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Democratic Nomination 2020

so I figured I’d give my hot take on 2020 Democratic nomination because why not?

No Country for Old Men:

Jerry Brown: Brown’s name, to my shock, has come up a few times. The first a most major problem is that Jerry is ALREADY 79 years old, and will be in his 80s by 2020. Not to be grim, but it’s mathematically unlikely for a man who is 82 on taking office to live to serve two full terms, even one term would be a gamble. Past the mathematical issue, Jerry is a household name in California politics but over 40 years has never managed to build up a base of support outside is home state. Best known as “Moonbeam” two flopped runs for President hint how round 3 would go even if he was 10 years younger.

Bernie Sanders: It’s pretty clear that Bernie is at least thinking about another run at the Presidency. His problem is in the same as Brown, if slightly less intense. He’s 75 right now meaning he’ll be 79 election day 2020 asking people to vote for a President who will be in his 80s in office is a tall order. I realize that age for whatever reason didn’t hunt the 70 year who eats trash, never sleeps and hates work outs, but I feel like a nearly 80 year old can’t get away with it. I’ve heard many of his supports saying he should run on age alone. Past this Bernie failed to connect with black and latino voters in 2016 and has made a few notable missteps since becoming a mega political figure. More and younger progressives are interested in running and the fandom around Bernie is unlikely to relight with the same flame in 2020, even if it did, it was not enough in 2016, he needs to widen his support outside of white liberals and college kids to win the primary.

Joe Biden: again age is the biggest single problem he’ll be 78 years old on election day 2020, and like Bernie it’s pretty clear Joe is at least thinking about it. Again I think asking voters to have a President in his 80s is a bridge too far. Though the health of the sitting President might be a factor, if Trump very unhealthy lifestyle plus the horrible stress of being President leads to Trump looking sick, weak and unhealthy after 4 years, even a older man who was slim and fit and sharp might benefit next to a fat slow unhealthy mess. Though it might also serve to highlight the risks of an older President. Past age Joe has no geographic or Ideological base. While remembered with a level of fondness by Democrats, his image is as something of a drunk uncle (I know he does not drink) who’s fun and says what we’re all thinking. I’m unsure that translates and the warm fuzzy feeling people have about him as a member of the Obama team I don’t think boost him much. His last two tries to run for President were total failures and his 2015 non-run didn’t show very impressive polling for a sitting VP

Hillary Clinton: While much younger than the 3 other people in this camp (she’ll be a youthful 72 come 2020) and younger than Trump, she’s a woman and as we saw in this campaign women are badly punished for showing signs of age. It seems fairly clear Hillary does not want to run. Her running would set all the former Bernie people’s hair on fire and generally the press would have a field day printing nasty stories and playing the 2016 primary all over again along with “have the Democrats learned nothing?” all pretending that Hillary didn’t win the popular vote and is super out of touch, blah blah blah. What’s more many of her hardcore supporters suffered a soul crushing loss and might not have the energy to gear up for a 3rd bitter battle to the nomination, while many feminists who like Hillary but aren’t worshipers likely feel it’s time for a new younger woman to try to take down the glass ceiling

When you’re famous, they let you do it:

Kanye West: he said he will run for President, if he means it, or remembers saying it, who knows. A lot of people will say in the age of Trump we should count out any rich or famous person. However this over looks that the Republican Primary voter and the Democratic Primary voter are very different. The later is more likely to be college educated for one thing, as well as ethnically diverse and think experience is important. Getting back to West, he’s generally seen as a huge egomaniacal crazy person. His troubles with mental health are public record with his very public break down in November 2016 (and some other things). His ego and weird need to pick a fight with the First couple of hip hop Jay Z and Beyonce has made him a messy and controversial character even with-in Hip Hop and the black community. What’s more is November trip to Trump Tower and on stage weird pro-Trump rant are unlikely to go away. Also there’s the in-laws, his wife is someone a lot of people love to hate, and his step-mother-in-law Caitlyn Jenner has gotten a lot of well earned stick for being a Republican Trump supporter and rather tone deaf on most issues.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: He has a history, low key granted, as a Republican, has not really voiced any support for any policies or issues. On the plus side he’s handsome, can laugh at himself and seems generally likable and well liked. That said there’s no proof he’s smart in any way and much of his history has been playing over the top characters and then over the top characters making fun of the fact that he’s the Rock. All of which might give Democratic votes Trump flashbacks. If he can speak clearly on issues and takes progressive stands on things he’ll have an outside shot, but if he can’t sound like an adult and draw a line under the guy who stars in the Baywatch remake he has no hope

Mark Cuban: As boorish and bullying as Trump, with vague political ideas that mostly circle around Ayn Rand and discount libertarianism Cuban is unlikely to get Democratic voters hot. Voters will likely also dislike his early softening on Trump after the election. That said Cuban has clearly made a lot of money, a lot of Democratic Primary voters loath Trump and might wish for a candidate who only bullies, attacks, and mocks the object of their hate, his money and experience with politics before now puts him above Johnson or West but behind the next guy

Mark Zuckerberg: One of the handful of business people in the 21st century to be a household name. Young, tech friendly he and his company seem the very embodiment of white millennial ideas of diversity and inclusion. Sadly for the Zuck the place one might expect him to most popular, with people under 35 who are on-line a lot is the place he’s the least popular. Justified or not a lot of people get a creepy big brother vibe from Facebook and Zuckerberg has become something of a Hollywood stock villain type, with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor just being a retread of his performance from The Social Network. indeed that movie is a major problem for Zuckerberg, he’s a villain and a creep in a hugely popular movie all about him. Zuckerberg is and always has been a slightly awkward, slightly off nerd, and lacks the charm to fight off attacks that he stole Facebook from someone, he’s too California tech kid to be relatable for much of America. That said weirdly Zuckerberg might play well with older voters who didn’t see the Social Network, don’t understand the problems people have with Facebook and see a young, fairly good looking young man who built a company they know and likely use, who’s used his money to do good stuff, who has a charming and beautiful wife and a multi-ethnic family, basically a kind of anti-Trump. Outside of the story of how Facebook started I’ve never heard any stories of him being a jerk on a personal level, and while we laugh at him feeding cows, some people like when the big city liberals come out and get their hands dirty.

