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The plot follows newly qualified midwife Jenny Lee and the work of midwives and the nuns of Nonnatus House, a nursing convent, part of an Anglican religious order, coping with the medical problems in the deprived Poplar district of London’s desperately poor East End in the 1950s. The Sisters and midwives carry out many nursing duties across the community. However, with between 80 and 100 babies being born each month in Poplar alone, the primary work is to help bring safe childbirth to women in the area and to look after their countless newborns.

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Call The Midwife Episode 1 : Episode 1
Call The Midwife Episode 2 : Episode 2
Call The Midwife Episode 3 : Episode 3
Call The Midwife Episode 4 : Episode 4
Call The Midwife Episode 5 : Episode 5

I hate it when women get into an OB vs Midwife mentality.  I had a great midwife when I was pregnant, and when problems occurred that needed better attention, I also had a great OB present at my birth and prevented me from getting a cesarean. 

And on top of that, BOTH of them were respectful of my reproductive choices after birth (having a honeymoon baby, using NFP, so on). 

What I’m getting at is that there are crappy OBs, and good OBs.  And there are crappy midwives, and good midwives.  I was blessed to see the good of both, but I know the bad is out there that other women have seen.  But that doesn’t mean all OBs or all midwives are the same!

Every hospital/midwifery practice is different. They have different philosophies and guidelines, and the professionals that work within them will have their own ways of following or “going around” those guidelines set for them.  A mother should be able to interview and choose her care provider without having to have a biased mindset that would exclude a good provider from her, simply because that one blog she follows bashes on all OBs, or on all midwives.

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Was that anon looking for Painful Maneuvers by saraubs? Or maybe Have a Mind to Just Let My Whole Body Go by verity? Stiles is an OB in the first one and a midwife in the second.

Painful Maneuvers by saraubs

Still, whether or not the nurses want to hear it, Derek has some serious issues with the way Stiles skates around the ward, upending instruments and scattering papers and chewing on pens. His scrubs never fit right and are always riding up to show patches of smooth, pale skin and his hair is frankly pornographic. It’s just so…unprofessional.

Stiles is a hyperactive Obstetrician. Derek is a grumpy Midwife. It’s true love (and babies!).

have a mind to just let my whole body go by verity

Derek’s a pregnant omega werewolf; Stiles and Erica do steady business as the only supernaturally qualified omega midwives in five counties. Clearly, it’s meant to be.

For the nonnie looking for pregnant omega!Derek and OBGYN!Stiles. Maybe one of these is what you are looking for? If not, FREE RECOMMENDS!

Maria Sibylla Merian. De europische insecten. Tot
Amsterdam: by J.F. Bernard, [1730].

Tuesday, 2/9, 4 PM at the Rubenstein’s Holsti-Anderson Family Assembly Room: Join us for ”Scientists, Midwives, & Healers in the Lisa Unger Baskin Collection,” a  lecture with Duke History Professor Thomas Robisheaux. http://blogs.library.duke.edu/rubenstein/2016/01/27/scientists-midwives-and-healers-in-the-lisa-unger-baskin-collection/

As part of the event, visit the Michael and Karen Stone Gallery to view our new exhibit, “Heralding the Way to a New World: Exploring Women in Science and Medicine through the Lisa Unger Baskin Collection.” This exhibit marks the first public glimpse of the materials from this transformative collection on women’s history.

As much as the lack of Patsy/Delia scenes was disappointing, my excitement at having the nuns and midwives actually all interacting with each other on a more personal level was so great.

The love that Sister Monica Joan and Sister Evangelina have is so special and we rarely see it, and the ability of Sister Mary Cynthia to take Sister Evangelina aside and talk to her about her conduct was so brave and I was so proud!

The scenes with Nurse Crane and Patsy & Trixie were I think the best! It was so great to see how they can behave more as friends and see the softer side of Nurse Crane. In season 4 when they all laughed at her after she purchased a dance ticket was so sad as you could see it hurt her feelings and I really wanted some more development there and yay we got it!!

I definitely feel that this season they are working on the characters more evenly so far and I am loving the depth and connections we are getting between all of them, not just the factions of the nuns or the younger midwives.

Ofc I can’t wait for Delia to get back but for now I am very happy :)

Doula Support For Pregnant Women Could Improve Care, Reduce Costs
Doulas provide emotional support for a woman through pregnancy and childbirth. A study finds that women with doulas are less likely to have cesarean or preterm births.

Childbirth historically involved a support system of women who assisted a woman from her pregnancy through the birth and in the immediate postpartum period afterward.

Today, obstetricians and midwives provide prenatal care and help a woman deliver her baby. Doulas continue to fulfill the historical role of emotionally supporting a pregnant woman through labor and childbirth, helping her advocate for herself and communicate with her caregivers.

