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The thing about married Rowaelin

Is that I kept seeing memes about them being married. Marriage memes and all that shit. And I think as I can’t wait until they’re married. But then I tenner they are married. And it just kinda hits me…. they’re married folks. Like, yeah there’s that wee coffin problem but I’m sure she’ll be fine, what I’m saying is that they’re married. Can you just imagine all marriage fluff.

Casually making pancakes and Rowan comes down with bed hair and is like, Aelin, I love you but you can’t cook for shit.

Rowan is out training and comes in and Aelins wearing an apron and he’s like, honey, you really can’t cook, please just stop, and she’s like, I’m not wearing anything under this apron.

Aelin coming in from a day of meetings and Rowans run her breath and helps brush her hair while she contemplates setting some of the council men on fire.

Lazy Saturday mornings where they just lie in bed, watching the sun rise because if they have forever they might as well enjoy it.

Aelin being pregnant and in the late stages Rowan practically carrying her everywhere because she’s too big to walk.

Aelins not minding about this one bit because it allows to give her a chance to braid Rowans hair.

The lazy Saturday mornings are suddenly filled with mornings with their daughter or son tucked in beside them, sleeping with their head over Rowans heart whole Towns stares down at it in disbelief he could help to create something so small and precious.

Rowan teaching the child how to cook because these no way he’s letting Aelin ruin the potential the child could have.

The child being just as terrible as their mother and Rowan just laughs until Aelin drags him into a empty room for ten minutes alone.

Like, they’re married, and Aelin wants to give Terrasen and heir and it’s just, the possibilities of it all and Fuck it I need this shit.

Sharpie Promises

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Raphael x Reader

Sharpie Promises

Note: I don’t know if I’ll publish this or not, but basically, I’m a ho for TMNT and soulmate AUs and I’ve never seen a TMNT Soulmate AU, so here you go. It’s the 2k14/2k16 turtles btw. Idk. I might do more of these if you guys like it.

Raphael wasn’t human. He had struggled with this, but had eventually come to terms with the fact. He didn’t have a soulmate and he wouldn’t ever find love. Not in a world full of humans. He tried to be all right with it. Keyword: tried.

It wasn’t until he was working out one day that he felt something cold and wet travelling across his left forearm. Just as quickly as it had started, it stopped. He removed his three-fingered hands from the weight he had been lifting and sat up to examine it.


Messy black letters written in Sharpie. His green eyes narrowed. What was this? He had never felt or seen anything like this. But there it was, plain as day on his arm. He stared at it, afraid that the words would disappear, but no. They stayed right where they were. And then soon after, more appeared from nowhere, as though a ghost was writing on his arm with an invisible marker.

So, it’s like three in the morning here and I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but um, hi.

A long pause. Raph stared in amazement, too shocked to say anything.

You’re probably asleep, aren’t you? Dammit. Well, um…bye, I guess.

He had never run so fast in his life.

“Woah, woah, watch it!” Donnie raised his arms as Raph pushed his chair away from his station and grabbed a Sharpie, pulling off the cap between his teeth and scrawling in the empty space on his arm.



Your heart raced as a response finally appeared.


Big, messy letters that you could tell had been written in a rush.

I’m here. Who are you? What’s happening?

You stared at the letters, the handwriting. Your stomach dropped, the nerves kicking in. This was it. This was your soulmate. You had no idea how this worked. No one did, but it worked, and that was all that mattered. A magical pen-pal from far away, probably. Why anyone would be up at this ungodly hour besides you was beyond you. But now you had to reply. You turned over your arm to write back.

I’m (Y/N). Your soulmate, I think. I don’t know…this is what everyone else does, but I’ve always been too shy to try.



Raph’s heart skipped a beat when the word was written on his arm. Soulmate. He had a soulmate. He actually had…Oh my God.

“Raph, are you crying?” Mikey asked, looking up at his older brother, whose eyes certainly looked a little misty.

“N-no. I just got dirt in my eye. Go away.” He sniffled and smiled.

“Whatcha doin’?” the youngest turtle looked over Raph’s shoulder and scanned a few words before he raised his arm far above Mikey’s head, but he had already seen it. Soulmate. “You…you have a soulmate?”

“I guess so.” Raph shrugged. By now, Donnie and Leo were paying attention to what was happening.

“You have a what?” Donnie’s head snapped around. He pulled down Raph’s arm to examine it. But there it was, plain as day. What the internet described as a ‘soulmate exchange’. “I didn’t think it was scientifically possible for you…for us to have…”

“Are you serious?” Leo came over to look.

“What do I look like? A freakin’ museum?” Raph snapped. “Now go away. I gotta write ‘er back.” The others gave him some space as he walked over to the couch and sat down, the tip of the Sharpie hovering over his green arm.

Soulmate, huh? Did think I had one of those. Name’s Raphael. Nice to meet ya.


What are you, a renaissance artist? Lol JK

Something like that.

So where are you from, Mr. Renaissance Artist?

New York, New York.

Seattle, Washington. Well, this might be a little complicated, huh?

Something like that…


You wrote to Raphael until the sun came up and then you crashed. You had thought it was a dream until you saw the words written there the next morning. You had a soulmate. His name was Raphael. He was from New York.

But at least he existed. It could be a lot worse.

It wasn’t until about noon, three o’clock there, that you wrote to him again, after having wiped your arm off to give you more room to write.

Good morning.

You wake up at noon?

Only when I’m up until sunrise talking to my soulmate.

Fair enough.

So how’s your day been?


Fair enough.


Leo, Donnie, and Mikey were all bunched behind Raphael to watch.

“Go away!”

“Dude, we just wanna watch.” Mikey whined.

“Go! Away!”

“All right, sheesh,” Donnie walked back to his lab, and Leo and Mikey reluctantly walked away.


He wrote.

What’cha wanna talk about?

I don’t know.

What’s it like in Seattle?

Rainy. What’s it like in New York?

Noisy. He replied, a smirk spreading across his scarred lips. How old are you?



Nice. How tall are you?

Like 6’5”-ish.

Holy shit! You’re gonna have to bend down to kiss me.

Kiss you. He was going to kiss you. Eventually. A new concept. Butterflies spread through his stomach, but he tried to play it off.

You a shorty?

Compared to you, yeah. Always had a thing, for tall guys, though. No worries. ;)

He smiled.

Got any hobbies? You asked.

Ninjitsu, bein’ a giant mutant turtle, etc…

Uh, I knit sometimes. And I work out. A lot.

Mr. Muscles the Knitting Renaissance Artist. You keep getting better and better.

So what do you do for fun, Shorty in Seattle?

Oh you know, read, write, spend ungodly amounts of time on the internet.

Sounds fun.

It is. So, anyways, I’ve been looking into New York travel recently (and by recently I mean right now immediately) for reasons, you know. Anyway, what area of New York should I travel to in…ten months when I go to college (that I’ve just applied to) there?


After a long day of talking to you and patrolling and trying to work out, Raph was exhausted. He laid in his top bunk, reading your ramble with a smile.

After replying, he knew it was time to go to sleep.

I’m wiped. I gotta sleep.

Oh, okay. Goodnight Raph.

Night, (nickname).

I love you.

His heart skipped a beat.

I love you too.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Already countin’ down the days, babe.

Me too.


Weeks later, you got an idea.

So, theoretically, if I were to Skype you, would you pick up?

I don’t have a Skype.

I want to hear your voice.

I can call you, if you want. I just don’t do video chats?


Because I’m a giant freaking mutant turtle and I don’t want my soulmate to hate and/or be afraid of me.

I want to see you for the first time in person.

All right then. Here’s my number.

You waited in bated breath for your phone to ring, and then suddenly it did. Your thumb hovered above the accept button. You felt like your whole body was trembling.

“Hey there.” You could hear the shaking in your voice. He chuckled, and already you loved the sound of his laugh.

“Hey yourself,”

“Oh my God, I love your voice.” You gushed.

“I love yours too, shorty.”

“Aaaaah! Your accent is so hot!”

“Heh, yeah.” He smiled.

“Ooh, are you talking to (Y/N)?” Mikey asked. “Can I say hi?”

“No, you can’t. Shoo.”

“Who’s that?” You asked.

“My little brother.” Mikey tried to reach up and grab Raph’s phone, but he squirmed away from him. “Mikey, go away!”


“Go away!”

“I wanna say hi to your girlfriend!!”

“Mikey, leave Raph alone.” Leo smirked from across the lair. The youngest brother left, deflated.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Where were we?”

“I was gushing over your very attractive voice, Mr. Muscles.”

“Ah. Right.” He tried not to blush and failed miserably. A slow smirk snuck across his lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too!”


“Did you get it yet?” Raph called you a few months before you were supposed to arrive. As the day approached, he got more and more anxious. You would be here in New York and he wouldn’t be able to skirt around the truth anymore. He was a giant turtle and you were a human girl. It wasn’t going to work out.

But nonetheless, he had sent you something. Something to remember him by if it didn’t work out, he supposed.

“It came in today! I haven’t opened it yet, though. I’m going to right now. Give me a sec, I’m gonna put you on speaker.”

“All right.” Raph listened as you set down your phone and put him on speaker. Then came the noise of you cutting the tape and opening the small cardboard box and sifting through the tissue paper.

“Oh my gosh! It’s amazing! I love it! You really made this?”

“I did.” He smirked. You held up the perfect little pendant. A polished wooden turtle that Raphael had carved himself. It hung from a simple twine string. You put it on immediately, tying the necklace around your neck. You let your fingers run over all of the intricate little grooves.

“I’m never taking it off, I hope you know that.”

“I’m flattered.” He chuckled. “I can’t wait to see how it looks on ya.”

“I can’t wait to see you.”

A nervous little laugh.

“Yeah. Pretty soon, now.”

“It couldn’t come soon enough.” You smiled warmly. “It’s late. I’m gonna get some sleep. Exams tomorrow and then I’m out of school for the summer. And then, only two months until I get to see you.”

“Well, you rest up, shorty. Get good grades. I don’t want ya to fail.”

“Good night. I love you.”

“I love ya too. Night.”

When he hung up, he stared at the ceiling. God, what was he gonna do?


You were full of jitters when you landed in New York two short months later. The time had crawled by so slow, but you passed the time. And now you were here, the center of the modern world.

“I’m here! I just landed! When do you want to meet up?”