The (White) Dude abides:

Steve Bullock: Freshly re-elected in a bad year for Dems out of a Red state. All sounds good, but the state is Montana, who’s Democratic party is hardly reflective of the national party. In a party headed to the left it’s unlikely a western conservative will get people off. past this he has no national name recognition, and his last name is a British slang term for a testicle, something the internet will love

John Hickenlooper: a two term governor of a key swing state that Democrats need to win, Hickenlooper has a fairly progressive record, will likely make stoners and college students happy because his state has legal pot (even though he didn’t support it, that’s likely to be a detail glossed over by 2020). counting against him is that he’s largely unknown outside his state and political nerd circles, and he has a frankly ridicules name and is skinny and odd looking. A strange looking man with a very weird lass name, politics can be piety that way.

Terry McAuliffe: another governor from a key swing state, but like Bullock and Hickenlooper with very little name recognition outside is own state. Past this McAuliffe will have been out of office for 3 years, the 2017 race is likely to get far more attention than his race and if Tom Perriello replaces him, he’ll have been beaten in what looks and feels like a Clinton Bernie rematch, with Perriello as Bernie, close links to the Clintons will likely get him tarred as a corporate Democrat.

Still feeling the Bern:

Tulsi Gabbard: A lot of ink has been spilled about Gabbard, but she’s young, very pretty, multi-ethnic from a minority majority state with a military record. Her support for Bernie endears her to a block of his voters. However, she’s just a Representative, no one since Garfield has jumped from the House to the Presidency. Again remember Democratic Primary voters different from Republican ones. Her support for Assad has won her alt-right fans, but both those facts will likely be horrifying to most Democratic voters. It’s unclear if she’ll be able to use her status as a minority and woman to hide from attacks based on past homophobia and islamophobia. Finally her early meetings with Trump, her statements about Russia and Putin and the bridges she burned down with non-Bernie supporters in the party are all likely to hurt her badly

Elizabeth Warren: Likely the only person the American Left liked more than Bernie going into 2016, and her being a lady and feminist well known for forcefully speaking her mind warmed her to one group Bernie struggled with, Feminists. That said Warren likely suffered damage by sitting out the 2016 primary as long as she did, hardcore Bernie supporters feel betrayed and did nothing to win the hearts of Clinton fans. Past that Warren’s tone and attacking passion has made her a hate figure for Republicans but not widened her appeal past the left of her own party.

The Senator from somewhere

Sherrod Brown: A populist leftie in a key swing state. Downsides being he sided strongly and early with Hillary, thus is “no longer a progressive” to Bernie supporters. Much ride on if Brown can be re-elected in a state that is getting redder all the time, his raspy voice has never lent itself to rising oration, and it’s a little unclear what he brings to the table, despite his best efforts he’s never captured the left of the party’s hearts and minds the way Sanders and to an even greater degree Warren did before 2015.

Chris Murphy: having been in room with Chris Murphy, Chris Murphy thinks he should be President. He’s young, good looking and has laser focus on one easy to understand policy idea that is fairly popular with base Democrats. Sadly for him, that policy is gun control. While nothing he’s saying is radical the NRA will do anything to stop him, and his campaign will likely get attacked early and often by Newtown truers fueled by Alex Jones. bluntly Murphy is not a great speaker or a very interesting guy, nice enough but likely to struggle in any state without be cities with gun crime problems, like say Iowa or New Hampshire.

Cory Booker: He’s young, he’s black, he’s hot. Sadly for Cory every time he opens his mouth people want to hear Obama. Booker lacks Obama’s speaking skills and has failed to impress basically every time he’s gotten a prime time shot at the mic. Past that he doesn’t have a lot of accomplishments to his name, For whatever Reason Bernie supporters went after him hard early in the year for voting against Bernie, if this is a sign of the progressive reaction to him or not is hard to say. Booker seems to be skating on Street Fight 15 years later. Past that Booker is a single man, in politics being young, handsome, and always single makes people talk

Mark Warner: Senator from a key swing state, looks like he was sent from casting to play the President some time between 1940 and 1964. This hinges a lot on what the next 4 years looks like, Warner is not the fire breathing Trump slayer a lot of Democrats want right now, but will they still want that in 2020? Will Warner slowly become a national figure based off being the face of the Congressional inquiry into all things shady Russian and Trump? who can say, if not Warner is too bland and boring, if he’s the claiming face of justice slowly wading toward the truth, thats a leg up

Al Franken: Funny, witty, and good on the attack. Al is the kinda guy millions of liberals are turning to every week, the grandfather of political humor in the style of the Daily Show, as well as of left wing TV (MSNBC’s Maddow got her start with Franken on Air-America Radio) It’s the world he help build that’s keeping millions of Democrats sane. However most of them don’t know this, Al’s more or less been on ice since getting elected though his first book in 12 years might help people rediscover him. Another problem is Franken has been in comedy for 40 years, jokes that were funny and/or off color in the 1970s are surely offensive now, so there are surely hours of clips of Al saying racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic things as joke on SNL and later stand up and in his often crassly funny political books from the 1990s and 2000s

The Ladies doing it for themselves

Tammy Duckworth: A lot of women were put out and also made spitting mad that a sexist monster beat a woman for the Presidency and want a woman badly. Duckworth is a war hero with an inspiring story, a fresh and new face in the Senate. Sadly for her, her disability will surely be an issue, it wasn’t in her Senate race because she was running in a deep blue state, against someone who also had a disability and couldn’t walk well. However a FIT President is important and the standard to be a fit woman President was clearly higher, people won’t be comfortable with a President who has to sit to talk to world leaders. Past that she’s never been a great public speaker and would face “well she’s been a senator for what? 15 minutes?” criticisms

Tammy Baldwin: A strongly feminist Democrat from a state Democrats normally win but lost in 2016 and want back badly. Having heard her speak she’s not amazing but pays the bills. Sadly for her she’s a lesbian, her sexuality, the electability of same, would likely take over her campaign, with people gun shy about “identity politics” it would likely handicap her against more well known candidates.

