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Qualified and Registered Nurses

OhJoy - RN/BSN, Medical/Surgical Trauma Unit
MyLifeAsAnRN - RN, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
GlimpseOfApril- RN, Paediatrics, working towards Bachelors and Masters
Datrubboben - RN, Geriatrics
CopingNurse - RN, Neurological ICU
Poluanthenomials - RN, Emergency Room
MyocardialRevival - RN/BSN, Medical Surgical Oncology
Swednurse - RN
SaraIsPollita - RN, Emergency Trauma
NightNurseLaura - RN, Surgical/medical
FlyingEagleClaw - RN/BSN, Trauma Centre ER
HeartAndSoulMidwifery - Nurse/Midwife
BriefWondrousLaura - RN/BSN, OB and Labour & Delivery
ThatBipolarChick87 - EN, Aged Care
AllisonRN2014 - RN/BSN, Intensive Care Unit
100CupsOfCoffee - RN/BSN, General Paeds
TimmyG41991 RN/ASN, Coronary Care Unit
NursingAHeadache LPN, Student Midwife
GlimpseOfApril - LPN, Paediatrics. Student of Nursing Bachelors
AnotherDeadDaddyAllegory - BSN New Grad
SarcasmAndStethoscopes - RN/BSN, Medical Float
SectumSempra333 - RN/BSN, Intensive Care Unit
HeyyNurseRin - RN, Medical/Surgical
Ktbvns - RN/BSN, Inpatient Cardiology and Surgical Subspecialities
SilverStars87 - RN/ BS/BSN, Dialysis. Student Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
BLizzardsInferno - RN, Surgical Trauma&Critical Care
NursePastyLady - RN
HalfGreatAdventures - RN/BSN, Pediatric Neurology, Neurosurgery, Endocrinology
NightDutyNurse - RN/BSN, Intensive Care Unit
TnRach - RN/BSN, Paediatrics
KKEnterprise - RN/BSN, Paediatraics, PICU & NICU
CardiacAttack - RN/BSN, Paediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
NurseLaa - RN/BSN, Paediatric Cardiology/ Cardiothoracic Surgery
NurseShayToTheRescue - RN
ThatNurseOverThere - RN, Intensive Care Unit
EnglishNurse - RGN
JustJenIffer - RN, Student of BSN
AdventuresInPaeds - RN, Paediatric Oncology
RomanaTheLlama - RN, Neurosurgery & Trauma
PedsNurseSarah - RN, Paediatric&Community
YourFutureNurse - RN
QueenOfCrash - RN
AsToldByANurse - RN
MackenzieeLise - RN
UnmarkedPath - RN/BSN, Coronary Intensive Care Unit
TheLiftingYogi - RN
HanaKate86 RN, Triage Primary Care
TraumaQueen11304 - RN/BSN, Emergency Department
Courtz - RN/BSN in Step down / Telemetry
RNAmy - RN/BSN, Cardiothoracic stepdown
DShermsherm - RN/BSN, Acute Care
MyLifeMyOpinions - RN
PeriwinkleBleu - RN, Student of Nursing Doctorate
JustJenIffer - RN, Student of BSN
MichaelHeartsDiego - RN, Emergency Room&Trauma
MeButDifferent - RN, Medical Floor. Soon to be BSN
LabourNurseMeghan - BSN/RN, Labour and Delivery
Caffeinated-RN - BSN/RN, Post Operative Orthopaedic and Neurological
DoxiePowder - RN, Neurological Trauma Intensive Care Unit
AlexWhineAndCheese - RN/BSN, Emergency-Trauma/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
BoredRN - RN/BSN
