAUGHS] What a bunch of dicks.

Wander Over Yonder is something of an well played marvel in Disney. Visual wise, it was like the squash and stretch era of Tom and Jerry, Popeye, and Looney Tunes was back with a vengeance with the cosmic exuberance that is Super Mario Galaxy and (somewhat) Star Wars. Story wise, as of season 2, it was a show that wanted to basically give Looney Tunes a overall story arc and they pulled it out without fail, I can’t lie. In the end, there was hints of a season 3 and I have the teaser clip of it right here. Enjoy.

True hype, if I say so myself. But alas, before the finale, hell before the second season, ever appeared on screen, Disney pulled a dick move and cancelled it on the fans after many were just getting into it thanks to the actual build up the show was giving thanks to Lord Dominator, the main villain and overall drive of the season’s story arc (a personal favorite Disney villain, to me).

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While kind of an idiot, this one was a lovely villainous idiot

Granted, there were a few hiccups in the show. Not saying any of the episodes were terrible (except one), but some lacked the campiness and comedic perfection that other episodes bring. Just saying, I think a few episodes could have been better in jokes and/or development than they already were, and again, there was only one truly bad episode. Then again, every show has that one truly bad episode, so I won’t and shouldn’t hold it against the WOY.  I mean, this was created by Craig McCracken, a godfather of cartoon cartoons that gave us not only The Powerpuff Girls (NOT the 2016 version) but Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, two of the most well done and imaginative shows imaginable (pun intended). Those shows, while good, had one or two bad episodes in their run (apologies to Lauren Faust), so that doesn’t mean a carton like this is tarnished of being perfect. There is a difference between flawlessness and perfection, mind you, and this show is perfect.

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One episode was basically a He-Man reference. Come now

For Wander Over Yonder, I finally saw how good cartoons like this gets the death sentence. First, the budget is cut and, as of a majority, their animation is transferred to another (cheaper) studio. Next, the show is moved to a secondary channel (I.e. Disney XD, Nicktoons). Then the cartoon is given irregular air time to make way for sitcoms and less quality shows. Until finally, it’s done and it disappears without anyone being the wiser. While I admittedly am moving on to seek new shows, I’d hate for something as lively and pretty memorable as Wander Over Yonder to go out the exact way, at least without a little more of a fight.

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Same can’t be said for “that” reboot, though. Hoo-wee, somebody needs to end that hot mess.

I understand this from Disney’s perspective, they basically want money and WOY wasn’t giving much fruit to them, but that show could’ve raked in more popularity and achievement if they just gave it more of a chance like many of their other cut offs so I’ll just say “FUCK YOU, Disney” and carry on. Wander Over Yonder is always something I’m willing to go back to because nearly every episode is just a genuine joy to see and always put me in a better mood now matter how down I’m feeling. That’s the thing to take away from this show, with its overt optimism and comedy, it dedicates its day to try putting a smile on your face like its titular character. That’s something I want more cartoons like this to do, seriously driven or not (I’m looking your way, LOUD HOUSE). As for the #SAVEWOY movement out there, stay strong and no mercy in the name of what you love and wish to succeed. As for me, let’s say Disney’s gonna receive a package soon, and it ain’t cookies, but I digress. Check out Wander Over Yonder, for it will chuckle your belt buckle.

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“(Y/N), wait, wait, don’t let me go,” Kurt nervously clung to your arm, his skates continuously slipping out from underneath him.

“I promise you’ll be find Kurt, ice skating is a blast,” you shot him a reassuring grin.

“I-I don’t think so,” he stuttered, holding your arm in a death grip as if he might wipe out at any moment, and judging by his skating ability, well it was a possibility. 

“Come on, let go and just try for a few seconds on your own, okay?” Kurt shook his head furiously at your suggestion. You raised your eyebrows at him in response.

“Okay, okay fine, if I can help take down a god who planned on ruining the world, I can do this,” he smiled weakly.

“That’s the spirit,” you encouraged him, slowly prying his hands off your arm. Kurt’s arms immediately shot out, steading himself. Then he shuffled, moving forward at a snails pace, but moving nevertheless.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), I’m doing it, look I’m-” Kurt turned to look over his shoulder, and at the same moment, tripped over his own skate, tumbling forward onto the ice.

“Oh God, oh God, Kurt are you okay?” You were at his side in a second, I mean he hadn’t gotten very far. He gave you a thumbs up, laughing from his spot sitting on the ice, causing you to laugh as well.

“I’m good, cold, but good.”

"You know, you're really sarcastic sometimes?"

Imagine arriving in the glade as the only girl, but instead of being all scared and such you’re capable of taking care of yourself and as sarcastic as Minho, so you two immediately hit it off.

