midwifery interview

interview BIG times

Have you been invited for an interview? Congratulations! Have you been jumping and screaming like mad? I guess so. How are you feeling now? You don’t have to answer, I know you’re totally scared. A little bit stress is good motivation, however to much will be only harmful for you. Therefore, stop panicking NOW and start preparing. I can promise you that good preparation will save you a lot anxiety and will add confidence and self believe.

My magic list:

  • Start reading books related to midwifery. Now!

Book examples:

  1. One Born Every Minute: Real Stories from the Delivery Room Maria Dore, Ros Bradbury
  2. Get into Nursing & Midwifery: A Guide to Application and Career Success Sarah Snow
  3. Call The Midwife: A True Story Of The East End In The 1950s Jennifer Worth
  4. Monique and the Mango Rains: An Extraordinary Story of Friendship in a Midwife’s House in Mali Kris Holloway
  5. Tales of a Midwife Maria Anderson
  6. Journal of a Student Midwife Ellie Ryan
  7. Spiritual Midwifery Ina May Gaskin
  8. Becoming a Midwife Rosemary Mander, Valerie Fleming
  • Start watching midwifery documentary.
  1. One born every minute on channel 4
  2. Call the midwife on BBC One
  3. Midwives on BBC Two
  • Follow RCM website to be up to date.
  • Try to arrange for some volunteer work. If it’s maternity ward- great. But any care work will be very valuable. If you’re working as a care assistant even in a care home setting you can easily use this experience. Please remember that non-care experience can be very useful and you can transfer many skills to midwifery practice ( teamwork, communication skills, people skills). 
  • Make a list of all your skills and experience. Try to connect the dots and relate to the midwifery as much as you can. 
  • Practice your numeracy and literacy skills. Most of the university have numeracy and literacy tests. There are not very difficult so don’t worry. However, if you not very good in math, you should start revising !
  • Start answering interview questions. You shouldn’t sound like voice mail machine but you want to know what are you talking about and even more important you don’t want to be surprised with the questions and don’t know the answer!  I will be posting some example questions and tips.
  • Manage your time effectively. PLAN. PLAN.PLAN! I was going through around 200 questions- you don’t want to leave everything for last month believe me!
  • Organise all materials for interview in a big folder. Having stuff in one place is very useful as you can care around and read in the bus and even before your interview. 

Remember, if you’ve been invited it means that they want to give you this place. They believe you are good candidate- just need to prove it :)

Good luck x