armybratkittehkat - RN/BSN, Medical Surgical US Army
sarahblack1993 - RN, working towards BSN
nurseanonymous - RN/BSN
ob-nurse—at-your-cervix - RN/BSN, Obstetrics Labour&Delivery
thattattooedrnlife - RN/ASN, Geriatric, Certified Wound&Ostomy Nurse
beautyandcolour - RN, Clinic Research
msnmajorsblog - LPN, studying BSN
iwant2be-apuppy - RN/BSN/CCRN, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
latenightnurse - RN/BSN, Critical Care
whatsado - RN/BSN, Medical Orthopaedics
annperkinswannabe - RN/BSN, Paediatric Respite/Hospice
nursefuratu - RN/CNRN, Paediatric Trauma PICU
therightmotivation - RN, Paediatrics and NICU
ragerismatt - RN, interviewing for Pulmonary Step Down Unit
freethegiraffes - RN/BSN, Cardio-thoracic surgical ICU
allhaletiffany - RN, Paediatric Emergency Room
maureenrn - RN/BSN, Medical Intensive Care Unity
hugmenow - RN, Paediatrics
humorofanightshiftnurse RN/BSN, Oncology
this-nursing-life LPN, soon to be BSN, Paediatric Private Duty
proveitmakemefightme -  RN/BSN, Emergency Department
bustedxstuff - RN/BSN, Emergency Department
rnandagleek - RN/BSN, Operating Room
circulatingthedrain - RN/BSN, Operating Room
yoursormine - LPN, soon to be RN/BSN
erisedstraeh - RN/BSN, Paediatrics
yepsureokay - RN, 
nurse-amynurse - RN, ICU
ivcaffeinecitrate - RN, Float General Medicine, Med Student
samiamrn - RN/ADN, soon to be BSN, Hospital Float Pool
scrubstostilettos - RN/BSN, heme/oncology, bone marrow and palliative care floor
confessionsofanewgradnurse - RN/BSN Intensive Care Unit
ozarkdragon - RN, soon to be DNP
urssoro - RN/BSN, new grad float
nurse-alli - RN, Medical/Surgical Oncology
thisenervatedrnlovesyou - RN, SNF Supervisor
nursenightowl - LVN Subacute, studying for BSN
100cupsofcoffee - RN, Paediatrics
casedollRN - RN/BSN, haematology, oncology, BMT. DNP-PNP student
happinessatherfingertips - RN/BN, and paramedic, studying MPH
xslyblu3x - RN/BSN, Neuropsych
kindaty - RN/BSN, General Medical Surgery, studying for FNP 
nsicu-nurse - RN/BSN, Neurosurgical ICU
projectonethirtyfive - RN/BSN, Paediatrics
ciryamo - RN, Emergency Department
dancenurselove - RN, Cardiothoracic Surgical Step-down
sleepclementine - RN, Medical/Surgical
life-explorer-rn - RN, Oncology Medical/Surgery
ignitetheunknown - BSN/RN, Cardiac/Telemetry 
viridianbebop - RN/BSN, Travel nurse, paediatrics
nurse-glow-worm - LPN, Surgical Oncology
swedishnurse - RN, Psychiatrics
vickytorious - RN/BSN/PHN, Public Health
nurseshustle - RN, Critical Care in the Medical ICU
sincerelyrn - RN, Oncology 
ellenswanderlust - RN
theprogressnotes - RN
bazingapunk2411 - RN/BSN, Trauma Emergency Room
lamentations44 - RN, Cardiac ICU and a Neurosurgical/ Trauma ICU
lbugg29, RN, MSN Ostomy Wound Care
ashtronautincyberspace - RN, vast experience, currently in hospice care

