On Friday we went to see our women play against Sweden.

Well… we lost 2-3, but the game was intense and very fast and we made so much noise our team actually heard us on the pench :DD (well, no wonder we were like 10 meters away from them :DD)

But yeah, on Saturday they also had a game against Sweden, but we couldn’t made it and our women won 4-2 (YEAH!)

Soooo, yesterday it was the game Ak Bars Kazan - Lukko (Kazan won 5-1 YEAH!)

And we were sitting right behind the Kazan bench and our guys were so hooooot!
(Kapanen, Immonen and Miettinen and Vehanen).

And I kind of started to like Nikulin and Zaripov (he smiled to us, when we sheerd for them at the beginning of the 2nd period :D)
But it still don’t change the fact that when the WC’s come, I’ll hate them with all my heart if they play against us :DD

But yeah, the game was great and afterwards we took pictures with “Kundi” our World Championship trophy :D

But yeah, this weekend was amazing and most importantly:

Hockey season has begun!

(ok, maybe it’s still few weeks ‘till the SM-league really starts, but MY hockey season is here, YEAH!)

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