Amy Klobuchar: One of the longer serving Democratic Women in the Senate, Al Franken’s other half, a well established member of the establishment liberal wing of the party. She likely will suffer by not being as well known as others, she’s also awkward both physically and in speech, funny she’s just a little big too nerdy, to nasally, plus as an establishment woman she’s likely to rub Progressives the wrong way

Kirsten Gillibrand: Young, beautiful, experienced in the Senate and having built on a rock hard anti-Trump record, one of the one’s to watch, the connections to Hillary (a blonde NY Senator holding Hill’s old seat) likely will get those hardcore Hillary supporters behind her, but also runs the risks of setting off progressives, her hardcore anti-Trump stand and not having jumped into the Clinton campaign as forcefully as some may help

Kamala Harris: A lot of people see her as grown in a lab as an admixture of Obama and Hillary. Young, Beautiful, smart, well spoken, black multiethnic and coming out of the State that is framing itself as the anti-Trumpland. Kamala has downsides of course, first being no one is gonna know how to say her first name, but if Obama got over it so will she, second the “what she’s a been a senator for 5 minutes?” her race is likely to get people talking about “identity politics” though she’s managed to make a good case on that, likely her time as Cali AG will bring the wrath of some parts of BLM but we’ll see how much that matters

Too Slick by half

Andrew Cuomo: Governor of a major anti-Trump strong hold, managed to score some out of state progressive brownie points with a very public free college plan that had both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton next to him. However Cuomo is loathed by the progressive base of his state’s party and is seen by basically everyone in the know as a low-key political mobster, his New York sleaze factor is unlikely to go over well in Iowa or New Hampshire (just ask Chris Christie)

Gavin Newsom: Still young, still pretty Newsom has waited a long time to get from “rising star” to Star but he’s almost there, just has to manage to win the California governorship, but that seems pretty likely. Newsom has the record of granting gay marriages at the unthinkable time of 2004 which likely will buy him support of the LGBT community (or at least it’s professional activists) likewise he’s been pro-pot something likely to endear him to college students, much will depend on what he does with real power once Governor, and many will say that he’s only been in high office a year. Past that many again see Newsom as “establishment” making him not very popular with the left of his state party, how much this will be translated outside of Cali, if his slick California air and style will play poorly in eastern rural early primary states is hard to say

The new Samurai Jack episode was good. 

The guy who made it is back at the helm so it’s being controlled by someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing. 

The art style and cinematography, arguably the show’s greatest features, are just like the original. It’s rare to find a cartoon where everyone isn’t talking all the time. Samurai Jack tends to have lovely moments of silence where you can take in the scenery. It’s good that’s back.

The show’s quite darker than it was, being on Adult Swim rather than the regular Cartoon Network. I think this is a fairly good thing. The people who watched Samurai Jack when it first aired are all grown up so the show might as well too. It’s not over the top or anything. If something’s brutal, it’s brutal but not gratuitous. Some stuff is left to the viewer’s imagination (It’s still Cartoon Network).

There’s not a lot of mature cartoons out there, by which I don’t mean Family Guy sex jokes but actually mature stuff. Hopefully this will inspire others to branch out and make more mature cartoons since the medium has a lot more potential than it’s being used for right now. 

That being said, it still has the same kind of humor the original show had which is another big thing in its favor. The original show was a blend between badass action and lighthearted comedy. It’s how fan favorites like the Scotsman came to be. This was mostly in the last half of the episode with the Sammy Davis robot. I hope when Aku returns he’s still the humorous type as well. 

Definitely a promising start and I hope the rest of the episodes are just as good and it leads to a satisfying conclusion.

Some more advice to high school students

If you know what you are majoring in, don’t slack off in classes that don’t relate to what you plan on doing, and this is especially directed to art students as I am a soon-to-be theatre arts major.

I have know since middle school that I was not going into the STEM field and was wholly irritated and frustrated in those kinds of classes, but I knew that I could use all the classes that I was required to take to my advantage. I saw every assignment as “money” cause I knew my grades meant scholarships. I knew having good grades and trying made me a likable student and teachers would try to help me. I knew that in college I would have to take these same classes as basics and its was better struggle now to learn things when school was free than when I would have to pay for it. Working hard in every area of school has paid off and helped me in my goal towards a degree in theatre.

My GPA and SAT scores have qualified me for scholarships that make it 100x less scary for me to get a degree that I know won’t pay so well. They also get theatre programs to notice you before you ever even got to showing them your portfolio/audition. Liberal Arts programs and even conservatory programs feel a lot more comfortable accepting students with good grades because they can get in trouble with University admissions for accepting low-performing students (even if that specific program/school doesn’t have requirements from University admissions), and it shows right off the bat that you are hardworking and well-rounded. 

Get college credit and take AP classes so you can focus on your degree in college and pay less for it too. For me, my grades have also earned me the trust of my parents to pick my own degree. Good grades gives you a reputation with teachers and administration that allows you to miss school to work on personal projects or theatre productions, because they know you will keep up with your school work. And that same reputation has gotten a couple of my academic teachers to recommend me to theatre companies and given me invaluable networking opportunities. 

Now I’m not saying that doing well in school is easy or an option for everyone. I just know  a lot of people who undervalued what they could get out of school until it was too late. 

Some of the things that I mentioned here might have been confusing because I was trying to speak in general and be somewhat brief, so please message me if you have any questions or need advice.

heyyy so I’ve decided to make a network for aspiring writers, fanfic writers, people who can write well?? Idk guys. But i’m getting back into the hang of writing and it’d be pretty cool to talk to other writers and maybe idk make friends from this? I’m still editing the actual network page so bare with me on that.

If you’re a writer you’re pretty much gunna get accepted (only if you’re a nice person) I have no limitation to how many can join

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if this flops imma crawl into a dark hole and pretended I never posted this

When you leave a INFP unsupervised

(INFJ and ISTP talking)
(INFP not paying attention to anything

ISTP: we should do something fun tonight

INFJ: YES we should!

ISTP: didn’t you buy marshmallows and stuff?

INFJ: oh yeah we can build a bonfire and roast s'mores!

(INFP snaps to)

INFP: umm….

(ISTP and INFJ continue discussing the plan)

INFP: tiny problem with that….


INFP: we only have one chocolate bar left…


ISTP: what happened to the rest?

(INFP fiddles nervously)

INFP: I might have…accidentally…ate them…

ISTP: ALL of them?



INFJ: wait… Was it you that broke the tv too?



INFP: I wanted to know what the other buttons on the tv do…the ones I’ve never pressed…

INFJ and ISTP: sigh…

INFP: I can fix it!

Yep, it’s a Lil Hal Net, a network dedicated to the dopest of problematic faves. How can you join, you might ask? Well, here’s how.

