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hey, from which country are you?? I read ur post about Indo's KFC, and I can't stop laughing.. it's funny and have several things true.. but, i notice people here always wash hands after went to the bathroom (unless they still don't understand about hygiene..) I appreciate people like you who paid attention to small things like that in my country.. haha.. Thanks for posting that! :D

I moved from Jakarta to Australia when I was 6 months old, but I went back to Indonesia to visit a few years ago. And yay! :D The post was funny. As for the washing of hands, thank goodness. Looks like the people I met were joking XD (or I hope so!). I try to pay attention everywhere to little things in life everywhere I go. It makes life more enjoyable. You’re welcome :)

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  • Charlotte Church
  • Predule - The Best of Charlotte Church

Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Charlotte Church

like to dedicate this song to classic lovers, and to my love. :) One of my favorite classics that goes together with Andrea Bocelli’s, Josh Groban’s, and other best classics. 

I’ll be your comfort, I’ll be by your side even when time gets rough; when darkness comes, if you need a friend, I’m sailing right behind. I will ease your pain. I’m here, for you!

100 TRUTHS about me ^^


Last beverage → Energen Jahe :)

Last phone call→ Wayne’s Daddy

Last text message→ Wayne

Last song you listened to→ The Gaither’s “O Love that will not let me go”

Last time you cried→ yesterday,.. when Wayne told me grandma’s just passed away.. L



Dated someone twice → umm nope…

Been cheated on? → never, I guess…

Kissed someone and regretted it? → just ever kissed one person, and never regret it J

Lost someone special? → hmmm….

Been depressed?→ of course, often, a lot!

Been drunk and threw up? → never..





black (unofficial)

white (unofficial)



Made new friends → yep, I guess…

Fallen out of love → haha.. madly :D

Laughed until you cried → yep, last time cuz of his joke..

Met someone who changed you → in amazing way, yes!

Found out who your true friends were → umm.. yes, and I’m glad I did.

Found out someone was talking about you → ..err, a time or two..

Kissed anyone on your friend’s list on Facebook → haha.. how come? :)

How many people on your friends list do you know in real life? → here,.. I just know one. In FB, I know… ummm.. more than 500 of ‘em, I guess..

How many kids do you want to have? → probably three.. ahaha, depends tho..

Do you have any pets? → nope,.. just dolls recently,.. hiks..

Do you want to change your name? → nope,.. I love the name my mom gave me J

What did you do for your last birthday? → I was sad because I thought he forgot it. I got some surprises from friends, but none from him. But, lastly, finally, eventually, at the end of the day, I got my long awaited birthday greeting from him, and I burst into tears when reading it.. thanks FB, for being our mailbox! ^^

What time did you wake up today → 5.00 am

What were you doing at midnight last night → woken up by my alarm.. got it set wrong >.<

Name something you CANNOT wait for → umm..I guess to see Wayne again. That’s all I need for now,.. :-/

Last time you saw your father → last month, April 24.

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life → I don’t wanna change anything.. I’ll not be who I am now if I didn’t have my such life J

What are you listening to right now → silence, water dropping to my bath tub..

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → nickname, yep, college mate (*wonder why it should be a Tom)

What’s getting on your nerves right now? → his phone call… I’m always waiting impatiently for that..

Most visited web page → Google, Tumblr, and FB J

What’s your name? → Full one? Pearly Mershia (with my dad’s name added after those two: Wuryanto)

Nicknames → Per (err..kinda odd now), Ly (I like the way Wayne calls this name)..

Relationship Status → Engaged.

Zodiac sign → Aries :)

Male or female or transgendered → female

Elementary → moved three times..1) Imandi, Dumoga, 2) Rerer, 3) Tondano, Minahasa

Middle School → Tondano and the 3rd year at Balikpapan, Kaltim.

High school → SMA Pioneer Manado, the whole time… J

Hair color → naturally brown J which often misjudged..

Long or short → medium long I guess..

Height → 5’3

Do you have a crush on someone? → yes, always on that one person.. J


WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF? → err,.. I have good eyes of valuing arts.. ^^ LOL!  I write better than I speak.. I’m an introvert and a kinda shy girl,.. yet a kinda someone who o. can be crazy with if you’ve been one of my closest friends.. :D


Piercings → none

Tattoos → possibly in the future, LOL!

Righty or lefty → created as lefty.. J



First surgery → small one, grade 2.. I got a small accident and cut my inner thigh.. >.<

First piercing → none..

First best friends → Glen & Novry..1st grade..I consider ‘em as..

First sport you joined → rubber jump.. haha, traditional one.

First pet → Himmer, my cutest Tuxedo dog ever…

First vacation → Grade 6,.. visiting families in another parts of Indonesia..

First concert → TUC..

First crush → umm.. geez, I forgot the name..! I got one in elementary, tho



Eating → Long beans and Tofu, just finished..

Drinking → nothing at the moment

I’m about to → publish this survey then wash my clothes.. haha

Listening to → a bird tweeting outside my window..

Waiting for → his phone call..!!



Want kids? → of course!

Want to get married? → absolutely! A.S.A.P.. J

Careers in mind? → dreaming of many… writer, card-designer, own a publishing house and clothing company (I’ve the trade mark in mind already..) umm,.. still more I guess.. maybe too much >.<



Lips or eyes → both, but I prefer the eyes..

Hugs or kisses → hugs for sure! But kisses are awesome too..

Shorter or taller → taller, for fixed choice.

Older or Younger → older preferably… haha, but mature in mind for absolute choice.

Romantic or spontaneous → a balance of both, cuz I love having fun as well J

Nice stomach or nice arms → stomach.. J hmm.. but arms are cool as well.

Sensitive or loud → NOT loud, please… but I need sensitivity also >.<

Hook-up or relationship → relationship

Trouble maker or hesitant → trouble maker preferably.. haha *yeahbadboys!



Kissed a stranger → nope, and don’t want to!

Drank hard liquor → mmh.. if you consider bitter coffee as one.

Lost glasses/contacts → yep.. once in a while..

Sex on first date → NO

Broken someone’s heart → yep.. >.< I deeply regret it.

Had your own heart broken → a lot of time..  

Been arrested → nah, except arrested by my true love.. LOL!

Turned someone down → yes

Cried when someone died → yes..

Liked a friend that is a girl? → almost! :D hahaha…



Yourself → not really -.-

Miracles → yes J

Love at first sight → yes

Heaven → yes, for place or for condition..

Santa Clause → nah, are you asking seriously? It’s never been, I guess.

Kiss on the first date? → haha.. regret that I didn’t try :P

Angels → uhmm.. yes, but never seen one..



Is there one person you want to be with right now? → ALWAYS (T.T) really want to..

Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → nope..

Posting this as 100 Truths? → sure!

got this from: “Thunder of Wild Horses” and personalized the answers.

I’m enjoying my life and enjoying being myself. I’m enjoying my staying here, in a remote area far away from Jakarta. I’m enjoying my work and colleagues. I’m enjoying spend time in my small room, sleep on my mattress, and eat casual villagers foods. I’m enjoying my long distance relationship, and very very proud of it. I don’t care what others may say or think about me, as long as I’m doing what’s right and what’s good, also I don’t harm or threaten others life.
—  Miesoterica