mieu's answer

The thing I hate most about myself is how much I feed off of other people’s emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, whatever. I take it all in. 

And right now, life is difficult for a lot of people. Between relationships issues, financial instability, college struggles, etc. etc, my general community is at an all-time- low. And I’m feeding off of it. Its making me sad. Frustrated. Depressed. I’m getting all kinds of negative vibes. And I can’t fucking stand it

So obviously my instinct is to just cut everyone off. “Put yourself first!” right?

No. no no. Its not that simple. These are people that I care about.  None of them are forcing me to be sad or depressed with them. Hell, they’re not choosing to feel that way either. They’re suffering just as much (if not MORE) than me. They’re not the bad guys here. Cutting them off is rude. Obnoxious. Self-centered. Ignorant. But most importantly hurtful. For everyone involved. 

And! morals aside, thats alot of fucking people to cut off! Literally everyone’s feeling shitty right now! life sucks! But i dont want to dwell in it like everyone else is! 

So! I cant just tell people to be happy (never in my life), and I cant just cut them off. But I also cant just keep going on like this, because its making me sick. :)

What do I do then?