Great images by great aerial photographers!

F4U & P-51 - Eric Magnan - https://www.facebook.com/eric.magnan.378

P-40 and F4U - Dan Stijovich - https://www.facebook.com/dan.stijovich

MiG-17F - Luigino Caliaro - 

F4U head-on - Tom Dozier - https://www.facebook.com/tjdozier


MAPs part I.  These are pictures of the planes that are rebuilt and on display.  I’m still in love with Pratt-Whitney engines.  They are entertaining to the eye.  Also, the hydraulics within the landing gear cavity of the F14 Tomcat is crazy.  Lastly, if you’re having difficulties reading the wording in the first picture…well, it is Russian.  That’s a Korean War era Mig 17.