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I’ve had a sad realization that maybe the super heavy, metallic hardcore that I’m into (Subscum, xibalba etc) is the type of hardcore that is more likely to attract violent dumbass bully manchildren than other styles of hardcore. What happens in the pit is fine but maybe bands with hard, ignorant riffs draw ignorant, tryhard fans. Maybe more punk-influenced scenes are actually more accepting and intolerant of bullshit?

But if that’s the case I might as well accept there’s no winning solution because the heavy stuff is all I’m interested in 99% of the time. I hate anything that sounds remotely “punk”. Like a band like GLOSS has good politics but I’d sooner go back to listening to death metal and Taylor swift than actively listen to them.

I’m worried that there’s no real solution to the Tom Alderson problem other than to just stand up and call out bullshit I see. Prominent bands/leaders in the scene would rather defend inexcusable violence and bigotry, or even just refuse to take a side.

But a lot of fans have stood their ground against that shit and that’s reason for a little hope.

We Don’t Believe What’s On TV (M.C.)

Based off Twenty One Pilots’ ‘We Don’t Believe What’s On TV’


We don’t believe what’s on TV,
Because it’s what we want to see,
And what we want, we know we can’t believe,
We have all learned to kill our dreams.

Life is hard. We can all agree on that, yes? Well, most normal people can. Celebrities might disagree. You, like most children in this day and age, grew up glued to a screen. Some of your first memories were of television shows and animated movies. As you got older, you started going out to the movies with friends. Your teenage years found you in your room, obsessing over celebrities, television shows, and the internet in general. Then you hit a wall. Suddenly, television looked… bad. Evil, almost. It was just so fake. Every celebrity always had a smile plastered to their face, and there’s an awards show every other week. It seemed like every person who posted a cover on YouTube got to chat with Ellen, and criminals and perverts got happy endings. You used to dream you might be one of them some day, that surely you would get your chance. Then you figured out they just showed you what you wanted to see. You knew you couldn’t fall for the glamour, so you learned to kill your dreams.

I need to know that when I fail you’ll still be here,
‘Cause if you stick around I’ll sing you pretty sounds,
And we’ll make money selling your hair.

That was before Michael. He was a devil in disguise. As Taylor Swift put it, a nightmare dressed like a daydream. He was like real life television. You were just friends. Well, you were just his friend. He was your deepest desire. He was your happily ever after, your impossibly unrealistic television show.

You were draped across him, with a movie playing as background noise to your thoughts. He was playing with your hair in the glow of the television when you felt his chest vibrate and heard his sleepy voice start to speak.

“Y/N, will you stay if my career goes down the drain? Like, if the boys and I crash and burn, will you still be here? If you stick around, I’ll sing you pretty sounds and we can watch TV, even if you don’t believe a second of it.”

“Mm. That sounds nice. How’ll we make money though?” You paused for a second before your eyes lit up with an idea. “Oh! I’ve got it! We’ll sell your hair.”

“My hair!”

“Yea. Do you know how much it would go for? You and your wacky hair are infamous.”

I don’t care what’s in your hair,
I just want to know what’s on your mind,
I used to say, “I want to die before I’m old,”
But because of you I might think twice.

You were at the studio with the band and some of your friends. You were perched on the couch with Michael leaning against you. His head was resting in your lap and your fingers were tangled through his hair. The others were absorbed in a conversation, but you couldn’t see anything but Michael. His eyes were closed, his face the picture of relaxation and contentment. You felt his feathery hair glide through your fingers.

“What do you even put in your hair?”


“Like, what’s in your hair? Why is it so soft?”

“Why on earth do you care?” You sigh at his rebuttal.

“I don’t really care what’s in your hair.”

“Mmhmm. And what do you care about?”

“I just… I just want to know what’s on your mind, really.”

“Well, just now I was thinking about how… how when I was younger, I used to say I wanted to die before I was old. Like, I never saw the point of living to the age where you can’t really do physical activity. But now… I don’t know… because of you, I might think twice. Believe it or not, Y/N, you’re the kind of person someone could grow old with.”

