midwest punk rock

“Your heart has proven to be more of a maze than construction season in the heritage hill one ways from someone who is not from Grand Rapids on their very first days. But me, I paid attention on my late night skates and when I was driving around in my van, and now my best friend who has lived here his whole life said I know the city better than him. He said, Ty, its like the back of your hand, I said Alek I’d trade it in a heartbeat for the backbone of a man. I had to change my way home from work because I couldn’t even stand to drive by her and see her on her front lawn, bikini on, getting a tan. Here’s the thing, I don’t need Fountain or Union street for anything except martha’s vineyard or the bakery. I’ll take the back of the Michigan hill down, Eastern around, and follow Lyon all the way there because this is what I have found: Life may or may not be about finding true love, but it is certainly not about begging for it for someone. I’ll keep doing the things that I do, late nights, fat blunts, pizza pies with my crew, driving home from whatever bar is half-off after two while blasting my favorite tunes, and seeing my favorite local bands at whatever venue. While you keep doing the things that you do, like shifting blame, twisting truth, and making absolutely positively certain that everyone in the room knows the victim just had to be you.”


SKA goes Emo 

SKAmerican Football - Never SKANKED 

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Boys Life - “Radio Towers”


DINGBATS AND CLUNKERS REJOICE! CRETINS OF DISTORTION 3 IS HERE!! The third installment of the punk mag giving you coverage of MIDWEST PUNK exclusively. This issue features an interview with Columbus nairdowells LIGHTNING YIN YANG, a piece on Crucifucks front person 26, longer write ups on ;CHUD,GAS RAG, BIG ZIT,VACATION, and WILD CHILD, and 24 pages of reviews.This issue is 54 pages long, xerox’d and punk.  Each copy comes in a resealable bag with a 2.25 inch button, a poster (LOSE THE TUDE/TENEMENT) and a sticker.

If you want to a copy you can send $5 to 2623 Neil Ave, Columbus,OH, 43202, find me in the real world and give me whatever, or wait til they are up for sale on Not Normal Tapes big cartel. Obviously TRADES ARE PUNK and PUNK IS SICK.


Signals Midwest- St. Vincent Charity (Space Jam Session)

You fell in love with bridges but never touched the water.
You fell in love with gardens but never touched a flower.
You fell in love with spring but never watched the snow melt.
You fell in love with everyone else except yourself.
And I’m so sorry.

Tiny Moving Parts- ”Spring Fever”