A study published online Thursday by the journal Birth suggests that offering women the support of a certified doula could save Medicaid and perhaps private insurers real money — nearly $1,000 a birth — by reducing cesarean and preterm births.

Previous research has shown lower rates of cesarean births, more satisfaction from mothers and better newborn Apgar scores — a measure of a baby’s condition at birth — among mothers who use doula care. In fact, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says in guidelines for safe prevention of cesarean births that doula care is “probably underutilized.”

“I do not share the views of some “spiritual ecofeminists”, who think that women are closer to nature than men and that rationality is the domain of men whereas emotionality is the field of women. It is true that the modern progress of science and technology was largely the work of men. But this is not because their genes determine them to be inventors. Men are both emotional and rational and so are women. Hence there are no fundamental differences between them. The fact that today men are considered to be more rational than women is the result of a social process which started with the renaissance after the knowledge of ‘Wise Women’, the midwives who knew how to help women to bring forth a child, was violently crushed during the witch hunts in Europe.”

–Maria Mies, ‘Ecofeminism’: a talk about hard work and great joy

—  via Deep Green Resistance Women’s Caucus http://ift.tt/1x9TAeS
16 weeks

Baby’s genetic screening tests came back all clear! Giant sigh of relief. I know this is not a magical pass that means everything will definitely be fine in every way, but I’ll take what I can get and move on to worrying about the next thing, the big anatomy scan next month, and wether she’s got 10 toes and all her organs in the right spots.

Also I can’t believe I’ve survived 16 (really more like 13) weeks of feeling this bad. I’m thinking the kid’s gonna be fine, mostly based on the fact that she’s already tough enough to be kicking my butt. The nausea is still ever present. I don’t think its ever leaving. Come on July! I’ve evolved in my thinking this week that bad food is better than no food, and bought a delicious box of donuts, so we’ll see how this effects my weight loss trend. Maybe its a good sign the nausea’s easing off a little? I’m not holding my breath though. The last two days have been seriously miserable.

The endocrinologist was really pleased w my thyroid levels and is keeping my medicine the same. She also gave me some shit about pregnancy and my weight, which I don’t think is really her area to be commenting on, but I like her enough to just nod and move on. I feel like most everyone would like to give me a really hard time about my weight, has some diet and exercise spiel fighting to come spilling out at me, but what can you really say to the woman who’s LOST 10 lbs in pregnancy? Yeah, that’s right, shut your pie hole. Its been slightly satisfying to wreck the double stereotype of gluttony attached to both fatness and pregnancy. I’ll take my minor satisfactions where I can.

Said endocrinologist was also all huffy over my blood pressure, despite my assurances that I almost always get nervous about doctor visits, was worried about throwing up, worried about test results, and generally having a ridiculously stressful week. So she wants me to monitor at home, which, fine, I’ve done this whole song and dance before, it’ll just be proof that I’m right. I know they mean well, but I wish they’d listen and trust a little more. My BP isn’t a physiological problem, I just hate you, k? Not really, but basically.

One thing I’ve been pleased with is everyone I’ve seen this year has let me just tell them my weight, and no one’s tried to insist on actually weighing me themselves like I might be lying. Point to improving medical care.

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what's call the midwife? i love vintage lesbians! :)

it’s a british bbc tv period drama about midwives in a very impoverished area of london in the 1950s/60s.its on its 5th season now?? it’s p much like a staple british tv programme like idk anyone who has not seen at least one episode of call the midwife. its rly nice and heart warming but also heart wrenchingly sad and a real insight into history and the working classes after the war and the rise of the nhs and the midwifery service and it deals with things like the effects of the war and racism and disease and homophobia and sexism etc and how that was shown in the time period. also my friends mum was in it so that makes it cool. its also got lesbians in the latests seasons and pretty vintage dresses and AMAZING vintage soundtracks and its just so great but also be warned because basically u might as well start crying before u even play the episode bc they are 100% guarenteed to make u cry like every episode i love call the midwife 

[WP] At birth, depending on your eye color, you are given a dragon, wolf, bear or gorilla as a lifelong companion. Part One

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“Whacha hoping the boy will be?”

Viktar shrugged, downing another mug of mead. It was all he could do not to storm the room and shoved the midwives out of his way when he heard her scream. A drunken stupor had helped his desperate barge-ins; before, his brother and his wife’s brother had to pin him to the ground. Even his Companion stopped him from charging in, the big, brown lump barricading the door.

Now the bear rustled close to Viktar’s side, dozing in and out of consciousness in wait of the tiny human. “What makes you sure it’ll be a boy?” Viktar asked, rubbing his Companion’s head with his spare hand.

