might as well be magnolia

Ren’s Semblence


This is my thoughts on what Ren’s Semblance might be..

Up until the newest episode, Ren’s semblance has been a mystery. It was never truly hinted at all until this very episode.

Something struck me when Ren’s father said, “Take action, son..”

Ren is based off of Mulan, the true Hua Mulan. 

Now, here’s where a bit of  research comes into play.

Many know Mulan as the female warrior who fought in place of her father but there is also some other facts about not only her but about her name. And this name may also have to do with Ren’s semblance.

In Chinese, Mulan means Magnolia. Which looks like this:

Do you know what else looks kinda like that flower?


Now, Ren’s symbol was also thought to be a waterlily, considering his name literally means “lotus” but what confuses me about that is the lack of all of the waterlily petals. Waterlilies tend to have a lot more petals, A LOT MORE.

We’ve seen very detailed emblems in RWBY. To name a few, Ruby Rose’s, Weiss Schnee’s, Adam Taurus’, Sage Ayana’s..quite detailed..

But why not Ren’s emblem?

Maybe because it might just be a magnolia flower.

The reason why this may also very well be a magnolia flower is that the Magnolia flower’s meaning is one that makes a lot of sense now..especially in Ren’s case.

The magnolia is a symbol of purity and nobility

To be noble is to show courage, generosity or honor.

The emblem of the character has very much to do with defining the semblance as well,

Ruby’s is to turn into a flurry of rose petals, hence the rose, Yang’s is to “burn bright” hence the flaming heart, Nora’s is to conduct electricity and use it to her advantage hence the bolt of electricity on her’s, Velvet’s is to mimic other’s abilities and combine them in fighting routine hence the stitched together heart, and so on and so forth.

And if the Magnolia is a symbol of nobility…




His semblance is NOBILITY. To be courageous, generous, and be respectful.

As well as the ability to give courage to others…