midsummer music festival


The couple Kent slept with at the Mojave Midsummer Music Festival invite him back to their place. Kent’s two months into dating these people when all his secrets crack wide open.Then the things he expects to happen, don’t.  

posters for @des-zimbits‘ series garden of succulents  as a part of my  follower milestone giveaway! Tbh I wasn’t one for reading OC’s until I read this series the first time around a few months ago. The characters are really distinct and memorable (and wow I wish I knew them in rl it’s insane how hooked I am on them). 

So yesterday..

I had such an amazing time yesterday with a group of kids I haven’t hungout or seen in 3 years! We saw Dr. Dog live and kept on dancing, even when it rained! I kept wishing the night would never end..I blend with them so well. It felt so right :) I also met an awesome 22 y.o. guy named Oscar outside a bar who genuinly loved Radiohead just as much as I do and maybe a lil more!! He talked about how he’d gone to Bonoroo & he let me drink from his ice tea-alcohol thing even tho I’m underage haha!Fun times. :) Oscar invited me to a cook out tomorrow and I might even go!