“Um, how about you get settled? Go to your apartment or whatever. I’ll come over tonight.”

“Okay.” Your heart raced. “Okay. I’ll see you then. I’ll uh, get you the address once I find it.”

“Sounds like a plan. Stay safe. I’ll see ya tonight.”

“See you.” When you hung up, Raph started to pace through the lair.

“I’m going to see her tonight. Oh my God. She’s gonna find out I’m a giant turtle and she’s gonna hate me.”

“Statistically, after ten months of-”

“No more science bulllshit, Don! I’m a freak! She’s gonna run screamin’ and I’ll never see her again!”

“It’ll be fine, Raph. You’re over reacting. As usual.” Leo’s tone was cool, annoyed. “She loves you. We’d have to be blind not to see that.”

“I guess we’ll find out tonight, huh?” He slumped onto the couch, a deep dread setting in. Tonight was not going to be pretty. He knew it.


After you had unpacked and met your roommate, a very nice woman named April who had been searching for a roommate for some time now, you called Raph and gave him an address. He asked about how things were and so you told him about your roommate. He chuckled. Well, that might make things a little easier. He told you he wasn’t far and he would be over in a few.

“Who’s that?” April asked after you hung up.

“My soulmate. He’s the reason I moved here, actually. He’s coming here if that’s okay.”

“More than fine with me.” She smiled. “What’s his name?”

“Raphael.” You told her. Her face lit up in surprise. Now the turtle necklace she had complimented you on when you walked in made a whole lot of sense. She doubted that you knew why though.

So this was the (Y/N) he had talked about. His soulmate. Shorty from Seattle.

“Nice name.”

“I know, right?” Your phone buzzed. “Oh my God, it’s him.”

“Hey babe, come outside.” You stood there in confusion for a second. “Fire escape.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll be down in a sec.” You nodded, tucking the phone away. Your heart raced as you climbed out the window and down the metal fire escape to the alley below. There, in the shadows stood a very tall, very large silhouette.

“Hey there.” It was him. His voice. In person. “I uh, I need ya to promise me something, gorgeous.”


“Just…p-promise you won’t scream.”

“Why would I-?”


“I promise.” You stated certainly.

“I, uh, I ain’t exactly…normal.”

“I love you, Raph.”

“You won’t when you see me.” His voice was quiet as all of his insecurities came to the surface.

“Raphael,” You reached out for him, hand forward for a long few moments until his three-fingered green one met it, pressing against it like Tarzan and Jane. Something familiar and something foreign. You gasped quietly, but when he moved to pull away, you gripped one of his large fingers. “Please.”

He let out a long sigh, considering bolting then and there, but he gave in and took a few slow, heavy steps out of the dark to where you could see him. Your soulmate was a giant mutant turtle. He waited for the sting of rejection, for the tears of disappointment streaming down your cheeks, but they never came. Instead, you pulled his muscular arms around yourself, clinging to him as though this was your last chance. He held you tight against his plastron, his knees giving out in the wave of relief that washed over him. Raph buried his face in the crook of your neck, and you felt hot tears against your skin.

Thank you.” A broken whisper from his scarred lips. “Thank you.”

“I love you.” You kissed his cheek and then his forehead, and you lifted his face to look at the green face under the tattered red bandana.

“All ‘uh this don’t bug you?” He asked, tear-filled green eyes searching yours. “You don’t care that I’m a freak?”

“You’re not a freak, Raphael.” The feeling of your soft skin against his face drove him up the wall in the best possible way. “Not to me.”

“Are ya just sayin’ that because I’m your soulmate?”

“I mean it.” You locked eyes with him and he felt as though you were staring into his soul. His smile was the most gorgeous thing you had ever seen. Curiosity sparked behind your eyes as you examined every inch of him, taking him in. “What are you?”

There wasn’t hatred or fear in your voice, only awe.

“I’m a mutant. A turtle. Hence the uh-” he motioned to the necklace around your neck. “That.”

“I love turtles,” You whispered as you kissed his snout. You were so close. So close he could just about…

You closed the gap between you, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. He didn’t know how to respond, but followed his instincts and tried his hardest to kiss you back. His large hands held your hips and your small hands framed his jaw before moving to his shoulders, fingers gently searching the terrain of his shell.

When you finally pulled away from him, you looked at him for a long time.

“Hey do you wanna come up for pizza?” April called down from the apartment window.

“Yeah, sure April. Are the guys coming?”

“Just got off the phone with Leo. They’re on their way.”

“Wait, you two know eachother?” You asked. Raph smiled and shrugged, finally getting to his feet and taking you with him. God, he was so tall.

“We go way back.” April smiled. “I named him.”


“Long story. Come on, shorty.” He picked you up off of the ground as if you weighed nothing and carried you on his hip, your feet dangling a foot in the air. “’Bout time you met my brothers, huh?”


After you had met his brothers and enjoyed some celebratory pizza, the six of you had settled down to watch a movie. At the moment, Raph was spread out on the couch with you laying on top of him and a cozy red blanket draped over both of you. He nuzzled into your neck as your hands traced gentle circles on his plastron.

“I love you, Raphael.” You kissed his jaw. He hummed contentedly.

“I love you too, soulmate.” The word had never sounded so right.

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Bad Thoughts

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A/N: First time writing Jason and it’s borderline smut, what does that say about me? ….. Who cares! 

Request: Could you do a Jason Blossom imagine where they haven’t been dating for that long (maybe like a month or 2) and one day he sees her at cheer practice and can’t control himself lol and his sister ends up cockblocking him

Word Count:1,768

Warning: Borderline smut,kinda, almost??? y’know?

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If you find you’re going to sleep at 3, 4, 6am, and want to switch back to daylight hours, I find going the “jetlag” route can sometimes be easier. This method is based largely on personal experience. It works well for me, I hope it can help you guys 8D

Take a twenty minute nap at your “usual bedtime” (that stupid-o'clock AM). This might mean you’re going “to bed” at 3am and getting up at 3:20. Yep, that’s what I mean. You’re gonna feel pretty worn out during this process, and probably a bit groggy the day after, but by day three, you should be back on track.

Then sometime BEFORE the sun hits its Zenith (So, before 1pm DST, before noon when not DST), spend a minimum of 30 minutes in the sun. Take a walk; sit on the porch reading a book; go to your nearest pokestop and throw down a lure. I recommend doing this around 11, to insure that you get a full 30 minutes before the sun hits its apex no matter where you are on the globe, or when you are in the year. This sun exposure can do WONDERS for your circadian clock. This isn’t just for your eyes, but your whole body. Shorts and a T-Shirt works best if you can manage it.

After you’ve said hello to that great ball of fire in the sky, Stay Up until at LEAST 8pm. If you find yourself nodding off earlier, stay active and engaged as much as you can. I find brain teasers like picross or the Einstein logic puzzles work great. You don’t have to be any good at them, just something to keep your brain running hard enough you don’t nod off from inactivity. Having a friend can help a lot here too.
If you’re having the opposite problem and that second wind just will NOT go away, don’t stay up past 10pm. Even if you’re lying in bed with your eyes closed at that point, just lying at rest for an extended time makes a HUGE difference to your energy levels. Hopefully, you fall asleep eventually, because:

Do NOT get up out of bed until at LEAST 6am the next morning. Even if that means you wake up at 4 and have to doze or read a book for a while. The key to keeping a consistent circadian rhythm (in my experience) isn’t just your lie down time but also your wake up time. I recommend setting an alarm for like 8am to make sure you don’t oversleep, but try to let yourself wake up “naturally” if you can.

From there, just stick with it. Lie down at a fairly set “bedtime” and wake up at a fairly set morning hour.

PS Regarding stimulants, (and keep in mind, these will vary WILDLY depending on your personal experiences and relationship with stimulants. This advice is based off of personal experience and common observations, but there are PLENTY of exceptions)
If you caffeinate late in the day, try dialing back how much, and/or make sure you stop drinking 4-6 hours before bedtime. If you take an extended release don’t take it late, just skip it if you oversleep. Taking my meds at noon ALWAYS screws with my sleep schedule.

“Family. Familia. Famille” - [Tom Hiddleston - One shot ].

Based on: Imagine: Tom being your ex, the one your family loved and welcomed when the two of you were together, and even wanted you to marry but things never worked between you. A couple of years later, he’s invited to a family event, which makes things super awkward for you because you’re still single but you don’t want him to know, and you’re well aware of how communicative and pushy your relatives can be, not to mention how much they will be praising him all evening long.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Family drama/fluff. 


Mia rolled the end of her side braid around her bun and secured it with a bobby pin while staring at herself in the mirror.

The curtain next to her billowed open and the cool ocean breeze raced through her, reminding her to pay attention to the sound of the crashing waves outside her parents’ beach house; something she hadn’t indulged in, in a long time.

Her bedroom door opened and it took her visitor less than 5 steps to reach her and rest her chin on her shoulder while putting her hands on her arms.

“Isn’t it odd how even when we look the same, I’m still the prettier one?”

Mia rolled her eyes at her identical twin who stared back at her in the mirror.

“Fuck off”.

Ava laughed.

“You look nice. I wonder why”, she said and Mia caught an ironic note in her tone but brushed it off.

“It’s been a while since the whole family’s gathered”, Mia said with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m sure, Aunt Marie will appreciate your effort. Come on”, Ava chuckled.


Ava frowned and studied her sister for a second.

“Oh!” she exclaimed raising an eyebrow, “You don’t know”.

“Ava”, Mia sighed, “You’ve been here for a minute and you’re already getting on my nerves. What is it?”

Ava stood up, walked towards the door and opened it before glancing back at her dumbfounded and two-minute younger twin.

“Mother invited Tom”.

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Vampire Friends & Apology Gifts

Alec Lightwood imagine

Summary: Since you’ve gotten hurt on your last mission, Alec’s behavior changed towards you. Preventing you from being a Shadowhunter and doing what you love, you slowly start to feel lost.

A/N: I know this has been long overdue, but this week has been crazy. There was the Stydia kiss we had been waiting for for years, I went to a Bastille concert, got Ed Sheeran tickets, and finally, after 3 years of trying, I managed to get tickets for Tomorrowland. So clearly, I needed time to process all of this, and I can only hope your week has been as amazing as mine was.

