midvale girls

Feel Good Drag

Entry for Supercat Week, Day 4 - Supernatural AU. Inspired by the True Blood universe, where everyone knows that vampires exist. 

Investigative journalist Cat Grant finds herself in the town of Midvale, CA, looking into a string of recent murders. Where better to start her investigation than in the only vampire bar in town, owned by the intriguing Kara Danvers? 

Cat walks into the bar with more confidence than she feels, her head held high and her heart racing in her chest.

Inside, the lighting is dim, but it’s not as dark as Cat had suspected the meticulously blacked-out windows would have made it, although it still takes a moment for her eyes to adjust, going from the bright sunlight outside.

It’s mostly empty, though every single head turns towards her as the door closes behind her, and Cat ignores the glances – mostly curious, but some salacious – as she makes a beeline for the wooden bar that runs along the entire back wall, sliding her jacket from her shoulders and draping it over one of the stools before hopping on-top of it, looking expectantly at the bartender.

Who, Cat notes, mouth going dry and heart skipping a beat, is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

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