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Oops, I hadn't realized you had already answered my question, sorry about that. I know that many feminist have had horrible experiences with men who called allies, like the whole hugo schwyzer disaster, but the thing is let's say that I'm a latino gay man who wants to identify as a feminist (Im biologicaly male, but Im still figuring things out with my gender identity, but lets just say im a man for the sake of argument) but I listen to women's experience, respect their boundaries, stop using

(2) stop using opressive lenguage and call others out, etc. Men who do all this still don’t get to call themselves feminist? I say because I feel is a little unfair that you would accept say a white cis woman who graduated from harvard, but not a gay cis boy living in Latinamerica and who doesnt do all those things male “allies” sometimes do. I don’t want praise and I dont think women owe me anything, its just that I think that being a feminist(andidentifying as one) can truly enrich someonelife

You supposedly respect our boundaries but you’re here whining about how “unfair” it is that you don’t get to call yourself a feminist like that’s something you deserve to have for being a “good guy”.*
You can go now.

- Mod D.

I misgendered this person, sorry.
OP is not okay with being called a guy. I’m leaving it up for transparency purposes