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Long time no post! I totally forgot that tumblr existed till now oops, but I’m back and I have ton of photos to share! Starting off with sakizou’s spring witch which was the last costume progress I actually posted about. this costume was a pain to get into and Otakuthon was suuper hot out so it was just a generally struggle to wear this but hopefully I’ll be able to wear this at MMX.


obvi, you can use dancers not on this list this is just to give you an idea if you need help!!!
If they don’t have a IG or studio with their name, I either couldn’t find one, or it was private and I wasn’t sure it was the right person.
I know this list looks intimidating and if you don’t know where to start, try just picking a couple names at random and making posts for them! thank you to all names sent in!! <3 remember UDW starts sunday 11/15-11/22  and use the tag underrateddancersweek

Master Ballet Academy
Reina stamm- Master Ballet Academy - @reinastamm
Madison penney – Master Ballet Academy - @maddy.pen
Juliet Doherty – Master Ballet Academy @julietdoherty
Audrey Caldwell – Master Ballet Academy, @dancer_audrey_05

The Dance Zone
Kaitlin Tran - The Dance Zone in Toronto Canada @kaitlyn_tran_2008
Casey Tran - The Dance Zone in Toronto Canada @caseytran89

Stars Dance Studio
Rosie Elliott - Stars Dance Studio  @rosie.elliot
Parker Garrison -Stars dance studio @dancin_parker
Rachel Leon – Stars Dance Studio @leonrachel
Vivian Ruiz –Stars Dance Studio @viviancute
ashley vallejo @imashleyvallejo

The Talent Factory RI
Fallon Walsh - The Talent Factory RI
Trinity Inay - The Talent Factory RI @trinityinay
Taylor Stevinin - The Talent Factory RI
Vanessa Linden - The Talent Factory RI
Jordan Breen - The Talent Factory RI

Mather Dance Company
Madison Smith – Mather Dance Company @mmadisonsmith_
Jessie Presch – Mather Dance Company @jessiepresch
Danielle Silver – Mather Dance Company - @danidancepants
Audrey Lee –Mather Dance Company @audreylee64
Raegan Kirby- Mather Dance Company @raerae5678

Canadian Dance Company
Emily Roman – Canadian Dance Company @emillyroman
Ella Staios - Canadian dance company, @ellastaios
Abbey Nolet Canadian dance company @abbeynolet
Brooklyn Slade - Canadian Dance Company @brooklyn_slade
Brooklyn Lipke- Canadian Dance Company @brooklyn.lipke
jacob Lipke Canadian Dance Company @jacob.lipke
Jessica Gower Canadian Dance Company @jessica_gower
Pilar Bianchini – Canadian Dance Company @pilar.ballerina

elle Macgregor  ELitedanceworx @llemacgregor
Courtney Lam – EliteDanceWorx
stefano gallelli – Elite Dance Worx @stefanogallelli
grace lethbridge – Elite Dance Worx @gracelethbridge

Studio 19 Dance Complex
Alaina Johnston – Studio 19 Dance Complex @lains19
elli demarco – Studio 19 Dance Complex
Isabella Febbraro @izzyf19

Dancers Edge
Tessa Dalke – Dancers Edge @tessak_
Kaliyah Soukavath – Dancers Edge @kaliyahsouksavath
Kalea Oliveira – Dancers Edge @kalea.bear
Melina Soriano – Dancers Edge @melina_keilani
Layne Harris – Dancers Edge

Angela’s Flip Zone
Makenna Taylor – Angela’s Flip Zone @makennataylor5678
Delaney Taylor – Angela’s Flip Zone @laneybugdancer

Strictly Rhythm
Braden King – Strictly Rhythm @brayden_king_123
Emily Flugrad - Strictly Rhythm @emilyflugard

Westchester Dance Academy
Kayla Mak – Westchester Dance Academy @kaylamak10
Lily Gentile - Westchester Dance Academy @lilygentile_
Maya Hirshman - Westchester Dance Academy @mayahirsh23
Sky Ayala Westchester Dance Academy
Emma Wolff - Westchester Dance Academy @itsemmawolff
Gisele Cestaro - Westchester Dance Academy

Westside Dance Project
Megan Goldstein – Westside Dance Project/Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet, @megangoldie27
Keely Meyers – Westside Dance Project/Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet, @keelymeyers11
Sophia Frilot - Westside Dance Project/Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet, @sophia_frilot

Just Plain Dancin’
Makenzi Lauritzen @makenzi_kaye
Kayla Murray @kayla.murray
Esther Tomas @esther_dancer_jpd
Jade Park, @jade.jj.park
Sophia Lopez, @1sophia_lopez
Bailey Maheffey, @bailey.maheffey
Taylor Donahue,
Brooklyn Keenan,
Madison Kennedy, @themadone5678
Avery Dorflinger,
Jordyn Davis,
Lexine Cantoria, @lexine_cantoria
Kara Newman, @knewman_517
Delanne Inman, @delaneeinman
Kennedy Cochran-Putt, @k_JPD1
Noah Citek. @noahcitek
Ivy landhardt @ivyaddisondancer
Rihanna Quinn @rihannaquinn3
We’re Dancin’
Bella Vittorio - We’re Dancin’ @majorme90
Anslea Church - We’re Dancin’, @majoransleaboo

Kyla Moore – OCPAA @the_dream_katcher
Melia Mariano – OCPAA @meliamariano
Kiana Mariano – OCPAA @kianamariano
Malia Asahino – OCPAA @maliaashahino

