Daybreak at Palisade Head

I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to see the sunrise at one of my favorite places in Minnesota. A few friends and I arrived at Palisade Head about 15 minutes early and hurriedly found this spot at the edge of the cliff face. Believe it or not, the part of the cliff that he’s standing on is on its way to becoming a sea stack. We had to actually jump across a somewhat wide crevasse to get the spot where the subject is standing.



After being trapped in a vicious storm while traveling across Nebraska, photographer Eric Meola realized his next project would take place far from his native New York. 

For 3 years, Eric traversed over 25,000 miles across the Midwest chasing storms and capturing them in a way you’ve never seen before. 

Photographer Spends 3 Years Chasing Storms in the Midwest

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Midwest Is Best

I’m working on an updated Minnesota Tumblr List, and the thought hit me that maybe I should share with you some of the other Midwest Tumblrs that I know about (not that you asked, but I’m hoping to have an updated MN Tumblr List out by Sept 1st)…


North Dakota

South Dakota





It’s not just Keystone XL—these protesters are fighting to stop another (bigger) tar sands pipeline!

Yesterday, more than 100 brave climate activists rallied outside of Secretary of State John Kerry’s home in Washington, D.C., for Midwest Unrest to demand that he stop Enbridge’s illegal tar sands scheme

Currently, the Canadian company is attempting to double the capacity of its Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline (AKA Line 67), with no public notice and also by bypassing presidential permit process. 

This illegal expansion would significantly increase the amount of toxic, highly polluting tar sands crude being moved into the United States.

We must stop this from happening.

Shout-outs to everyone that turned up for #MidwestUnrest and for putting your bodies on the line for our water, our climate, and our communities!


Got the opportunity to hang and document Mick Jenkins for The Hundreds last night. Man, it was a crazy night I just hope the images above cements that thought. 

Photographing Mick was really interesting, the guy is extremely tall yet its the tall that doesn’t really seem that tall till your close you know? The guy was extremely humble and chill, I’ve never meet a more down to earth artist who showed so much love across the board be it his fans or the guys on his team. Being more on the conscious side of rap, I thought it would be funny to share with him one of my darker jokes (too dark for tumblr). Needless to say I managed to capture a little something more than a chuckle! Much love and respect to the homie!