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Dark Shakespeare Sequels
  • Thirteenth Night: Malvolio’s Revenge
  • Much Ado 2: Kill Claudio
  • The Merchant of Menace
  • As You Don’t Like It 
  • The Scary Wives of Windsor: The Fall of Falstaff
  • The Tempest 2: Hurricane Miranda 
  • Richard III 2: Back from Bosworth (feat. zombie Richard)
  • A Midsummer Nightmare: Attack on Titania  
A DUFF Reader's Guide to the World of Hamilton High

Hello hello!

So first I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought and read The DUFF. We just hit the New York Times Bestseller list (and the USA Today Bestseller list!) and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you all so, so much.

So there are a lot of new readers picking up The DUFF right now, and I’ve gotten many questions about sequels and Bianca and Wesley. So I thought I’d lay out this quick reading guide to show you all where my other YA books cross over and what order they can be read in. While they are all stand alones, the crossovers do make a little more sense if read in order.  So, here goes.

1. The DUFF - My first adventures at Hamilton High with Bianca and Wesley.

2. Shut Out - Set the following school year, this story focuses on Lissa and Cash. There are no direct Bianca and Wesley cameos, however there are references to other characters.

3. “Abbreviations and Alliterations” from SECRETS & LIES - Secrets and Lies is an ebook only. It contains 2 short stories connecting to other Hamilton characters. In this one, set several months after The DUFF, after the characters’ first semester at college, Casey is the narrator. Bianca and Wesley play a large role in the story.

4. A Midsummer’s Nightmare - Set a year after The DUFF characters graduated, this story follows Whitley and Nathan. Harrison, frequently mentioned in The DUFF, is a main character, and Bianca and Wesley do make an appearance.

5. “People Worth Knowing” from SECRETS & LIES - This, the other short story from Secrets & Lies, is set a few months after A Midsummer’s Nightmare and follows Bailey. It features appearances by Whitley and Nathan.

6. Lying Out Loud - My upcoming novel, set 2 ½ years after The DUFF, follows Sonny, Ryder, and Amy. Amy is Wesley’s little sister from The DUFF. And Bianca and Wesley make multiple appearances, as do Whitley and Nathan and Lissa and Cash. This book ties into all of my YA books thus far.

So there you go! That’s your Hamilton High Reading Guide in best-read order.  Again, all of these books/stories stand alone, but if you really want to get the appearances in order, this is the best way to read.  And hopefully you’ll enjoy following Bianca and Wesley from DUFF to Lying Out Loud! It’s been fun writing them throughout the years.

I dreamcast a lot of my Midsummer OC’s, and mostly it’s a different person playing Titania or Ophelia or Puck every time, but whenever I think about who would play Oberon in Midsummer Nightmare I always think it should be JK Simmons.

This decision boils down to an old theater tradition found in the play Peter Pan, where the actor who plays Mr. Darling also plays Captain Hook. (There are those who also like to double cast the Rude Mechanicals in A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Titania’s Fairy Servants, and while that would probably make for a more consistent metaphor, directors who do so needs to be stopped.) It’s a significant double cast role that has the actor portray two similar sort of antagonists that set the plot in motion.

Obviously, Ford is not the antagonist of Midsummer Nightmare; in a fic that has a whole slew of protagonists, one could argue that Ford is the main hero. Ford is the character positioned in direct opposition to Oberon, the character that plans to thwart the Big Bad’s goals and to always lead the charge against him at every turn.

However, Oberon represents a great deal of Ford’s past and present failings: pride, vindictiveness, a desperate need for glory, and spotty people skills to say the least. But the difference is that Ford’s character is tempered with nobility– he’s trying to become a better guardian to Dipper, Mabel and their friends (of course, he still makes mistakes– @acidicgumdrops yells at me almost every day for the way he snapped at Gideon in chapter 9), he’s enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with the kids and teaching them how to fight the Wild Hunt, his attempts to reconnect with Fiddleford are endearing, there’s this determination to do good that I feel every heroic character should have inside them.

Oberon has none of this. He’s a tyrannical bully who will callously harm anyone who gets on his bad side, even if they’re an ally, he’s joyless, brutal, cruel. I think it would be interesting to see how Simmons would voice that while making it distinct from Ford’s character.