Prompts: “I fall for the worst ones.” – “Stop blaming me for all the stupid things you do.” – “I am here to grace you with my presence.”


“What do you mean, I can’t come along on the mission?” You crossed you arms and frowned.

“Well, I can’t really make it any clearer, can I? You’re not going on the mission.” He emphasized.

“That’s not fair!” You scowled at him. “What did I do?”

He sighted, knowing you weren’t going to let this go. “You got hurt last time, remember?”

“Oh come on, that was weeks ago.” You were fuming with anger at how unreasonable he was being. “I was barely bleeding!”

“Broken bones don’t bleed, Y/N.” Alec reasoned with you. “You are not coming with us.”

You narrowed your eyes at him before giving up. “Fine!” you grunted, storming towards your room.

You watched the flickering light above the door and let out a breath before knocking on the door, only to be greeted with the pair of brown eyes you were hoping to see.

“Y/N,” Simon smiled at you, “what are you doing here?”

“I am here to grace you with my presence.” You smirked.

“You were banned from going on the mission, didn’t you?” He smirked as well, making yours drop.

“Yeah.” You grumbled.

He held the door open for you.

“Come on in.”

You had been staying with the vampires for a couple of hours, spending some time with Simon, who had become a friend of yours over the couple of months. Needing to rant about how unreasonable Alec was being lately, you had almost been talking the whole time.

“And last week, he wouldn’t even let me go on a recon mission. I feel like he just wants me to sit in my room, doing absolutely nothing and I hate it.” You were sitting on the opposite side of Simon,

“Finally! Your friend stopped talking!” Raphael cheered from the other side of the room, laying on the couch. “What are you even doing here?”

You narrowed your eyes at him. “I could ask you the same question.” you said, wanting some time alone with your friend, which he wasn’t.

“I live here.” he retorted.

“Touché.” You looked back at Simon, suddenly feeling hungry. “Hey, you’ve got something to eat?”

He pursed his lips. “Sorry, all we’ve got is a 19-year-old virgin, and a 27-year-old musician.”

“Sorry I asked.” You scrunched your nose, not wanting to know more.

Suddenly, you heard a loud knock on the door. “I guess I’ll get it then.” Simon mumbled when Raphael didn’t move.

“Where is Y/N?” You heard an all too familiar voice yell, making you sigh and roll your eyes. You were so not in the mood for a lecture from him.

“Well, if it isn’t the 19-year-old virgin.” Raphael muttered from his corner, making you smile just a little bit.

“Hey Y/N,” Simon grimaced, “look who’s here.”

“Y/N. I’ve been looking everywhere for you, and this is where you’re at?” Alec was staring at you with fire in his eyes.

“Welcome at the shelter for runaway Shadowhunters.” Raphael exclaimed, still not having moved from his position.

You rolled your eyes at Raphael’s statement. “Well, not for long anymore, because we were just heading out.” You forced a smile at Alec, taking Simon by his arm.

“We were?” Simon asked, looking at you. You just glared back. “I mean, yeah, we are.” He tried to fix his mistake by smiling, making Alec narrow his eyes at him.

“Uhm, on second thought, I might stay here instead. Wouldn’t want Raphael to feel left out.” Simon grimaced.

“He can come with us? Could be fun.” You tried, desperately not to go home yet.

“You know what else sounds fun?” Raphael answered. “Walking around in the sun to work on my tan… I think I would really rock the ‘slightly crisp’ look.” He said sarcastically.

“Ugh, see you later Simon.” You grumbled, disappointed you didn’t have an excuse not to go home.

“Later.” Simon smiled at you before you made your way to the door, Alec following right behind you.

You felt a cool breeze hit you in the face when you opened the door, along with some small drops of rain, making you even moodier than you already were.

After minutes of just following you, Alec had enough of the silence between the two of you.

“So you’re friends with the vamps now?” He asked like it was a bad thing, which in his eyes probably was.

“I’m sorry I don’t see them like walking bulls eyes you can practice your archery on.” You spat back, feeling offended for Simon, and actually even Raphael, who wasn’t really that bad.

“It’s not safe with them Y/N.” He tried to reason with you.

“Are you seriously starting with that bullshit again?” You stopped walking to look him in the eyes.

“Do I have to remind you of what happened last time I walked into that place?” He raised one of his perfect eyebrows.

You sighed, perfectly remembering what had happened last time. “Yeah, who would’ve thought they didn’t like the way you threatened them, pointing an arrow at their faces and all.” You said sarcastically.

“I did it to protect you!” As if wanting to make his statement more dramatic, heavy rain started pouring out of the sky, replacing the small drizzle that had already been falling down on you.

“Stop blaming me for all the stupid things you do!” You huffed out, seriously getting tired of his behavior. “I don’t need you to protect me, I’m a Shadowhunter, I’ll manage on my own.”

“What’s so wrong with me wanting to protect you?” He furrowed his brows, clearly not pleased at the way this argument was going.

“You don’t protect me, Alec. You treat me like a porcelain doll that can break at any given moment. I’m a Shadowhunter, and you’re preventing me from being one, and you know what that makes me?” You let out a sigh and wiped some rain drops from your forehead. “If I can’t be a Shadowhunter, I’m nothing.” You had trouble not to break down at that moment, so you decided it would be easier to make your way towards the institute on your own, leaving Alec too baffled at your statement to follow behind you.

“You’re not nothing to me.” He murmured while you were almost completely out of his sight, and out of hearing distance. He let out a sigh. “You’re everything.”

Turning off the warm water, your hand reached out of the glass door, searching for the towel you had left there somewhere. You walked out of the shower and started drying your hair with the towel when you heard someone knocking on your door.

“Just a minute!” You yelled from your bathroom, hoping that whoever was at your door had heard it, and had the patience to actually wait until you had at least dried yourself off and put some clothes on.

Not really looking what clothes you took out of your closet, you quickly went to open the door, revealing the one person you hadn’t expected to see.

“Oh, it’s you.” You spoke without much enthusiasm.

Alec’s eyes dropped, and quickly looked back up at you, only to divert his gaze yet again, anywhere besides you. “You, uhm, didn’t button your shirt.” He said, blushing.

You furrowed your brows and looked down at yourself, only to see you were revealing some skin of your upper half.

“What’s the problem? I’ve trained with you wearing less.” You inspected his movements, trying to figure out why he had a problem with it.

“Uhm, no problem.” He smiled, fixated on looking no where else but your face. “I, uhm, I came here to apologize.”

You raised your eyebrows, caught off guard by his words.

“I brought you a gift.” His hands suddenly appeared right in front of your view, revealing the small faux plant. You couldn’t help but smile when you recognized the familiar shiny silver flower pot.

“That’s so cute.” You gushed when you took it from him. “I actually bought the exact same one for your sister, but she accidently dropped it, and now it’s chipped on one side, but you can barely —,“ you felt a small piece of the pot missing under your fingertips, just as you wanted to place it on your desk, and turned it around so you could actually see the missing piece, “see it.” You silently finished your sentence.

You quickly turned around to look him in the eyes. “Alexander Lightwood, did you steal your sister’s plant, just so you could give it to me?”

He looked like he was caught stealing cookies out of a cookie jar. Or, well, stealing faux house plants out of his sister’s room.

“Well, I didn’t really know what to get you, and it’s not like there’s much choice in stores at this hour at night, but it’s the thought that counts, right?” he tried.

You raised an eyebrow. “I still haven’t heard an apology.”

He let out a sigh and closed his eyes for a moment, before blurting out his apology.

“I shouldn’t have banned you from going on that mission, and I shouldn’t have come to hotel Dumort to come and get you. I know what being a Shadowhunter means to you.” He confessed, making your mouth fall open, because in all of the years you had known Alec, you’ve almost never heard him apologize.

“And lastly, I should’ve told you I liked you from the moment I knew I did.” He gave you a small smile, not knowing how you would react to his confession. “I only did those things because I was really scared last time we went on a mission, and I didn’t want to see that pain on your face ever again.”

You were shocked at his confession, but not too shocked to not say anything. You crossed your arms and walked a bit closer towards him. “So, let me get this straight: you did stupid things, which almost cost us our friendship, just because you like me?”

He just nodded.

You pursed your lips. “And you never thought it would be easier to just say you liked me?” You let out a sigh yourself and closed your eyes before mumbling something.

“I fall for the worst ones.”

His eyes grew wide when he heard you murmur those words. “Wait, so you like me too?” he sounded hopeful.

“Yeah, I do.” You smiled. “Well, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the Alec that banned me from going on missions and all that, but I do like the Alec that’s standing right in front of me, apologizing, and even bringing a gift, even if it’s something he stole from his sister.” You narrowed your eyes, thinking about what you’ve just said. “Well, maybe don’t steal anything again, okay?”

He couldn’t help but smile. “Okay.”

“You know which Alec I also like? The one I’m going on a date with, later this night, just to watch some Netflix or something.” You smirked.

“I like that one too.” He smiled widely, not believing his luck with you.

“Okay, but now I really need to kick you out of my room.”

His smile fell. “What? Why?” he asked, furrowing his brows in confusion while you pushed him out of the door.

“Because I have a date to get ready for.” You said, right before you slammed the door shut in his face.


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1925

Request:  Can you do a really fluffy stiles imagine where him and his girlfriend have been together for a while and y/n tells him that she thinks their relationship has become comfortable but stiles mistakes this for thinking that she thinks their relationship is boring. So he does loads of cute and silly things to make their relationship fun and fresh like it used to be. I hope this makes sense and you like the idea 😋😋

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long! Thanks to the best, @maddie110201 for proofreading this for me!