Alright, second verse
What if my dream does not happen,
Would I just change what I’ve told my friends,
I don’t want to know who I would be,
When I wake up from a dreamer’s sleep.

You were glaring at your hands while the boys wrote a new song. “Alright lads! Second verse!” Ashton shouted over the ruckus of the other three. The boys were writing some sort of song about achieving your goals and reaching your dreams, while you sulked in the corner. It wasn’t their fault or anything, but you couldn’t help thinking about how of course its easy for them to write about dreams. They were living one. You, on the other hand, had crushed your own dreams years back when you realized how much of a dirty liar the media was. The more you thought about it though, the more you realized that maybe, just maybe, you had a new dream. And maybe that dream was Michael.

You wanted Michael, bad. You wanted to kiss him, and hold him. You wanted to marry him, and grow old with him, and, most of all, you wanted him to feel the same way. But what if he never does? What if your destiny was to never reach your dreams? You had (after a lot of begging and threatening) told some of your friends about you not-so-little crush on Michael. It wasn’t too late to change what you told them though, right? They would believe you if you said you didn’t like him anymore. Hopefully. You just didn’t want to deal with the embarrassment and pity you would get if, god forbid, Michael found out you liked him and didn’t reciprocate the feelings.

You couldn’t lose him though, no matter the consequences. Michael had become so deeply intertwined with your life, with you, you didn’t even want to know who you would be without him. When you were with him, it was like you were in this blissful, dreamy state, and you didn’t particularly want to, or need to, wake up from your dreamer’s sleep.

I need to know that when I fail you’ll still be here
’Cause if you stick around I’ll sing you pretty sounds
And we’ll make money selling your hair.

You were positively terrified. Michael had a textbook open in his lap (probably the first he’d touched since he dropped out), and you were laying with your head by his black converse and your feet by his head.



“When I fail-”

“Oh, come on, Y/N! You won’t fail.”

“Please, just let me finish. When I-”

“At least say 'if’.” Michael says, punctuating his plea with a pout.

“Fine. If I fail at college, will you stay? Will you still be here, with me?”

“I couldn’t leave you if I tried. The question is, will you stick around?”

“I don’t know… how long are we talking?” You joked.

“How long are girlfriends supposed to stay?” Michael said it casually, but he was nervous as hell.


“I-I mean, if you want to. It’d be fun. I could sing you pretty sounds, and we could walk through parks alone at sunset, and hold hands. You wouldn’t have to ask if I would stay, because I would never leave.”

“And if we ever go broke, we can make money by selling your hair.”

“What is it with you and selling my hair?”

“It’s not a bad idea, really.”

“You know what’s really not a bad idea?” Michael said, moving so his face was by yours, and you could see your reflection in his pupils.

“What?” Your lips nearly brushed his with the whispered word.

“This.” And his lips were on yours, as the world melted away.

I don’t care what’s in your hair,
I just want to know what’s on your mind,

You were sitting as Michael dyed his hair yet another color.

“Do you even know what you’re putting in your hair?”

“Nope.” He popped the p as he leaned his hair back to have the excess bleach washed out. Michael watched you intently as the hairdresser prepped his hair for the dye.

“What thought is rattling around in that brain of yours now?” You questioned.

“How would you feel about marrying me?”

I used to say, “I want to die before I’m old,”
But because of you I might think twice.

“Remember that day, years ago, in the studio? I said that when I was little I used to say I wanted to die before I was old, and because of you I was thinking twice? Well I’ve thought it over, once, twice, three, four, five times, every time I come to the same conclusion. If I’m with you, I could live forever.”

“Y/F/N Y/L/N, do you take Michael Clifford to be your husband?”

“I do.”

“Michael Clifford, do you take Y/F/N Y/L/N to be your wife?”

“I do.”

“You may kiss the bride!”

Michael grabbed your waist, pulling you towards him.

“I love you to the moon, Y/N Clifford.”

“And I love you to the moon and back.”

If you learned anything form Michael Clifford, it was this: sometimes real life is better than TV.

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Could you describe/talk about a Ravenclaw x Hufflepuff friendship?

Well, each house has a wide variety of personalities, so anything I suggest could be wildly off track from a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff friendship that you might see. As far as friendship goes, it could look like anything.