Murrieta Dance Project
Camilla De Siquiera – Murrieta dance project @_camillamarie_
Artyon Celestine – Murrieta dance project @artyon_celestine
Arthur Celestine Murrieta dance project @arthur_a.j._celestine

Larkin Dance Studio
Lauren Busyn @laurenbusyn
Sara Gutz @sar_gutzy5678
Eva Igo @evaigo2002
Ellie Wagner @elliewagner13
Catie Sjoquist @catiesjoquist

Temecula Dance Company
Elizabeth Demuth – Temecula Dance Company
Tatum Ramsey – Temecula Dance Academy @sassytate

North Jersey School of Dance Arts
Delaney Diaz @delaneydiaz1116
Michelle Quiner @michellequiner

Just Off Broadway
Ying Lei Pham-
Ava Sine @ava_sine
Jordan Slemons-
Jordan Betscher @jordan_betscher
Alicia Slouffman -
Megan Fein @Megan.fien
Karley Burdick @karley.burdick
MaryLyn Moore @Marylyn_moore
Eleanor Renfro @_ellfro

Club Dance Studio
Bizzy Bendure @bizzybelle_06
Brightyn Rines @brightyn_dancer109
Anthony Curley @anthony_dancer
Kenedy Brown @kbrown16
Brynklie Brown @brynkbrown
Raegan Lamb @raegan18
Tatiana Savedra @tatianasavedra

Crazy Little Thing Called Dance
Allie Cole @allie_c_cole
McKenna Toft @mckennatoft
Jolei Kendall @jolei.k

Le Dance Studio
Gretchen Baxter @gretch_baxter
Chloe Caldwell @chlo.cald
Megan Molloy @meganmolloy16
Celia Wissman

The Rock Center For Dance
Summer Montenegro
Kiarra Waidelich
Jessamina Piazza @jessaminapiazza

Elliana walmsley – The Dance Movement Colorado @spudqueen12
Brooklyn Rice – Adage Dancer Center @brooklyn.rice
Sascha Darby – Danceology @darbydolls
Brantlee Saxon - Southern Strutt, @beachdance1
Ashley Rogan - Dimensions in Dance in Kitchener @rogey_bear15
Shylah Bucher – Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts @shylahreigh
Tommie Kesten – Ballet Academy of Pittsburgh @tommielin
Sunnie Pelant-TOC @sunniepelant
Shaylee Yamashita – Maui Academy of Performing Arts @shayylleee
Kiley McDermott - CFDC but, she may have moved to Keegan?
Jamie Meyers - 8 Count Dance Academy @jamiemeyerr
Kennedy Griffin – CenterStageDanceAcademy @kennedygriffindance
Maggie Marx, - Thr!ve @dancemaggie1
Cianna Aguglia – Evolve Dance Complex
Phoenix sutch from Krysties dance academy @phoenixsutch
Michelle Quiner - a rhythmic gymnastics place in NJ @michellequiner
Amanda Chau  - Nor Cal Dance Arts @amanda.chau
Taylor Hatala @tayd_dance
Kyndall harris @kyndalldance
Taryn Miller -yyc dance project @ tarynrmiller
callie baum – Element Dance Center @calliebaum
jane Dickson – Hollywood Vibe Company @missycat06
Ashleigh Ross @ashleighmareeross
Sarah Reasons @_sarah_mae_
Chloe East - V&T Classical Ballet Academy @chloemoneteast
Madison Foley – Performing Dance Arts @mjff
murphy lee – PDA @murphylee10
isabella pereira from performing dance arts @izzy_pereira_
juliette Martinez from Evoke Dance Movement.
Caytlin Leone from To The Pointe Dance & Pilates
Clarissa May @clarissamay
Kayla Lavine - Tawn Marie’s Dance Center  @lavine_dance
Laci Justice –studio? @lacijustice
Jennilee Paez - Rising Stars Dance Academy  @Jennilee4life
Camille Spence - Dancers Burlington @Camille._.dancer
Aaliyah Zolina – WCSA @aaliyahzolina
Aleialanee Ponce de Leon - Elevation Studios, @aleialanee
Mia Maxwell – Michelle Latimer Dance Academy, @mialmaxwell
Effie Tutko from Allegro Performing Arts Academy @effietutko
Paris Gerlach @paree5678
Chloe smith from center stage dance studio in buffalo
Sydney Revennaugh-dancers edge company @sydney_revennaugh
Mackenzie Meldrum - Spotlight Danceworks @mackenzie_meldrum
Tori Kent @toriikent
Halle Lum - Ballet Hawaii @smaile_halle
London Mills New England School of Dance insta @londonmills01
Tabbi Courts - Midwest Elite Dance Center
Emerald McGhee @junglejim4322atyahoodotcomm
Sierra Cummings @ncsierra
Helga Paris-Morales @Helga_parismorales
Summit Geiselman - Storm Dance Troupe @sumg2003
Lydia Hafeman - Northern Force Dance Company @lydiadancer321
Mackenzie Marsala -Belleville Elite Dance Academy @lilmack_5678
Tori Edsel - Dancers Edge @dancerrtori
Vivienne Nalevanko -Becky Nalevanko Dance & Tumbling @vivienne.nalevanko
Madison Taylor - Star Steppers Studio @madison_elaine_taylor
Brightyn Brems -Center Stage Performing Arts Studio @brightynmbrems