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You know? I kinda hate the way steven lost his faith on Rose. Sure, she did those things, but she had done them because things would have went horribly worse than they actually did ( i.e. causing a rift between the CGs midwar and risking to fight a neverending war). I just want him to cry the hell out of all his problems on his family and stop trying to fix things that were better left broken.

All due respect… you’re basically asking him to ditch his entire nature.

Steven knows that Rose had her reasons for killing PD. He knows it’s justified in it’s own right. But it’s still murder. It’s still death. He has every right to lose faith in the woman the Gems swear, up and down, left and right, to have put their best interests in mind, only to have died and left them all in a bigger mess then they were.

Garnet’s…. not a very good leader, tbh. She’s got the encouragement and the voice and the understanding for it, but she sucks at tragedy. If they were ever gonna fight Homeworld again, just the four of them, they’re gonna need strategy. 

They needed Rose. 

Rose knew they needed a leader like her.

But she did it anyway.

Steven’s a little boy in a world that’s pushing him to like a woman he never even met. A woman that left his family in turmoil. He’s grown up with their grief, but none of their memories.

So, yeah. It’s something broken. He knows it’s broken. But that’s just who he is- he wants to fix things for his family. 

(Not to mention he’s a teenager. A kid. The thought of killing anyone- even someone like Pink Diamond- is horrifying to him. It’s going against the grain of his nature. And he feels the Gems want him to become that very thing).

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He’s face to face with the fact that his idol is a woman, a Gem, and that’s damning. Rose isn’t this fixture of goodness or purity; it’s something the show has expanded upon extensively. Heck, I’m pretty sure it’s the whole point of it- those who leave us leave scars, and we make up pretty little pictures to keep in our mind to ease the pain, but they aren’t those pretty little pictures. Steven’s learning that the hard way.

He’s not getting that faith back again.

The Night Watch
by Sarah Waters

Found via: have read other books of hers

me just before going on holiday: “i should listen to another sarah waters book, thatll be fun! cute lesbian ‘40s romance?” i was…mostly mistaken. This is mostly a sad but vibrant portrait of the lives of a group of women in post/midwar london

My favourite thing about this is the lesbian camaraderie!! which i will expand on but i just wanted it before the cut

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