Sara Bareilles

all alone in a corner of the night sky
spiral bones of a supernova starlight
fell in love with another burning bright
she dreamed of a way to ignite she said:

come on, come on collide
break me to pieces i
i think you’re just like heaven
why, come on, come on collide
let’s see what a fire feels like
i bet it’s just like heaven.”

Gravity Falls gen fic reclist

Favorites are italicized!

Photographic Memory (oneshot - 5431 words) by @impishnature - Hurt/comfort, with Stan recovering from amnesia and his family helping.

Ripped Seams (oneshot - 6478 words) by ZeDancingHobbit - Wirt, Dipper’s and Mabel’s father, is worried after they return from Gravity Falls.

Beating Up A Teenager Won’t Solve All Your Problems, But It Might Make You Feel Better (oneshot - 4761 words) by SolarMorrigan - Dipper is turned down by a boy he has a crush on, and his family is protective.

No Subject (oneshot - 2525 words) by altairattorney - A series of emails sent post-series.

A Simple Process of Elimination (oneshot - 4172 words) by Winter_S_Jameson - Dipper and Ford go through college catalogues, and Ford wonders why there isn’t one from West Coast Tech.

do you feel it? (oneshot - 4603 words) by orphan_account - Wendy and Ford bonding over science and drug addiction.

On the Road Again (oneshot - 16906 words) by Sarielle - The Pines family takes a road trip; includes trans Dipper.  Part of a series dealing with Shermy as Stan’s and Ford’s younger sister.

Greyscale (oneshot - 11713 words) by impish_nature - AU in which Stan died in Weirdmageddon, and Reverse Portal Stan visits the grieving family.

loops (oneshot - 5044 words) by hapful - Post-finale family bonding.

The Adventure with the Mindscape (twoshot;complete - 24047 words) by Giroshane - AU during Weirdmageddon, in which Ford’s family + Fiddleford go into his mindscape to rescue him.

Any Misery You Choose (multichapter;incomplete) by MaryPSue - Xmen AU with focus on Stan and Ford.

Mirror Match (multichapter; incomplete) by EvilEkat - Stan and Ford run a business centered around ghosts, and begin to experience problems when two new ghosts are placed in their care.

Stanswitch (multichapter;incomplete) by @orangeoctopi7 - Stan is lost to the portal instead of Ford.

Axolotl (multichapter;incomplete) by @thesnadger - Seven years after the end of the series, Bill shows signs of returning.

The Wind in Visions (multichapter;incomplete) by the_mystery_twins - AU after DaMvtF; Dipper and Mabel end up living with Stan, Ford, and Fiddleford; slice-of-life; includes Fiddauthor and Mabifica.

Newfound Family (multichapter;incomplete) by congressmanmabel, nuttersincorporated - Fiddleford and Pacifica bonding post-Weirdmageddon.

To No Set Gauge They Make Us (multichapter;incomplete) by azhdarchidaen - Ford returns from the portal critically injured.

A Midsummer Nightmare (multichapter;complete - 72361 words) by CeslaToil - An ancient ceremony that occurs once every 25 years arrives in Gravity Falls; includes some Fiddauthor and Dipcifica.

March On, Or the Fear Wins (multichapter;complete - 9124 words) by mandaree1 - Wendy helps her friends through the seasons.

Gravity Falls BatB AU (multichapter;complete - 28347 words) by @orangeoctopi7 - Platonic BatB AU.

Shots (multichapter;complete - 18606 words) by @logicalbookthief - In which Stan was injured before escaping government custody, and his reunion with Ford goes differently.

Golden Days (multichapter;complete - 25094 words) by radiowrittenheart and @pinesonfire - Dipper and Mabel discover that Stan is their grandfather.

Stars and Trees (multichapter;complete - 26598 words) by jikanet_tanaka - A series of vignettes about family, and what family means to Stanley Pines.

Behind the Facade (multichapter;complete - 23230 words) by @skillfulstudio - Stan arrives a little earlier than in canon to rescue Ford, and discovers what Ford was up against.

Unfinished Business (multichapter;complete - 25416 words) by thesnadger - Ghost!Stan AU.

Versability (multichapter;complete - 131274 words) by EvilEkat - Stan, through morally ambiguous means, managed to strike rich after being thrown out; years later, Mabel and Dipper accidentally end up in his care.