     You woke up to the strange feeling of movement. To be specific, upwards. You opened your eyes, but they might as well have been shut it was so dark. you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face (don’t even lie, you’ve tried that before…….no?…..okay…….just me then……. I’ll stop talking now). You put your hands down to push yourself up, but hissed at the cool feeling of metal. You stood up and put your arms out on either side of you on and felt a cool metal wall on your finger tips.

     The room you were in suddenly came to a stop and you were thrown off your feet. You looked around you and heard a loud clank from above you. Your head shot upwards and you watched as a bright line of line formed and soon expanded, the light piercing your eyes. You shielded your eyes as best as you could with your hand but dropped it when you heard voices.

     “I wonder who the newbie is.”

     “It’s a girl.”

     “What no way is it a girl.”

     “Is she hot?”

     “From what I can see she is.”

     “Oooh dibs.”

     You frowned. Boys were already calling dibs on you and you hadn’t even been there five minutes. The words started to piss you off. A simple brown rope was lowered down to you with a hoop at the bottom. You stood up slowly and stuck your foot in to hoop, grasping the remainder of the rope. You felt it jolt and you were yanked into the bright sunlight.

     You felt hands pull you off the ground but you quickly pulled away. “I can manage just fine, thank you.” You said straightening your clothes and glaring at all the boys. There had to be atleast fifty of them…… joy.

     “And for your information, calling dibs on a girl that hasn’t even been here is a very dick move.” You said taking in your surroundings. “Now. Who wants to tell me where the hell I am?”

     It had been about two months since you arrived in the glade and you were fitting in quite well. Partly because you worked your ass off and partly because half the boys were scared of you.

     You were currently in the maze running with Minho. Ever since you arrived, Minho is really the only one you could tolerate. That and he was extremely good looking, so bonus. This was about the fifth time since you two had come to this area and you were starting to get tire of it.

     “You know, when you map out an area a total of five times, don’t you think something new would’ve opened up by now. And since it hasn’t, why the hell are we out here?” You asked, stopping to catch your breath.

     Minho stopped a few feet ahead of you and turned to face you. “You know, you’re really sarcastic sometimes?”

     “Please how can one not being in a place like this surrounded by a bunch of dumbass boys?” You asked leaning against a wall and sinking to the ground.

     Minho came over and sat down next to you. You two sat in silence for a few minutes before something came over you and you just leaned over and kissed him. You quickly pulled away and buried your face in your hands. “Sorry.” You mumbles into your hands.

     Minho pulled your hands off of your face and turned your head to face him. He connected his lips back to yours and you immediately kissed back. After what felt like eternity but was probably only a minute or two, you two pulled away gasping for air.

     Minho laughed “I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” He said with a wide smile.

     You laughed and you both stood up running back to the glade.

Being a Mercy Main like

“Someone please come to the edge, I got knocked off.”


“Don’t a leave me to face off against their Reaper and McCree with my shitty pea shooter.”

*While healing the main DPS in a firefight* “Kick his ass, bby, you can do it.”

“You mother fucker hold still so I can heal you.”

“Die! Die! DIE!” “Heroes never die!”

“No Reinhardt, don’t drop your shield- Oh, I’m dead.”

“Hanzo I can’t heal you from here.”

I need healing!” “Well boy howdy, I need it to since I’m dead.

“I might as well take them on by myself.”

“I just ressed you, how are you already dead?”

“The enemy team says hi back but my own team doesn’t.”


Hello! I’ve decided to make a giveaway because I finally convinced myself to buy some figurines but I don’t actually want all of them, so I figured I might as well giveaway the ones I don’t want plus some of the anime merch I have lying around at home that just ends up taking up space. Before you enter, though, please take the time to read through all the rules and regulations. Failure to abide by these will result in disqualification. 

First off, everyone gets ONE pick. You enter in the giveaway with other people who also selected that same item. Therefore, it is up to you whether you want to try to pick your favorite or pick the one you think the least amount of people will go for, etc. There will be many different small giveaways going on. This is not one big giveaway.

Each person can earn up to THREE picks. In order to earn the two extra picks, you have to either reblog the tumblr post and / or follow me on tumblr (doing each action will earn you one extra pick). The first one is so I can make sure that enough people get exposed to this giveaway, and the second is because I figured I might as well get something out of this if I’m going to be spending looooots of money on shipping. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Likes count as placeholders, but do not do anything to increase your chances of winning. Also, please don’t lie and fill out the second and third columns if you haven’t reblogged or followed me. I won’t count your whole entry even if you win. Also, please note that the order your picks are in don’t matter. You will be entered into that item’s pool regardless of whether it is your first choice, second choice or third choice.

Please make sure you have permission to receive a package because I’m not going to get into legal trouble trying to do something nice. Also, I’m okay with shipping internationally (even though my wallet is vehemently protesting). Winners have 48 hours to respond to a message, and please send me a picture once you receive your stuff!     

For a list of things you can win and the actual giveaway itself, please go HERE!  The giveaway will end on November 1st, at 11:59 PM EST. Thank you for participating!