Student Nurses

NorthwestNurse - Student Nurse, BSc (Hons)
FlourAndYarn - Student Nurse
AVeryPurplePaperPrenurse - Student Nurse
WombWielder - Student Nurse and Midwife
EmilyRaee - Student Nurse
TatasMcGee - Student Nurse, BSN
HopeAnchorsMe - Student Nurse
NightShiftNurseTech - Student Nurse
NurseJap - LPN and Student Nurse
StudentNurseToTheRescue - Student Nurse
AlfredHoi - Student Nurse
Shannan423 - Student Nurse, ADN/RN
ThoughtsOfMyMadLife - Student Nurse, mental health
FutureNightingale - Student Nurse, current Physician’s Scribe
ZombieNurseFromHell - Student Nurse
Stnlr - Student Nurse
MindAndHeartAtWar - Student Nurse, BSN RN
TheMightyThorctopus - Student Nurse, RN equivilent, pysch/mental health
LilyH1880 - Student Nurse
ChelseaChic - Student Nurse
NurseKanika - Student Nurse
MidSagittal - Student Nurse
ChelseaChic - Student Nurse
KittiePls - Student Nurse
MedicalCompliKateTions - Student Nurse
Ac783647 - Student Nurse, BSN
LadyQuanyin - Student Nurse
TheGrayMethod - Student Nurse
KatyAayBara - Student Nurse
LifeAsANewNursingStudent - Student Nurse
SickCuda - Student Nurse
RoseyMary - Student Nurse
InvisibleNothing - Student Nurse
JayDearC - Student Nurse
CarrotCupCake - Student Nurse
CoffeeRunning - Student Nurse
MediocreStudentNurse - Student Nurse, BSN
MindAndHeartAtWar - Student Nurse, BSN
Student Of Nursing - Student Nurse, BSN
GirlInYourTruckSong - Student Nurse & Pharmacy Tech
RuralMedic - Student Nurse
BadAssBitchas - Student Nurse, working in Geriatrics
ArtScienceNursing - Student Nurse
SmasonNation - Student Nurse
FutureNurseLauren - Student Nurse
NotLayla - Student Nurse, BSN, & Nursing Assistant
Stay-orthostatic - Student Nurse
VowingHisLast - Student Nurse, EN
CaptainAmerica1519 - Student Nurse, ADN
chronicallysleepdeprieved - Student Nurse, ASBN
msnmajorsblog - Student Nurse, BSN. Already LPN
cardiacfantasea - Student Nurse, BSN
peacelovekoala - Student Nurse, BSN
theaussienursingstudent - Student Nurse, RN
nursaesthetic - Student Nurse
SoThisIsNursingSchool - Student Nurse, BSN/RN
geekycanadiannurse - Student Nurse
nursingcapsarecool - Student Nurse, BSN Emergency
briannast0rm - Pre-Nursing Student
nursinq - Student Nurse
nursingdiary - Student Nurse
imposteradult - Student Nurse
brettlloyd95 - Student Nurse, ADN
mac-manual - Student Nurse, RN
thenursesvitalorgans - Student Nurse
musicsunandsmiles - Student Nurse
shannan423 - Student Nurse, RN/ADN
brokestudentnurse - Student Nurse
lalalove753 - Student Nurse
supernini235 - Student Nurse (BSc Hons)
themontrealnurse - Student Nurse
nurseashleyxo - Student Nurse
rnstudentlife - Student Nurse, RN/ASN
thegreatestthingssheneversaid - Student Nurse
totomintea - Student Nurse
nursenightowl - Student Nurse, RN, current LVN
brokestudentnurse - Student Nurse, CNA
Crys2al - Student Nurse
ourloveandtrials - Student Nurse, BN
themontrealnurse - Student Nurse
foolishandbeautiful - Student Nurse, BSN
trauma-princess93 - Student Nurse, also CNA
mentalhealth-nursing - Student Nurse, Mental Health
throughthemarrowsoflife - Student Nurse, BSN
fightoffyourdemonsbrandnew Student Nurse CYP, BSc (Hons)
NurseGif - Student Nurse, BSN
missbrightblueeyes - Student Nurse, LPN
preppynursingstudent - Student Nurse, BSN
chibicoaster - Student Nurse, RN
pepronne - Student Nurse
stonewallaby - Student Nurse, Army
wherestheepi - Student Nurse, BSN

Midwives and Student Midwives

HeartAndSoulMidwifery - Nurse/Midwife
WombWielder - Student Nurse/Midwife
NursingAHeadache LPN, Student Midwife
LearningToBeAGoodMidwife - Student Midwife
mac-manual - Aspiring Midwife, Student Nurse
icecoldcherry-coke - Aspiring Midwife

Assistants, Aids Auxillary and Techs

GirlInYourTruckSong - Pharmacy Tech, Student Nurse
OfIceAndLegends - Patient Care Assistant, Studying for NCLEX
RoseyMary - Certified Nursing Assistant, Student Nurse
NightShiftNurseTech - Nurse Tech, Student Nurse
NotLayla - Nursing Assistant, Student Nurse
MrsFoxyBoxy - Certified Nurses Aid, studying to become MH Nurse
nurseashleyxo - Laboratory Tech, Student Nurse
brokestudentnurse - Certified Nursing Assistant, Student Nurse
trauma-princess93 - Certified Nursing Assistant, Student Nurse
icecoldcherry-coke - Certified Nursing Assistant, Aspiring Midwife


MyAusMedJourney - PreMed, Biomedical Science Student
MediGay - Aspiring Physcian
ivcaffeinecitrate - Medicine Student

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anonymous asked:

What is the best part about being a midwife?

