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Interview my OC about questions that has no easy answer.

1. Which should be saved – a bus full of innocent lives or a loved one?

2. You meet a man who has killed someone and done time for it before. Does this factor into how you treat him? Will he ever truly escape that sin?

3. If you could jump back through time to save a loved one’s life, would you? Despite what it might to do the timeline? To everyone else? Do you believe it is their fate to die regardless?

4. You have a secret you swore not to reveal. But this secret is the only thing that would prove your innocence in a separate matter. Is it worth risking your own well-being for the secret? Or would you betray the trust given to you?

5. Is it better to hurt others before they hurt you or let yourself be walked all over and hurt by others?

6. If you tell the truth, an evil person gets to walk away free. If you lie, you may be able to send them away like they deserve. Is honesty worth more than justice?

7. You have the key to immortality in your hands. But not for free. If you want it, as a price, your worst enemy also gains immortality. Is it worth it?

8. If you could gain as much money as you want for losing a sense, would you do it?

9. Can people be held accountable for things people close or related to them did or are they innocent?

10. If a lot of people, possibly innocent people, have to die in order to make a real change, is it worth it? Can you live with their deaths even if it helps people in the present?

11. Imagine there is a beast that craves attention. If you ignore it, despite being deadly, it will leave you alone. Could you live like that? Even if it possibly attacked others? Would you try and challenge something that unknown?

12. If someone else stole something and you stole it back is that a good deed, a bad deed or one of equal worth? Are you better than the original thief?

13. Could you sacrifice yourself for the good of everyone else?

14. What of love? Say you discover your lifelong crush on another has finally been reciprocated… but they are currently dating a family member or a dear friend the crush feels responsible to honour. Do you force the break up? Date on the side? Bottle it up forever?

15. Is lying to others to gain their approval more important than being genuine and hated?

16. Have you ever contemplated killing someone? Who and why? Would you ever act on it? Are you frightened you might?

17. Have you ever gotten sheer joy out of hurting someone else, either physically or mentally? To whom and why? Did it scare you?

18. Have you ever done something morally wrong? If it’s morally wrong do you regret it?

19. What is more likely a thought to you – that this world is wrong or that you are wrong?

20. Are there people in this world who, no matter how much time and penitence is given, should never be forgiven?

21. Are there people in this world you simply think the world would be better without? If you could erase them out of existence without physically murdering them, would you?

22. How do you feel about having an intimate relationship with someone you don’t love? What if they love you in return? Does that make you feel guilty?

23. Could you ever become your own hero? Is that a role you can fulfil or is it something you look to others for?

24. How do you feel about tears? Are they cowardly and weak? Do you cry? Would you consider that shameful?

25. What is more important to you? An idea of yours being used and appreciated or the credit for that idea beings yours and yours alone?

26. Is your personal happiness more important than anything else in the world? Than fame? Than the happiness of others?

27. How far would you go to achieve a dream or ideal? Does it matter who suffers? Does it matter if you suffer?

28. How long would you wait for the one you love? A year? Fifteen years? Forever? Could you honestly be loyal to an unfulfilled love?

29. Is genius equal to hard work? Does a genius deserve praise for doing well without effort? Are they above us?

30. Do we live in a world of parallels? Can there be no hope without grief? No happiness without suffering? Or is a utopia possible?

31. What is more important to you? Being respected and praised by your elders or being looked up to and championed by those younger or of the same age?

32. If you could choose to remove certain feelings such as anger, confusion, sadness, would you remove them?

33. If you could wipe certain memories from your head, would you? Why would you? What memories?

34. What path appeals to you more? An exciting dream that leaves you possibly penniless and alone or a drab existence where you have steady success.

35. Is every person in this world wholly unique or can they be categorized? Can they be grouped and mentally dissected? Are you just another sheep in another flock or are you the sole unique soul?

Beauty & the Beast!AU

formerly known as @viktor-nkfrv.

Starring Viktor as the Prince
Yuuri as Belle
Yuri as the Clock
Chris as the Candlestick
and other characters as the other household objects. And maybe JJ as Gaston.

There was once a vain prince named Viktor who loved anything beautiful. He especially loved the winter, for everything was pure and white and cold and beautiful.

Viktor’s vanity slowly took up the space in his heart, until kindness and compassion no longer had a place there.

Read more under the cut.

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So I was thinking today about how almost everyone in ME wears translators (not just for talking with aliens)…
And about how some words just don’t translate.

What I want to consider is words that don’t translate well into one Earth language, but do in at least one other.

So whichever alien word might not come across in English, but when translated into Swahili or Chinese or German…
And vice versa, aliens getting the best overall understanding from translating someone speaking Hebrew or maybe Tagalog.

Anyways, that’s what I’m interested in, and I hope you’re all having a nice day.

The INTP Fraud

Does anyone else have that vague, back-of-the-head fear that if people knew you as you know yourself they’d be a lot less impressed with you?

As INTPs, we’re used to impressing people, yet how often do we start getting a bout of imposter syndrome? We start worrying that we’re really frauds and everyone is being fooled by us.

