molotov cocktail || a mix for dangerous women || listen

i. pompeii is radioactive // bastille vs imagine dragons ii. laura palmer // bastille iii. bad reputation // joan jett iv. sleeping with a friend // neon trees v. bubblegum bitch // marina and the diamonds vi. gravity // nico vega vii. kings // tribe society viii. castle // halsey ix. high tide rising // fox x. run boy run // woodkid xi. i’m so sorry // imagine dragons xii. evil ways // blues saraceno xiii. black bat licorice // jack white xiv. bad intentions // digital daggers xv. centuries // fall out boy xvi. ready aim fire // imagine dragons xvii. everybody wants to rule the world // versus remix xviii. seven nation army // the white stripes xix. the devil within // digital daggers xx. spectrum // florence + the machine xxi. irresistible // fall out boy xxii. bombastic // bonnie mckee xxiii. control // halsey xxiv. howl // florence + the machine xxv. monster // imagine dragons xxvi. mad hatter // melanie martinez xxvii. chandelier // sia xviii. black // kari kimmel xxix. yellow flicker beat // lorde xxx. seven devils // florence + the machine xxxi. marked man // mieka pauley xxxii. glory and gore // lorde xxxiii. iron // woodkid xxxiv. icarus // bastille xxxv. transpose // bad suns xxxvi. kill your heroes // awolnation xxxvii. youth // daughter xxxviii. i’ll be good // jaymes young xxxvix. we are young // hozier xl. silhouettes // of monsters and men xli. white blood // oh wonder

Awake O Sleeper ~ Southern Gothic Arthurian Legend

| Listen |

1. I Will Never Die - Delta Rae  2. Raise Hell - Brando Carlile  3. Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford and Sons  4. Blood on my Name - The Wright Brothers         5. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde  6. Toxic - Melanie Martinez     7. Oh My - Gin Wigmore  8. Awake O Sleeper - The Brothers Bright  9. Bad Ritual - Timber Timbre  10. Marked Man - Mieka Pauley  11. Sinister Kid - The Black Keys  12. Oh Death - Noah Gundersen

A mix for the queen of the witches. For a girl who chants and charms, who sings to the spirits under the full moon. For a girl born to fight and to rule. (LISTEN)

01. Me and The Devil - Soap & Skin // 02. Marked Man - Mieka Pauley // 03. Dead Inside - Foreign Slippers // 04. Flickers - Son Lux // 05. If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray // 06. Blood On My Hands - Danielle Parente // 07. Night - Zola Jesus // 08. Twenty Seven - MS MR // 09. Buried In Water - Dead Man’s Bones // 10. House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O’Connell // 11. I Put A Spell On You (Cover) - She & Him // 12. Black Water - Timber Timbre // 13. Girl With One Eye (Bayou Percussion) - Florence and The Machine // 14. Bottom of the River - Delta Rae // 15. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde // 16. Apply - Glasser // 17. Empire - Alpines // 18. I Will Never Die - Delta Rae

here we are, both half-starved

an idea of where we go from here.  (warning for canon-typical violence and self-hatred)

  1. walking with the beast: primal scream 
  2. werewolf heart: dead man’s bones 
  3. dia dos namarados!: broken record 
  4. bite: troye sivan 
  5. i haven’t even started with you: mieka pauley 
  6. kites: dessa 
  7. ordinary world: red 
  8. come and goes (in waves): greg laswell 
  9. the river, the woods: astronautalis 
  10. chasing twisters: delta rae 

malice; | [listen here] | two brothers dripping with hatred, special and so different, yet so alike. a tiger of pride and a cobra of cunning, pain and harm twisted into their very beings. a mix for victor vale and eli cardale of vicious, a devious duo ready to fight with claws dipped in madness and snarls cloaked in malice.

i. bloody shirt (to kill a king) - bastille | ii. hurricane - halsey | iii. waiting game - banks | iv. marked man - mieka pauley | v. nicotine - panic! at the disco | vi. waiting like a wolf - alek fin | vii. money power glory - lana del rey | viii. gold - sir sly | ix. drop the game - flume and chet faker | x. lurk - the neighbourhood | xi. a light that never comes (ft. stever aoki) - linkin park

BIRD SHIT: A mix for the private eye specializing in paranormal investigation. “A silver cross hung from the rear vision mirror, and the cassette player bore a mixtape with ‘Bird Shit’ written on it with permanent marker.”

i. god’s gonna cut you down – johnny cash | ii. bad moon rising – mourning ritual | iii. brother, my cup is empty – nick cave & the bad seeds | iv. thin line – honeyhoney | v. marked man – mieka pauley | vi. david – noah gundersen | vii. blood on my name  – the brothers bright | viii. sleep apnea (acoustic) – chevelle | ix. redbird – kevin devine & the goddamn band | x. master hunter – laura marling | xi. far from any road – the handsome family | xii. petite mort – bad books | xiii. somewhere unoccupied – kevin devine & the goddamn band | xiv. beat the devil’s tattoo – black rebel motorcycle club | xv. satin in a coffin – modest mouse | xvi. oh yeah – built to spill | xvii. your rocky spine – great lake swimmers | xviii. bukowski – modest mouse | xix. personal jesus – johnny cash | xx. idiot prayer – nick cave & the bad seeds | xxi. trouble comes knocking – timber timbre | xxii. awake! o’ sleeper – the brothers bright | xxiii. kill of the night – gin wigmore | xxiv. high times – elliott smith | xxv. aint no rest for the wicked – cage the elephant

