midyear lookback

Bringing Swarto back!

There has been a little too much Hartbig on tumblr for me and not enough Swarto! So I’m bringing some oldies back!

First off, Beyonce concert! We all know Swike was there.

And then she said this at the end..

and if you pause at the 13 second mark of the video

looks a lot like swike!

There is also this video of Hannah on her birthday when she was in New York with Swike. At 13 seconds again, I cropped it for you.

Sure looks like a girl putting on pants, possible blonde?

We can’t forget A-Camp! Where only people who are gay can attend.

(credit http://fancypancakes.tumblr.com/)

(credit http://gidguard.tumblr.com/)

Then all of these random moments.

(gif credit http://jloving323.tumblr.com/)

(credit http://onlyyoutubers.tumblr.com/)

They both recently moved and hannah’s ring that was previously on her middle finger (as in a few months ago), is now on her ring finger.

And Hannah’s first days back from New Zealand she spends with Sarah

So long story short, Swarto has to be canon! With the sudden disappearance of Swike from her videos, maybe they got worried that it was too obvious? And Hannah has liked Swarto posts?

Either way, I ship it. Plus, aesthetically speaking, they make one hell of an attractive couple!

(collage credit goes to http://pirateninja987456241.tumblr.com/)



So some new ‘evidence?’ has been brought to light, so I decided to just update this with it.

Hannah and Swike have similar plants and tvs in photos that they posted to Instagram:

And they have similar the same bed sheets/covers.

Got this from http://mirkkolly.tumblr.com)


So i still ship Swarto, and if anything else comes up, feel free to message me and I will add it on to this growing list :)


Update Update?

here’s some more cute swarto stuff. Gif sets and stuff I’m gonna post a link to :) 


harto/weichel family friendship

gifs of hannah talking about her real life partner

sarah saying she can’t talk about shipping swarto

hannah telling sarah it could take the rest of her life to shoot an mdk

hannah’s tweets about soup

more soup & more

swike likes to sing to hannah

“do you have a girlfriend?” “im married to my work.”

swarto  at disney  together

this cute gif set of swike being done with hannah at vidcon

and her being done with hannah again

spending July 4th together

spending the past 2 valentine’s days together

sarah loves the song settle down

and hannah dedicates riptide to sarah


swike being crowned queen

i don’t know what this is but it made me laugh

hannah giving advice on hair that sarah doesn"t agree with

here’s a cute midyear lookback

5 languages of love swarto edition

bedroom eyes

cute swarto fan video

gif set that looks like swarto but isn’t *mildnsfw

hannah being super smooth in a winestream

this is slowly turning into a post of just them being cute

Swike dressing as Elsa who Hannah loves

Then Hannah liked and commented on this post

original post

She’s got a bae

that she likes to shower with 

also these tweets

Hannah went to Swike’s brother’s graduation which was cute of her



Sarah posted a photo of a cute sleeping Hannah

A wedding they attended together and were supposed to match but then Hannah didn’t wear the yellow bow tie ugh

She also accompanied Sarah on her birthday dinner

This has turned into a very long update with many random things. oh well. Also nothing is in order either.