Well, we might seem like frauds to ourselves, but what part of what people see of you is fake? I’d contend that an INTP, for all his persona-ing and chameleoning, is actually not a fraud. We cannot help what others think of us, guys. People don’t believe you when you protest that knowing a few obscure facts doesn’t make you an expert on the subject? That’s their problem. It doesn’t make you an imposter. Sure, you don’t know everything.

No one knows everything. You don’t have to know everything to be an intelligent person.

So, don’t feel that you’re fake just because you don’t know as much as you think you should. There’s always more to learn, and imagine how dull things would be if we knew everything.

this is the best msg i’ve ever got, here’s a thank u (everyone else read this first)

“All right, you’re done,” Flint called. “Come on down,” and before he’d finished speaking Oliver was pointing his broom to the pitch in a dive. A metre above the grass he rolled off his broom like a log, lay groaning on the cool ground. His hands were numb. Every limb ached.

Flint looked down at him and raised his eyebrows. Even his shadow felt heavy. Oliver said, “Get away from me, you absolute maniac.”

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about. You’re finishing early.”

“It’s Saturday,” Oliver said, outraged, pushing up on his elbows to glare. The sun was sinking, the light amber and strange over Flint’s face. The shadows cut in at his jawline, his frowning forehead. 

“Go on, hit the showers,” Flint said, turning away without any real interest at all. Oliver slumped back against the ground, sighing. Then Flint said, “Wood?”

“I can’t get on my broom again,” Oliver said, eyes closed. “If you want me to do anything else you’ll have to pick me up and put me on yourself.” Then he squinted open his eyes, just a touch, in case perhaps Flint found that idea appealing. But Flint was just looking at him with that flat look that Oliver couldn’t decipher.

“I’m going out with some friends tonight for a drink,” Flint said. “Mostly Slytherins. Would you like to come?”

All of Oliver’s breath left his body in an embarrassing huff. His heart thudded hard against his ribs. Flint stood watching him, and Oliver realised that he was so busy beaming he hadn’t replied. He said, “Yes!”

“Good,” Flint said. “We’re going to the Sword and Stone, round eight. I’ll see you there.”

“Yes!” Oliver said.


Oliver went and showered in the changing rooms. Then he went home and showered again. Then he tried on four different outfits, tried to remember if Flint had ever expressed an aesthetic appreciation in his life, gave up and wore his most comfortable jeans and a Puddlemere jersey, and spent forty-five minutes playing anxiously with his hair.

He scoffed down a sandwich over his sink and went to the pub. When he got there, Flint was outside smoking. He looked Oliver up and down, slow and slightly bored. Oliver’s shoulders prickled.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hello,” Flint said. He waved a hand lazily. “The others are inside.”

“You don’t want me to wait with you?” Oliver said, and Flint laughed.

“Run along,” he said, which made Oliver bristle, but maybe it was a test, maybe he wanted to see how well Oliver would get along with his friends – anyway.

It wasn’t hard to spot Flint’s table. They were taking up a big corner of the room, a collection of people Oliver had spent most of his school years fighting: Miles Bletchley, Adrian Pucey, Terence Higgs, Daphne Greengrass. The tall, handsome guy who’d never played Quidditch was there, too, combing his hands through his hair and looking faintly bored, and next to him the sneering, pointy little Malfoy kid. And at the end of the table, staring at Oliver like he was water in the desert, was Harry Potter.

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Human: Three

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One | Two | ThreeFour | Five | Six

Pairing: Jungkook x reader [feat: Taehyung, Yoongi, and Namjoon]
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Future Smut. Ability!AU Scifi!AU
Word Count: 4.5k

“what is it like to even be human?”

All Jungkook could remember were the events that was being unfolded right in front of him, everything else being untraceable. Being forced into a war he wasn’t even aware that was happening, being paired up with Taehyung and Yoongi during this ‘war’. They were pushed into this, being forced to kill the unknown enemy, relying on their so called abilities to keep them safe. Many questions were left unanswered, that was until he met you. More questions raised up, more confusion being added, and only a few things being answered. How can you tell the difference between human, and non-human?

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It’s not easy being in love with Bakugou Katsuki.

When it comes to fighting, to understanding quirks in battle, Bakugou has no rival. He’s smarter in the field, more strategic than even Todoroki. But when it comes to friendships, to relationships, he’s denser than a slab of concrete.

Kirishima doesn’t know how many times he’s straight up confessed to Bakugou. But Bakugou snorts, rolls his eyes, calls him a “fucking idiot” and waves off the confession like it’s some sort of joke. Kirishima doesn’t know how to be more blunt about it.

Kaminari thinks he should just kiss him. But Kirishima doesn’t want to get his face blown off for such a bold move. Even his quirk has limits and Bakugou, of all people, knows those limits well.

He’s starting to give up hope, something he rarely does, when an idea strikes. It’s a stupid idea. He knows it is. Too vague for Bakugou to understand, but he’s starting to think that maybe a weaker approach might come off stronger to someone like Bakugou who doesn’t think of the things the same way everyone else does.

