midwest bugs

Midwest Gothic

- The bugs get louder each night. They seem closer. At first you heard them in the forest, at the roads edge, then in your yard. now they’re at your windowsill. You’re not sure they’re bugs
- No matter how alone you think you are, you can hear a dog barking in the distance
- The deer travel in packs. The deer hunt in packs. The deer circle your house and stare at you with glowing eyes. You’re pretty sure you’ve seen them pull back their lips. You’re pretty sure you’ve seen their fangs.
- Every road you travel has pot holes. Every other road is under construction. This never changes
- The sound of the snow keeps you up in the winter. How would you describe the sound? You’re not sure, actually.
- You take note of the empty spaces along the highways. The open fields and lifeless forests. They’re fenced off. They’re not keeping anything out. They’re not keeping anything in
- you’ve seen a fox late at night. You’ve seen it only once. Everyone has seen it only once.
- no matter where you go, you find yourself at the waters edge, be it a lake, pond, or marsh. The air always feels different here. Sometimes you swear you see things beneath that glassy surface
- There’s a house in your neighborhood. It’s a nice house. The lawn looks nice. There’s a fence and a porch. No one has lived in it for years, but no one knows who once did or why they left. You peered through the windows once. You felt something peer back at you. The house was empty.
- The pavement sighs at night.
- There’s at least one maple tree in your yard. Creatures rustle the leaves. The wind rustles the leaves. The trees quiver and shake. You recognize their language as one you spoke a long, long time ago.

States/Parts of the US as quotes from “history of the entire world, i guess”

Alaska, Northern US: “And then the Earth might have been a snowball for a while. Maybe even a couple of times”

Texas: “wow that’s. big” 

Pacific Northwest: “weather update: it’s raining.” 

Hawaii: “volcano alert. ~that’s land!~”

Southwest (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico…): “~the sun is a deadly lazer~” 

 Deep South: “aaaand now everything’s huge. Including bugs.”

 Midwest: “fuck it. Time to plant some grass”

 New York, California: “oh yeah and here’s a huge city, population: everyone”

 Utah: “wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere?”