- Reblog this post.

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- Fill out this survey.

I’m sure you’re also wondering “Hey, what’s in it for me?” and I have an answer for that too.

- Share your headcanons.

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- Talk about Lil Hal? What more do you need?

The group members will be chosen when this post gets a satisfactory amount of notes, sometime within this month (August, 2015). I do need someone to design the net page and badge! At the moment, there is none. I just wanted to put out the post asap.

The Weekly Mad Recap March 29th - April 4th 2015

Warning: The content of this article summarize the events of the week in a light/meant to be funny way. One could also say, it is a poor attempt at humour really (and one would be totally right), but what would be life without all the stupid stupid things you can come up with? Let’s live Forever Young kiddos!

All Gifs belong to their right owners, we are only borrowing them. If you want to receive credit contact us…

In the previous episodes…

- Zayn officially left the band and threw the fandom into a bottomless pit of despair…

… Apparently, to pursue his own solo career.

Same here Lou! Pour some anger into the pit of despair!

- Eleanor commented that her and Louis were still good friends after their break-up.

- Liam was the absolute sunshine of the week.

Ow, so bright! Too bright! Our… Hearts… Are… Meltiiiiiiing!!!

- After a really hard week of grief, the fandom was back on the game right on time for the KCAs! Ready for the Last Minute Slay?! (With capitals, because it IS a THING in this fandom, innit?)

- We might have an exclusiv’ for you… Did you know that Wikipedia work WITH ONE DIRECTION? Bet you didn’t! Want some proofs?

This is an old screenshot. It was taken on the exact same day Zayn left the tour, supposedly to have a break from all the pressure and stress. Well, seems like Wikipedia already knew he wouldn’t come back… Fishy? You said fishy?(More on this conspiracy later)

Now, let’s get cracking!

Sunday 29th : Second Johannesbourg’s Gig

- One Direction bags all the Awards  they are nominated for at the KCAs ! Oh Yeah!And that Ladies is exactly how to make our Niall happy!

Congratulatory dance anyone?

Ow, Jesus! Now you get it from the Master.

- BREAKING NEWS! The pre-production of the next album begins ! Niall is first on the News! They all seem to be very excited as well, we know how much they like to write their own songs and we can only encourage them to since the last two albums were killers! Go Boys!

- Do you know this feeling, when you just broke up with your boyfriend, you’re still quite enamoured with him, but he was the one to ditch you, and he is doing allright,he even found someone else already? Someone you obviously think is ugly and not right for him? So, seeing as he is quite happy, you start flooding your social networks with photos and comments explaining how HAPPY you are too, how life is just GREAT at the moment, how much you enjoy it and how you don’t give a toss about being single, quite the contrary actually! Ex-boyfriend, who?

All the while expecting he will see it, of course. Well, Louis might be in this kind of frenzy at the moment. Since he was extremely active all week on social networks. What do you mean, he broke up with Eleanore weeks ago now? Who said we were on about Ela? We were talking about his break-up with Bestie ZAYN, obviously!

He started lightly, posting a picture of his new bestfriend on Instagram. (yea, Zayn, he replaced you too, see!) Who can take the boy’s place, you ask? A Water Bottle ! Yes, you read it right: a FUCKING EVIAN’S BOTTLE ! Sorry Ladies. Talking about lame replacements, really. Well at least, water is good for your health Lou, so there is that…

Next he posted this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING on-stage selfie with Niall.

Much more effective as a replacement this time. (The last bestfriend wasn’t very talkative to be honest.) And you have to admit the photo in itself is a killer! Looking good guys!

- Harry and Niall in a hotel room? Some heavy noises coming from inside, creaking bed, muffled laughs, pantings,…

STOP IMMEDIATELY what you were thinking! (Don’t lie! We know exactly what you were thinking!). Harry and Niall were said to be playfighting in Harry’s hotel room… basically that’s how we picture it actually went down:


- This is what you get when you mess with the 1D fandom: #NaughtyBoyDontEatZayn was trending for almost the whole day and apparently Louis & Niall had NO FLIPPIN’ CHILL either!!!  

A joke? Well, looks like your co-worker Wikipedia didn’t get the memo:

Here is an actual translation from the French page of Wikipedia:

“Zayn Malik would have left the wonderful band that is One Direction because of Naughty Boy’s bad influence on him.

Naughty Boy also was one of the Extras in the Music Video “Steal My Girl” from  One Direction in which he had the part of a sumo. He apparently also would have tried to eat Zayn Malik”

If this is not bloody brilliant, we don’t know what is! Obviously, the article had been rectified since.

- Also, something really brilliant happened during their gig, something we won’t even joke about, because honestly, the symbol is just too beautiful!

The boys let their Public sing Zayn’s part in “You and I”. A nice way to remind you who is now the fifth member: their fans! And, this get us a little emotional…

- On stage, Harry is his quirky cute self, asking the fans to throw all they can on the stage for a minute… Well, this kid sure lives dangerously! Remember that?

OUCH!!! ><” Even LOOKS painful! (Please girls, for the sake of Harry’s future children, AIM for the ground!)

-  #1DFAMHERETOSTAY  went trending for two consecutive days. What does that tells you? The Fandom rules Twitter? Maybe.

- Liam as usual is P-E-R-F-E-C-T , Harry thinks the same, he even claims that on stage! (Shouting his love on the rooftops, at last?!) Why? Because Liam always find the good words, his little speech on Twitter was most certainly perfect.

Well, family is family Liam; we’ll always be there for you! Always!

Monday 30th :

- The photograph of Louis and Harry having breakie together surfaces and drives Larries into a new frenzy!

Do you think Harry went to the counter all bubbly and said “I used to be a baker!”? And then both Louis and his bodyguard would facepalm and Louis would try to gently break the news to him: “We know love, everybody all around the world know, you’re the most famous ex-baker in the WWW…”. Cute.

Tuesday 31th :

- Or, THE SASS MASTER slays again! We told you he had quite a hard time getting over Zayn! So, guess he was reading through Nasty Boy’s vileness like:

And now, he is full-on set on dragging his ex’s new boyfriend! Get him Louis!

That a boy!

As a consequence #sassyLouis and #masterofallwisdom was trending on twitter all day!

Hey Louis! Naughty?

Yea, might want to avoid the subject in your presence from now on.