So when he returns from a particularly exhausting villain hunt, Kirishima collapses on the couch next to Bakugou and watches him sip from his steaming mug of coffee until Bakugou glares at him and snaps, “What the fuck do you want, Eiji??”

Kirishima grins. He will never get sick of the familiar nickname. “I think you owe me a drink.”

Bakugou’s eyebrow rises. “The fuck are you–”

“Because the sight of you made me drop mine.” He throws in a wink for good measure.

Bakugou stares at him. His hand clenches around the handle of his mug and, seconds later, it explodes in his grasp.

Kirishima'a hardening quirk spread across his arm, shielding him from the heat of the liquid.

“Was that…” Bakugou’s eyes narrowed. “Did you seriously just use some bullshit pick-up like on me?”

“So you do understand pick-up lines!”

Sparks crackle in Bakugou’s empty hand. “Don’t act like I’m the dumbass, dumbass.”

Kirishima lifts his hand, an offer of peace. “Don’t pick on me!” He protests. “I read pick-up lines for hours on break to find one that sounded good enough!”

Bakugou rolls his eyes and scowls. “You’re a fucking moron.”

“Mm, well… I had to try one last time,” Kirishima replies with a shrug and a defeated smile.

Bakugou pulls himself off the couch and picks up the shattered pieces of his mug. Kirishima realizes, belatedly, that it was one Kaminari had given him when he last went to Disneyland. He liked that mug.

As the pieces clink in the bottom of the trash can, Bakugou returns to the couch. He stares at the coffee table in front of him and Kirishima thinks this is a good time to retreat when he hears Bakugou grumble, “If you wanted a date, you should’ve just fucking asked.”

Kirishima’s eyes widen. “You want to–”

“Let’s get some coffee.” Bakugou stands again, grabbing Kirishima’s hand to yank him off the couch. “Since you made me lose mine, you’re buying.”

Kirishima grins, wide and excited. Who would’ve thought Bakugou Katsuki could be swayed with a cheesy pick-up line?

We Do What We Do

Rucas Fic Week 2017

Day One: Canon Verse

This takes place not long after GM New World.

Riley has always been an excellent sleeper. Any time, any place, any level of noise…give her two solid minutes with her eyes closed and she can be out like a light.

Usually, anyways.

Her mind has been more restless since eighth grade started. She can’t fall asleep because she can’t stay still. Her thoughts race in her head, bouncing back and forth in every last corner, leading her to toss and turn every night. There are too many changes to process…too many questions to find answers for. There are new classes and friends, new losses to come to terms with…a new Lucas.

It’s a lot.

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Accidental Confession AU! ~Interlude 3~

I recently had a good convo with @muffledmelody about a possible name for the AU, but I don’t wanna set anything in stone until I solidify part 5. In the meantime, here’s that convo between Momo and Todo I promised you! I gotta take a break from binging “Stranger Things” Enjoy~ 

Yaoyorozu Momo (16:30)

Did you leave for the dining hall yet? 

Todoroki Shouto (16:30)

No, not yet. 

I’m finishing up an assignment, I should be done in ten minutes. 

Would you like to walk over together?

Yaoyorozu Momo (16:30)

Sure, you not eating with Midoriya? 

Todoroki Shouto (16:31)

Not tonight. 

Yaoyorozu Momo (16:31)

Okay, I’ll see you in ten then. 

I’ll come to your room. 

Todoroki Shouto (16:31) 

Sounds good. 

Momo knocked on Todoroki’s door at four forty sharp. Normally, she’d get dinner with Jirou or Mina, but hunger got the best of her and she couldn’t wait for dinner any longer or else her stomach might eat itself. She knew Todoroki wouldn’t oppose to getting dinner early, which saved her from having to make the trip to the dining hall alone. 

Todoroki opened the door as he shrugged on his jacket, “Hey.” he said in his usual flat tone.

“You ready?” she asked. 

He nodded and shoved his room keys into his jacket pocket, “I heard tonight there’s a ‘make your own pizza’ bar. Midoriya wouldn’t stop talking about it today.” any other person would’ve missed it, but a smile spread across Todoroki’s face at the mention of Midorya.

“So why aren’t you going with him to dinner then?” Momo asked again, reaching to shut the door behind him as he slipped on his shoes. 

“He’s working on a project.” 

“What project?” they made their way down the hall and to the elevator, “We weren’t assigned anything for class.” she said in confusion. Momo would if there was an assignment due soon. 

“Well, it’s not for school.” Todoroki pushed the call button on the elevator, “He’s compiling all of his hero data notebooks into a digital document. Since we got those SteelBooks for school, he figured he’d start typing the information that he has in addition to writing it by hand. That way, if he loses one or the other, he always has a second copy.” 

Leave it to Midoriya to spend his free time doing extra work, “How many of those books does he have?” 

The elevator beeped and the doors opened, “I honestly have no clue, I know there’s more than twenty five.” 

“Over twenty five!?” she repeats in disbelief, “What does he even write about?”