Originally posted by fragileheartxxx

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anonymous asked:

I struggle with depression and self loathing. It's like not matter what I can not lose weight. I'm 200 and I should weigh 120-125 so I'm very over weight. I want to lose weight I just am always sleeping and eating. And repeat. I just can't find the energy or motivation. And constantly I'm finding something I don't like about my body. I can't stand my double chin/neck and my breasts. Especially my breasts they're just so big and saggy. I don't know what to do. Any tips? Thank you for your time

I’m going to share some of my personal story because I feel that it’s very relevant. when I was 14-15 years old I struggled quite a bit with my weight. I gained and lost, but mainly gained. I had a lot of stress issues and insecurity, mainly because of my mental illnesses, negative comments from family, and society’s bullshit ideals. it truly just made me hate myself more. I often ate in times of stress and boredom and I also ate a lot of dairy which I am actually allergic to. 

when I was 18 years old I went back to england. I weighed roughly 200 lbs at the time, and I made the conscious decision to eat healthier and lose the unwanted weight. I genuinely thought most of my problems would go away if I got thinner. I will not lie to you, I lost the weight at an unhealthy pace. I was very sick at the time. I was suddenly underweight at 5′10 with even more problems than before.

losing that weight did not make me feel stronger. it did not make me feel more proud or accomplished. most importantly, it did not make me feel more beautiful or more desired and my problems definitely did not disappear.

the point of my story is that truly loving yourself and feeling beautiful genuinely starts with self acceptance and fat acceptance for everyone including yourself. since then I have gained 10+ lbs of healthy weight and I am still working on myself physically and mentally. having issues with body image is something that has to be worked on throughout your life. 

I have a few tips for weight loss, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight as long as you know that you are extremely beautiful at any size. even with your double chin and your saggy boobs. try to remember that boob saggage comes with weight loss- and that doesn’t make them any less cute or beautiful !!! I am not ashamed to say my boobs changed quite a bit throughout the years. I love them just the same even if I feel a bit insecure about them sometimes.

• start your journey with inspiration and motivation. surround yourself with positivity. change your phone background, put up new pictures in your room, and follow a ton of inspirational accounts. do some research and look for models at any size who inspire you. there is actually a lack of body diversity on this website so I found some gorgeous dolls that might inspire you.

diana veras

brittnee blair

anita marshall

• plan your meals ahead of time. you don’t need to cut back on portions- just add more natural healthy things into your meals. losing weight is not about restricting so eat up !!!! 

• try to avoid processed, high fat, sugar and high salted foods on the regular. save those for well deserved treats. 

• get at least 15 minutes of sun and 25 minutes of exercise every day, even if it’s just a walk around the block. getting into this habit is good for both your body and mind.

• losing weight the healthy way takes a lot of commitment and patience, but it is very much achievable and possible. you can do anything you put your mind to.

• practice self love and self care every day. forget everything negative you have been told and appreciate everything about your body. I made this weekly printable self care checklist that you can download for free if you want. 

I love you darling. I hope these are all helpful to you. please know you are more than welcome to message me anytime, and I wish you luck. remember that you are beautiful. 💖💖

The Protective (Boy)Friend | Bellamy Blake X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Requested by @pajamabirdi love ur writing!i was wondering if u could do a BellamyxReader one shot where Bellamy&the reader r close friends&Murphy keeps on making unwanted,inappropriate advances on the reader.Bellamy gets pissed&super overprotective because Murphy won’t stop no matter how many times the reader says no&tries to push him away. One time Murphy goes 2 far and Bellamy goes over & punches Murphy square in the jaw leading 2 a fist fight between the 2 boys & ends with fluff or the confession of feelings? thx!

A/N: It took me so long to write this, I’m soooo sorry. Also, I wasn’t born to write fist fights, really sorry for that too.

Characters: Bellamy/fem!reader, Murphy. Mbege, Finn, Jasper, Monty and Clarke are mentioned.

Word Count: 2046 words.

Another day on Earth, another day of work, but it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. At least not for (Y/N). Being on Earth for her was like a goal that had been completed, since since she was little she had the dream of being on the Ground, but of course not everything had been like she dreamed, but she just settled for what she had achieved. (Y/N) had a small smile on her lips as she left her tent, her eyes scanning the scenery outside. It was very sunny, as Always, and as she walked through the encampment, looking for someone who needed help with something, (Y/N) heard a catcall that caught her attention, causing her to turn toward the sound.

John Murphy was staring at her with a smirk, right next to that Mbege boy. (Y/N) just kept walking, completely ignoring what had happened. It wasn’t new, in fact, it happened every day. As soon as she’d set up somewhere to spend the rest of the day working, she was sure she would get a visit from him. (Y/N) couldn’t help but frown at the thought, how many times did she have to say no to him to understand?

And unfortunately, she was right. Shortly after starting to help Monty and Jasper separate the food properly, Murphy appeared walking around, with the same smirk he always had on his face. (Y/N) sighed, trying to ignore the fact that he was heading toward her and would inevitably begin to talk to her.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes, you know that?” he asked as he arrived in front of the table where the food was spread. It was a bit difficult not knowing something after listening to it a thousand times

“Hi Murphy.” she said, forcing herself to smile at him.

The two other boys who were working with her also cast a few discreet glances at him, seeming to dislike his presence as much as she did. But anyway, Murphy didn’t seem to notice that he wasn’t very welcome there. As she tried to continue working to see if the boy would leave, she felt her hand being held.

“Maybe we could go out together later.”

(Y/N) grimaced slightly at the contact as he held her hand to the table with some force. “I don’t think I’ll be up for it later.” she looked up at the boy, who smirked at her.

“If you won’t be up for it later, let’s go now.” the girl let out a low grunt, wondering if he didn’t notice how uncomfortable she felt around him.

“No, Murphy.” she knew that even with this he wouldn’t stop, that already had been the tenth no that she had spoken to him in the last three days.

He didn’t seem affected by her answer, his smirk remaining on his face. The boy brought her hand to his lips, giving it a kiss. "Maybe tomorrow, then.” Murphy winked at her before he left, not noticing the look Bellamy sent him as the Blake boy walked toward his best friend.

“Is he bothering you?” he asked, nodding at Murphy. “Has he done something?”

A small smile appeared on (Y/N)’s lips with his friend’s concern. “Murphy? He’s just annoying but harmless.”

Bellamy snorted. “Let me know if he causes you any trouble.”

“I can handle him.” she said, tapping his shoulder. “But thank you for your concern, Boss.” Bellamy rolled his eyes at the nickname and a small amused smile escaped his lips.

“Get back to work before people think I’m giving you a special treatment because we’re friends.”

“But you’re”. she said playfully. Bellamy let out a chuckle from his lips and pushed her lightly before leaning toward her. The smile widened on her lips with his closeness.

“No one needs to know that.” and with that he left, leaving the girl standing there smiling like an idiot for a few seconds, until she was called by Jasper.

The rest of the day seemed to have passed normally, making her surprised and relieved that she hadn’t bumped into Murphy anymore, but maybe she shouldn’t have got her hopes up that he might have decided to leave her alone. Besides, he’d said something about talking to her the next day. But she hadn’t been bothered by him the morning of the other day, even though he had walked around the place where she was and even looked at her. Maybe he has finally come to his senses.

The sun was about to set when Clarke asked her to bring some of the food she had separated the previous morning. When she was already returning to the dropship, she was stopped by Murphy, making her sigh. He didn’t give up. “Well well, look if it isn’t my doll.”

(Y/N) held up the urge that she had to roll her eyes and just let out a small “Hi.” before Murphy continue with his horrible flirtation. While (Y/N) tried to ignore everything he said, she saw Bellamy staring at that scene from a distance. Oh, how he wanted to intervene in that. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow, giving him a little mischievous smile. He shook his head and raised his hands in redemption, he knew she could take care of herself. She turned her gaze back to Murphy, the smile still on her lips, which didn’t go unnoticed by the boy in front of her.

“I knew it.” he said with a triumphant smile, making hers disappear.


“You were just playing hard to get.”

(Y/N) frowned as she noticed he was taking small steps toward her, making her take a few steps back. “Stop.” she mumbled. The girl pressed the food against herself nervously. She could feel the food almost falling from the sack she held, which happened after Murphy forcibly hold her waist, the smirk never leaving his lips. “Get your hands off me.” (Y/N) raised her voice, pushing him away from her.

Murphy lifted his hands in redemption, but then he moved closer to her, making the girl walk back to her back on the dropship, giving the perfect opportunity for Murphy to pin her against the wall.

“She told you to take her hands off her.” (Y/N) heard Bellamy’s voice before she felt Murphy’s body being pulled away from hers.

And then the next second Bellamy’s fist slammed against Murphy’s chin. John took a few steps back, looking a bit disoriented, but soon recovering and not hesitating to go up to Bellamy.

(Y/N) felt panic taking hold of her as she saw the boys punching each other, but she didn’t know what to do, she was pretty sure that if she tried to come between them, she would ended up being hit, so she just screamed for them to stop, not being heard by any of the boys.

Both were rolling on the ground, still trying to hit each other as the delinquents began to come closer to see the fight, and, unlike (Y/N), they screamed for them to keep going. But the fight soon ended when Mbege and Finn arrived, holding, respectively, Murphy and Bellamy.

While everyone complained that the fight was over as fast as it started, (Y/N) saw Murphy trying to break free from his friend’s arms as he uttered offenses to Bellamy loudly, his smirk finally ripped from his face, giving way to some bruises on his face. Bellamy wasn’t much different in Finn’s arms, though he seemed a little calmer than the other, but he still shouted insults at Murphy. His voice died when he saw the startled look in the girl’s eyes.

(Y/N) walked toward the dropship, knowing that he would probably go after her. And she wasn’t wrong this time, she had just begun to wet a cloth in one of the water bowls that were there when she heard the boy’s heavy footsteps entering the place.

“Sit there.” she motioned to one of the corners, making him sit up against the wall. (Y/N) walked over and sat down in front of him, pressing the cloth lightly on his face, trying to wipe the bruises he had there. The two continued in silence for a few more seconds. “It was stupid.”

Bellamy nodded slightly, as if he knew the girl would tell him that. “I know.”

“But…” she suppressed a smile. “It was cool of you to do this for me.” her words managed to get a smile from him. “But for your information, I was about to kick his balls when you stepped in.”

He let out a chuckle, hissing as he felt her wiping the cloth through another open wound. “That’s something I wish I’d seen.”

(Y/N) smiled. “I did what I could.” she said, leaving the cloth beside her. "I just clean, the whole healing thing is with Clarke.”

They laughed at each other, not speaking for a few seconds. The girl noticed one of the wounds bleeding again, bringing her own hand to wipe it, rubbing her finger there lightly. (Y/N) felt his gaze burn in her more than she had ever felt.

She pulled her hand from his face, lowering it to her lap, but Bellamy took it halfway, entwining his fingers with hers and placing them on his knee. (Y/N) felt her cheeks heat up with the contact. She had already held his hand a few times, usually for support, when some of them were scared or upset, but that wasn’t the occasion and she could see it in his eyes. His touch was gentle, unlike Murphy’s, just as the smile he gave her.