Both houses tend to be “problem-solvers” and even though they might approach said problems in different ways, they would likely work well together. Neither of them would choose to improvise if they are able to prepare ahead of time (procrastination notwithstanding).

Here’s an example of how they would interact presented with, say, a partnered assignment.

The Ravenclaw would bring the tools, and the Hufflepuff would bring the motivation. The Ravenclaw plans out how to approach an issue, and the Hufflepuff makes it happen. Of course, this isn’t to say that the Hufflepuff does all the work, but many Ravenclaws get distracted easily, and would have to be reminded not to go off on a tangent about whether or not kelpies might reside in estuaries when the assignment is about how to identify a kelpie in human form.

I would also say that if they are not working on a project, the Hufflepuff would happily listen to the Ravenclaw talk about kelpies until they ran out of things to say, because Ravenclaws like to share knowledge. Other Ravenclaws tend to discuss topics, but sometimes it is nice to just be able to ramble.

Of course, you could have a friendship that looks completely different, where they do not work well together, but that was just one possibility.

so me and selene have picked the members so we might as well just get right to it!!!

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“Sam, you need to finish this. C'mon, who knows when whatever it is will strike again? Figure it out, you idiot." 

Cas frowned as he heard talking in the other room, and opened Sam’s door to see what was going on. 

What Cas saw was Sam, who was sitting tightly on his bed, computer on his lap, books all around, looking more distressed by the second, and talking harshly to… well - to himself. 

"You’re missing something, genius - figure it out! Figure it out!” Sam said to himself through gritted teeth, typing quickly on the computer and scanning the screen intently for any information that might help them on this case. 

“Sam - what are you doing?" 

"Focus, Sam, focus - don’t let Cas distract you, don’t let anyone distract you,” Sam muttered, hunching over and completely ignoring the now slightly scared angel who was walking towards him. 

“Sam, look at me,” Cas almost pleaded, bending down on his feet and gazing up at the human who seemed unaware of the world around him. 

“Don’t do it, Sam, don’t you dare do it -" 

"Sam,” Cas said firmly, reaching out and touching Sam’s arm lightly. 

Sam looked down at him, startled. 

“C-Cas? How long have you been here?" 

"Long enough to witness you talking to yourself for several minutes on end,” Cas said, getting up and sitting down next to Sam on the bed as Sam scooted over. 

“Oh, yeah, I do that sometimes - talking to myself helps me concentrate,” Sam explained, picking up the scattered books and piling them on the floor as he did so. 

“But you seemed to be trapped in it, Sam - you didn’t even acknowledge me until I snapped you out of it,” Cas said. 

Sam spun around, surprised. 

“It’s true, Sam,” Cas said after he saw the doubt that flickered in Sam’s eyes. “Maybe talking to yourself does help you focus, but you seemed to be very emotional, and talking just made you more upset." 

"I never noticed,” Sam said, genuinely shocked by Cas’ observations. 

“I think that when you feel like talking to yourself, you need to take a step back,” Cas suggested, absent-mindedly playing with Sam’s hand as he said so. Sam didn’t object, instead smiling a little and enjoying the contact. 

“Or maybe talk to Dean or me about whatever you’re stuck on, and see if we can help,” Cas continued, still running light fingers over Sam’s hand. 

“How does that sound?" 

"I guess I’ll give it a try,” Sam mused, yawning near the end of his sentence and blinking wearily. 

“Now try and get some sleep,” Cas ordered gently, taking the computer out of Sam’s lap and guiding Sam to lie down on the bed, pulling the covers over him once he was settled. Sam tried to protest, but couldn’t - the warmth of Cas’ hands on his shoulders and arms, and the way Cas’ fingers ran over his forehead for a moment before Cas turned off the lights, was just so comforting. 

“Love you, Cas,” Sam mumbled without thinking, drifting off a second later.

“Love you too, Sam,” Cas whispered, planting a kiss in Sam’s hair before going out and closing the door behind him.

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Hi I've been eating right for the past few weeks but I have put on some weight :( can u give me some advice?