They stepped into the elevator as Torodorki said, “Well I know the first couple notebooks are dedicated to All Might and One for All. But everything else is information about the different quirks he encounters. He has entries about everyone in our class.” the doors slid shut. 

“Everyone? Even Mineta?” she asked with furrowed eyebrows. 

“Even Mineta.” he confirmed, leaning against one of the elevator walls and crossing his arms, “From the glimpses I’ve seen, the notes are incredibly detailed and some come with visual aids.” 

Now, Momo might be a product of her proper upbringing, but it didn’t exempt her from having not so proper, teenage girl thoughts, “Have you seen all of the notes about you?” she tried her best to keep her voice and expression as neutral as possible. 

“What are you getting at?” his eyes narrowed, seeing past her facade, “You know he doesn’t let anyone, not even Uraraka and Iida, read his books. I’ve given him information before for my sections, but I’ve never actually seen it.” 

Momo shrugged and pursed her lips, “Hmm, no reason. It’s just, well, since you two are kind of dating now, I wonder if he’s added any…” she let her voice trail off for dramatic effect as the elevator chimed again when they reached the ground floor, “extra information about you.” 

“I don’t understand what you’re implying.” 

“Oh don’t play dumb Shouto,” Todoroki tensed slightly at her use of his first name, “everyone knows you and Midoriya skip the second half of seventh period to make out in the bathrooms.” 

“Th-that’s not true!” he stammered with wide eyes, the temperature in the small space slowly began to rise as the elevator doors opened. The cool air from the lobby rushed into the elevator and created a thin layer of fog. 

Momo waved her hands, disturbing the vapor, “Oh? I think your quirk says otherwise. And you know that boy probably has pages upon pages about how it affects your kissing.” he couldn’t argue her accusation, betrayed by his old man’s stupid quirk in more ways than one.

“Besides,” she continued as she stepped out of the elevator, “aren’t you curious?” her lips twisted in contempt as she realized what she just did. 

The usual expressionless look on Todoroki’s face cracked; frozen staring with wide eyes revealing distress and suspicion. Momo planted the seed, now all she had to do was wait for the flower to grow. 

Todoroki Shouto (23:45) 

I hate you.

Yaoyorozu Momo (23:45)

Do you?

Is it because you know I was right? 

Todoroki Shouto (23:45)


You ruin lives.

Yaoyorozu Momo (23:46)

I wouldn’t be too sure, Todo-kun.

It sounded like realizing it wasn’t such a bad thing ;) 

The fire alarm for the building immediately went off and a chorus of groans erupted from the rows of dorm rooms. 

****EPILOGUE: And literally Todo and Deku had to face everyone who was in the dorms who heard them AND knew that Todo set off the alarms. Needless to say, Momo was pissin herself, not the walk of shame she was expecting but it still was funny as fuck. Hope you enjoyed! 


Part 1 & 2

Interlude 1

Part 3

Interlude 2

Part 4

Dylan O’Brien Imagine

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When you joined the cast of Teen Wolf you never in your wildes dreams thought that you would also find love in the set and your carries would sky rocket. But it all happened. And even tho you were making movies with famous people liek Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, you still had a special place for Teen Wolf in your heart always was happy to come to set even on your days off. Just like today. 

It was your day off but you decided to visit the set and help out if needed, and right on that day they happened to be filming behind the scene videos. 

“Hey (Y/N)” Holland waved at you just as you walked on to the set, making everyone look up. But one person was even more excited to see you. Dylan jumped up and ran to you, lifting you off the ground and spining you around. 

“Oh my God, Dylan” you laughed as he placed you back down. “We saw each other this morning. That’s 3 hours ago” still holding you in his hands Dylan shrugged 

“I know, but I’m always happy to see you” and you were happy to see him too. If you had the same strength he had, you would pick him up too. As the day went on you helped here and there but most of the time you spent hanging out with everyone as the filmed and even participated in the behind the scene filming. But one moment made you smile for the rest of the day. While you were helping Holland and Shelley get ready for their next scene, you over heard Dylan talking. He was asked about the set life and how it is to film a tv show with his girlfriend who is very famous. You hated when they said that, it made you feel lie they thought you were better then everyone else, but that was not what you thought. So hearing what Dylan had to say was important to you. 

“Well set life is amazing, and filming a show with someone you love is even better. (Y/N) might be very famous but she is down to earth. I mean look it’s her day off and she is still here helping everyone out. No one is paying her to do that, she does this because she has a good heart. That’s just one of the reasons I fell in love with her.” you looked at the girl who seemed to be close to tears. You smiled to yourself and went to find Dylan to give him a big kiss for being the most amazing boyfriend you’ve ever had.  

I’m in Love With A Space Paladin Rewritten

(Hey, guys. Sorry for not posting something for a while. I had a serious writer’s block and some days I just needed to dribble something down. Here’s a rewritten version of I’m In Love With A Space Paladin. - Mod Shiro)

(Y/n) (L/n) is not your average 16-year-old.You may ask: “Why do you say that? What makes her so different?“  Well, I’ll tell you why. You see, (Y/n)  doesn’t live on Earth like everyone else does; she lives in space and in a castle like a ship with the Voltron paladins, the princess, and her royal adviser. She had been with them for about 3 years and she had become very good friends with everyone, but there was one that she developed feeling for; and that one was Keith, the paladin of the Red Lion. By earlier mentioning Voltron, you might be wanting to say that Voltron is just a myth; but it isn’t.