“(Y/N).” his husky voice woke her from her thoughts.


"I beat Murphy for you.” Bellamy paused, seeming to decide what his next words would be. "I did it for you, but I kind of had a selfish reason too.”

(Y/N) frowned. “How so?”

He pressed his lips together before giving a chuckle and lowered his gaze to their hands. “I couldn’t stand to see him bothering you.”

"He made everyone uncomfortable.” she nodded, cutting him off.

"I couldn’t stand seeing him making you uncomfortable the way he did.” he continued, turning his gaze to her. “Or the thought that maybe you’d end up accepting to be with him.”

(Y/N) felt her heart race slightly and a small smile involuntarily appeared on her face. Why did he felt so troubled by the possibility of she going out with Murphy? As if he could see the question in her eyes, he went on, his eyes focused on her to see her reactions.

“You’re my closest friend.” the words made her feel a little hurt, her smile fading. What else did she expect? He was just a worried friend. “I care about you.” he nodded to himself. “More than I should.”

Okay, what the hell did he mean by that? Couldn’t he be straightforward at least once? “What do you mean?” she asked, feeling her heart race once more. Don’t get your hopes up.

Bellamy gave her a quick smile, his eyes staring at something in her face. Her lips. Oh, is he going to do that? His eyes looked once more at hers before looking at her lips again. (Y/N) didn’t have much time to think or make assumptions of what would happen next, for soon Bellamy was already pressing his lips gently against hers in a peck.

“I like you.” he said, leaning his forehead against hers, now stroking her fingers that were tangled in his. Straightforward. Finally.

(Y/N) smiled broadly as she absorbed what was happening. "So…” she cleared her throat. “Were you jealous?”

Bellamy rolled his eyes, an amused smile on his lips. “How funny.” he leaned back against the wall, letting go of her hands, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh, don’t be like that.” (Y/N) crawled around to sit beside him, his eyes never leaving her. She hesitantly leaned on his shoulder. “I like you too.”

She kept her eyes staring ahead of her, but she felt one of Bellamy’s arms wrapping around her. (Y/N) could feel a smile forming on his face as he leaned his head on top of hers, giving a small kiss on her hair. Maybe she’d been annoyed by Murphy all that time it was good in the end.



kairos (n.) — the perfect, delicate, crucial moment: the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement; also, weather // but it seems as if jihoon can’t seem to grasp the right timing for anything involving you

genre: fluff + angst

word count: 2.5K

pairing: reader x park jihoon

a/n: can you tell that i’m absolute trash for wanna one oops ! i also take requests so just slip into my ask if you want to see anything in particular :“)

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Dan daring to hold Phil's hand in Florida outside

Life is about taking risks.

They can afford to now. They have money in the bank. They have family that loves them, that supports them. They have each other, and a new home, and plans for the future.

They have happiness. They have security. They have confidence in each other, and their ability to endure.

They have plans.

Those plans involve a lot of things, but for right now:

“Hey,” Dan says softly. His shoulder bumps against Phil.

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anonymous asked:

can you write punk!dan and pastel!phil go shopping and phil gets distracted by something and dan finds something so cute and pastel and tries it on and phil finds him (dan claims to hate pastels on himself)

“Dann, why not?” Phil whined for probably the hundredth time, stomping his foot a bit. Dan rolled his eyes, swinging their hands as they walked through the mall.

“Because!” Dan scrunched his nose. “I hate pastels on me. It just doesn’t fit me.”

Phil shook his head. “Right, because your soul is so dark and depressing.” His tone was mocking, and Dan sighed.

“Exactly,” he said defensively, grinning crookedly.

“I still don’t see why you can’t just try something on.” Phil smirked, drawing a finger up Dan’s chest. “I can make it worth it…”

Dan raised his eyebrows, slapping Phil’s hand away. “You’re really gonna play that card?”

Phil pouted, crossing his arms. “You’re no fun.”

Dan just scoffed, running his fingers through his hair. He bit his lip, running his tongue over his lip piercing.

“Dan!” Phil practically shrieked, stopping in his tracks, making Dan flinch.

“Jesus, what?” Dan grumbled, stopping and turning to look at the pastel clad boy. Phil’s eyes were lit up, staring in the window of the store in front of him.

“Dan! Look at all of them!” He pointed at the display of cactuses and small succulents on sale, his grin widening. “They’re so cute, oh my god…”

Dan groaned, shaking his head and grabbing Phil’s hand, trying to tug him away. “We’ve talked about this, you already have enough house plants, you don’t need to kill more…”

“DAN!” Phil shouted again, more shrill this time, and Dan let go of his hand to cover his ears.

“Phil, stop fucking-” he whirled on him, but Phil was already gone; inside the store.

Dan grumbled under his breath, shaking his head and straightening his leather jacket. “Fine, I’ll just wait here then…” he trailed off, sighing and looking around.

That’s when he noticed the Forever 21 across the way, and he bit his lip. There was a sweater in the window, a soft looking blue-purple turtleneck that would probably go to mid thigh on him.

It wouldn’t be bad to just look at it, right…?


Phil walked out of the flower shop holding four tiny succulents, and a bouquet of flowers, for Dan. He frowned, looking around.

Dan was nowhere to be seen, and Phil licked his lips. He wouldn’t leave without him, would he? No, of course not… He must be nearby.

That’s when Phil’s eyes settled on the Forever 21 on the other side of the aisle. He grinned. While he was waiting for Dan, he might as well look… he needed a new yellow flower crown anyways, surely Dan wouldn’t mind.

Phil walked into the store, moving to the section right next to the changing rooms. Which was clearly the right decision when HIS BOYFRIEND walked out, not seeing him, twirling a bit in front of the mirror and inspecting his appearance.

Phil dropped the bouquet, his mouth falling open.

Dan looked incredible; Phil would say better than Phil had ever looked in pastel, but that was just his opinion. He was wearing a perfectly loose wool sweater, the color of cloudy skies just before the sun comes out, the sleeves hanging just above his fingertips. He was also wearing a skirt. Phil’s tough, tattooed, pierced, punk boyfriend was wearing a pink tennis skirt, going down mid thigh. And he looked good.

“D-Dan…?” He stuttered, still shocked.

Dan jumped, turning to Phil and holding a hand to his heart, his eyes wide, his face instantly going red.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Phil, don’t do that,” he breathed, his voice catching. “This isn’t what it looks like, I swear.”

“Oh really?” Phil smirked, raising an eyebrow. “Because it looks like you’re wearing a skirt, Dan.”

Dan’s blush darkened, and he licked his lips. “Uh…” he trailed off.

Phil rolled his eyes, stepping forward and taking Dan’s hands in his. He leaned forward, kissing Dan’s cheek and grinning.

“You look amazing, babe,” he muttered, raising his eyebrows.

“Y-You think…?” Dan asked softly, looking down at himself. “I thought it was silly…”

“No.” Phil shook his head. “It’s really pretty. I would buy it if I thought I could pull it off, but you do better.” He smiled, searching Dan’s eyes.

Dan hesitated, and nodded. “Okay. I’ll buy it. But if you ever say a word about this to anyone, I’ll hide your plants.”

Phil gasped, laughing and ruffling Dan’s hair. “Oh, that reminds me, I bought you flowers pretty boy. Do you think they match your aesthetic now?”

Dan smacked him over the head, mumbling a ‘shut up,’ under his breath and turning to go back into the changing room.

Reaction #33: Mafia Part VIII

Wishes Note: Ages vary between Children as well the timeline.

Originally posted by royalyeol



Baekhyun stood there, his palms sweating as he felt out of place in the tux.  You leaned up kissing him.  He gave a weak smile, as you fixed his bow-tie.  

“Just don’t trip.”  You whispered as you walked into where everyone was sitting to take your own seat.  Baekhyun stood behind the closed doors of the church. 

“Daddy?”  He heard as his 24 year old daughter walked down the stairs.  Her white wedding gown was beautiful and for a second he thought he was seeing you once more.  He teared up as his daughter walked over.  

“The harden man crying.  That’s not like you.”  She teased as Baekhyun held out his arm.  

“You reminded me of your mother.” He patted her hand, he felt her shaking a little.  

“Nervous?”  He whispered as she nodded.  “Don’t be.  You’re marrying the twin I like.”  

“I thought you like them both?”  She asked as Baekhyun shook his head.  

“The youngest is like his mom, the oldest is too much like his dad.  Good for business not for marrying my daughter.”  He leaned over placing a soft kiss on her forehead.  

“Don’t let me fall okay?”  

“Never.”  The doors opened to the aisle, where Chanyeol’s youngest twin son, stood at the alter smiling wide.  

Originally posted by exoturnback



Chanyeol walked into the basement after hearing something crashing.  He noticed his two twins sons fighting, physically brawling as one punched the other.  Blood was coming out of the youngest’s nose, as he tried to restrain one of them.  The other just punched him in the gut.  Chanyeol strong armed them both, stopping them.

“What is going?”  He yelled as both broke away, standing there.  A black eye was starting to form on the oldest.  

“Ask him.”  The youngest pointed as he wiped away some of the blood on his nose.  

“He started it.”  

“I did not!”

“I don’t care who, tell me what the hell is going!”  Chanyeol yelled once more grabbing their attentions.  

“Kyungsoo wants me to join the business.”  The youngest looked at the ground.  The oldest shook his head.  

“I told him not to.  Kyungsoo offers it everyone, but he’s too smart for this shit.”  Chanyeol nodded, as Kyungsoo had spoken to him before.  “He could be a doctor dad.  A lawyer, a ceo of an actual business.  He doesn’t need the family business like I do.”  

“I told him he’s an idiot for thinking he’s only as good as the best shooter next to him.”  

“Then he called me a moron for thinking that what we do isn’t the best I could do.  So I punched him.  Knock some sense into him.”  

“I punched back.”  Chanyeol sighed as he brought both boys in a hug.  

“I don’t care what either of you decides, but to me you’re both idiots for not seeing how stupid this fight is.”  He smiled.  The youngest and oldest went to stand in front of him as he placed a hand on both shoulders.  

