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Wishing you folks a Happy Winter Solstice a day early since I’ll be offline tomorrow. Here is the final line art of my fauns in a loving embrace entwined with the tree of life. You’ve seen snippets of them this year as I’ve been working on both this piece and my ultra huge coloring book project. (I am so so so glad that project is finished and turned in!) Should you be interested in a colorable version of this piece, as well as a variety of other cool Christmas/Holiday themed coloring pages, you can find it in Blue Star Coloring’s Holiday Parade on Amazon.com. Stay tuned in 2016! Sometime in January my very first coloring book will be released with Blue Star! I’ll have more announcements to come on that. :D

I should have some more art posts before the New Year. But seeing as many of you might be offline more often than not, best of luck and love and light and life to all of you. <3

One of the guests at Algy’s Magical Midwinter Star party decided to try a special dance which is described in Algy’s book The Magical Midwinter Star :)

The first person who REBLOGS this GIF together with A CAPTION INCLUDING THE NAME OF THAT DANCE from Algy’s book will win a signed paperback copy of The Magical Midwinter Star.

Sorry - but the three people who have already won copies of the book by entering the Photo Challenge may not win another copy. Just one book per person :)

There are still 2 prizes left in the Photo Challenge at the time of posting this GIF…

Moomin books english - finnish - english

1945 – The Moomins and the Great flood
= Muumit ja suuri tuhotulva

1946 – Comet in Moominland
= Muumipeikko ja Pyrstötähti
(Moomintroll and the comet)

1948 – Finn Family Moomintroll
= Taikurin Hattu
(The hobgoblin’s/magician’s hat)

1950 – The Exploits of Moominpappa
=Muumipapan urotyöt

1952 – The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My = Kuinkas sitten kävikään
(And what happened then)

1954 – Moominsummer Madness
= Vaarallinen Juhannus
(Dangerous midsummer’s eve)

1957 – Moominland Midwinter
= Taikatalvi
(Magic winter)

1960 – Who Will Comfort Toffle?
= Kuka lohduttaisi Nyytiä?

1962 - Tales from Moominvalley
= Näkymätön lapsi ja muita kertomuksia
(The Invisible Child and other stories)

1965 – Moominpappa at Sea
=Muumipappa ja Meri
(Moominpappa and the sea)

1970 – Moominvalley in November
=Muumilaakson Marraskuu
(Lit. Moominvalley’s November)

1977 – The Dangerous Journey
=Vaarallinen matka

1980 – An unwanted guest(not currently published in english) = Outo Vieras Muumitalossa

(Lit. A strange guest in the moominhouse)

Algy slept for a long, long time after the excitement of his Magical Midwinter Star party, and when he awoke, it was January. Rubbing his eyes sleepily he flew up to a perch in a pine tree, to inspect the brave new world, but the world had gone. He rubbed his eyes again, but still there was nothing there… nothing but dense, dark Scotch mist… It was January indeed…

Merry Christmas everybody :)

Algy wishes you all a joyful and peaceful Christmas and sends you all lots of very fluffy Christmas hugs xoxo

Don’t forget to download Algy’s Christmas present to you all - a FREE copy of the Kindle edition of his new book The Magical Midwinter Star. Full details with links to all the Amazon pages for the book are in Algy’s previous Christmas post.

Happy New Year everybody - and a million fluffy hugs for you all xoxo

Algy is very busy preparing the magical stars for his Magical Midwinter Star party - TODAY Sunday 1st January 2017, from 12 noon until late…

on Algy’s sideblog @lovefromalgy

You are all invited, and bring your friends :)

Submit your images via http://lovefromalgy.tumblr.com/submit or post on your own blog and send Algy a link.

Algy’s fluffy friends gathered together to enjoy the party-popping finale of his Magical Midwinter Star Tumblr party…

Algy sends all his wonderful Tumblr friends his fluffiest thanks and hugs for joining his party, and he hopes that you enjoyed it as much as he did :)

Algy is going to sleep for a wee while now, but the competitions are still open, there are still some paperback books to be won, and any further submissions will be posted tomorrow, Scottish time :)

Happy New Year everybody!


Welcome to Algy’s Magical Midwinter Star Party, which is starting now on his sideblog @lovefromalgy

But what’s this? Algy doesn’t seem to be quite ready… a wee bit of bother with the party decorations…

But never mind :) There will be lots of fluffy surprises, a special photo challenge, free gifts (giveaways) and prizes, and all kinds of fun.

Use the Submit form on lovefromalgy to join the party with your images of the magical midwinter - and send all your fluffy friends to have fun with Algy :)


Algy is delighted to announce that “The Magical Midwinter Star”, his third illustrated chapter book for children and adults still young at heart, will be published during the coming week. Please read the notes below about delivery times during the holiday season.

This book is especially suitable for Christmas and other midwinter holidays, and Algy will be posting details of how to order signed copies of the book in the next couple of days, as well as a preview of the book on his web site. Watch this space for further information :)

Readers of Algy’s previous books may be interested to know that this new book is similar to his first book “A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird” in length, style and reading age, but with a quite different story, of course, and it introduces some fun new characters as well as including his old friends. And it has a very happy ending :)

*** Algy’s MIDWINTER STAR TUMBLR PARTY will be held over the Hogmanay/New Year weekend*** - more details soon! But if you want the book for Christmas, please read on…

Algy does not yet know exactly which day he will receive printed copies of the book to sign, but he is hoping it will be the end of the week, Friday 16th, which is the official publication date.

Delivery to addresses in the UK: Algy is hoping to get SIGNED copies to you in time for Christmas :) He will post further details about this very soon.

Delivery to western Europe: Algy should be able to send you UNSIGNED copies in time for Christmas. SIGNED copies will probably reach you between Christmas and the New Year but might possibly arrive in time for Christmas.

Delivery to addresses in the USA: Algy should be able to send you UNSIGNED copies in time for Christmas but this is not guaranteed. SIGNED copies cannot reach you in time for Christmas and are likely to arrive around the New Year.

Delivery to addresses outside the UK, western Europe and the USA: Algy will be happy to send you SIGNED copies, but sadly he cannot deliver them in time for Christmas. They are likely to reach you early in the New Year.

Reviewers of Algy’s second book “The Tree with a Golden Heart” will automatically receive copies of his new book :)

Please send Algy a message if you think you would like to get a copy of his new book in time for Christmas, or have any questions at all :)

Being a wise and prudent fluffy bird, Algy heeded his friends advice and moved away from the pond covered with a tempting but dangerously thin sheet of ice. Unfortunately, however, the sun also moved away, and the temperature on the moor dropped until it began to get rather more cold than was really quite comfortable…

Giving the matter careful thought, Algy decided to fly over to his assistant’s house for Christmas, where he could be protected from the worst excesses of the West Highland Christmas weather and maybe help pull a Christmas cracker or two :)

Algy and his assistant are expecting some exceedingly stormy weather over the next few days, which may lead to their being temporarily cut off from their Tumblr friends over Christmas. In case this happens, Algy and Jenny would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderfully Merry Christmas, and Algy sends you all a lot of especially fluffy Christmas hugs xoxo

And don’t forget - the Kindle edition of Algy’s new book, The Magical Midwinter Star, is FREE to download from any Amazon site on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Have a magical midwinter, everybody :)