Wenesday 1st of April : Cape Town Gig

Wow! Everyone seems to be relieved to be done with March Madness… But maybe, it was talking a little too soon considering the date: 1st of April!

Wise for once… Should have listened to her for the last two weeks!

- Blind gossip hits us again during the April fools ! Ace chooses to have a go at Harry and more specifically targets Haylor:


Most of the fandom reacted quite violently, and for a good reason: as if we needed some more dramas! We just can’t have a break, can we?!

However, never the ones to blame people for a joke we will just say that: Was not really funny pal, but nice try!

It definitely was fishy right from the begining though… Really, have you ever read Ace writing nice things about Taylor?! No? Never? What we thought!

- Now here is April fools by the fandom (which was pretty bored so we kinda saw it coming):  #HarryGotArrested trending on twitter

Now, that was quite hilarious, because… well… Harry? really?

Mouhahahaha! Try to picture Harry-don’t-swear in jail you’re in for some mad giggling!

- On another hand, and this is not an April Joke, Zayn lost about 50 000 followers on twitter, following the recent feud between Naughty Boy and Louis! We hope Zouis is still BFF after the clash!

Thursday 02th of  April :

- The boys fly to Dubai, but they have to land because of a huge sand storm. They’re stuck in a plane for four more hours after a ten hours flight!

Can only imagine how your back and bum must be sore! Well, boys, if ever in need of a good massage…

Louis shares his love for confined spaces and long flights!

Ouch, the irony.

-  He also posts a video on IG from their last gig without mentioning either Liam or Harry even though they both are in the video, and we’re sensing a pattern in the Tomlinson family here:

#Louisbelike surfaces, basically #LouisBeLike is the #LottieBeLike 2.0; siblings have got something in common. They both had one of the most hilarious trends on Twitter!

- So apparently Harry is dead. We saw on twitter #RIPHarryStyles trends. Maybe, it was the result of some random Haters work and the fandom being its bright-self it turned it into a joke, or maybe it’s the result of the fandom going completely insane after a whole day without ANY drama, now they are so not used to it that they get bored! Anyway…

Friday 03rd of April:

- Here is the first official picture of the FANTASTIC FOUR.

- Lottie and  Louis post a selfie of themselves in a car.

But wait… Is there someone sitting on Louis’ laps?! That definitely looks like a leather jacket on the right and that might explain why his left arm is not in the picture.

Then, WHO is sitting on Louis’ laps, the question that might turn the fandom crazy even before Sunday, (since Sunday is officially the day when all the drama happen all over again!). AND… We don’t have the answer, sorry.

Saturday 04th of April: Dubai Gig

- It is the last day of the Asian Leg before a two months break! School’s out boys!

- The boys are very happy and affectionate on stage, goofing around and hugging each other, and we might be swooning a little!

- Louis’ whole family meet him in Dubai and encourage the boys.

- As Lou Tisdeale said: 

And this week Absolute Sunshine of the Week Award goes to…

Louis William Tomlinson is the Absolute Sunshine of this week. Now you’re probably wondering why Louis? The answer is quite simple : IG and Sassmaster of Twitter !

This week Louis was pretty active in all social networks, firstly in Instagram with this gorgeous selfie of Niall and him on stage, and later in the week with the video of the crowd in Cape Town during “Little Things”.

He was also quite reactive on Twitter where he posted lots of tweets but most notably his furious tweet to clash nasty Naughty Boy.

We can only clap with both hands and be moved by the fact that he wants to actually PROTECT his fans when he senses someone is trying to wind them up.

What a charming prince in shining armour, we’re swooning!

We would like to thank everyone that actually took the time to read our silliness last week, all of the people that liked it and/or shared it. We hope it put a smile on your face.

Starting next week, since the boys will be in a break and we don’t want to be intrusive, we will only relay their public appearances and social medias activities  and we will try to have some special “Holiday” editions covering funny stuff like their best interviews bits, best one-liners, the craziest things they have done on stage etc… So we’re certainly not down for the break!  

That’s it for this week, tune in next week for some more stupidity.
Love and Respect to you all!

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alright cos it seems to be bit unclear to some…

Thing with Constantine and Almost Human on El Rey Network.

What does it mean?

El Rey has acquired cable viewing rights to all episodes on both of the shows
this means they are gonna start airing the first seasons of both in November, Almost Human on Mondays and Constantine on Tuesdays (x)

So no season two for either…. yet.

But why is a thing to get excited about?

It shows that this new network by Robert Rodriguez (From dusk till dawn, Sin City..) is showing interest to these two cancelled-too-soon shows and wants to give them a go on their network. They’ve seen both shows have a loyal and relatively big fan following and are clever (or crazy) enough to give them another shot. So if they do well, El Rey Network might buy rest of the rights, produce more seasons and secure their position on the network.

This is the best news both of the shows have received so far. Constantine (which case i’ve been following more) has finally gotten a new network interested of the show and for Almost Human, even after over a year of cancellation, a network is showing interest in it.

I personally have a good feeling about this and getting my hopes up.
El Rey Network is a great fit for both and they really seem to be interested in giving these two amazing shows a new home~



So. The person I’m calling out has been vagued a couple times on tumblr already and things have been building up. I think she knew this so she deactivated before I confronted her and before I posted this.

@/tangyurines aka Maggie, now deactivated, was caught up in sth very similar before (she dated a minor who was around 7 years younger) and had the URL @/coupscoffee but she deactivated then when she was called out. I was not aware of this and I’m sure many others aren’t but @/coupscoffee and @/tangyurines are one and the same. When she first deactivated and came back I have been made aware that some people knew who she was and she said she had learnt from her mistakes and will not be repeating them so they forgave her… Which is understandable But, as @/tangyurines after all that has happened she has yet again tried it and this time she was refused.

Above are screenshots from one of the many minors this person has tried to target this time around. She’s been trying to ask minors out and even after being refused has pushed most of them and kept on flirting and honestly was just making them uncomfortable..

Please be careful who u make friends w online, esp minors. When people tell you about these things u never expect it to happen to u but it might.

Once could be a mistake but this has gone on for way too long and way to many times. There are so many people your age around so why target minors online?
I personally was also befriended by her and got to know her before I knew about all of this, I was also in a group chat along w her. Things about her always seemed a bit off and even if I stated multiple times that I was uncomfortable with her talking about things that were way too sexual In front of minors present in the group chat, she still did it. People who followed her might also recall all the anons she had which were explicit and basically sexting in front of everyone with a Mingyu rp anon. It was just too inappropriate esp as a svt blog that had many minors following. She was also quite manipulative in the way she talked.