Well if you are a girl even your period can make you gain weight, which is morelikely water weight as you hold back water. I gain like 2-3 kg plus because of that and loose it instantly after it.
Drinking a bit more water and some greentea might go well, and idk if you do exercise but some moving would be effective, like 30 pilates maybe. Ask somebody or do yourself to massage you a bit to “push out ” the water or some “posionous” stuff. Maybe have some cleaning days which is not like a diet but just to clean your body and all.
if you already do exercise it can be muscle weight too or you just simply grew. dont worry or stress on it too much, sleep well and keep on with the good work!

Bread; a discussion.

This weekend I’ve been to The Edinburgh Food Festival​ and I was lucky enough to go to a couple of really great talks (as well as hanging out with great people, eating delicious food and drinking good coffee and beer).

Today, I went to a talk about bread. Now, you might think that bread is fairly insignificant as a foodstuff - but you’d be wrong. The speaker today told us that if 1 out of every 20 unemployed Scots were retrained as bakers, we could produce all of Scotland’s bread from small bakeries. If wheat was farmed properly, we could supply all of Scotland with bread made from wheat farmed within 20 miles of Edinburgh. If landrace and more nourishing wheat types were invested in, we wouldn’t have to “fortify” white flour with calcium, folate and B vitamins because they would already be in there.

Moreover, it really drove home that investing a little time and effort into making your own things or supporting small businesses who supply kitchen staples like bread is not just good for the economy - it’s good for your health. Using whole grains, well-farmed and milled flour and real ingredients may prove a little more expensive than getting your 48p loaf of plastic bread from Tesco (or the Tescopoly, as it was termed today), but it will pay back in droves when you’re healthier, have less bloating and tiredness, and truly appreciate a connection to the food you’re eating - not to mention the positive mental wellness associated with activities like baking.

Tl;dr. Make and eat decent bread. Your body, mind and country will thank you.

aaahhhhh!!!!! we were gonna go to the beach today and we were all dreading it but now we might go get a puppy instead!!!!!!!!!!! my dad just has to wait for the puppy people to call him!!!!!!!! we were going to get that free one from my step brothers friend but then my aunt came over yesterday and showed us ones her friend was selling for 100 dollars!!!! theres like 3 of them and i guess well pick one out??? but all of them are a husky german shepard mix!!!!! and they are so fuzzy!!!!!!!! and they just kinda look like german shepards but with bright blue eyes!!!! ahhhh i hope we get one!!!!!!!!

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Idk if this is overstepping but you have REALLY GREAT AMAZING ART LIKE ITS SUPER GOOD but then I saw your commission prices and you should be making so much more then what your asking. Don't sell yourself short! You're amazing and don't be afraid to show it. Again I'm really sorry if this is overstepping boundaries. You have a wonderful day.

wow, first of all, thank you! i actually needed that, because i was just feeling like my art wasnt really good enough for commissions, so thank you! 

You’re not overstepping boundaries at all, its actually really good to tell someone these things… I might be doing the same as every artist that starts out with commissions, you know, “underselling” i guess.. But if im going to be honest i find it really hard to put a price tag on your own work. 

I will keep in mind what you said for the future! I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

How the Zodiac Signs Handle Rejection

How Aries handles rejection: Not very well…. at all! They almost refuse to be rejected.

How Taurus handles rejection: Does a lot behind the scenes to avoid it. They can push rejection under the rug when it happens.

How Gemini handles rejection: Just thinks the person who rejected them is a jerk or feels that the organization is missing out!

How Cancer handles rejection: Could get butt-hurt or might take a while to get over the rejection.                    

How Leo handles rejection: They can go from being outraged to being sulky over rejection.

How Virgo handles rejection: They can beat themselves up and over think the reasons why they were rejected.

How Libra handles rejection: They get super self-conscious and starts doubting themselves.

How Scorpio handles rejection: They can get mad and will either take their anger out on the organization/person or try to prove them wrong.         

How Sagittarius handles rejection: They can be shocked but then builds a bridge and gets over it.

How Capricorn handles rejection: Beats themselves up and can go to great lengths to prove themselves.

How Aquarius handles rejection: Rejection is one of their greatest fears, so that fear comes to life! They can feel hurt and/or anxiety.