The Marked / This is the place from which those who dabble in the black arts draw their power. And this place is their doom. [listen]

01. Hell Is Empty Emilie Autumn 02. The Man Comes Around Johnny Cash Experience 03. God’s Gonna Cut You Down Johnny Cash 04. Dust Bowl Dance Mumford And Sons 05. Oh Darlin’ What Have I Done The White Buffalo 06. Who Will Save You Now Les Friction 07. How Will You Meet Your End? AA Bondy 08. Lose Your Soul Dead Man’s Bones 09. Marked Man Mieka Pauley

agent kuryakin an illya fanmix [listen]

I. soviet assault waltz ola strandh II. the day i tried to live soundgarden III. once upon a december (piano version) emile pandolfi IV. my body is a cage (cover) peter gabriel V. the end is the beginning is the end smashing pumpkins VI. gun elenika VII. russian lullaby ella fitzgerald VIII. marked man mieka pauley

ghost of the highway, a demon road fanmix

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marked man - mieka pauley || gallows - brown bird || the night we met - lord huron || evil ways - blues saraceno || the driver - bastille || ghost town - first aid kit || bury them deep - ghoultown || clap hands - tom waits || maneater - nelly furtado || consecration - wovenhand || trance figure - school of the seven bells || bad moon rising - mourning ritual 

this is a mix for my husband, and notorious carfucker, milo sebastian


a mix for jesse mccree


1.  bad company - bad company || 2.  ain’t gonna drown - elle king || 3. kings - tribe society || 4. devil’s backbone - civil wars || 5. i’m on fire - bat for lashes || 6. david - noah gundersen || 7. the chain - fleetwood mac ||  8. the lion’s roar - first aid kit || 9. marked man - mieka pauley || 10. god’s gonna cut you down - johnny cash || 11.  99 problems - hugo

(art: h4yarobi; used with permission)


I am your King. | Fanmix for a certain sad pirate captain [Listen]

Sirens - Rag’N’Bone Man | Me and Mine - The Brothers Bright | Leaders Of The Free World - Elbow | Two Against One - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (ft. Jack White) | Marked Man - Mieka Pauley | Come Away To The Water - Maroon 5 | Ghost Lights - Woodkid | Various Storms & Saints - Florence & The Machine | Shots (Acoustic) - Imagine Dragons | Thirteen - Danzig | Avalanche - Nick Cave | Love Crime - Siouxsie Sioux and Brian Reitzell | Never Let You Down - Woodkid ft. Lykke Li

                                          You    will    walk    unscathed    through    fire,
                                          no   ploughman’s   blade   will  cut   you   down.
                                          And  as  you  walk  through  death’s  dark  veil, 
                                                   the cannon’s thunder can’t prevail–
                                                 Those who hunt thee down will fall.

Beat the Devil’s Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club // Ain’t Gonna Drown - Elle King // Awake! O’ Sleeper - The Brothers Bright // Gun in My Hand - Dorothy // David - Noah Gundersen // Arsonist’s Lullabye - Hozier // Marked Man - Mieka Pauley // Blood on My Name - The Wright Brothers // I am a Man of Constant Sorrow - O’ Brother, Where Art Thou? // God’s Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash


“Norman stirred, turned, and then fell into a darkness deeper and more engulfing than the swamp.” – Psycho, Robert Bloch.

old number 7 - the devil makes three // devil do - holly golightly // blood on my hands - those poor bastards // oh darlin, what have i done - the white buffalo // no death - mirel wagner // piggies - the beatles // your suffering - maiden names // sleepinng with ghosts - wotjek zukowski // lonely boy - matt corby // ain’t no grave - johnny cash // marked man - mieka pauley // the flowers - regina spektor

you’re a marked man, brother
a season six boyd/raylan fanmix

bang bang (my baby shot me down) .  murder by death
bang bang, that awful sound / bang bang, my baby shot me down 
marked man  .  mieka pauley
it might get you off, get you right with god / but you’ll never be right with me
i’m on fire  .  shakey graves
sometimes it’s like someone took a knife, baby / edgy and dull / and cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my soul 
sinner  .  lincoln durham
so i’ll shine my soul, and i’ll wash away all my sins / ‘cause if they’re gonna take me out, they’re gonna have to take me with a grin
oh death  .  noah gundersen
from dust and ashes i have called you / and dust you shall become in the end
lights  .  battleme
say you’ll jump instead of fall 
devil’s tears  .  angus & julia stone
but i’ll never give up you 
you’ll never leave harlan alive  .  ruby friedman
and it’s there i read on a hillside gravestone / “you’ll never leave harlan alive" 

O, I will to him and pluck out his eyes 

A Southern Gothic Measure for Measure fanmix

1. Bad Moon Rising by Morning Ritual | 2. I Am Shell I Am Bone by Gazelle Twin | 3. You Are the Wilderness by Voxhaul Broadcast | 4. Happy Together by Filter | 5. Marked Man by Mieka Pauley | 6. Bad Things by Jace Everett | 7. Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra | 8. Pretty Face by Soley | 9. Terrible Things by April Smith and The Great Picture Show | 10. Stand By Me by Mona | 11. Goodbye by Apparat ft. Soap & Skin | 12. Bottom of the River by Delta Rae | 13. Rolling in on a Burning Tire by The Dead Weather | 14. Beat the Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | 15. Devil’s Backbone by Civil Wars | 16. Undisclosed Desires by Muse | 17. Hope Dies Painless by Rome | 18. Riverside by Agnes Obel