Since she has already deactivated before this post y'all might not get the point of this post but, the point is that she’s done this before and just remade. She could come back again, with another URL and another bias. I made this post bc I have been approached by ppl who were targeted and they were all my mutuals and friends that I consider my sisters. Seeing her act this way disgusts me and I couldn’t stand by and watch it happen.
I know some of you wont see the wrong in this, esp if you’re a minor. I know many minors are ok w this sort of thing but pls understand that is someone that’s older than u by 7 years is trying to date u, there’s Sth wrong. I know some of u have her on snapchat and insta and other social networks and I just want you to be safe, please don’t engage in contact w her if you’re a minor. She might seem nice or friendly but understand that that doesn’t mean she won’t do ugly things.

Having said all this, I am in no way making this post to encourage people to send her hate or bully her, but I am extremely disheartened by the events and just want all of my fellow carats to be safe since it seems you can never really know someone too well. If any adult seems fishy to you or is harrassing you in some way please don’t be afraid to cut them off!! Be safe I care for u all 💖

i already have another group chat/network thing i created and i rly like how it turned out so i decided to make a new one bc i want to make more friends and it’s been a while since the last one so.. yea. 


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i was thinking of choosing one girl/guy for each member of the band but i’m not sure yet so i guess this will end when i find the perfect people for the network haha
i might be creating one for whatsapp and one for imessage as well!!!

(please don’t be discouraged if you’re not chosen, don’t blame yourself, just blame me i’m an awful person for not including everyone i’m sorry)


slightly-offended  asked:

I'm reading ACoK at the moment and came across this quote, "The Greatjon's been heard to say that the old gods of the north sent those direwolves to your children." Do you think that could be correct? We're slowly seeing proof of many of the gods' existences so what do you think of that idea?

Well, this might be spoilers for you, sorry, but as of ADWD we know the Old Gods exist. They’re the collective unconscious of thousands of greenseers (primarily Children of the Forest but maybe a few humans too), merged with the weirwood network.

“Only one man in a thousand is born a skinchanger,” Lord Brynden said one day, after Bran had learned to fly, “and only one skinchanger in a thousand can be a greenseer. […] Those you call the children of the forest have eyes as golden as the sun, but once in a great while one is born amongst them with eyes as red as blood, or green as the moss on a tree in the heart of the forest. By these signs do the gods mark those they have chosen to receive the gift. The chosen ones are not robust, and their quick years upon the earth are few, for every song must have its balance. But once inside the wood they linger long indeed. A thousand eyes, a hundred skins, wisdom deep as the roots of ancient trees. Greenseers.”
Bran did not understand, so he asked the Reeds. “Do you like to read books, Bran?” Jojen asked him.
“Some books. I like the fighting stories. My sister Sansa likes the kissing stories, but those are stupid.”
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one. The singers of the forest had no books. No ink, no parchment, no written language. Instead they had the trees, and the weirwoods above all. When they died, they went into the wood, into leaf and limb and root, and the trees remembered. All their songs and spells, their histories and prayers, everything they knew about this world. Maesters will tell you that the weirwoods are sacred to the old gods. The singers believe they are the old gods. When singers die they become part of that godhood.”


As Hodor he explored the caves. […] One was full of singers, enthroned like Brynden in nests of weirwood roots that wove under and through and around their bodies. Most of them looked dead to him, but as he crossed in front of them their eyes would open and follow the light of his torch, and one of them opened and closed a wrinkled mouth as if he were trying to speak.


So, yes, I believe the Old Gods are probably mostly passive, but occasionally very active in the course of events. And I also think that the mother direwolf was urged south of the Wall by someone. It might have been Bloodraven, perhaps by using his skinchanged ravens (as he did with Coldhands and Sam), as he knew his chosen successor would need to begin to skinchange to start his third eye opening, and also knew he’d need a protector.

Or, it might have been Bran. Brynden told him he can’t affect the past events he views through the weirwoods… but the fact that Ned may have heard his whisper shows that Bran is more powerful than Bloodraven could have ever expected. So, for those time-travel paradox aficionados, here’s one that actually makes sense and is in character tyvm. I can imagine Bran, lost in his tree dreams, seeing the pregnant direwolf and somehow inducing her to travel where Robb would one day find her pups. My only question now is when this will be revealed to the reader. Maybe in TWOW… or perhaps it will be one of the very last scenes of the last book, a fitting bookend to the first chapter.

Just a reminder: Please watch Hit The Diamond today when it airs and if you cant, then watch it later today and then make sure to give it some nice reviews over social media, like via tumblr, twitter with the hashtag #cartoon network or #steven universe and the like!

Because if this episode gets good ratings and/or a positive feedback via social media, then it shows that these episodes featuring LGBTA+ things is well received! Show them that we ADORE Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship and that it has a positive feedback! If they see that it’s well received, then it helps them think of the possibility to make more episodes like this! (Not that we have to worry much with Steven Universe episodes *thank you rebecca* but other shows might do more too!

If this episode gets bad ratings or isn’t talked about much because of the French leaks, then that could have a negative impact on episodes and shows that might want to include more LGBTA+ things (because I can already see the ‘well this episode didn’t do well and it had it!’ excuse) SO, We can all make sure that we say we LOVED the episode (because it is really great) and we can support it through social media and watching it to get the ratings it deserves!

Comedy Central Has Decided To Not Pick Up The Chris Gethard Show

I got word about ten days ago that Comedy Central was going into high gear deciding if they wanted to air TCGS. This past weekend, I was in a sandwich shop in Toronto when I got a tough call – after much debate, Comedy Central have decided that TCGS is not for them.

Obviously this is a huge bummer, and there are a lot of feelings to sort out here. I’m sad it won’t be going down. I feel like I let my friends down. I’m definitely a bit shell-shocked – it’s been a crazy six months and I was pretty convinced for a moment there that it might actually happen.

Most of all though, I feel grateful.