“You.”  You he looked at the oldest.  “You are not a moron, if you don’t want to go into the family business don’t, this life isn’t for everyone.  Kyungsoo offers the opportunity to everyone, we trust you wouldn’t go blab to the police over something so stupid as that.”  turning to the youngest.  “You are smarter than myself, even your mom, but don’t tell her I said it.”  Everyone laughed, as Chanyeol continued.  “Both of you were fighting each other to prove how much you actually think of the other.  You’re both good kids, one’s tougher than the other, the others smarter than the other.  But that doesn’t mean either of you are not capable of more than this.  You understand?”  Both nod.  Chanyeol smiled at how grown up his sons had become.  

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“Dad?”  Jongdae looked up from his book at his 11 year old son.  


“When did you know you loved mom?”  Jongdae’s eyebrows came together in confusion as he took his son.  The boy was too young to know what love was, but he remembered how he thought of You when both of you were merely 9.  Like the sun wasn’t bright enough to match your smile.  

“Well, probably since I was younger than you, though I didn’t really know what the word really meant until we were 14.”  His son walked over and sat in front of him.  “Do you have someone you might love?”  He merely shook his head, as he Jongdae wanted to pat himself on the back for recognizing things he son wanted to say.  He understood him.  

“I think Rin is really pretty.”

“Rin?  Yixing’s daughter In?”  The Rin was only half a year younger than him but was already more mature than her two older brothers.  “I can see why.  Yixing is a handsome fellow, his bound to have one child that’s more decent than him.”  He joked watching his son blush.  

“It’s okay son.  Feelings are something you can’t control.  It might not be love but it might be.”  

“Thanks dad.”  He smiled at his son. “Please don’t tell mom.  If you do, I’m scared she’ll start planning a wedding.”  Jongdae laughed, nodding.  

“Promise.  I’ll take it to my grave.”  He watched his son leave, excited for you to come home to brag about giving him girl advice.   

Originally posted by dayafterdae


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The Scars Make the Man (IzuOcha One-Shot)

Summary: It is hard for Deku to wrap his mind around the fact that he is dating Ochako Uraraka, the best girl he has ever met. For an awkward guy like him, navigating romance was a monumental challenge. One that would lead him to try to hide the ugliest part of himself — his scars.

Some days Izuku wondered whether falling in love would be the death of him.

The idea of even being in love was something he hardly ever fathomed as a child, isolated and unpopular as he was. Nobody was interested in associating with a quirkless loser like him, even as a friend, let alone a crush. He hardly even interacted with girls; they tended not to acknowledge him and he was far too shy to try to change that. His childhood had left him with zero experience when it came to romance, and for a long time, he was fine with that.

But now he cursed his social ineptitude and fortunes with all his might for leaving him wholly unprepared for the lovely, horrifying world of dating.

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Clony Fanfiction - Do you really like my arms? - Part 1

