mig 2013

Out of curiosity

Hello guys :) sorry being away from this blog, I went to Europe to see Rammstein and my life is in a hurry x3

Anyway, a tumblr friend also went to the Rammstein concert in Bilbao, and she just told me that there was provocative projections, (like porn scenes o_O) on the ceiling. Probably almost no one saw this cause it was on the roof and also it only could be saw from the tribunes. 

Idk if it was something specifically about Bilbao, maybe if were the staff from Bilbao Exhbition Centre or actually Rammstein. I looked on youtube and saw nothing about it! So I’m telling you, if someone here already saw this?? Or try to pay atention at upcoming concerts and come talk to us! She said his son saw this in the song “Sonne” and he was really shocked with that hahaha x3