I feel extremely grateful to Comedy Central for taking a chance on us in the first place, and most of all, for letting us do it our way. Anyone who was at the pilot will tell you that we did it in the exact voice we’ve spent years building. That’s the thing I’m most proud of. There wasn’t a moment when we at TCGS sat down and tried to figure out what they wanted to see. We only ever discussed how to translate what we usually do in a full hour down to a half an hour in a genuine way. And very much to their credit, Comedy Central allowed us to do that. They never once meddled creatively or tried to change what’s at the heart of what we do. I am extremely thrilled about the experience of working with them. Our show is out in the wild west of public access and it has that punk feel, and I think a lot of our fans worried that moving to a corporate environment would mean sacrificing the heart of our show. We never did that. They never asked us to. I am so thankful to them for taking a chance on us.

And in fact, no one on the creative side of development at TCGS did anything but fight hard for us. They really went to bat in a huge way. The creative people had our backs and I am indebted to them heavily for that

In fact, when it comes to Comedy Central, I want to be very clear on something – it would completely break my heart if I saw TCGS fans lashing out at Comedy Central online. I don’t want to see any tweets or Tumblr posts or whatever bashing them. Because we as a community should be THANKING them for helping us take it this far.

So please, if you have Twitter and you want to express anything, THANK Comedy Central for us. Use the hashtag #TCGSthanksCC when you message @ComedyCentral. I’m serious about this. The TCGS community has such a reputation for being warm and welcoming – that shouldn’t change now. Thank the people who put the spotlight on us. No bashing, nothing juvenile, just genuine thanks to people who put a national spotlight on our weird underground thing and allowed us to say “See? We’re not crazy. This thing is valid.”

So #TCGSthanksCC, and the thanks from the TCGS community towards them start with me, the CG of TCGS – thank you, Comedy Central. You did this the right way, you treated us kindly, you showed us respect, and I will never forget that.

So where does this leave us? Further along then we were at this point last year, that’s for sure.

TCGS ain’t dead just yet.

The great thing about the position we’re in is that as people who have produced this thing independently, and who have built this community on our own, we have a lot more power than some other shows that go exclusively through a traditional development process. And the greatest thing we have, the greatest reflection of that power, is that we don’t have to go away now.

And we will not go away now.

TCGS will end not when someone drops an axe on us, but when we want it to end. We will bring it to its conclusion on our own terms, the same way we’ve done every other step of this process.

And the REALLY cool thing is that the dream of TCGS being on a bigger platform is still alive to an amazing degree. There are a number of networks who have already heard we’re back to being a free agent who have contacted us through back channels. It’s really cool to feel – there is life to this thing and there are options presenting themselves and that’s awesome.

And look, at the end of the day, Comedy Central has said “We don’t think this has a place on our network.’ And that might be true! I think Comedy Central is doing a ton of great stuff these days – Inside Amy Schumer, Kroll Show, Broad City, and Nathan For You all come to mind. I love it. But Comedy Central might just be a little too well lit for TCGS. It might not have the same renegade spirit that we have. And there’s a few other places that come to mind that maybe do have a little more of that kindred spirit, and maybe dwell in some darker or stranger places like we do, and it is going to be a really fascinating and fun thing to talk to these people about how we might fit in. (And, Comedy Central has funded a really great piece of tape we can show them that reflects how we’d spend a budget. :) )

I also feel incredibly grateful to Funny or Die, Zack Galifianakis, Adam McKay, and Will Ferrell – those guys have had our backs so hard through this entire process. My guess is that a few networks already want to have a conversation about working with us. And a few more networks would love to be in business with those guys. I still feel in my gut like we are going to find a new home.

I feel most grateful to the cast, crew, and fans of TCGS (especially those who have been so vocal and supportive and have used social media to spread word on us and harass Comedy Central into picking us up. I saw all that stuff and was really flattered by it.) We keep surprising people. And as a community we’re at our best when we have something to fight for. The fight is officially back on. I won’t lie – since we’ve been back at MNN, things with the show have almost felt a little too comfortable, a little too cool – and cool has never been our thing. We’re officially not cool again – that’s our wheelhouse. Let’s get back to work.

We have lost this round. I think we lost the right way. Hold your heads up high, #TCGS community. We lost well.

- Geth

PS – When I was in that sandwich show in Toronto, Bump and Grind was the song that was playing when I got the bad news. That’s the best. Also the next song that played was No One by Alicia Keys. Everything’s gonna be alright.


anonymous asked:

hmm, a quick sum up of what happened in Australian politics that you guys are so angry about? I'm curious if it's the same in my country or worse?

Oh! Well I’ll do my best to summarise (sorry it’s so long), though I don’t have any degrees in economics or political science. I’ll cover a few main points. Basically our prime minister released the budget last night, which covers funding cuts and redirected priorities within the country, and a lot of people who are already disadvantaged are going to suffer more. 

  • Universities will cost more; Australia uses a HELP-debt system, which basically means students can defer the cost of their degree until after they have studied and are actually earning an income. So university costs nothing in the near-future, and then you pay back a percentage as you earn. That hasn’t changed, except now the HELP-debt will incur an interest fee tailored to the government bond rate (much higher than inflation, as was the case previously) so that a degree that might have cost a student $34k will now cost $91k and they’ll be paying it back for longer. The income threshold for repayment has been lowered by 10% as well.
  • Unemployment benefits have been reduced; people under 30 looking for a job are only eligible for government support while they search for 6 months of a year after waiting 6 months to receive the financial support (so there are 6 months where people cannot find work and have no income whatsoever) and must work 25 hours a week for the government while receiving that money (which is fair) only to lose the support after the 6 month period and spend another 6 months waiting to get back on it for 6 months (unless they find jobs, which are limited). 
  • Disability pensioners are being reviewed so that they can get as many people working as possible. They announced they had 700000 unemployed Australians, so where they plan to make all these people work is a mystery. They ARE offering incentives to companies to employ over 50s by granting them subsidies, however a lot of people who need support are going to be cut off. Disabled students who are studying will look like they can work and will be axed to work for most of the week (and probably get even sicker in the process), and the criteria will be tightened so basically you have to be dying to get government attention. 
  • Visits to a doctor will cost $7 upfront (and for people with a concession card, given to disability and senior pensioners, and children under 16, they will receive free consultation after the first 10 visits). Emergency rooms are also free to charge people for turning up with a problem that can be settled by visiting a GP (problematic for people with children in obscure locations and no 24hr doctors). 
  • Medicine will cost more since they’re reviewing the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme so disability pensioners who are suffering cuts have to pay more for their medication with less money.
  • They’re planning to raise the senior pension to age 70, though this won’t be for a while (but basically they want to keep people working until they die). 
  • Welfare cuts—previously children were supported by the government until they were 18 years old, that’s been reduced to 6. Families were also previously supported if their annual income was below $150000, that’s now been reduced to $100000. They’re freezing family benefits for two years so that the money won’t be tailored to reflect inflation, people will have the same rates for 2 years, and less money to provide for their families. 
  • Petrol will cost more (yay). To help all these people driving to their new jobs.
  • OH but wait—they’re also scrapping the jobs of 16500 public servants to send them back into the unemployment system where they will receive no financial support while they find a new job (which are already scarce). Well done to the logic there. 
  • Abbott scrapped the carbon tax because basically he doesn’t believe in climate change and won’t acknowledge anything is wrong with the environment (people were previously taxed for carbon emissions under the former government). 
  • He cut funding to ABC and SBS news networks (I’m not sure what impact this will have, but the ABC is an Australian channel and depended a lot of government funding). 
  • What do the filthy rich suffer? Well they get a tax—a 2% debt levy for those earning more than $180000pa, but that won’t have much of an impact when they’re on half a million dollar salaries. Though I’m sure they might be disgruntled by this as well, I don’t know the logic behind it apart from creating the appearance that ‘rich people are suffering too’. 
  • What they ARE funding include: medical research (for all the medical graduates we won’t have because it’ll cost $200000 for a degree), infrastructure (roads, recycling, etc), defence (in terms of border protection to keep immigrants out of the country), and they’re going to fund mining exploration.

