1-Maiko Kyouka, she is geiko now (Source)

2-Geiko Mieka in street (Source)

3-Maiko Toshichika (Source)

4-Maiko Fumino (Source)

5-Geiko Umeha on the left, geiko Naosome on middle and geiko Umechika in right (Source)

6-Maiko Fukuai during her sakkou stage (Source)

7-Retired maiko Satohina (Source)

8-Maiko Fukunao, she is geiko now (Source)

9-Maiko Umesato (Source)

10-Maiko Kanachisa, she is geiko now (Source)


About a few months back I worked at my first ever photo shoot with Tracey Hughes, and after a long wait here is the final set loving all the amazing colors!! It was a long day starting at 8am gulping glasses of lattes every single hour till 11pm. Her attention to detail is beyond what you can even imagine. I had soo much fun at this shoot and coming soon will be the photo shoot that styled for Tracey Hughes and Olivia Zynevych of Mieka Hairdressing at Smith St Collingwood Melbourne.