“Bah, it’s always a boy first if you’re lucky,” Wilhelm said, wolf at his feet. He had the same grassy green eyes as his sister; by chance, their hounds were siblings too. It was a good omen, rarer than even a pair of silverbacks for the blue-eyed folk in the west. “Girls are important too, ‘course, and I love me daughters, but a firstborn that’s a boy is the best thing to get.”

“And he asked whatcha think his Companion will be?” asked Viktar’s brother Tommrad. “A bear or a wolf?”

Wilhelm snorted, pouring more for himself to drink. “If what happened to your Companion’s any sign, Vik’s boy’d be better off with a wolf.”

Tom glowered at the man. “My Companion saved me life. You think your little dog could fend off a band of bandits better than me bear did?”

“My wolf’s saved me life more times than I can count, and I’ve saved his. He’s me best friend, as the saying goes.” He puckered his lips at the soured drink, gone bad with time, but reached to refill again anyway. “And me wolf’s still breathing.”

“Will you two shut your traps?” Viktar asked, hurling his mug at the wooden walls. His Companion raised his head, blowing air out his snout, but settled back down when nothing came of the outburst. “Whether I have a boy or a girl, they’ll be content with what they get. I know I sure am.”

“Dammit all, you still ain’t answerin’ me question. What do you think it’ll be? Brown eyes like us, or green like his mother’s?”

A second time, Viktar shrugged. “I’m sure the men down at the capital could tell us. Something in them books of theirs ought to tell which is gonna happen. But our village’s got more brown than green, from what I can tell. So me boy’ll be getting a bear, most like.”

Finally he noticed how quite the house had gotten. Meila’s screams had been constant and consistent. Now there were none at all.

“Meila!” Viktar roared, rising to his feet only to fall right on his face. His legs had fallen fast asleep, sending prickling needles up and down their lengths.

Meila’s niece, Wilhelm’s girl, opened the door to the nursery. She looked down to find her uncle sprawled on the floor, and her father and other uncle laughing and hollering from the show. She helped Viktar to his feet, and it wasn’t till he was upright did she say, “Are you ready to meet your son, uncle?”

“Ah ha,” said Wilhelm, somewhere in the background, “told ya.”

Viktar said nothing as he nodded, relying on the midwife’s assistance to bring him to the room. His Companion followed until they reached the door, then he sat outside it to provide grateful but unneeded guard to the room. Meila, red in the face and covered in sweat and tears, smiled down at the squirming pile of blankets in her arms.

She focused on their baby as her niece helped Viktar to a chair pulled to the bedside. Meila looked up to her husband, ignoring the scrape on his head from his blunder in the kitchen. “He looks just like you, except for the eyes.”

“So he’ll be getting a wolf, then?” Viktar asked, scooting in to get a better look at his firstborn child.

“Not quite,” she responded, pulling back the blankets some to show off their son.

He was tiny, the tiniest damned thing Viktar had ever seen. His chubby fists were balled up and held close to his chin, but he kept shifting, trying to find the most comfortable position to lay in. Viktar didn’t dare hold the babe while he couldn’t stand on his own, but admired from his wife’s arms. He looked for a while, seeing himself in the newborn. But he couldn’t quite place what Meila meant, not until his son opened up his eyes.

Viktar stared into the blood red eyes, and in the distance, heard a crack of thunder he knew was no storm.

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Nobody tells you how hard breastfeeding is and how emotional it will make you when your body isn’t doing what it’s meant to do. My nipples are so cracked, bloody and sore and she’s so hungry and upset but I can’t feed her like I’m supposed to. I never wanted to give my baby formula but watching her cry for food is so fucked. I wish I had help, like actual help. The midwives just keep telling me to use my whole nipple but my boobs are so big, it’s unreasonable to think I could fit that whole thing in her mouth! It just doesn’t work! 💔

Via @wildbornproject Katjtindi moments before giving birth. For several hours she was supported and nurtured by a circle of four women, four midwives. She gave birth to a health baby girl. Photo by @alegraally #wildbornproject #wildbornfilm #gratitude #sacredspace #compassionatecare #motherhoodrising #tribedemama #birthwithoutfear #midwivesforpeace #connectedness #sisterhood #doulalife #doula #doulalove #spiritualmidwifery #gratitude #midwife #midwifery #midwifelife #pregnant #pregnancy #childbirth #birth #womb #womenempowerment #womanhood #innatewisdom #postpartumdoula #motherhood #nurture

For those asking about this week’s booklist:

1.Body learning: second edition. - Michael j. Gelb

2.Elogio de la locura 6th edition - Erasmo de Rotterdam

3.Helping yourself with self hypnosis- DR. Frank S. Caprio and Joseph R. Berger

4.Incest and human love: the betrayal of the soul in psychotherapy- DR. Robert Stein

5.The sociology of developing societies: second edition - Ankie M. M. Hoogvelt

6. Witches, midwives and nurses: a history of woman healers- Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English