Recently I saw a 19 year old woman for her postpartum visit.  She had given birth 6 weeks ago, and was still feeling overwhelmed.  She’s undocumented, doesn’t speak English, and has no job (now that she has a newborn to take care of), so she can’t move out of her abusive uncle’s house since she has nowhere else to go.  She was supposed to move in with her boyfriend but he decided at the last minute that he didn’t want to be that serious, so now she’s just kind of fucked.  When I saw her, she told me that her boyfriend had been over the day before and they had unprotected sex.  She admitted to me, through the interpreter phone, that she just doesn’t know how to say no to him.  I asked her if she wanted to get pregnant again and her eyes got wide and she shook her head vigorously.  I explained the emergency contraception options that were open to her, and she whole heartedly agreed to get a Paragard IUD, the most effective emergency contraception, and an exceedingly effective birth control option for the next 12 years.

That is the best part of being a midwife.

I had a patient come in for her second prenatal visit practically unable to walk herself into my office.  She was exhausted, pale, sick, and had to run to the bathroom to vomit halfway through the appointment.  I talked her through morning sickness comfort measures and I prescribed her vitamins and medications for the nausea.  For weeks later and I hardly recognize her, she’s vibrant, excited about her pregnancy, healthy and gaining weight.  It’s beautiful.

That is the best part of being a midwife.

I’m congratulating a patient after she gives birth, giving her a hug and walking out of the room when she grabs my hand.  "Thank you,“ she says, and I immediately respond by telling her she has nothing to thank me for - she’s the one who did all the work.  Her eyes tear up, her lip wobbles, she holds my hand tighter, and she says again, ”Thank you.“

That is the best part of being a midwife.

I sit down with a patient for her first prenatal visit, "So my first question for you,” I start, “is: was this a planned pregnancy?” She shakes her head, “Definitely not.”  So I continue, “Do you want to be pregnant right now?  Or do you want to hear about some other options?”  She seems a little confused.  "Options?“ she repeats.  I explain about our family planning service, and I talk about the adoption service that I work with.  She listens closely, fascinated.  At the end of my long speech she leans forward, eyebrows furrowed, "You mean, I can have an abortion?”  I tell her yes, and explain the various abortion procedures.  I ask if she wants to meet with the counselor right now before we even finish the visit.  She closes her eyes and leans her head back on the wall, silent hiccuping sobs shaking her.  She smiles.  She says yes.

That is the best part of being a midwife.

Elephants in the wild have midwives who surround them in a circle during their labor, protecting the pregnant mother and swaying along with the laboring elephant. The elephant midwives may care for the pregnant elephants throughout their long gestation of 21-22 months, in labor, and through infancy.

In labor, the elephant midwives may stroke the mother and make sounds along with the laboring elephant. Within the circle of birth, the midwives protect the laboring elephant and assist the newborn to be released from the amniotic sac, stand up, and take its first steps. The baby elephant can stand on its own within fifteen minutes of birth.

John Robbins tells the story of a mother elephant in labor at a zoo in his book “Reclaiming Our Health”. The pregnant and laboring elephant was isolated in her own cage, and was becoming increasingly distressed and aggravated. The zoo keepers called a European zoo that had experience with elephant births. When they relayed the bizarre and dangerous behavior of the isolated laboring elephant thrashing about the Europeans were appalled. They demanded to know where the other female elephants were to help with the mother elephants delivery. Elephants need female elephant midwives to give birth calmly and safely. 

The Americans immediately complied with the Europeans’ instructions. As soon as they were allowed into the area with the birthing mother, the other female elephants rushed to her and began to assist her, stroking her with their trunks, calming her with their presence, and helping her to complete her labor. After the newborn elephant emerged, the midwives cleaned the baby and took care of her while the mother rested. 

The wisdom of the elephant midwives, demonstrates the power of the midwives supporting women in childbirth, to protect the birthing mother from unnecessary disturbances, isolation, and fear. No wonder so many women are fearful and distressed birthing in hospitals today when alone and labor is interrupted with numerous nurses, technicians, and doctors. The loving care of one’s personal and trusted circle of birth is the most powerful support in instinctive birth for all mammals.

Kara Maria Ananda

Get my free book on manifestation at: 

“Birth Processional”  watercolor, gouache, collage, colored pencil. ©Phoebe Wahl 2015. 

“Escorted by many support creatures, a fairy queen carries a hummingbird egg, cushioned by cottonwood fluff inside of a walnut shell, as a symbolic offering to her midwife during the Birth Processional Ceremony. The midwife is dressed in traditional garb to identify her as a high ranking elder with wisdom in wildcrafted medicine. The queen only gives birth every two hundred years, and it is an occasion widely celebrated throughout her reigning woodland region. The identity of her child’s other parent is unknown to all but the queen herself. The baby, always female, will one day inherit the mossy throne.” -PW


Tracie for long-lostqueens |

New collection named after ancient African Queens has launched TODAY! 10% of our proceeds benefit a young woman’s tuition to complete her midwife training. She will be focusing on the underserved communities like women of color and more!


