Part 2-

This is a continuation of my hero/pokemon crossover.

i honestly didn’t think it would do as well as it has and i am so grateful for all your support so here is the rest of class 1-A (with some adjustments from my older post).

The only adjustment i made to my older post is Jiro and Kirishima i had some help from @sylanc to change them into what you see them as now and also to help pick the rest of the ones you see.

Ps: I wanted to doodle Hagakure but sense i have no idea what features she has i just made a shadow of kecleon and added her gloves (i know very original) plus i had no idea what to make Hanta and Mineta so i just made them into ones that have similarities (besides Hanta i just wanted to draw him as a Zangoose).

Part 1

Part 3: in progress

These crossbreeds would definitely be considered “luxury Pokémon”, prized for their gorgeous fur and elegant appearance. Vulpine Mienfoo are extremely energetic and can be a handful to raise, showing quite a lot of strength for their size. Vixen Mienshao have less physical fighting prowess in comparison to purebreds due to their luxurious fur, though their extended moveset of psychic and fire attacks helps to make up for it. 

Requested by @parapsychologicalvulpes!