You see, Keith may not seem like the guy you would want to be around because of his temperamental, hot-headed, and confrontational personality, but what you don’t know is that he can be quite calm and cautious at times. He is also as goofy and free-spirited but it takes a little longer for this paladin to show it. It can also take Keith a bit longer to fall in love than the other paladins. (Y/n) had developed feelings for the red paladin the first year after she met him and she doesn’t know how to tell him how she feels, in fear that he will reject her.


(Y/n) was walking down the hall of the castle while staring down at her feet, minding her own business when she ran into someone, making them both stumble back. They both groaned quietly and rubbed their heads when (Y/n) realized who she ran into Keith. “O-Oh, Keith! I’m so sorry!” She apologized and quickly stood up, dusting herself off as Keith shrugged. “Make sure to watch where you’re going next time,” Keith replied and shoved his hands in his pockets. (Y/n) nodded in reply and rubbed the back of her neck, trying to think of something to continue the conversation with.

“Uhm…how have you been, Keith?” She asked finally, still keeping her hand on the back of her neck as Keith shrugged slightly. “Eh. Same as usual, I’m okay,” he responded and she nodded. “You seem stressed out from fighting the Galra, which I can understand honestly. It must be tough out there,“ she mumbled out and rubbed the back of her neck as Keith nodded; (Y/n) didn’t even know how to keep a conversation with him. It was like all of the things she wanted to say to him disappeared, as if not wanting to be said; she didn’t know why it went away like that but she didn’t want to know what the other’s reaction would be if she said those words.

Luckily, (Y/n) got the courage to start another conversation. Every time she would hear the calm tone in his voice, she would instantly calm down if she was tense or stressed, her heart would flutter when he managed to smile slightly or laugh a bit. She never really realized that she was falling for him until now; it made her heart melt when she would hear his raspy sleepy voice in the morning. She didn’t want to tell him that she loved him because she was scared of rejection and ruining their friendship. She couldn’t even keep a steady conversation with him without her palms getting sweaty and she would end up stuttering.

(Y/n) and Keith went on and talked for seemed to be an hour before the red lights started flashing and the alarms started blaring, causing them both to jump from surprise. “Paladins, get to your lions! Zarkon is attacking!” Allura’s voice was heard over the speakers. Keith immediately grew serious and ran to suit up while (Y/n) ran to go help Coran and Allura. “I’ll talk to you later, (Y/n)!” Keith yelled before disappearing around the corner, making her blush a tiny bit to herself as she ran to the Alteans.

The Closed Gate

(image credit: @denmysterywoman​) 

I lost track of how many I killed two hours ago. That isn’t the sort of thing one should forget, no matter what you are. Part of my training was to never forget anything, no matter what time would do to me.  I am failing it. I find I do not have it in me to care, but that does not liberate me at all. They said that Crumoyx was just another colony world, made just before the human war against the Aendar ended. Unlike the Hingari, the Aendar could be fought. The war raged through space and time; thanks to certain sublight drives it was still going on in some places. But colonies were built to last, because of wars. It allowed them hide the Gate here. A door, a weapon, the kind of hope that wasn’t hope at all. You can call a weapon hope, but only if you know nothing at all.

It had taken years to find. Manifests, shipping records, faked accounts. Enough weapons and soldiers coming here to count as an anomaly. There were at least a thousand marines. Distantly, the fabristeel structure shudders under another explosion. Each trap, each bomb, each weapon I compromised. Poisoned food killed some. I hadn’t known that a Verkonis blade could break until it did, but I’d brought other weapons.

They sufficed.

It helped that many did not believe I existed. And fewer still understood what they were dying to protect. It made no difference. They died, and they died, and finally I entered the chamber.

The gate was left of centre. Not in the middle of the colonial compound, hidden by being unimportant storage. The records claimed it was part of the Lacuna network, remnants of the long defunct Niand Empire. A curiosity, a relic of a transport system long broken. They had two historians on staff to study it. Both turned out to be cyborg war machines. One of them broke the Verkonis blade. Somehow, that destruction did not level the world. Perhaps even such blades are not what they are advertised to be. It would not be the first time I had been lied to. I desire only this: that the gate was not another.

The room is made of stone. Old and real, the entire colony made about it. The gate itself is 8’ by 8’ and recessed into a wall. I activate six devices that are illegal across the entire Continuum. Two more after that, but the gate remains sealed. It is said that the Opal Key can open up even the dead and make them speak. It does nothing.

“You cannot open the gate.”

I spin. There is a human behind me. He is sixteen, not wearing any protective suit I can detect despite the fact that the poisons in the air should have burned the air from his lungs and stripped flesh from bone. “Hingari.” A shapechanger could survive this. “You do not belong here.”