One summer evening, after homework was completed and the dishes were done, Clay Jensen was rummaging through his closet.
‘What to wear?’ Clay thought to himself.
Searching through the mass of shirts, he seemed unconcerned with the discarded items being strewn about the floor of his room. Focused, but quite frankly agitated, the young man finally decided on a short sleeve, black, button up shirt. He had to leap around the few empty spots of floor to lay it on the bed, but completed his mission. In this success however, another challenge met him. Where were his khakis?
Just as this thought entered his mind, his phone buzzed. When Clay pulled the phone out of his shirt pocket, Tony’s name was displayed across the screen. Instead of answering, he declined the call and texted him to, “Come upstairs.” He still had to find his pants, after all. He hopped around his room like an off balance bunny, nearly slipping, but proceeded to search in his clothes hamper. To and fro, he looked here and there, but no luck.
Clay placed his finger on his chin, when he finally accepted that his search was fruitless. ‘Looks like I’m going in my jeans. Oh well, black goes with everything, right?’ Kicking the scattered remnants of his search into his closet, and shutting the door with some necessary force, he started to grow more excited for the end of the year party that would take place that night. The plan was for Tony to drive them, they’d grab a bite to eat at a local diner, and then go to the party to blow off some steam, alcohol style.
So when Clay heard his mom say, “Hi Tony, come on in! Nice to see you, ” he knew he was past his deadline to be ready. He pulled his t-shirt off, tossed it into his hamper, when there came a light knock on his door.
“Can I come in?” Tony asked, while slowly cracking the door open. “Yeah, come in,” Clay stated as he placed his arms in the sleeves of his carefully selected shirt, and started to button it up clumsily. Tony caught a peek of Clay’s chest in the mirror, and smirked ever so slightly. Playing it cool, he went and sat on the edge of the bed, hands clasped in his lap. He wore his signature leather jacket, a light gray shirt, and dark blue jeans.
“You know you skipped a button, right?” Tony said nonchalantly, followed by a light chuckle.
“Huh?” Jensen looked down to see his crooked shirt, the two completed buttons one spot off. “Oh, oops. Thanks, Tony.” He began to fix his wardrobe malfunction, and he couldn’t help but blush a little with his friend watching him. His chest was blindingly white, since he hardly ever took his shirt off out in the sun.
Suddenly, Tony stood up, glanced around, and grabbed a pair of scissors perched on the dresser on the other end of the room. Clay eyed him suspiciously, as Tony walked toward him, holding up the scissors.
“Clay, relax, you just have a string on your shirt, ” Tony explained as Clay completed his last button. “Oh, well I thought you might be mad at me for not being ready or something.” Clay smiled and nervously rubbed the back of his neck, feeling a little dumb for making a fool of himself twice in the span of a minute or two. He turned his head to examine the mysterious string hanging on the back of his shoulder, but it was just out of sight, much to his annoyance. “Clay, its just a party, it doesn’t matter if we’re late. Now move your head so I can snip the string.” Tony placed the string in between two of his fingers, raised the scissors, and snipped it off.
“Ready to go get something to eat?” Tony questioned, his stomach grumbling. “Sure, but quick question, do I look okay?” He paused for a moment to look Clay up and down. He wanted to say, 'well of course, you always look good,’ but instead went with, “Yeah, looks good. Especially now that you’ve got the buttons right.” He gently laid his hand on Clay’s shoulder, and nudged him toward the door.
“Promise me that you won’t throw up in my car tonight, too. I’ve heard you don’t hold your liquor well,” Tony joked as they rounded the corner, closing in on the stairs. Clay laughed and grabbed onto the rail, determined to try and leave without his mom stopping them. He put his arm up to keep Tony from stepping off the stairs, peered around the corner, and determined it was safe. Just as he opened the front door, his mom appeared.
“Aw, look at you boys. Doesn’t he clean up well, Tony?” Mrs. Jensen smiled brightly as she adjusted her sons collar. Tony politely smiled back and replied, “Yeah, I think so.”
Clay lightly removed his moms hands from his shirt, and pushed Tony out the door. “We have to go mom, I’ll see you later,” he called as they walked toward the distinct red ’66 Mustang. “Okay boys, be careful, and call if you need me! Be safe, no drugs!” Tony laughed a bit and waved bye to Mrs. Jensen as he was getting in the car. After clicking in his seat belt, and double checking that his friend did the same, he turned the key, and put it in drive. “Well, she didn’t say not to drink for once. Conveniently,” Tony commented, looking at the road, but truly thinking about how the nights events might play out. If given the chance, he wanted to tell Clay how he felt, and had for a long time, about him. He pushed that out of his mind when Clay started to speak again.
“Yeah, I love her, but sometimes she’s a bit overbearing.” He paused. “Ya know, this will be the first party I’ve been to since the night Hannah talked about on the tapes.” Tony thought for a moment, thrown off by the sudden change in the atmosphere of the conversation. “It’s alright Clay, just try to focus on having fun tonight. This is actually going to be my first party ever. Outside of family stuff, of course.” Clay glared at the guy driving, thinking back to the two parties he’d gone to, and he realized he’d never seen him at one. Why hadn’t that occurred to him before? Clay started again, “Well why are you going now?” Tony debated how to answer in his head, whether to be truthful, and say it was because he wanted to spend time with Clay, as well as protect him, or make something up. He decided on both. “Well I figured we’re graduated now, and it’ll be our last high school party. Besides, last time you went to a party by yourself, you didn’t have any back up plan when shit hit the fan.” Tony smiled, trying to convey that he would be there for him tonight, no matter what. Clay looked as clueless as ever, though, and just nodded casually. He watched as Tony’s workman hands picked up a tape, and pushed it into the slot on the stereo. He briefly admired the ring that adorned his right hand; a very simple element to Tony’s persona, but pleasing all the same. They listened to a couple 60’s songs, and Clay began to reflect on his friend’s love for his outdated media, wondering when he might have heard his first tape. “How did you get into listening to tapes, Tony,” Clay asked, flitting through the other tapes to see what was on them. “My dad had some when my brothers and I were kids, and we all just kind of developed the same love for them. The sound quality is so much better, ya know.” Clay nodded in agreement, then turned to stare back out the window, when he realized they were already at Rosie’s Diner.
“Here we are.” Tony announced. He removed the key from the ignition, and got out. Clay followed suit, a few steps behind, thanking Tony when he held the door open for him. The two boys sat down at a booth, and chatted about how weird, yet relieving, it was to think high school was over. “It seems like just yesterday we were heading into junior year,” Clay mentioned when the waiter came up to take their order. “Good evening. How ya doin’ Tony? This is your first date in a while,” the waiter innocently stated, assuming a little too much. “Actually Jim… this is my friend Clay.” Tony blushed furiously, though it was hard to see against his complexion. Clay stayed quiet, blushing much more obviously, as he stared out the window to his left. Under the table, he twiddled his thumbs. The waiter cleared his throat and continued, “Sorry gentlemen, something to drink?”
Clay glanced at the waiters notepad, refusing to make eye contact. “Just a Dr. Pepper for me.” A nod, a pencil scratching along the paper, and then Jim directed his attention to Tony. “Same for me.” He quickly went to get their drinks, after apologizing again for the mix up. “Sorry about that Clay, I used to bring Brad here a lot, and I guess he just assumed…” He let his sentence trail off. Clay looked back at him, and gave him the most sincere smile he could manage. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it. I’m sure we won’t remember this moment after all the drinking anyway.” They both laughed at the thought.
Still, Tony couldn’t help but think, 'I can’t believe he was so cool with that. I mean, I think I was more embarrassed than he was.’ On the other side of the table, however, Clay was thinking, 'I guess if I were gay, Tony would be a good choice, but I’m not. He’s great and all, but we’re friends.’
Jim came to set down their drinks, and took their orders. “Two burgers, and a french fry basket, got it. Coming right up.” A minute or two passed by with Tony texting his mom, reminding her that he’d be out late, and Clay looking through the dessert menu, amazed at the size of the banana split they served. Tony watched as Clay’s fingers delicately flipped through the pages. He desperately wanted to reach out and hold his hand, but that wasn’t an option, especially after the waiters comment. He giggled a little when he saw Clay’s face light up when he came across the picture of the banana split. Naturally, he was in his own little world, and hadn’t the slightest clue that Tony was watching him.
“So Clay,” Tony began, as Clay set down his menu, “Are you going to work at the Cresmont again this summer?”
“Actually, I hadn’t even thought about it. I suppose I should, so yeah,” the taller boy concluded, and looked into Tony’s eyes for the first time in a while. He saw a true interest there that amazed him, like his friend wasn’t just making conversation. He had gotten used to people asking about his life in a not-so-meaningful way once everything with Hannah’s case calmed down. Sometimes things Tony said just fascinated Clay, because, like just now, Tony would think of things way before he even did himself. It was like he could read his thoughts. “Are you gonna work with your dad like usual,” Clay asked.
“Yeah, that’d be the plan. I love working with cars.” Tony smiled at Clay, and Clay couldn’t help but think about his hands again, and that ring. “What’s the story behind your ring, Tony?” Clay’s eyes locked on it, as he pointed it out. “My ring? What made you think about such a small thing like that?” Clay scrambled to find an answer, because 'oh I was staring at your hands in the car,’ was not an acceptable response. “Well… you know, I just noticed you wear it a lot and thought it might be meaningful to you, or something,” Clay stuttered out in a choppy tone of voice.
“Oh, well, my mom got it for me when I was younger. We don’t exactly have a lot of money, but she decided that I deserved something special for my birthday. She told me, ‘Mientras traigas esto contigo, estaras seguro,’ which means, 'As long as you keep this with you, you’ll be safe.’ So once it fit me, I always wore it, and I hardly ever it take it off.” He paused for a moment, brushing his thumb over the smooth face of the object. “Its real silver.” Tony wiggled it off his finger, showing a very obvious tan line from it being worn constantly. He slid it over to Clay, who turned it around in his hand, admiring the shining metal and the story behind it. “That’s really cool that your mom did that for you,” Clay said, still examining the ring, fixated. “Clay, you okay?” Tony was getting a little nervous, because his friends eyes were glazing over, like he was a million miles away. While Clay had this look on his face often, this time it seemed different, like he had something on his mind. “Yeah, I’m alright… Here you go.” Clay put the ring in the center of his hand, closing his fingers around it. Once it was held over Tony’s open hand, he dropped it, like dropping a penny into a wishing well.
Once Tony put his ring back on, their food had arrived. “Here you go, gentlemen. Can I get anything else for you,” Jim questioned. Clay looked up at Tony, and with a little shake of his head, Clay responded, “No, I think we’re okay, thank you.” The boys both appeared to be hungry, because they finished off their burgers in about five minutes, taking sips of soda every so often. Tony motioned to Clay’s chin, where some stray ketchup was smeared. Napkin in hand, Clay reached up and wiped it off. They both laughed a little, muted by their mouths being full of food. “You’re so messy,” Tony said, after swallowing a mouthful. Clay moved his empty plate aside, looked back at Tony, and simply stated, “Actually, I prefer the term clumsy.” They both laughed again, grabbed their fries for the road, and headed for the car. This time, Clay held the door open for Tony, giving him a nice smile in return. “Clay, I’m actually going to drive to my place, and we can walk. Its only two blocks away, and if we’re both drunk, driving isn’t a good idea.” Clay okayed the idea, and off they went to the Padilla house, munching on some fries here and there. They both sat and listened to the tape that was playing, saving anymore chatting for their walk.
Unknown to Tony, Clay was okay with the lack of conversation. Lately, he had felt weird whenever being around his friend. He wanted to make sure he dressed nice and smelled good; he just wanted to impress him, for some reason. So this car ride was spent with Clay sorting through his thoughts, occasionally sneaking a peek at Tony’s perfect hair, or arms, clad in leather.
'Why am I thinking about him like that?’ Clay became wrapped in his inner conversation. 'I like girls, and all the sudden I’m thinking about Tony as if he-’ He was interrupted by a hand on his shoulder. “Clay, we’re here. You seem pretty distracted today, everything alright?” The boy blushed, just slightly, at the tender touch on his left shoulder, something that had happened many times before and never caused a stir. “Um… Yeah, let’s go.” Clay stood, narrowly missing hitting his head on the car, but he surprisingly managed to play it off. With a quick lock of the doors, they were on their way to the party.
Trying to change the subject, knowing Clay wasn’t ready to talk, Tony brought up something he had meant to ask much earlier in the day. “How are you doing, Clay? Ya know, with the whole Hannah thing.” Clay turned his head slightly, to see the expression on Tony’s face, whose eyes were swimming with concern and loyalty. “I’m doing pretty good, I try not to think about it much. Even though its hard sometimes, I keep myself occupied, and just… carry on.” The Latino boy nodded, responding with, “That’s good Clay, I’m glad to hear it. For a while there, I was worried about you. Truthfully, all a person can do after something like that is carry on.” He paused to think for a moment, carefully constructing his words. “You really were in love with her, weren’t you?” Tony knew the answer to this question would sting, but at least he expected it. “Yeah, I did. She was so beautiful.” Just then, the two boys started hearing loud music. Some sophomores drove by them, hollering out the windows to some rap song. “I think we’re getting close,” Clay announced. His friend just laughed at the obviousness of it, and kept walking. Tony made sure he always walked on the street side of the sidewalk, that way if some drunk driver came by, maybe he could take the hit instead of Clay. It was the little things like that, he thought, that made their friendship so great. Possibly, one day, even more than a friendship. That’s what Tony told himself, anyway.
They walked the rest of the way, telling each other how their weeks had gone, and the closer they got, the more cars they saw parking for the party. Lots of couples, lots of friends, and lots of every type of person imaginable heading to the party. It was like the alcohol was a magnet for all walks of life.
When they finally got to the house itself, Tony had to stop for a minute to take it all in. The people swarming around the place, the lights and music, the numerous scattered cups, and the sheer amount of stupidity. 'Why am I here again,’ Tony thought. 'How can anyone have fun with all these drunk, unaware people bumping into them and music so loud you can’t hear your own voice?’
“Tony? Aren’t you coming,” Clay asked. “We came this far, just give it a try. If it’s really not your thing, we can leave, but you have to give it a chance!” His volume was forced to get louder and louder as they approached the door. “Okay, I’m definitely gonna need a beer, though,” Tony shouted back. The two walked through the front door, immediately having to work their way through a mass of humans. It was a sensory overload, and probably would be even for the most resilient of people. Tony stayed close to Clay, never letting him get too far away. He was out of his element. He was used to being the one protecting Clay, whether Clay saw it that way or not, and it was an odd feeling for Tony to want Clay to be his protector. As they went through the back door, and into the backyard, almost reaching the alcohol, Tony could breathe again. It was a little less crowded out there, and easier to move.
Clay, however, seemed to be pretty relaxed, despite the large crowds and small spaces. Tony admired that. You could put Clay one on one with anyone, and he would be very awkward, but put him in a crowd, and he knew how to blend right in. It was like he changed into a different person at this party.
The two of them finally reached the keg. After waiting for a couple people to clear out of the way, Clay turned to Tony, only about a foot apart from him. “Just a beer for you,” Clay half-shouted into his friend’s ear. Tony looked up at him, craning his neck a bit, and nodded. Clay went up, poured Tony a beer, and passed it to him. Then, he did another for himself. They walked out toward the back of the yard, trying to find a spot where talking for more than a minute was possible. They found a couple empty chairs side by side, and sat down, Tony to the taller boy’s right. Clay observed the dumbfounded look on Tony’s face. “So, what do you think of all this,” Clay inquired, waiting for Tony to shoot it down. Tony held up a single finger, as if to say ‘hang on a second,’ and lifted the edge of the red cup to his lips. Clay watched as his friend chugged three-fourths of the beer down in about thirty seconds, straight through. When Tony stopped, he blinked a couple times, and with a straight face replied, “Holy shit.” Clay laughed, chugging down some of his beer. “I know, but the more you drink, the less intense it gets.”
After this, Tony insisted they both get a few cups of beer flowing through their system before continuing their conversation. Clay thought that was weird, because he never took Tony for a drinker, and, truthfully, he wasn’t. However, if he was going to tell Clay how he felt that night, he knew he needed liquid courage. Clay really didn’t mind downing a few himself, maybe the weird thoughts surrounding Tony would die down.
About 4 cups of beer later, minus a little spillage, they clumsily walked back to their slightly quieter corner with chairs. Some other people had egged them on, so they downed their drinks very quickly, a lot of people buzzing about how Tony Padilla was at the party. “Sho how do you feel now…? Less shitty or more shitty?” Clay was slurring his words, and buzzed. With a big grin, Tony was speaking just fine, but feeling a lot more confident. “I feel like a fucking winner,” he laughed, and Clay joined in, clearly feeling good in his fit of giggles. Drinking was how Tony got through the majority of his tattoos, so he knew the right amount of beer to get him feeling invincible, and right now was the right amount. Confession time. “Clay, can I tell you something?” Tony nonchalantly slipped his hand onto the back of the rim of Clay’s chair, while he fumbled with his words. “Yeah… Sure, man. What’s up?” Clay leaned his whole upper body onto his elbows, which were perched on his knees. He looked back toward his friend, with pure innocence and curiosity painted on his face. This made Tony’s heart flutter. “You remember when I told you I’m gay, right?” Clay suddenly sat up, and pointed a finger at the other. “Yeah…! Tony, I have a question fur you about that.” Taken aback, he said, “Okay, what is it,” wondering what on earth this boy could throw at him. “Is there a word for like, shomeone who likes boys and girls?” The breath that was in his chest only a moment ago was suddenly gone. His eyes widened, and his stomach flipped. 'Was this what he was so intently thinking about earlier…’ Tony wondered. “Ye-yeah, it’s called bisexual, Clay. Why…?”
Clay leaned onto the arm of Tony’s chair, grabbing his right hand, staring at his ring while he talked. “It all started in PE. I was looking at you a cou-couple days ago, and I thought to myself, 'huh, Tony has nice arms,’ and then I thought 'woah, wut,’ so I avoided you… until you asked me if I wanted to go to the party. Then I got all weird about that and dressed up to impress you, and you have really nice hair 'n stuff, and basically I think I might like dudes. Like a dude with a red mustang, leather jacket, and tattoos. Does that make me bishexual?” Clay had slumped over onto Tony’s shoulder now, still grasping his right wrist ever so gently. Tony was absolutely speechless, speechless over the fact that Clay was practically laying on him, speechless over Clay’s confession that he thinks he’s bisexual, and speechless because this means he might be able to actually be with the only guy he truly wants. “Tony,” Clay slurred, turning his head to look at the astonished boy. Tony glanced into his eyes, and slid his left arm around his back, caressing his crushes’ shoulder. He turned his head back to the party, straight in front of him, and nearly whispered, “Yeah, Clay. I think that does make you bisexual.” For a while, Tony just rubbed Clay’s back, they relaxed, and just let what was said sink in. “Do you really like my arms,” the Latino boy joked, but he was met with total seriousness. “Yeah… I do.” Clay snuggled into Tony a little more, getting more and more comfortable with the idea of being so close to him. “You know, I’ve liked you for a long time, Jensen, but I never thought you’d… I never thought you would think of me as anything but a friend.” Clay began to stand up, slowly, but very determined. He held out his hand for Tony to stand, too. “Come on, let’s go somewhere else.” Tony grabbed his hand, stood, and was led through the crowd of people, back through the front door, and out to the sidewalk. “Clay, where are we going,” Tony said with a giddy smile spread across his face. “To your car. We gotta go somewhere.”