Stanley McGucket  (multichapter series;incomplete - 57247+ words) by The Last Speecher (HeidiMelone) - After Stan is kicked out, he finds a place to stay with the McGuckets.

Gravity Cove (multichapter series;incomplete - 17804+ words) by @scribefindegil - Selkie AU.

Elementary Falls (series;complete - 48665 words) by Nicnac - Stan takes in orphaned five-year-olds Dipper and Mabel.

Other Gravity Falls reclists:  Stan twins Pines twins Other Pines relationships Pacifica-centric Fiddauthor

iwinterwolf  asked:

What are your Favorites GF Fanfictions?

just go through my “fic rec” tag: http://cirilee.tumblr.com/tagged/fic-rec

outside of tumblr, you should totally check these out:

Mystery Twins - the stans adopt the orphan twins dip and mabel, but these two have a lot of emotional baggage to work through and everything that can go wrong, goes wrong (LOTS of feels, LONG chapters and so much cute “woah we are dads now” moments i still can’t believe this fic)

Crystalline - Ford gets abducted by gems (it’s unfinished but i love the gem backstory for this crossover and man …. poor Ford … poor dipper and mabel … poor everyone ;O;)

Reminiscence at Sea - pure billford fic, i repeat, a pure billford fic !!

A Midsummer Nightmare - a charming little tale with lots of side stories; feels incredibly like the show and is super in character and just all around perfect

EVERY SINGLE FIC BY GIROSHANE - seriously, giroshane, you are an amazing writer and i reread your fics almost monthly they are like literary classics to me i love every single one of them so much (i think the one with your amazing OC Si is still my fav ;U;)

Versability - i love evil!stan fics and this is one of the best, it has twists and turns in it that still tear my heart out just thinking about them :’D

Gaze into the Abyss - SUCH A GOOD BILLFORD FIC IM CRYING - the atmosphere building in this, as the things hapening to ford get more horrid with almost every sentence :’D

forever cursed in love are the observant - this one. omigod this one. i reread this way too may times. it’s just perfect angry, hate filled and the ending makes me so sad and i love it

Monster High Figurine Collection Booklet - Issue number 33 : Invisi Billy (Part 3 : Middle picture + quick translation of the diary entry)

Under the spotlight

I was so, so excited about the semester play “A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare”. Mr. Where makes us do a play by William Spookspeare every year. This one’s about innocent monsters that get lost in a dark forest and run into fairies who decide to play magic tricks on them. Magic = a chance to show my work on special effects! I added lots of details like cursed objects “dancing” on stage, and helped the Fairy Queen float in the air when she cast spells. The most difficult scene was when the handsome monster hero changes into a normie. The last scene was so spooktacular you could hear the audience holding their breath. When the curtain fell, I was standing backstage as usual, when Mr. Where suddenly announced my name as director for special effects. To my surprise, Draculaura and Frankie pulled me on stage and the audience rose to a standing ovation. I got such bad stage fright I almost turned invisible but I managed to bow while my cheeks turned red. It’s true I prefer to stay invisible most of the time, but the spotlight isn’t so bad once in a while.

Loving this year’s Midsummer’s Nightmare! But…

The Twilight Zone reruns were a huge part of my childhood and I’m really glad to see Linkara explore the series in a different medium. I just really wish that he would review a couple that had a female lead. The stories are great, but I feel like all the women in the stories are either shrewish wives or love interests.

GUYS I’m gonna write a modern retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and i’m trying to think of ways to make it gay and there’s gonna be bad foreshadowing about the faeries and I’m gonna channel my inner Holly Black and if i like it I’m gonna post it here in installments that correspond to the acts in the play and i’m very excited. 

i wanna start writing (i’ve been planning it with my friend for like an hour now) but really i should finish it before i do that. 


Back before The DUFF became a movie, kodykeplinger​ had casted Mae Whitman to play Bianca Piper (we’re serious! see the original post here). That got us curious about how Kody would cast other characters in her novels… so we asked her to tell us who would be the perfect Whitley, from A Midsummer’s Nightmare

Kody on Whitley: I actually wrote the character after seeing Willa Holland on The OC and I found something about her face and expression just so intriguing. The character of Whitley was written with her in mind from day one.

We can totally see Willa as Whitley. Willa has that certain something that is a mix of strength and vulnerability and as far as we’re concerned, that’s Whitley material right there! More on A Midsummer’s Nightmare here.