Ahh yes I am home let me tell you about my adventures with protomen

SO this is the thing I was tellin Matt about where I was gettin’ a picture with Turbo Lover and he spent like 5 minutes settin up lights so it would look good

after the first picture, Gambler yelled “STRIP”

so he did it

here are pictures you are welcome

he’s trying so hard to be serious after the first one but he just can’t do it what a cutie

protomen part 3

about two songs in, commander squirted most of his juice box at ringo, who proceeded to take the juice box and pour the rest on him. 

about 5 minutes later, ringo left the stage and came back with all these fucking kool-aid things that he just left on stage

they handed them out later

they were delicious

I laughed for like a solid 15 minutes


protomen part 2

Mariel didn’t really listen to protomen much prior to the concert, so she just kinda bobbed along and sang when they played don’t stop me now. Ringo noticed this and about halfway through the show gently cupped her face in his hands and sang to her and I about died. apparently he kinda nicked the botton of her chin with the guitar, and later asked her during the show if she was ok, as well as after the show. Mariel wanted pictures of her new friend, and he decided to stop in the middle of buying pizza to go outside for pics. he also specifically requested we take a selfie.


protomen part 5

I was actually too close to the stage to get any fantastic photos (these are all without zoom)

there were a few parts where I actually had to duck out of the way to avoid being hit by guitars or turbo in general

although I wouldn’t have really minded any of those things

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Woah! I’m in this!