midwest furfest


@aceofheartsfox had some fun with the fursuiters at MFF :3c


Night’s interchangeable hair is finally done! I am happy with it enough to not mess with it anymore XD but I know that this could be better, but hey! It’s for fun! Also please excuse the bad lighting of my craft room (there is no good lighting in my house what am I saying??)

I’ll post some ‘proper’ pics of the costume all together later on, but at least now I’m done with it XD keep an out for me at MFF ;D


Ace plays some harmless pranks on the fursuiters at Midwest Furfest!


Woo, the final results of my badge pre-orders I took during November! Had a blast working on these and delivering them at Midwest Furfest last weekend.
Big huge thank you to everyone who commissioned me! I will try to do pre-orders before every convention I attend.

Micron & prismacolor marker on paper.


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I’ll be in artist alley at Midwest Furfest this year!
Also, I’ll be offering my 10$ off commissions for MFF pick up con badges until the 17th of November! My 10$ off commission sale will also end on the 17th.

ALSO ALSO! I still have a bunch of old prints and whatnot, so in the artist alley i’ll be doing a sale for most of my prints! 

I’ve been super excited to go to another furry con, (I feel like i haven’t been to one in forever, the last one for me was this last FWA I think??) and I can’t wait to chill and art with everyone in Chicago in a few weeks!


MWFF photos (pt. 2)!

Adorable fursuits!

God dang, Bailey Corgi is so adorable!  Every time I see a SVC, suit it makes me want one even more, their suit style is the absolute cutest and Sombra would look absolutely perfect in it!

So glad I got to see both of my friend, Axikor’s, suits (the blue jay and the wyvern there).  They’re both awesome!

Alex Dachshund’s “Sparkle Alex” suit’s also super cute.  I’d love to get a PhoenixWolf suit at some point too!

And I love, love, love the Mystery Skull themed suit so much!

God dang I love fursuits they’re amazing. <3