whowhwoa two updates in one night? DAMN CRAZY MAN


The squirtle silently chuckled, approaching the chest and opening it, revealing all its goodies inside.
Lots and lots of sparklying blueish gems.
“Eh. I can’t believe how stupid those two are.”
The squirtle slowly changed form, revealing his true self. A female zorua; a raider, of course.

“Charcoal sure will be proud of me kyeheheh. I’ll better bring as much as I can before those two idiots come back.” said the zorua, looking greedily inside the chest.
“Or, you could surrender now and hope we don’t hurt you so much.”
The zorua turned around, terrified. Coal and Carl were peeking inside the caravan from the exit where the poochyena jumped off some minutes ago.
“Y-YOU!” yelled the zorua, trembling in fear and rage “HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO DISCOVER MY TRICK?!”
“Excellent question little thief.” said Coal, grinning “Allow me to expl-”
“PFSH YEAH RIGHT. As if I’ll listen your damn explanation!” said the zorua, picking some gems and jumping away, right toward the other exit of the caravan. Unluckily for her, there was another problem behind the curtain which separated her from freedom.

“STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!” shouted Mani (the true one, this time)
“Aw come on!” the zorua was in a pinch. From one side she had to deal with two merchants, to the other, with nonetheless main apprentice of the same guild! Well, a 1v1 didn’t seem a bad choice, after all.
“OUT OF MY WAY, SQUIRTLE!” yelled the zorua, launching herself against Mani, letting him fall on the ground.
“AGH! I can’t stand on! Fiddlesticks! My damn shell won’t let me stand again on my feet!” said Mani, trying to get rid of his unfair position.
The zorua grinned, and put a foot upon Mani’s shell, so he couldn’t move anymore.
“Now, let’s see how can you battle against yourself!” said the zorua, slowly turning into Mani one more time.
At the same time, Coal and Carl showed up from the curtain where the zorua escaped.

“Mani! Are you allrig-” shouted Carl, but he stopped as he saw the actual scene.
Two Manis were battling each other.
The poochyena and the gligar stared confused, not sure on what to do next.
“Don’t be fooled by her fiendish tricks again! She is the raider!” yelled one of the Manis.
“No! She is!” shouted the other.
“Do you really think we are that stupid sir? We’re the best detectives around, for tyrantrum’s beard!” said Coal, almost offended.
“Hey, Mani! Just use a water type move against her!” suggested Carl.
“… OH RIGHT” shouted the real Mani, spitting a good Scald attack to the zorua, which revealed her true appearence once again.


The zorua was all tied up and put nearby one of the chests inside the caravan.
Mani, Coal and Carl were arguing on what to do with her.
“We must keep her under control, she might escape once again and disguise herself as one of us, or someone else.” said Mani, launching an angry look to the tied zorua.
“Relax, Mani” said Carl “On my watch I didn’t see anyone else approaching our caravan.”
“Sure she was foolish coming here all alone.” continued Coal, grinning at her.
Oddly, the zorua grinned too.
“Yeah, sure. Whatever you say pooch.” giggled the zorua.
Mani was evidently nervous because of that sentence.
“What… exactly do you mean by that?”


More Friend Safari shinies. Dates are all on the photos.

I love my Throh’s nickname because he looks like an orange rock, so of course I have to call him Ben Grimm. I love the Fantastic Four. I think they’re the best group of superheroes. The Human Torch is my favorite though.

I named my Sandslash Gaara, because the colors remind me of him, and it’s a SANDslash, so it’s a no-brainer.