There is a lot more they are doing, such as combining the National Archives, National Library, and National Galleries, and he is fiddling with maternity leave and parental pay for parents (I haven’t looked into that as much, forgive me). But the main reason people are pissed off is because the money Abbott wants to get in order to pay back Australia’s debt is being taken from people who are already struggling to find work, or are sick and need money in order to afford the medication they can’t live without (which will now cost more). Students won’t want to study because they’ll be paying back their debts until they die. I think the American system is worse than ours? But I’m not sure how many others are apart from that, but Australians did lose last night, and the worse part is they put it all under the guise of “protecting Australia’s most vulnerable” when really they’re the ones who’ll pay the most.

Just a bit more on the Western celebrities in Japanese commercials thing.

It really is a sign that you’ve made it if you’re in a Japanese ad, and it doesn’t hurt that celebs get paid pretty generously to be in them! A whole bunch of A-listers have been in Japanese commercials for stuff ranging from whisky (kinda parodied in Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation, which was in turn inspired by Francis Ford Coppola actually making and starring in a Suntory whisky ad with Akira Kurosawa!) to vending machine coffee, beauty products and mobile phone companies. When a Japanese company is determined to get people to buy their stuff, they’re going to find someone really really ridiculously (good looking and) famous and recognisable because they can boost sales by their endorsement alone. 

The fact that Suntory has chosen Martin Freeman is a pretty big deal. Suntory is one of the biggest liquor companies in the world, producing award-winning Japanese whiskies and a whole bunch of soft drinks and beers. They also happen to own a whole bunch of other random things you’re probably more familiar with like Ribena, Lucozade, Midori, Orangina, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark and Courvoisier, just to name a few. (They apparently dabble around in biotech too? Cool!) They know what they’re doing and what they’re doing is hiring really famous and relevant people who will help bring in the $$$$$.

In return, Martin also receives exposure to a market that he might not have appealed to before, e.g. serious businesspeople who don’t have time to watch fantasy blockbusters but do drink a lot of expensive whisky when they network. People in Japan already know that Suntory is all-powerful and that their whiskies are amazing; now they know that Martin’s on that level too. It’s proof that he’s not ~fading into oblivion~, but that he’s actually so famous that he’s an household name, even in Japan!

(The wiki page on Foreign celebrity advertising sums it up pretty well, as does this Kotaku article - enjoy!)

Excellent commentary, thank you!

Fic: Friendships and Fandoms X

It’s here at last! Sorry about the wait, folks… 

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five] [Part Six] [Part Seven] [Part Eight] [Part Nine]

Previously on Friendships and Fandoms: Gold is on a flying visit to the UK for an audition, Belle has learned who will be playing Lacey, Zelena has overstepped the mark, and Mal has got the truth out of Gold about his feelings towards his make-up artist.


Part Ten

In which: Gold has an audition, has a very long distance date, and almost has a heart attack, and the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland characters stretch their legs a little.

Including a Tumblr cameo by our very own @anonymousnerdgirl!


The agency that Gold was with had an office in Kensington, which was a far cry from the pokey little place in North London that they had started out with when Gold had first signed with them many years ago. Jafar always joked that Gold was their lucky charm since their big break had come just after he had joined them. Declining Ella’s offer of a lift for fear that he might not get to the office alive, Gold made his way into the city centre via the tube and emerged into a torrential downpour typical of a London late summer.

Jafar was standing in the porch of the building with an umbrella, watching his progress along the road with an expression of mild interest and amusement.

“And so the prodigal son returns,” he remarked as Gold came up the steps towards him, and after shaking hands they made their way into the building together. “I trust you had a pleasant flight?”

Gold nodded. “Yes, although I could have done without the death ride that came after. Never hire Ella Furrier as a chauffeur.”

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Boyfriend: You’re on tumblr so much, you might as well just integrate yourself into the network and not have your physical body.
Me: No, lol! I do multiple things at once.. Like l’ll be on tumblr and then I’ll look up at the sky.
Boyfriend: There’s nothing in the sky… Except some clouds.
Me: Really? There are many things in the sky, it depends on your point of view.
Boyfriend: Well I don’t mean space, you can’t see the stars and stuff right now. I’m talking about right now.
Me: I know, I’m talking about right now too. It depends on how you look at it.. Like for example you can say “there’s just clouds” in the sky, but someone else might say “oh look at that skull in the clouds.”
Boyfriend: But these clouds suck for that. They’re not the right type of clouds and they’re really tiny little clouds.
Me: Sometimes the things that seem the smallest have the most depth to them.
Boyfriend: Alright, enough of this philosophical bullshit.
Me: Lol.. I wasn’t trying to get all philosophical on you, I was just telling you my point of view on what you said.