2004. Iron

 is the second by band Ensiferum. This is the last album featuring Jari Mäenpää, due to conflicts between scheduled studio work on his side project Wintersun and touring with Ensiferum.

“Iron” is great folk metal album, and it is very indicative of legions of bands who opt to play this upbeat and energetic style of music. 

If you have heard of Viking metal, then you have probably heard of Ensiferum. Although Ensiferum aren’t fully Viking metal, they are probably the best known modern band among the genres of folk/Viking.

Ensiferum  One of the best ways of getting into folk/viking metal.

For the tour, Petri Lindroos from Norther replaced Jari on guitar and as singer, and became a member of the band after the tour. In December 2004, Jukka-Pekka left the band and was replaced by Sami Hinkka (Rapture). Oliver also left in 2005 to be replaced by Janne Parviainen.

 Jari Mäenpää     Markus Toivonen     Meiju Enho     Jukka-Pekka Miettinen    Oliver Fokin 


This is the most epic video ever!