How Pisces handles rejection: Becomes sad and angry but knows how to move on.



Latin for “pride”; my second AR build in the 7 Deadly Sins theme. Picked a Colt as the base rifle because they are probably the first company to comes to mind when it comes to their own inherent pride. Recent news of their bankruptcy is also a fitting consequence when you rely on your pride and vanity. The Colt LE901-16S was discontinued in favor of the updated M.A.R.C 901 series. This rifle can be a bit of a headache for people who want to change out parts.

A lot of the parts are proprietary and swapping them out requires modifying other parts. For example, the Magpul polymer trigger guard and MIAD grip both had to be put to a dremel in order to fit. Went with a black + flat dark earth color scheme to break up the monotony of an all black rifle. Originally I was going to get a Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24 but I always wanted to have a Trijicon made optic. Gluttony already has an Aimpoint, I figure might as well go Trijicon.

Overall I’m happy with this setup but it’s not done. I still need to get a vertical forward grip, ARD Killflash on the VCOG, a quick-detatch mount for the VCOG, a sling, and maybe a bipod.

Greed is next, and the last part I need for it will be here Saturday. (GRH)

There’s been a lot of buzz about the “mutant daisies” from Fukushima that have been circulating of late, but is their odd form really the work of lingering radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi disaster of 2011? Well, maybe—or maybe not.

What you see here is a phenomenon known as fasciation, and while it may look completely out of the ordinary as far as plants go, it’s a far more common occurrence than you might think. Head through for a chat with Todd Forrest, our VP of Horticulture, on the many potential causes of fasciation—something that affects all sorts of plants (both inside and outside of disaster areas). —MN

(Photo by Iori Mochizuki)

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top 5 funniest USWNT videos?

the uswnt is great at impressions they might as well submit these to the emmys next year so we can have one more award show to watch 

see? more

When the USWNT got very competitive in a Scavenger hunt 

or in a sandcastle competition 

when Carli and Abby went mini-golfying 

sorry it’s more than 5 videos but they’re all awesome! i could go on and on and on! 

Post-CoHF Alec headcanon

So I have this headcanon about when Alec moves in with Magnus.

  • It’s gradually and he just starts to have more an more shit over at Magnus’
  • At some point one of them is just like ‘you know itreally wouldn’t make a difference if you/I would move in here’ and they just stare at each other for a while
  • Alec just shrugs and is like ‘might as well do that’
  • (Besides, the institute doesn’t feel like home anymore. Too much has changed.)
  • It takes some time until Alec can move all his stuff over because 'there is no space in the wardrobe, what the bloody hell Magnus?? Where am I supposed to put my clothes?’
  • When the others realize what’s going on they offer to help him carry stuff.
  • But when he gets everything organized he’s missing sweaters
  • And at first he’s suspecting Magnus threw them out and they have a fight. Magnus swears he had nothing to do with it but Alec doesn’t believe him although he eventually let’s it slide
  • It’s not until he finds Jace passed out in the library wearing one of his sweaters that he realized what actually happened.
  • The general excuse is that they needed something of his for comfort in case he was not there himself.
  • Izzy’s got two, one of which 'would have been Simon’s’
  • Clary get’s to keep her’s because she told Alec that 'this way she could always pretend to be him in case Jace needed his parabatei, which, let’s be honest, is every five minutes’ 
  • They keep sending Alec pictures of them in their sweaters with a pillow that wears Izzy’s spare sweater. 
  • (The pillow has a frowning face drawn onto it)
  • When Magnus finds out he thinks it’s hilarious.

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I'm debating making business cards for myself but I'm worried that it's really pretentious? I'm a uni student but incredibly active at all sorts of volunteer things and regularly network with people. Thanks.

It is not pretentious, it’s actually a very useful networking tool. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had a business card to give to someone I met that might be a good connection. It’s much more impressive and professional, as well as just plain easy, to pull out a card with your info that to awkwardly find something to write it on. I’m going to get some from work, but I’m seriously considering making cards for myself to promote my other projects (like this one). Cards cost money, but there are cheap options and it’s an investment in your future. If this is something you want to do, I say go for it.