“Not Hingari. You may scan me if you wish,” he says mildly.

I do. Human.  Entirely, ordinarily human. “… no DNA reading it this – pure.”

He nods. “It’s not normally a problem, but you do have impressive scanners.”

“You are here to stop me.”

“I merely stated a fact. You cannot open the Tannhauser Gate.”

I fire a single entropy shot. I only have four left, and no way of ever getting more.  
The human – catches it. Somehow, impossibly, holds it between two fingers and just looks… disappointed. “No one remembers. Sometimes I love that, other times I do not. They made eight Montauks, I was told after I found out about you all. Not knowing what they did. Firing you through time as well as space. Trying to win the war by changing the past. I wonder if even the Aendar knew how desperate that was, understood what they were playing with.”

“The Aendar are gone. I am the last of my kind.”

“I know.” He doesn’t move, this human of knowing.

“The Gate has weapons behind it. Monsters I can unleash.”

“It does, Monfour. But it can only be opened by a magician. And for all you are, and all that was done to you, you are not that.”

“What are you?” I ask, though some terrible instinct tells me that I must know. That it should be impossible for this person to know my name.

“The only one of my kind. I am Jay.”

“You are bigger. In all the stories. Monstrous.”

“Sometimes,” he admits.

“There are other gates. Other weapons.” And I activate my nature. Montauk. To leap through time. A voice calls out my name, behind me, and I flee. I flee. I –

I am in a room. A windowless and doorless room. And Jay is standing there, carrying a terrible calm with him. “You don’t get to escape my binding, Monfour, not even on Crumoyx, in the journey to ir or from it. Only Cruxy Mox ever did that, and not for long. All attempts to flee my bindings end up here; even I do not know why.”

I raise the gun again.

Jay takes it. I never see him move. That much, the stories all told as truth. “I’m not letting you kill yourself. Not like that.”

“You killed the others.”

“I have a duty, to time. An arrangement. And the other Montauks dared far worse than you.”

I gape at that. I was willing to open Gates to let monsters into the universe. “… worse,” I manage.

“The thing about gates is that someone has to make them. Someone has to guard them, if they’re say sort of gate, or at least make sure the hinges don’t squeak too much. You don’t want squeaky hinges, especially not on gates that should never open.”

He gestures. A flick of a finger, at once a summons and a command. I turn. The room has a door now. It is stone, and there is metal in front of it. A mesh of woven steel, the stone behind somehow alive, breathing. Aware.

“I made one gate so that anyone could open it. Because there would always be a chance it was needed.”

“What is beyond that,” I ask, and my voice has almost nothing of a Montauk in it.

“I don’t know. I think I made myself forget. I was ten once. Eleven the first time I came here that I am certain of. I didn’t find anything, but I think that is because I banished what was here. And that I put it behind that door.”

I turn then, and look at Jay. He is old, for all that he looks younger. Older than anything else I know of. They say he destroyed the Lacuna without trying. That the universe is safe from monsters because of him. He put them behind the other gates, I think. But this? I do not know what this is. I think he is afraid.

“What happens if I open it?”

“I don’t know.” His laugh is somehow like my own. “I am Jayseltosche, and every story about me is true, Monfour. Even the awful ones no one talks about. Sometimes I feel like my bindings are the only thing that hold the universe together. The rest of the time I am relieved this is not true. But I move through space and time in ways even you can’t understand. What is beyond that door I know nothing of, and there is very little I am certain I know nothing of.”

I do not move.

“I am very certain it is not jaysome. I do not know what will happen if you let it out, but I think you might well win your war.”

“Everyone will die.”

“And everything, yes. Memory, fantasy. All traces of the universe gone, the wild places of Outside no longer with this strange stable anomaly within it. That is the simplest outcome of opening this gate. It is what all wars become, in the end. You wish to destroy the past, to say nothing came before you to make a new future. And then it is all destruction, until you break bindings because there is nothing else to do.”

“How many have seen this gate?”

Jay smiles, then. Soft and sad. “Seven others.”

“And no one has opened it.”

Jay does not move. I step toward the gate. I hold out a hand. “You could stop me. You said no one can avoid a binding you make.”

“I could. Perhaps even in this place.”

I drop my hand. “I don’t win. No matter what happens.”

“It is a dangerous thing to think in terms of winning,” Jay offers softly. “The desire to make others lose is a dangerous one.”

“And does anyone win against you?” I ask.

“All the time,” he says, and there are worlds of meaning under those words. “All the time, or there would be no jaysome in the universe at all.”

I don’t know what he means. But I want to. For the first time in longer than I want to know, I want to do something other than kill.

“Help me.”

He grins, and the grin takes years from him. His laugh is young, and somehow free, and we are far away.

I expected Jay to remove something of my nature. To strip me of the awful weapons they put inside me.

I did not expect the hot springs. I think of a gate that anyone can open, and that Jay had no reason to take me there. I think of other things too, but let the water ease what it can instead.

Jay is not here. But he might come by, some day.

And that is reason enough to wait.  

