Peter: Seasons Change

A/N: I’m literally so mad??? This story wasn’t even planned, I told myself I was just going to write a quick drabble collection to indicate the passage of time between Shanghai Knights and my next story and what do I do??? Write the longest story I have so far?? Introduce two new characters??? I hope ya’ll enjoy this as much as I do

Summary: Peter can mark the passage of time by how his love fades and blooms for you. 

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 6,169


When Peter enters Midtown the Monday after prom, his frown etches deeper into his face.

Banners are being taken down by students as football jocks try to rip through it. There’s glitter on the floor and little staples with bright colored construction paper all around the lockers. The loud buzzing chatter is at a halting decrescendo, everyone subdued as Prom had come and gone.

Peter keeps his head down, unable to look at the faces that aren’t yours. He hears your name though, and it pauses him just enough to get his shoulder slammed into as a few upperclassmen shove by. Peter shakes his head, clutching his books tighter, knuckles growing white.

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coppersunscarletsea replied to your photo “Look at the sukkah I saw in Detroit yesterday!”

is this chabad in the d’s sukkah? They’ve done a shipping container sukkah for the last year or two. recognized it before i even saw the caption :)

Yep, sure is! 

It was actually really funny…

We had been at the Michigan Brewers’ Guild Festival at Eastern Market (i.e. not fully sober) and were walking to our friend’s house in Midtown, when I spot a large bouncy castle out on somebody’s lawn. I initially assume it’s a little kid’s birthday party or something, but then we get closer and I see the bouncy castle is full of grown Ortho guys, and I’m just like “Wait, WHAT?” and then suddenly I noticed the shipping container next to us is a Sukkah and finally I start to realise “Oh, this is a Chabad house.” 

Of course, now I’m dying to know: If Chabadniks were in a bouncy castle well before sundown on a Saturday, does that mean somebody just left it running overnight? Because that seems like an awfully long time for a bouncy castle to be plugged in…

I Adore My Lesbian Daughters

Francis Goldin’s sign kind of rocked me. Its sad we live in a world where a mother who loves her children, for who they are, is notable. I spent all of 10 seconds with her, but she was wonderful.

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