midwest furfest


@aceofheartsfox had some fun with the fursuiters at MFF :3c


Woo, the final results of my badge pre-orders I took during November! Had a blast working on these and delivering them at Midwest Furfest last weekend.
Big huge thank you to everyone who commissioned me! I will try to do pre-orders before every convention I attend.

Micron & prismacolor marker on paper.

welp. Didn’t end up attending MFF.

So! To ease my sadness, here is the secret suit that I teased + the two “made in 48-hours” suits I had planned to bring to the convention!

A Grumpy Tropical Tiger, a Sweet Koala, and a cute lil’ Cinnamon Roll Sheep.

The tiger will be up for sale/auction eventually as a light partial.
The koala might go up for sale/auction as a halfsuit.
The sheep needs some work done + maybe some horns added and  might go up for sale/auction as an idk yet.

Gauging a bit of interest here, so I hope you all like them, cuz you might have the chance to bid on them soon! :)


MWFF photos (pt. 2)!

Adorable fursuits!

God dang, Bailey Corgi is so adorable!  Every time I see a SVC, suit it makes me want one even more, their suit style is the absolute cutest and Sombra would look absolutely perfect in it!

So glad I got to see both of my friend, Axikor’s, suits (the blue jay and the wyvern there).  They’re both awesome!

Alex Dachshund’s “Sparkle Alex” suit’s also super cute.  I’d love to get a PhoenixWolf suit at some point too!

And I love, love, love the Mystery Skull themed suit so much!

God dang I love fursuits they’re amazing. <3


Meet Haru Hyena, a cute little kemono style critter full of spunk and sass!

Haru was one of the adoptable hyena characters I posted a while ago- the new owner of this character had the idea for me to create the head in an anime style. I’ve always wanted to try the kawaii style on a fursuit, this was really fun and different!

Miss Haru has vision out the eyes, an open mouth for ventilation, sparkle fur hair, a shiny Plasti-Dip nose and cute little nub fangs! While working with her, I found that depending on the angle with which you view her, she can look sweet or sassy- a happy accident, I like it! Haru’s owner has made it into a partial suit for MFF, I can’t WAIT to see pictures. :)

Commissions for heads, partials, and fullsuits are closed until a time to be announced in 2015, but small orders like ears, tails, gloves, and feet are always open. Drop us a line if you’d like to order something: lobitaworks@gmail.com

FAQ: Materials, Supplies, Tutorials

NEWSFLASH: Violence Towards Furries Is Still Violence Towards People

By now I and every other furball on the internet have heard about the chlorine gas “leak” at the Midwest Furfest in Illinois. This is a big event in a big venue and some jerk or another thought it’d be fun to intentionally set off a gas that causes anything from throat and lung irritation to nausea and vomiting to death by asphyxiation.  By now, we’ve all dealt with the first wave of rage and shock and fear that comes with finding out a gathering of your community has been attacked, and we have all braced ourselves for the inevitable backlash against the furry fandom.

And it’s started with our allies.

Even my friends (note: my Facebook profile picture has been me as my fursona since Halloween so I am NOT closeted) have been cracking furry jokes, or breaking into giggles when repeating—for the fifth time—the story about the television personality who couldn’t hold herself together long enough to read a teleprompter. It’s funny she didn’t know what it meant, sure, but let’s not forget she ran off the set in a fit of schoolgirl giggles while reporting on an attempted mass murder. Imagine how that feels if you knew someone at that conference. Imagine how it feels if you COULD HAVE BEEN at that conference, and could have had to endure the terror of getting sick from some then-unknown chemical substance, the panicked hospital trip, not to mention the VERY AWKWARD interactions with hospital staff and—in some terrifying cases—your parents if you’re still on their insurance (and many con-goers are in their twenties). Not so hilarious.  

As of my writing this, the internet is circulating exactly ONE article calling for folks to take this attack seriously. The article is great in that it points out that people COULD HAVE DIED in this TERRORIST ATTACK and, knowing this, we should maybe keep our jokes about furries to a minimum. This is a GREAT title point, but the tone of the actual discussion is quite problematic and even seems to unintentionally do what the article is urging others not to do. For one thing, it affirms throughout the piece that yes, furries are weird (they might even ‘squik you the heck out’ apparently).  It even reminds readers that furries are the lowest rung on the geek hierarchy (although it does scold whoever made that official flowchart). For another, it refers to fursuiting—the act of wearing those lovingly constructed suits of fake fur that portray a person’s “fursona,” their animal character—as a “relatively harmless kink.” This implies that there IS some harm inherent in fursuiting, as well as that suiting is a kink for all parties involved.

So. Much. Nope.

I can’t even believe I had to put this in print, but apparently someone has to, so here are two important reminders for anyone attempting to sound intelligent when talking about furries. One: furries are people. We are not hilarious punch lines, we are not comic characters, we are not sex objects. Furries are people you probably know. We don’t tell you, because you MAKE JOKES ABOUT MURDERING US, but chances are pretty damn good you know a fur. 

Two: being a furry is not synonymous with being a zoophiliac, or even yiffing (which, for bonus points during the furry conversation, is what sexual acts while in character/in suit are called). It is not synonymous with ANY SEXUAL ACT WHATSOEVER. To say that fursuiting is about sex is like saying drag is about sex. In both instances, a person puts time and effort into what people in our subcultures consider an art form, and use our bodies to display that art. In both cases, it is about self-expression and identity affirmation. In both cases, the artist often happens to be a sexual person, and is likely from a certain sexual culture; drag performers are queer by some definitions, and many furries do in fact engage in yiffing or appreciate erotic furry art. However, that does not make furry conventions about sex (in fact they’re more like art conventions and many are also fundraisers for charity). It does not make furry culture about sex. It does not automatically make fursuiting a ‘kink’, anymore than drag is a ‘kink’ to everyone who enjoys attending drag shows. To people actually IN either culture, these are hobbies, art forms, performances, and creative outlets. And, side note—if it IS a kink for an individual? IT DOESN’T CONCERN YOU.

And it CERTAINLY does not justify nastiness, violence, or attempted murder via the use of chemicals used in wars. 

So please. Do yourselves and your (now-probably-forever-) closeted furry friends a favor: stop laughing at murder. It’s simply not humane.