Remember the boyfriend Chihaya Mifune mentioned in her Coop video? She wanted to know how the Protagonist got rid of him.

That could be the sidequest “Beware the Annoying Boyfriend!”, in which you get to deal with Kanahiko Nakanohara’s obsession over controlling his girlfriend. Chihaya probably asks the Protagonist to save the girlfriend.


some promotional material and stills from the 1971 cult western soleil rouge. directed by terence young and starring ursula andress, charles bronson, alain delon and toshiro mifune.

thought it’d be fun for lupin iii fans to look at, if they haven’t already seen the movie and noticed certain similarities…

this is a few years after the first manga was released, of course, and the same year the anime began broadcast. i don’t watch enough westerns and this could just be entirely a coincidence. still, fun.

coach mifune remembers his students via nicknames

i’m going to try guessing who these nicknames refer to.

No nicknames:






With nicknames:

Frenchie - Duke Watanabe

Seaweed MSer - Akaya Kirihara

Slanty Eyes - Fuji 

Gum - Marui Bunta

Swindler - Kite Eishirou 

Richie Rich - Atobe or Ochi

Hat - Sanada

Are the circled names playing singles?