The other day, le bf took me to his favorite branch of the Sacramento library system: the Ella K.McClatchy Library. It’s located in a beautiful old home on 22nd Street and I was gobsmacked to realize that I used to live within walking distance of it–over at 21st and S–yet I never even knew it existed.

The librarian was kind enough to let us go explore the upstairs, which is just empty rooms for the most part, but it’s a gorgeous old house with so much history to it, in one of the nicest (and most expensive) parts of midtown. The bottom floor used to be just a children’s library, but now they have books, DVD’s and magazines for all ages. (I managed to find two books by the author I’m currently reading in less than a minute!) As the proud new owner of a Sacramento Library card, and since this is the branch closest to le bf’s house anyway, I’m definitely going to pick up all my requested items at this wonderfully picturesque location–starting with this memoir about the library itself!

This cat lives at 14th and O/P streets in Midtown. Today I was driving by in the rain and it was still out there laying on the sidewalk looking to be petted.

Residents of Midtown, take the time to go pet this cat. Because it’s not going to be there forever, and you’ll have missed something if you don’t go do it. It feels like its full of rocks.