midwest furfest


@aceofheartsfox had some fun with the fursuiters at MFF :3c

welp. Didn’t end up attending MFF.

So! To ease my sadness, here is the secret suit that I teased + the two “made in 48-hours” suits I had planned to bring to the convention!

A Grumpy Tropical Tiger, a Sweet Koala, and a cute lil’ Cinnamon Roll Sheep.

The tiger will be up for sale/auction eventually as a light partial.
The koala might go up for sale/auction as a halfsuit.
The sheep needs some work done + maybe some horns added and  might go up for sale/auction as an idk yet.

Gauging a bit of interest here, so I hope you all like them, cuz you might have the chance to bid on them soon! :)


Woo, the final results of my badge pre-orders I took during November! Had a blast working on these and delivering them at Midwest Furfest last weekend.
Big huge thank you to everyone who commissioned me! I will try to do pre-orders before every convention I attend.

Micron & prismacolor marker on paper.

MFF badge: Inu Chu

Part of my no-break-vember challenge.
And I need to confess I love this first pic, I’m very proud of the cute result of this. Sounds very smug from me but it is true T_T

This is a commission for Inu Chu (rockman222 on Furaffinity)
He’s a shiba inu.  The symbol on the right arm represents “flow” and the idea that there is energy that moves (flows) through the world.

Digital. Photoshop.

Anti-furry sentiment absolutely exists

I’ve talked with an extremely wide range of people over the years, including a lot of out-and-proud racists. A few weeks ago, I had the displeasure of witnessing the coldest, most hateful words of my life.

For context, I was working a detail as security hired by the venue at a small comic convention (not to be confused with the convention’s own security). I was walking the convention floor, being visible and enjoying being paid overtime to attend a comic convention. I stopped to chat with various vendors, let them know I was there, checking if they had concerns and being cordial.

One vendor, with a kind of generic stuff booth, was a bit dubious about the amount of security. I said, as a way of justifying the need for security, that a few years ago, a furry convention had been subject to a poison gas attack that put a large number of people in the hospital. He asked if it killed anybody. I said no, but it could have. He said that it was a shame that nobody died and I turned and walked away, because there’s nothing you can say on the clock in response to that.

I’ve had people say to my face that they don’t believe in anti-furry sentiment. I’m not saying that furries are The Most Disadvantaged™ or something, but for fucks sake, don’t try to tell me that vicious, violent anti-furry sentiment doesn’t exist.


MWFF photos (pt. 2)!

Adorable fursuits!

God dang, Bailey Corgi is so adorable!  Every time I see a SVC, suit it makes me want one even more, their suit style is the absolute cutest and Sombra would look absolutely perfect in it!

So glad I got to see both of my friend, Axikor’s, suits (the blue jay and the wyvern there).  They’re both awesome!

Alex Dachshund’s “Sparkle Alex” suit’s also super cute.  I’d love to get a PhoenixWolf suit at some point too!

And I love, love, love the Mystery Skull themed suit so much!

God dang I love fursuits they’re amazing. <3