Yuletide religion.

This season has many traditions amongst the folk of the world. For us it is a time of celebration of our bonds between friends and family. Love of folk, love of identity, and love of life fill our houses with laughter and joy as we chase away the darkness of winter with the strength and light of our cultural customs.

The warmth of our hearth fills our hearts to fight the cold darkness of this season. 

Traditionally speaking, our ancestors gathered together in their great halls during this time and feasted, drank, or just spent time with each other in good company. Training, bonding, and sharing during the winter months. 

With these rituals of family, also came rituals of becoming, and social responsibility. As they grew older and wiser in their lives it became more important to also share more experiences with the children so they could discern and digest the world to aid in the creation of theirs. Whether it’s how to make yule pastries, sing traditional songs, or chop wood efficiently, the celebrations had a deeper cultural meaning than just mere merriment.

       In our time it can sometimes be a lonely time during the winter.

Living in a culture of fracture and seemingly indifferent materialism it can sometimes take a dark and sinister turn during these months. Especially if one does not have a community, or if one is estranged far away from their cultural or spiritual centres. 

If this is the case, light a candle with those you are connected to and keep the flame burning. We wish you a good midwinter.

Keep the fires of life burning, and the light will return sooner than you think!