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He Knew

Draco knew he loved him long before their first kiss. Before time stood still around them, and snowflakes danced merrily around Harry’s head and gracefully landed on his eyelashes. He knew before he brushed a strand of hair out of Harry’s eyes and pressed Harry’s lips to his own. Before he lost himself in the warmth Harry brought during a blizzard, his mouth firm but welcoming and everything he could have ever hoped for.

Draco knew he loved him before their first date when Harry threw all caution to the wind. He claimed he was done with him and Draco dancing around each other, and if the insults were going to continue they might as well come with a half-decent lunch. Then he winked. He fucking winked. And he looked damn cute when he did, so Draco said yes (though he probably would have said yes anyways, but he would never admit it to himself).

Draco knew he loved him before his arms were wrapped tightly around Harry’s waist as he was carried up and away from the Fiendfyre during the Battle of Hogwarts. Flames licked his feet, and one of his best friends had just died, and he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it out alive. But he was sure he was hopelessly in love with Harry and had been for longer than he cared to say.

Draco knew he loved him before he offered Harry his hand the first day of Hogwarts, hoping for nothing more than a friend. He hadn’t known yet that he could love boys as any more than that so he sure as hell would take whatever he could get from Harry (though the type of love he felt towards Harry changed alarmingly quickly between second and third year). 

Draco didn’t need to have Harry as his own in order to know he loved him. Just as the sky was blue and the ocean was deep, he loved Harry. They kissed in the middle of a fucking blizzard. The wind whipped their hair around their faces and blew Draco’s hat off his head, but time stood completely still. The ground dissolved and left them both standing among the stars, and kissing Harry felt the way music sounded, making his chest pound and filling his stomach with a million golden snitches. 

Draco smiled into the kiss because while it felt pretty great to love Harry with all he had, it felt infinitely better to have Harry love him back.

Two posts??? In one day??? Whaaaat??? Crazy!!! Anyways, here’s… this. Idk really what it is even but it kind of gave me feelings and I had an epiphany about it like six hours ago and didn’t sit down to write it until just now… But SERIOUSLY take me up on my ask. Please. I’m dying to see what prompts and ideas and headcanons you have. I would adore writing them for you. But right now it is time for bed since I’m still sick and the term starts on WEDNESDAY ASDFSIFS (Pray for me omg, I have a notoriously difficult professor for my fiction writing class and I am slightly scared. Ahhhhhhhhhhh *continuous screaming*) so GOODNIGHT MY LOVELIES xx


Songs That People Should Really Listen To (with links)

So I did these on my last blog, so might as well continue the tradition!

The convenience store is a popular dating place during day-offs…

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“Hehehehe, hey Noaaaaa~!! Did you see any familiar faces today????”

“N-N-No, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Ohhh come oooonnnn, don’t you remember what happened a while back, when you were fighting Neoshadows??”

“You stop that now!!”

“So mean!! Like a certain keykid!!”




“What are you doing to Noa??!?!”

“Just reminding her of the past…”

No matter how much time has passed, she never forgot…

She never forgot about the boy in yellow…

Who never deserved any of the anger she had towards him…

In Trouble (DenNor) T+

AN: Because, boys and girls, this story is about sex without any of it actually being in the story. 

In other news: Look what I found in my WIPs folder! Something I haven’t shared with y’all yet. Whoops?

Sindre should have known he was in for a world of trouble when the ass he was admiring turned around and he recognized the face that went along with it.

“Holy shit, Sindre? Sindre Hansen?” Sindre couldn’t bring himself to raise his voice above the din of club music and only tilted his head in response to the familiar face. Those wide eyes bluer than the sky, twinkling with equal parts humour and mischief, and that face-splitting grin were hard to forget; his cheeks were tinted pink by alcohol. “Do you remember me?” He sidled up too close to be considered merely past acquaintances. “Matthias Andersen,” he continued, “we went to the same high school - man, that was years ago. What on earth are you doing in a place like this?”

“Same as you, I presume.” Sindre had no shame having a stiff drink in a gay bar, waiting to meet someone to pick up or be picked up. Matthias laughed, his cheeks darkening and he looked away for a minute, surveying their surroundings until his blush subsided.

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Favourite characters + tropes - Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

“You know me. You know why. I’m not leaving my brother alone out there.”


To be Continued

One thing that I love about Junkrat is that he’s completely chaotic Neutral

His comic flat-out states that he’s willing to change his ways if he has the motivation (money or other things) 

I mean think about it, he’s not technically evil by choice, he had to leave Australia because of the bounty hunters trying to kill him so at that point when you’re already ‘wanted’ you might as well start to steal and continue to be wanted. 

I mean it’s doubtful that he would join overwatch considering omnics are apart of overwatch and omnics are the reason why Australia is mad max. Also this panel

But if junkrat was introduced to a decent person who would pay/ hire him for good deeds chances are his life of crime would stop. He’s not above paying for items as he has milk tea with him and the fact that he asks if that cafe can do a flat white.

Like… He’s actually flat out willing to change if the idea is presented to him he isn’t just “I’v always been evil and no one will change that. So edgy”