We are now buying clothes from ladies nationwide! Want cash for your clothes? Look:

Go to http://www.mieuxandmieux.com/pages/sell & fill out the short form. You’ll then receive a wardrobe bag in the mail in 2-3 days. Simply, fill it up and drop it off at your local post office (at no cost to you - it’s prepaid). Give us up to 7 days to receive your clothing. Once they arrive, we’ll review each of your items & send you over an offer. Once you accept, your funds are available immediately. Cleaning out your closet has never felt so rewarding. 


Spring clean your closet & turn it into $$$! Go to www.mieuxandmieux.com, click “$$$”, & fill in your information. In 2-3 days you’ll receive your FREE wardrobe bag in the mail from us. Simply fill it up with your pre-loved clothing & accessories, drop it off at your local post office (we’ve already paid for it), & in only a few days you’ll receive a cash offer for your items directly in your e-mail. Any questions? We’d be happy to answer any you may have! #mieuxandmieux #ilovemieux #fashion #thrift #resale #money #college #pretty #girl (at 🎀 www.mieuxandmieux.com 🎀)

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Mieux & Mieux has a big announcement to make regarding a huge (approx. 2250 SQ FT) change.

Mieux & Mieux has upgraded!

We’ve moved from our original 750 SF Boll St victorian boutique to our new close by 3000 SF Commerce St full-service loft warehouse! Thanks to our amazing clientele we’ve been able to expand faster than we could have imagined! Handling the mass amount of online orders coming in couldn’t be maintained behind our little desk any longer!

To make our new place more pretty than it already is, we will be closed Tuesday, April 30th through Monday, May 6th. We will re-open Tuesday, May 7th better than ever! In the meantime, we still will be shipping out yourwww.mieuxandmieux.com orders the same business day (as always).

We’re here for you every Tuesday-Saturday from 11AM-6PM offering you brand name & vintage women’s clothing & accessories at 40-90% off of MSRP as well as buying your preloved gems for instant cash on the spot!

We look forward to welcoming you into our new home. ♥

Mieux & Mieux
4153 Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75226
(888) 385-4112