Justine Siegemund (1636-1705)

Art by Katya Granger (tumblr)

Although Justine never had children herself, she educated herself in obstetrics and began practicing as a midwife in 1659.  Justine began her career by offering her services for free to poor women.  Eventually she rose to prominence served as court midwife to the House of Hohenzollern (Brandenburg-Prussia).  Justine is said to have delivered almost 6,200 infants during the course of her career.

In 1690, Justine published The Court Midwife, the first medical text written by a woman in German.*  Formatted as a dialogue between Justine and a student named Christina, the book detailed solutions to problems such as shoulder presentation and a hemorrhaging placenta previa.  It also included embryological and anatomical engravings by Regnier de Graaf and Govard Bidloo.  The Court Midwife was published six more times in German between 1708 and 1756, although it was not published in English until 2007.

*Louise Bourgeois Boursier’s obstetrics textbook was translated into German, but written in French.

agarota asked:

What's the difference between a midwife and a doula?

A doula is a support person who offers emotional, physical, and informational support to people who are pregnant and choosing abortion, adoption, and parenting.  They can coach breathing, rub backs, provide information about medications and procedures, help out at someone’s home during the postpartum period by doing dishes, washing laundry, holding the baby, etc.  They know the labor and birth process front-to-back and know how to help people through it.  They are not medical providers though - they cannot diagnose, prescribe medication, or make medical management decisions.

Certified Nurse Midwives are nurses with specialized Masters training specifically in reproductive health and labor and birth.  They can prescribe medications, do annual exams, insert IUDs, deliver babies, and make medical management decisions.  They often work with doulas in order to provide their patients with the best possible care.  Many midwives were once doulas themselves, and know how to use the same tips and tricks and techniques to support their patients through labor and birth and the postpartum period while also managing their healthcare. 

Certified Nurse Midwives provide the same type of care in hospitals for laboring and delivering patients as Obstetrician Gynecologists and other doctors who delivery babies.  They are able to order epidurals, prescribe pain medications, induce labors, etc. for all low-risk patients.  If a patient has a complication that is outside of the midwife’s experience or scope of practice, the midwife will often work in tandem with a doctor to provide the best care possible.

Louise Bourgeois Boursier (1563–1636)

Art by Zoe Kierce (tumblr)

Louise was the royal midwife to the court of Henry IV of France.  She delivered all six of Marie de Medici’s children, including Louis XIII.  After the delivery of the couple’s last child, Henrietta Maria, Henry IV awarded Louise an annual pension of 300 livres.

In 1609, Louise published a detailed obstetrics textbook which treated childbirth as a natural process requiring little intervention.  It was so popular that Louise published three expanded editions between 1617 and 1634.  It was also translated into Latin, German, Dutch, and English.  Louise’s book remained a standard text until the early 1700s.

Today for the international day of Midwives I want to share this photo that I first saw at this ridiculous class ran by this (white) dude professor who is a very ‘important’ voice in global public health things and also a complete ass hole. He was talking about how ('archaic’) abortions are performed in other ('developing’) countries and how the modern abortion model of care that works oh so well in places such as the US had to be exported in every single community all over the world. He showed this pictures, of an Elder from (what is now known after colonial borders as) Manila and said with a pitiful face 'this is an abortion massage technique, this is how people have abortion in this parts of the world’. When I saw this pictures projected, my mind did a 360 turn and I felt a huge earth quake inside and got really happy- one of the few moments in academia when I LEARNED something. The first thing I thought was 'SO this TECHNOLOGY, this is what people have used and CONTINUE to use to take care of their fertility’. Although I believe that 'modern’ health care and abortion care should be readily available for all people that want to use it, I also think that this old as hell technology, science, medicine and traditions are as important to keep alive as any other method. I later learned that the person massaging was a Midwife… and since then all the stories I carve are stories of Comadronas, midwives, Parteras doing that really old work of supporting people through all life cycles. Let’s honor the midwives and brujas that are constantly erased by this racistheteropatriachy yall, this Midwife Abortera right here is my Midwife & Sobadora inspiration.

-La Loba Loca