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AU Mini-Fic challenge

7: Fake relationship AU

Summary: Dan has to go to his school reunion, and when he realises everyone but him seem to be settled down and married, he convinces Phil to pretend that he’s Dan’s husband for the night.

Words: 3,294 (not so ‘mini’ then, oops)

Sorry this took so long, I hope you like it! <3

* * *

“Listen, Phil. I need your help,” Dan said as he walked into the room. He switched off the TV and turned to face Phil, ignoring his noises of protest.

“I was watching that!” Phil whined with a scowl, but Dan just crossed his arms and sighed. He looked serious about whatever he was about to talk about, so Phil shut up and waited.

“My friend is having a big reunion party next week, where everyone I knew from school is going. It’s going to be hell, just full of people I hate having competitions over who’s the most successful now and who’s the most important.”

“So don’t go,” Phil said, frowning. He was still mad at Dan for interrupting his TV show, just so he could whinge about his old friends.

“I have to, I promised,” Dan said sullenly.

“So…how does this effect me?” Phil asked, raising an eyebrow. Dan began to blush as he fixed his eyes on the floor, shuffling uncomfortably. 

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Quick question, does JOEY have any family in this au? Or any one else who worked at the studio? Does Sammy or Wally or Susie have family that Henry and Bendy might encounter?


Okay this is a minor spoiler, but I say it in the opening lines, so fuck it. It’s been about three years since everyone left in the studio vanished without a trace, complete with the police finding absolutely nothing in the upstairs portions of the studio, so if they do, said family has long accepted they’re gone– whatever the rationale they have for it– and probably don’t live in town.

Given what happened in the studio, this is probably a mercy.

Final scene.. Murder on the Ballarat Train

Phryne: “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Jack: “ I’ve had a word to Welfare. They’ve agreed to let you foster Jane”

Phryne: “Good.  But you’re not convinced?”

Jack: “You do know it’s not easy, looking after a kid who’s been through the wringer”

Phryne: “Nothing that matters is easy”
Jack: “Hm”

Phryne: “And it could be far worse. She could be a babe in arms”

Phryne: “Can I offer you a drink?”

Jack: “Er…  perhaps just the one”

Phryne: “What about babes of your own?”

Jack: “Er, no.  No, we were never blessed”

Phryne: “To all the kids who’ve been through the wringer, then, Inspector Robinson”

Jack: “You might as well call me Jack.  Everyone else does”

Phryne: “Very well, Jack and you may call me Phryne. Although hardly anyone else does”

I often question what society defines as a positive action or trait. Like the concept of punctual or dedicated in a professional scenario. The implications these traits have when subjected to the identity discourse bring to light this idea that the ego is dependant. In order for it to exist it needs to be defined, and for it to be defined it has to other that which it does not want to be. The concept of being someone with “positive work attitudes” has been defined in capitalism by “how much you can do for someone else for a fixed income”, which begs the question, is the act of accepting a job in a capitalist society also the act of accepting an identity which does not belong to you? This same society bombards us with words such as “be yourself, everyone else is taken” but if you truly decide to be yourself and not what others want you to be you might as well be dead. The ego is dependant on the body, so the ego makes the body dependant on it.

Interview my OC

original meme here

Luna Vs Ryo

1. Which should be saved – a bus full of innocent lives or a loved one?

2. You meet a man who has killed someone and done time for it before. Does this factor into how you treat him? Will he ever truly escape that sin?

3. If you could jump back through time to save a loved one’s life, would you? Despite what it might to do the timeline? To everyone else? Do you believe it is their fate to die regardless?

4. You have a secret you swore not to reveal. But this secret is the only thing that would prove your innocence in a separate matter. Is it worth risking your own well-being for the secret? Or would you betray the trust given to you?

5. If you tell the truth, an evil person gets to walk away free. If you lie, you may be able to send them away like they deserve. Is honesty worth more than justice?

6. If you could gain as much money as you want for losing a sense, would you do it?

7. If a lot of people, possibly innocent people, have to die in order to make a real change, is it worth it? Can you live with their deaths even if it helps people in the present?

8. Could you sacrifice yourself for the good of everyone else?

9. What of love? Say you discover your lifelong crush on another has finally been reciprocated… but they are currently dating a family member or a dear friend the crush feels responsible to honour. Do you force the break up? Date on the side? Bottle it up forever?

10. Is lying to others to gain their approval more important than being genuine and hated?

11. Have you ever done something morally wrong? If it’s morally wrong do you regret it?

12. What is more likely a thought to you – that this world is wrong or that you are wrong?

14. How do you feel about tears? Are they cowardly and weak? Do you cry? Would you consider that shameful?

15. Is genius equal to hard work? Does a genius deserve praise for doing well without effort? Are they above us?

16. Do we live in a world of parallels? Can there be no hope without grief? No happiness without suffering? Or is a utopia possible?

18. Is every person in this world wholly unique or can they be categorized? Can they be grouped and mentally dissected? Are you just another sheep in another flock or are you the sole unique soul?

are you more ryo or luna ;)

Warning: Rant

So… I was thinking about Fairy Tail, as I am wont to do, and something occurred to me. Before I get started, I would just like to clarify a few things. I love Fairy Tail (even if there’s a lot I don’t like). I love Jellal. I love Ultear. I love the Tartaros arc.