To be continued…


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Part 2 here: http://aa34882.tumblr.com/post/160291397391/clony-fanfiction-do-you-really-like-my-arms

when to stop waiting

genre: fluff, angst
word count: 4,386
member: joshua
summary: college sucks, but then there’s him.
note: happy birthday @seventeen-requests 💕🎉

Originally posted by visual-17

1st year

It is a well-established truth that high school, for anyone, is shit.

What they don’t tell you, however, is that the promise land of college is also equally as shit.

A crisp breeze seeped into your skin like ice water as you withdrew further into an old sweatshirt, the sleeves already dampened as you furiously rubbed away the tears escaping from red-rimmed eyes. Your bag was thrown haphazardly next to you, obscuring the proudly etched “donated by the class of 1971” on the worn stone bench. Before you stretched out the gothic-styled towers and arches of West Campus, and beyond that, the rusty reds and browns of autumn around a picturesque blue lake. But here you sat, in the shadow of the building of the English department, trying to calm your breathing as you clutched onto crumpled pieces of paper.

Put that in a college brochure, you thought bitterly.

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Fancy a Trip? - Tenth Doctor

You slipped your house key out of your hand and shut and locked your apartment door behind you.
Looking up at the sky, you saw the clouds gathering to blot out the sun. You smiled, you had your jacket on. You might as well walk to the coffee shop.
Not that you had a choice anyway; you didn’t have a car.
Your hands in your jacket pockets and your hair flapping gently in the wind, you set off down the street.
The people around you walked quickly past you, anxiously looking at the sky or the time, but you weren’t in a hurry.
The first drop of rain fell on your hair, pleasantly cooling your scalp. You smiled. So it had begun.
A few people on the street started to put up their umbrellas, their faces not as happy as yours.
You soon reached your favourite coffee shop and went to the counter to get what you wanted. After receiving it, you went to look for a place to sit. The cafe was rather crowded due to the rain and there were no free tables. There was one man who sat alone in the middle of the room but there was also another sitting alone by the window, and that appealed to you more. 

You went over to him, gently placing a hand on the free chair opposite him.
“Is it okay if I please sit here?” You ask, offering a smile. He quickly looks away from the window as if you’d surprised him. He grins at you with one of the friendliest smiles you’d ever seen. 

“Of course! Go ahead!” He nods at the chair and you sit down, smiling gratefully. 

“I’m the Doctor.” He said, offering you a hand attached to a sleeve attached to a blue pinstripe suit. You smiled, slightly amused and confused why he introduced himself as that. 

“I’m (y/n). Not a doctor unfortunately or I’m sure I’d have a much more flash flat.” You took his hand and he shook it enthusiastically before releasing. 

“Who needs flash?” He shot that grin at you again and you decided to take a better look at his features. He was slim and from the way he was sitting he looked quite tall. His hair was brown and gravity defying. You smiled. He looked interesting.

He looked at your drink, “Your favourite?" 

You nodded, "Nah. Just trying something new. I’ll never know if I like something until I try it.”

That seemed to please him and he nodded, “Brilliant." 

You finished your drink and looked out the window at the gradually stopping rain.
"Would you mind if I showed you something?” He asked, leaning across the table slightly.
You quirked an eyebrow, “Depends, mister mysterious. I don’t even know your name.”
“It’s the Doctor.”
“Is it now?”
“Doctor who?”
He grinned, “Just the Doctor.”
You nodded thoughtfully, not completely convinced. “What is it you exactly want to show me?”
“It’s just over there.” He pointed past the window behind you and you turned to look. The only thing remotely unusual seemed to be a blue police box.

“You didn’t need my permission to show me that.”
He chuckled, “You haven’t seen it yet.”
“Oh really?”
He nodded and stood, offering his hand and wiggling his fingers. “Coming?”
You hesitantly take his hand and he practically pulls you from the shop and across the street to the box.

He let go of your hand, opening the box and opening the door to the inside and standing back. “Take a look.”
Skeptically you poke your head in. Your breath leaves you and you look back at him. “Oh my god. It’s bigger on the inside.”
He grins, “Fancy a trip?”
“Oh god yes!”

(That gif is not mine but is basically my favourite gif ever.)

Lifting the Hammer Part 2

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Paring: Avengers x Reader

Summary: You accidentally lift Thor’s hammer, not aware of what it means. The Avengers are shocked and they refuse to believe you can be a normal human and “worthy.”

Read part one here.

You were in the midst of a Netflix binge when there was a knock on the door. You looked at your sweatpants and the screen on your lap, and considered pretending you weren’t home.

“Y/N?” You froze as you recognized the voice on the other side of the door.
Steve Rodgers was at your door. Captain America was at your door…and you were in sweatpants.
Feeling as if it was your civic duty to answer, you smoothed out your clothes, sneaked a peek of yourself in the small hallway mirror and opened the door.

“Hi,” Steve said. You had never seen him nervous before, but as he stood in front of you Steve almost seemed like a regular guy.
“Hello…what can I do for you?”
“I, I wanted to apologize for Tony. The way he treated you last week wasn’t right.”
“You do this a lot, don’t you?” You say cocking your head to the side.
“Apologize for Tony.”
Steve smiled and crossed his arms across his chest. “Someone has to.”
“Well I appreciate it.” You said smiling back.
There was a brief silence and you could sense Steve trying to find a way to redirect the conversation.

You decided to cut to the chase, “you’re going to ask me to give it another try, aren’t you?”
“I know last time was rough, but the fact is, we need someone like you on our team. Someone-”
“human?” You let out a snort as you interrupted him, “Thor made his feelings quiet clear on that.”
“Worthy,” Steve corrected. You were shocked. Not only did Captain America show up at your door but he just called you ‘worthy.’ 

“We have a lot of brains, strength and skill on our team. We are superheroes,” Steve said. “But these things were done to us. We were improved. You are already something great.”
You stared at him, trying to process all he had said. Ever since Tony dragged your life onto his big screen you’ve felt anything but great.
All you could think was, Who am I to be worthy?
Who am I to help the Avengers?
People like me don’t do things like that.

But now Steve had changed the questions. He was asking, who better? 

“I doubt everyone feels the same,” you said in a quiet voice.
“They are…warming up to it. But they will come around. We’ve battled things much bigger than our pride.”
“Are you sure about that? Because I’m pretty sure Tony’s pride is larger than the tri-state area,” you remarked, getting a good laugh out of Steve.
“I’ll do it,” you finally said, “but no home movies this time.”

You cursed Steve under your breath as you walked back into Stark tower. The sun was out but the air was chilly, and you pulled your leather jacket around yourself to stay warm. You had worn your favorite outfit, the one that makes you strut and feel like you can kick anyone’s ass. You figured that if you had to face the Avengers again you might as well make a statement.

When the elevator doors opened it was just like the first time with everyone gathered in Tony’s living room. “Shall we pick up where we left off?” Tony said as he sauntered into the room. Before you could snap at him, Tony added, “joking. Take a seat." 

You picked the chair between Steve and Bruce. You told yourself that if things went south you could always punch Bruce in the face and awaken the Hulk, have Tony’s apartment smashed as payback. 

"So? Let’s have it.” You said, speaking with fake confidence.
Natasha spoke up, “we discussed it and we realize you’re human-”
“Speak for yourself!” Tony interjected.
She ignored him and continued, “but we think you will be an asset to the team.”

“We don’t know what role you will have Y/N, so for now you will be like a consultant.” Steve said. “That way you’ll be able to learn from us, being trained by all of us in different skills. And we will learn from you. Whatever special thing you’ve got going on, we could use more of it.”
Even though Steve was speaking when you looked around the room you saw a willingness in each of their faces.
The Avengers were asking for your help.

You felt more uncomfortable than honored. You didn’t know how to respond. You had no idea what made you worthy, what you could possible bring to this team. Maybe they could help you discover it.
What they were offering was shaky, with no real boundaries or expectations. But it felt right.

“I don’t have to wear tights do I?”
“Only if Clint does,” Natasha said with a laugh.
“You’re just worried I’ll look better in them than you,” Clint retorted.
“Wouldn’t that make you Robin Hood?” Tony said as he went back to his lab. Clint muttered something under his breath, and Thor laughed. You watched them all go about their business; Clint and Natasha leaving the apartment, Bruce joining Tony in the lab and Steve calling the two new recruits you met in the shop.

“You are a lot mightier than you look,” Thor said, catching you off guard. “You proved yourself the moment you lifted my hammer. I’m sorry I could not see it.”

“It’s ok,” you said, giving him a smile, “it’s only human.”