I am going to complain about all of those things. This will not be short. This will not lack profanity. Read at your own risk.

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(30 Day Writing Challenge) Day 6: Wearing Each Other’s Clothes

Title: All Hollow’s Eve 

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader 

Damian wasn’t a huge advocate of All Hollow’s Eve. He much preferred sitting on the couch in the manor with you and watching horror movies. He never found the point of dressing up and getting candy when you just buy some. He never had the intention of dressing up but here he was.

Dick had finally convinced Bruce to have a costume party for Wayne Enterprises. Dick had asked before and Bruce had usually held his ground with a solid no. But this year he gave up and gave in to Dick’s pestering.

The first thing Dick did was make sure and invite you. The family had only met you once before when Damian invited you over to “study”. He really just wanted to hang out with you and watch TV. But when you came over, you were just introduced then whisked to Damian’s room.

Damian hadn’t let you meet his family because he was scared they’d scare you away. They were quite overwhelming at some, or all, times. He really liked you and didn’t know the extent of your liking for him.

Anyways, when you told Damian you were going to the party he almost turned as white as snow. The poor boy’s hands started to sweat as he tried to fake happiness. He was happy to see you outside of school but not happy for his family to be pestering you with unnecessary questions. You assured him that no matter what his family was like you wouldn’t dump him. He really hoped you would stand with you statement.

Since it was a costume party, you thought it was be cute for you and Damian to do a couples costume. To say he was not interested was an understatement. “(Y/N), I don’t want to! I’ll look like an idiot no matter what.”, he tried to reason.

“No you won’t! You’ll look adorable no matter what you wear!”, you said trying to convince him.

“To you maybe, but not to everyone else!”, he retorted.

“Come on Dami! I even have the perfect costume picked out!”, You reasoned.

“What is it, beloved?”, Damian asked.

“Wait so you’ll do it?”, You asked as your face lit up.

“No no no! At least I might if I like it maybe. But it’s a massive maybe.”, he responded.

“I’ll take whatever I can get! So you know you love it when I wear your clothes?”, You asked him.

He chuckled,”Yes obviously.”

“Well I was thinking I could go as you and you could go as me. Not to the full extent of me but you know. Does that make any sense?”, you suggested.

“Yes, It does make sense. I, uh, guess it won’t be that bad. At least I can still wear jeans and tennis shoes.”, He said with a weary smile.

You scooted over on the couch and hugged him tightly,”Thank you! Thank you! You’re amazing in every way possible.”

Damian blushed very lightly and hugged back,”Thank you, beloved.”

You pulled away and placed your hands on his shoulders,”I swear you won’t regret this!”

“You better. I trust you enough. So, what will we wear of each other’s?”, he questioned.

“Well I was thinking we could wear our own pants and shoes, but we will wear whichever style is similar. Then, I could wear on of your shirts and or jacket. Then you could wear one of my shirts but we could buy it in your size.”, you suggested.

“I like that idea. It’s not like we’re gonna dress up like bacon and pancakes.”,  He said.

(Y/N) chuckled at his response,”That sounds like a nightmare and I pray we never become a couple like that.”

“Me too.”, Damian said

-skip to the party-

Damian finished lacing up the boot he had tying when (Y/N) knocked on his door. He opened it and smiled when he saw she was wearing his white button up and his Gotham Academy blazer.

“You Look marvelous.”, he said before he kissed her cheek.   

“Thank you. You look quite nice as well.”, she said with a smile. He really did. He was wearing a Kylo Ren shirt and a blue jacket. It was definitely not something Damian would wear on his own.

“Why thank you. I see why you wear this. It’s quite comfortable to wear.”, Damian replied. (Y/N) smiled and kissed his lips lightly. Damian smiled into the kiss and kissed back. He pulled her closer by her hips.

“You really do look amazing. Come on, let’s go to the party.”, he said.

Delicate Emotions

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Gen, Msiha
Words: 799
This is my one shot for this week for @one-shots-supernatural‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. This week’s prompt was “Is this one of those times where you want me to lie to protct your delicate emotions?”

Warning: Pregnancy. Pregnancy emotions. Jensen kinda being a jerk without mening to.

          “Is this one of those times where you want me to lie to protect your delicate emotions?” Jensen asked. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he looked like he regretted them. But there was no taking that back, “Babe …”

           “Don’t you dare,” you shook your head, “Did you really just say that?”

           “I didn’t mean it the way it came out,” he said, “I swear, that was supposed to come out funny. But it just came out like …”

           “An asshole,” you finished for him.

           Jensen groaned, “I’m sorry, Baby.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Just … go without me,” you said.

           “Y/N, don’t. You look beautiful. I wasn’t trying to be an asshole. I really wasn’t. You’re beautiful. The outfit is perfect. You’re perfect.”

           “Don’t, J,” you said, walking back into the bedroom and immediately curling up on the bed.

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